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Spending One Week In Europe? Make the best out of it.

We handpick for you all the wonderful things to do and to experience in Europe. We know Europe inside and out. Here on One Week In we share your best knowledge from Cyprus to Madeira, from the Canary Islands to Norway, and anything in-between.

We hope these guides will be helpful for you to plan your Europe trip of a lifetime.

Not sure where to start?

Traveling to Europe can be overwhelming, no doubt. So many countries, languages and culture packed into a relatively small area of the world.

No worries, from now on you are in good hands for traveling Europe!

It is not as complicated once you get a hold on it. You already made the first step by checking out this very page. We recommend reading our basic introduction guides to Europe. Find out what is out there to explore, different websites, transport and more:

Websites and Tools we use to travel Europe
Websites and Tools we use to travel Europe

Below we added all our detailed city and country guides. We even created a map for you with all our guides at a glance.

Any questions? Just drop a comment below each guide. We will get back to you asap and even reply to you via email!

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Below you find all our city guides.


Here’s our guide on Italy itinerary.

7 Days in Rome Itinerary
7 Days in Florence Itinerary
7 Days in Venice Itinerary


Here’s our guide on Spain itinerary. Read our guide to best cities to visit in Spain. We have also written a big guide to the 59 best things to do in Spain.

One Week In Barcelona Itinerary
7 Days in Madrid Itinerary


Here is our ultimate guide on France itinerary. We also summed up the best cities and towns to visit in France. We also included a big map for planning an itinerary.

One Week In Paris Itinerary
One Week In Strasbourg

Other City Itineraries for Europe

One Week in Amsterdam
One Week In Berlin
One Week In Budapest

One Week In Copenhagen
7 days in Lisbon
7 Days in London Itinerary

Stockholm Itinerary
One Week in Vienna Itinerary
Cyprus itinerary

All European Cities on a Map

In this map we added all our cities with guide. Just click on it.

There is much more

Below you find all our guides to planning to travel Europe.

All our handwritten articles