Airbnb Alternatives and Competitors in [year] - 19 Websites you should know

Airbnb Alternatives and Competitors in 2021 – 43 Websites you should know

Have you ever wanted to book a spontaneous weekend-get-away with your friends to the big city, but everything was booked on? Or have you ever needed the perfect accommodation for you and your family, but nothing seems like the right fit?

Maybe it’s because you only used Airbnb when searching for the perfect place to stay!

In this article, you will find all different kinds of alternatives to Airbnb that should not be underestimated.

If you ever wanted to stay in a gorgeous villa overlooking the ocean or stay with locals for free, you’re at the right place to find the perfect website for precisely that.

We will uncover which accommodation works for the different types of travelers, and different kinds of budgets you have:

  1. Luxury Traveler
    2. VILLASdirect
    3. SellMyTimeshareNow
    4. Third Home
    5. RentaVilla
    6. Luxury Rentals
    7. Luxury Retreats
    8. Exclusive Resorts
  2. Mid-Range Traveler
    2. Expedia
    3. HometoGo
    4. VRBO
    5. Tripping
    6. Flipkey
    7. Homestay
    8. Wimdu
    9. Red Awning
    10. HotelsCombined
    11. Sleepout
    12. Tripadvisor Rentals
    15. BookaBach
    16. VaCasa
  3. Budget Traveler
    2. Hostelworld
    3. Agoda
    4. House Sitting
    7. Couchsurfing
    8. Home Exchange
  4. Nature Traveler
    1. Outdoorsy
    3. Hipcamp
  5. Groups
    1. Homeaway
    2. Turnkey
    3. Quest Apartments
    5. Casamundo
    6. Kid & Coe
    7. Wyndham Vacation Rentals

Read on and you’ll find out more here.

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Airbnb Alternatives and Competitors - 43 Websites you should know

1. Luxury Traveler

If you’re the type of traveler that knows what you like, and it is luxurious, these websites are perfect for you.

You will find an assortment of rental places that fit whichever trip you are trying to plan for a different variety of accommodations and locations to choose from.

These websites make it easier to find your perfect vacation home because they take the time to look through each property and create a curated experience just for you.

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This website is self-described as the world’s first “unhotel,” as it perfectly vets which of their homes can make their websites and which ones do not.

If you’re a host that is trying to have your property listed the same day that you sign-up, this website might not be for you. That’s because carefully selects which property offers luxurious amenities and incomparable properties that hold up to their website’s values – luxury.

So far, onefinestay has listings in some of the most popular cities, like London, New York, Paris, Rome, and Los Angeles.

If you’re the type of luxurious traveler that likes to be spontaneous, they have options for you. From their accommodation-style collection, you will find properties that fit with whatever you are looking for.

Want to explore up-scale New York City, click on their City Collection to see penthouses in Manhattan, to modern townhouses in Soho.

Want to relax in the basking sun with turquoise waters underneath your feet? Click on their Villa Collection to see secluded vacation homes in St. Martins.

One Fine Stay - a Luxury Alternative to Airbnb

1.2 Exclusive Resorts

For the grand finale of luxurious accommodations, welcome to Exclusive Resorts!

This website is a private, members-only marketplace for accessing the best vacation rentals all over the world.

“The World’s Elite Private Vacation Club”

This Vacation Club offers multi-million-dollar properties in some of the world’s most diverse and secluded places. Each residence to choose from has the best amenities, rooms, and views that are only catered to the members that sign up for this website.

The club also makes it easier for travelers to connect with one another on travel advice and insight when looking at the type of accommodation that they are interested in.

The cost to join the membership does begin at $150,000, so make sure this is the perfect option for you.

However, the website does say that the price per property does not get affected by peak seasons or has changing rates per night, so for some millionaires, this might be the most cost-effective.

There is many more ways to find beautiful and unique resorts. Check out these extraordinary all-inclusive resorts.

Exclusive Resorts

1.3 SellMyTimeshareNow

The phrase “timeshare” may be confusing for some people, but don’t be scared to look at this website.

For you love spontaneous trips to luxurious resorts, this might be the best option for you.

SellMyTimeshareNow is a marketplace for timeshare owners to actually rent out their units to people looking for accommodations like villas, chalets, to actual hotels.

For the user, this means that it is not a huge expense to get the spacious and glamourous space you want.

Sometimes, users can even get a great deal, like when it usually costs $700/night on your ideal place to stay, but it’s actually $100/night when renting out someone’s timeshare.

1.4 Third Home

If you’re tired of seeing an accommodation looking amazing on your phone, but when you’re actually there it does not live up to the expectation, this website will save you the trouble.

Third Home is a marketplace that specializes in high-end rental properties. Your entire search on their website will feature mansions, penthouses, and villas from all over the world.

Even better, Third Home makes sure that their luxury properties live up to the hype, meaning that each house must be over $500k, not be the owner’s primary home, and present luxurious furnishings to be on their website.

It means that the website does all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to worry about some properties cat-fishing you.

1.5 RentaVilla

This vacation marketplace originally started for families that did not want to stay in hotels. Now they feature accommodations all over the world.

If you want to stay at a villa, apartments, houses, or penthouses in the best of places, check this website out.

RentaVilla treats its users like they are part of the family. They carefully inspect each property, making sure that the houses are accurately represented. They even have local representatives in their top locations so that users can ask for car rentals, maid services, or general suggestions from someone that knows the area and can do it fast.

So, if you need a vacation from your stressful job, or want another excuse to hop on a plane to Spain, look here first!

1.6 Luxury Rentals

This website is another excellent option for luxury-travelers.

With their parent organization being HomeAway, this website is fully-equipped with the best of the best type of properties.

Luxury Rentals features a trending section with a lot of options in the United States for those that want a quick getaway.

They even have a curated selection of properties to make you feel right at home in another part of the world. And some rentals have hot tubs overlooking oceans or mountains, and others have charming cabins next to your ski resort.

With a great user-interface, it’s easy for you to select houses with their quick view option and map option depending on what you care about most.

1.7 Luxury Retreats

Luxury Retreats has over 4000 villas that are carefully selected with their 240+ checklist.

With 20 years of experience in over 126 destinations, they make sure that each property has perfect amenities and high-end furniture in the most stunning of places.

Even if you have the money to spend thousands of dollars, this website still offers price matching to guarantee you are getting the best price for your trip.

They even have broken up your type of trip into easily-accessible categories.

Want a villa located on the beach? No problem.

Want to practice for the Olympics at a Ski Chalets? Absolutely!

Luxury Retreats has all types of villas located in the dreamiest of places!

 1.8 VILLASdirect

Update: This website seems to be offline at the moment.

This website has over 600,000 properties across 114 countries and should be one of your top searches when looking for a vacation rental.

VILLASdirect only showcase professionally managed properties and never list individually let out properties. This means that you will still experience the type of service you will get at a hotel but from a more secluded and personalized kind of accommodation.

Plus, there’s no booking fee!

These luxury villas are