Welcome to our detailed Discover Car Hire Reviews. Like the name suggests, this website lets you rent a car worldwide. We have been struggling a very long time with that topic. We could not find a single car rental website doing what is is supposed to do: compare prices and lets me book a car without nasty extra charges.

Well, now we have finally tested extensively Discover Car Hire.

Update: Discover Car Hire is now Discover Cars.com – same company!

Renting a car can definitely be a much more convenient way to explore the nooks and crannies of whatever area you’re traveling around.

Although it can be more expensive than buses or trains, especially if you factor in fuel costs, a car gives you access to more of what a country has to offer. For me, they are particularly useful because I love hiking and exploring parks and forests, and in many cases a car is the only way to access some of them.

How to rent a Car in Europe? A simple Solution named Discover CarsWhile traveling through Albania by bus/hitchhiking this summer, I had a conversation with a French couple that made me acutely aware of this fact.

They had rented a car and were midway through an exhaustive loop of the country. Their stories were full of descriptions of little out-of-the-way places they’d seen, and I felt like I’d just barely scratched the surface of my experience in this beautiful country. And although I had an overall great wander through Albania, there were a few national parks I just couldn’t get to without a car, and ended up leaving with a little pang of regret.

So cars can be useful. Also Airbnb to find great apartments for your trip.

A lot of car rental companies can be pretty cagey about extra fees and charges though, and we here at One Week In have had some experiences with rental companies where we’ve ended up paying a lot more than expected once we showed up at the office to pick up the car.

Usually these extra costs are related to insurance, but sometimes they include things you really don’t need that the employees of rental company X push you into adding on.

We have had a really nice experience with Discover Car Rental recently, and after some thorough research and comparisons of prices and insurance packages offered by other leading companies, we can say that Discover really does offer some of the best deals out there.

Discover Cars in Review

So with that said, let’s look at the pros and cons of renting a car through Discover. Then, we’ll take a look at some general things to consider and useful tips for renting a car.

We cover:

  1. What is Discover Car Hire?
  2. 8 Pros for Discover Car Hire
  3. How to Request Compensation
  4. The Cons
  5. Important Things to Consider When Renting a Car
  6. More Things to Consider
  7. Tips on how NOT to rent a Car
  8. How to book your car
  9. Summary

Hire a Car in Europe, you will love it

1. What is Discover Car Hire?

I want to start this guide with the most obvious question: What exactly is Discover Car Hire?

Discover Car Hire is basically a price comparison website for hiring your car.

That is it. Very, very simple.

It is what they do all day and night long.

Instead of visiting 7 different websites, it shows you the availability, prices and options for different cars. The bigger the car, the more expensive it gets. This is obvious, right?

Discover Car Hire is also more than just price comparison.

Why? Because you can buy a car insurance directly with them. This is much cheaper and avoids nasty surprises when picking up the car.

This is the main reason why we started using this company in June 2019. It is by all means our go-to page when we need to get a vehicle. Whether that is renting a car in Cyprus, in New Zealand, in the USA or anywhere. It does not matter.

Visit Discover Cars here

What is Discover Cars?

2. Discover Cars: The Pros

  1. Compares many companies
  2. Lower cost
  3. Reasonable deposit
  4. User-Friendly website
  5. Fewer hidden fees
  6. Free cancellation up to 48 hours
  7. Lower cost of insurance
  8. Comprehensive insurance

2.1 Compare many car rental companies

Discover Cars helps you find the lowest prices by comparing a lot of different car companies. This gives you a ton of low-budget options to choose from.

If you’ve ever used Skyscanner to look for flight tickets