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Rome, the eternal city.

It is one of the most popular spots in Europe and world wide.

Known for its pizza, and pasta. There is also a must do thing while in Rome: taste their coffee.

There is no place in the world with more options about ordering a coffee.

Have a look at the video below and when in Rome, find your favorite way to taste your Italian coffee.

Joking aside, here are all articles for One Week In Rome.

Spanish Steps in Rome

1. Rome for Beginners

Rome can seem overwhelming at the first sight, but fear not.

With all our information you will be able to spend one marvelous week in the Eternal city.

If you still have doubts after this article, we love WikiTravel, and especially their district section is a great starting point to get to know a city.

The introduction guide to Rome by Lonely Planet is a fab resource to get a good insight on sights to visit, and what to consider.

Whether you are staying only one day, or seven, Rick Steve gives you a deep introduction on what’s the fuzz about in Rome.

Colosseum and our recommended Tour to Skip the Line at Colosseum in Rome

2. Where to stay in Rome (and what area to avoid)

If you want to live and experience Rome at the fullest, we recommend staying near to Piazza Spagna.

This is the most central and convenient location to all important monuments and sights.

If you stay in the city center, you will be able to go by walk to almost all the main sights.

That includes:

  • Pantheon
  • Piazza del Poppolo
  • Fontana di Trevi
  • Colloseum
  • and more

You will find all the main sights in Rome below, put on a map.

Staying at the city center is a bit more pricey; and totally worth it!

It will save you time when getting to see the main sights and will let you live the city at its fullest.

The most popular areas when staying in Rome are the city center and Termini.

Termini would be an option only for the lowest budget travelers, as it s not a really nice area. Termini is also an area for the party lovers, as it is the place where almost all night buses stop.

There are also other places to stay in Rome:

Trastevere and Vatican area

Trastever is a very nice neighborhood to visit and live, as it is the place where many families live. The Vatican is also an area with plenty of accommodations.

These areas are not central – keep this in mind! We prefer staying near Piazza Spagna.

You will need more time to arrive to many sights.

If you are not planning to see many things around these two areas, book your accommodation in the city center.

You will find all areas on the map below with all the neighborhoods.

We modified the neighborhood areas adding only the interesting areas when visiting Rome (not the real neighborhood limitations).

Here you have also our personal recommendations for the different travelers.

1. Luxury Hotel in Rome

Set at the top of the Spanish Steps, Hassler Roma is one of most popular hotels in Rome.

For a good reason!

Top location, elegant and charming suites, wellness facilities like Turkish bath and the roof top terrace restaurant.

Dining options at the Hassler include the Michelin-starred Imàgo on the 6th floor, the stylish Salone Eva, and the Palm Court restaurant with its ancient stone walls.

The cuisine is classic Italian, with international specialties.

This hotel is a pure dream – perfect for a Luxury vacation!

Book Hassler Hotel here

Hassle Roma Hotel - best Luxury Hotel in Rome Hassle Roma Hotel - best Luxury Hotel in Rome

2. Best Family Hotel in Rome

Nice and cozy hotel in the center of the city, Parlamento Boutique Hotel is a real Rome traditional hotel with lovely and helpful staff.

I especially love the interior and their big roof top terrace for the breakfast.

Thanks to the top yet tranquil location, it is a great place to stay in Rome for Families and retirees.

The Boutique Hotel is also pet friendly!

Bear in mind the hotel is located at the fourth and fifth floor of a building. The elevator is relatively small. Anyways, worth it!

Book Parlamento hotel here

Best Family Hotel in Rome; The Parlamento Boutique Hotel Best Family Hotel in Rome; The Parlamento Boutique Hotel

3. Romantic Couple Accommodation

Expect romantic facilities and a top location directly at Piazza Navona with Lifestyle Suites Rome.

Enjoy breakfast in the room or in the sun at the hotel terrace with gorgeous views to Piazza Navona.

A fantastic place which will be difficult to leave, really!

Lifestyle Suites is our top recommendation for couples visiting Rome.

Ask the reception as well for a romantic restaurant nearby. There’s plenty to choose from!

Book Lifestyle Suites here

Luxury Romantic Hotels in Rome

4. Apartment

Boschetto 124 is an excellent apartment for a family stay or two couples, sharing the apartment.

Beautifully decorated and homely, it is only 600 meters to the Coliseum.

We included it in the map too, for better orientation.

Book Boschetto 124 Apartment here

Apartments in Rome

5. On a Budget – Hostels in Rome

Hostels are a cheap way to spend your holiday. They are especially popular for young backpackers.

  1. Generator Rome – best for Solo Travelers and groups
  2. New Generation – best for backpackers
  3. The Yellow Hostel – best Party Hostel

Find the 3 best hostels in Rome, all compared by location and facilities.

3. Itinerary for 7 days

Roma, lovely (Amor = Love), Roma!

We are currently working on our itinerary for 7 days.

(coming soon)

4. Food and Restaurants in Rome

You cannot leave Rome without eating properly.

Here is an overview of cool articles related to food, and eat-outs in the Italian capital.

Wanna eat like a local?

The vogue discovered 5 Roman restaurants only locals know.

The Serious Seats shows you 8 must-visit restaurants in Rome.

Again, their photos are too tasty to look at, be careful ;)

Do you want to eat more on a budget?

Here is an ultimate list of cheap restaurants.

Pizza Tour in Rome

5. Things to do in Rome

Let’s have some fun.

Here are 32 fun things to do in Rome

Fodors introduces you to the 25 ultimate things to do in Rome.

Are you a night owl? Here is some handy info on 9 night things to do.

Staying on a tight budget? National Geographic found a big list on free things to do in Rome.

Fiat 500 rental in Rome - unique things to do

6. What To See in Rome

There are plenty of things to see in Rome, no surprise, right?! But fear not, it is less overwhelming than you might think.

Many attractions are actually very close to each other.

Important to know: Many sights require a ticket.

I recommend getting your ticket as soon as possible, since some of them can be sold out easily.

Below you find a list of the tickets you should purchase as soon as you have your travel dates fix.

Here is quick overview of what we consider important to visit in Rome:

There are also a couple of things you should do while in Rome:

  1. Eat
  2. Love
  3. Live

One of the best parts about visiting Rome is their food.

What about joining a Food and Wine tour?

That way, you will meet other like-minded travelers.

Book your food tour here

Also, you should try an aperitif.

The Italian aperitif happens around 6-8 PM and it consists in having a drink and getting free food.

7. Tickets you have to buy beforehand

If you do not want to waste your time queuing instead of enjoying, I do totally recommend you to buy the following tickets in advance:

For Piazza di Spagna (known as “Spanish Steps”) and Trevi fountain you won’t need any ticket.

That being said, I do totally recommend you to go early in the morning before the crowds get there. It is worth it and more magical.

That way you will avoid getting a selfie stick too near your face.

Inside Colosseum - you have to buy your ticket beforehand to actually enter the colosseum

8. Day trips from Rome

A week in Rome is quite a lot of time; yet certainly enjoyable and worth it!

After all, there is so many things to explore, from sights to narrow streets and the culinary scene.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, here you have some day trips ideas.

8.1 Tivoli

Visit the magnificent Imperial Palace and Tivoli gardens.

Marvel at the opulence of Hadrian’s Villa and the gardens of Villa D’Este in Tivoli on a 7-hour tour from Rome.

Stroll the gardens of the Borgias, and see the imperial palaces of Emperor Hadrian to discover 2 of the finest Renaissance residences in Italy.

Book your Tivoli Trip here

Tivoli Day Trip from Rome

8.2 Napoli

In less than 2 hours by train, you will be able to get to Napoli. For many people, Napoli is the real Italy.

One thing is sure: The best pizza in Italy is in Napoli (and it is incredibly cheap too).

8.3 Pompeii

A bit south of Napoli, you find the world famous Pompeii.

Ever heard of Pompeii?

It is one of the vast archeological sites in Italy.

Declared an UNESO Site, it is the place where you can see how life in ancient Rome was like.

We recommend taking an organized day trip to Pompeii.

Explore the intact remains of the Roman town of Pompeii and climb the mountain that destroyed it.

Gaze into the volcanic crater of Mt. Vesuvius, and get panoramic views of the Bay of Naples and Amalfi Coast from its summit.


Book your trip to Pompeii here

8.4 Florence and Venice

A bit further away but worth to visit, the cities of Florence and Venice pop in my mind.

Florence is only 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Rome, and train tickets are easy to get.

You can spend one full day in Florence, visit the David Statue and immerse in the culture. Make sure you bring your camera too.

Ever been to such a romantic city like Venice?

Believe me, you won’t forget it. Venice is 3 and a half hours away from Rome.

If you are not planning to go back to Italy in a while, take your chance and visit Florence or Venice.

Good to know: We do not recommend to visit Venice and Florence on the same day. It is too much hassle. You can visit 1 day in Florence and the next one Venice.

Read: One Week in Florence

Read: One Week in Venice

WE Crociferi Venice

8.5 Tuscany

I know I know, we all dream about a house in the Tuscany after the film Under the Tuscany sun.

What about visiting the Tuscany to see that wonderful place with your own eyes?

Florence is actually part of Tuscany region. You can combine both. And while you are on it, make sure you do not miss a wine tasting.

Book your Tuscany trip here

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