Spring is calling, which makes now the time to think about the best places to visit in May in Europe. This month offers a kaleidoscope of attractive destinations across the continent. Besides, this is when nature fully awakes from its winter dream, adorning each place with its wonderful charm.

Your May adventure awaits! Start planning now and make the most of the breathtaking views and vibrant experiences.

Getting Around Europe

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In this guide we cover:

Where to go in Europe in May

1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, better known as the “Jewel of the Aegean”, truly springs up in May. Just imagine all those white buildings with blue details, bathed in the rays of the sunset and the pristine beaches. This island has been declared one of the best places to visit in May in Europe regarding tourism and hospitality, which is why it confidently takes the first place on this list. It offers the perfect combination of May days and cultural richness you can’t miss out on.

Things to do in Santorini

  • Attend Local Festivals
  • Go on the Santorini Caldera Boat Tour
  • Visit Ancient Thira
  • Relax on the Beaches
  • Hike from Fira to Oia
  • Watch the Sunset in Oia
Book Santorini Caldera Hiking Tour here

Watch the Sunset in Oia

How to get to Santorini

Although Santorini has its own airport, most tourists come from other islands by boat. If you’re looking for a convenient travel in Europe experience, it’s best to stick to this option.

Where to stay in Santorini

Fira is the main town, known for its good nightspots, such as Enigma Club and Two Brothers Bar. In the evenings, passengers staying in the surrounding area can enjoy live music performances and fully immerse in this new cultural experience.

If you’re looking for where to go in Europe in spring with your family, I recommend you visit Perissa and explore Emporio Village with your children. The place also offers many water sports activities like kayaking or swimming.

Do you think Santorini will make a good honeymoon option for you? You are totally right! Book accommodation in Oia and enjoy the most beautiful romantic sunset, or experience a candlelit dinner.

Drops Villas

Drops Villas is located in the village of Vothon, which has identical iconic white houses and narrow romantic streets. The whole village is built honouring the Cycladic architecture. These villas can host from 4 to 15 guests, and offer an outdoor swimming pool in the yard.

Book Drops Villas here

Relax and unwind at Drops Villas

Have a great time at Drops Villas

For more accommodation, check this list:

2. Paris, France

Paris is a renowned romantic destination, but that doesn’t mean other travellers can’t visit it. Springtime in Paris comes with a special kind of magic, from the blooming Tuileries and Luxembourg Gardens to the cute little cafes tucked away in the little streets. Let’s not forget the impressive French cuisine that knows how to attract every tourist.

Searching for the best places to visit in May in Europe? If you’re looking for a place to fully immerse in the spring charm and festivals, The City of Love is ideal for you.

Our Guide to One Week In Paris

Things to do in Paris

Book Paris Private Tour here

Budget-Friendly Accommodation in Paris

How to get to Paris

There are 2 airports available in the city, both of which are almost the same distance from the centre. Find a flight that suits you, and book the transportation to the accommodation earlier.

Where to stay in Paris

Speaking of couples, let me mention the best areas to travel with your significant one. The ideal place is Le Marais, a charming district that combines romance and an urban environment. Find the hidden gardens or take a cruise through Siena.

Wondering where to go in Europe in May on a budget? You’ll be surprised to discover Paris can be explored for cheap, too! You first need to book accommodation in Belleville, a small neighbourhood with cheap hostels and small affordable bakeries. Here, the coffee in the local cafes will not cost you a fortune, and you’ll be very close to the Parc de Belleville.

And finally, let me introduce you to the luxury of Champ-Elysees, one of the world’s most prestigious avenues. In addition to top hotels, you will also find Avenue Montaigne and many restaurants with Michelin stars.

Comme à la Maison

Comme à la Maison is a modern hotel that offers complete suites for a maximum of 4 people. It is located in the 3rd district, just 2 km from the centre

Private room at Comme à la Maison

Have a pleasant stay at Comme à la Maison

For more accommodation, check this list:

3. Bordeaux, France

The city called “The Sleeping Beauty” will win you over with its timeless charm. It is one of the best places to visit in May in Europe. During this time, the city wakes up with the pleasant weather, creating a great atmosphere for dinner by the Garonne River. If you are a wine lover, The Wine Capital is definitely for you. Bordeaux carries this epithet because of the prestigious wineries in the area, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore them.

An interesting fact is that this city has major historical significance, being one of Europe’s most essential transport ports for a long time. Explore the great Bordeaux neighbourhoods and hotel suggestions, as well as insightful ideas on how to spend your time here.

Things to do in Bordeaux

Book Food and Wine Tour here

Aerial view of Cathédrale Saint-André de Bordeaux in Bordeaux, France

How to get to Bordeaux

Already decided that Paris is your number one destination for your travel in Europe? The nearest airport is Bordeaux Merignac Airport, but you can also arrive by train in Paris, Lyon or Toulouse.

Where to stay in Bordeaux

The quarter of Sv. Pierre has beautiful picturesque streets, allowing you to experience a wine tour. Take a walk along Canal St. with your partner, or Pierre and enjoy the sweet jazz clubs.

St. Michel is best for solo travellers because it is located in the city’s heart and gives the impression of a vibrant atmosphere. The most visited shopping street, Rue St.Catherine is located here, making it a great destination for your shopaholic adventure.

And where to go in Europe in spring as a group? The place you are looking for is Victoire, a district with diverse cultural offerings and excellent workshops for business trips and meetings. It walks to the enchanting Place de la Victoire, along with several other worth exploring.

Eklo Bordeaux Centre Bastide

Eklo Bordeaux Centre Bastide, an eco-hotel is an affordable option and is perfect for groups. It features rooms for two and family rooms, both of which offer the utmost comfort thanks to the soft beds and duvets.

Book Eklo Bordeaux Centre Bastide here

Make yourself at home at Eklo Bordeaux Centre Bastide

Enjoy your time at Eklo Bordeaux Centre Bastide

For more accommodation, check this list:

4. Nice, France

Meet the “pearl of the French Riviera”, one of the best places to visit in May in Europe. Only 14 kilometres away from Monte Carlo and Monaco, this beauty on the Mediterranean coast offers more affordable luxury and traditional entertainment, such as the Nice Carnival and flower markets. The historic charm is evident in the old town. Come now to see what activities Bay of Angels has in store for you and where to stay.

Things to do in Nice

  • Stroll through the Promenade des Anglais
  • Spend some relaxing time at the beach
  • Visit the Old Town (Vieux Nice)
  • Explore Matisse Museum
  • Engage in Water Sports
  • Attend Festivals and Events
Book Nice Full Day Tour here

Promenade des Anglais in Nice (Nizza), France

How to get to Nice

Already decided you want to include Nice in your travel through Europe? The airport you should land in is called Nice Cote d’Azur. And if you are not travelling by plane, take a train from Paris, Marseille or Lyon. Note that the drive would take up to 9 hours, so be prepared.

Where to stay in Nice

Promenade des Anglais offers a blend of beach activities and cultural exploration. The place is full of family-friendly accommodations. If your children get bored, take them on a day trip to the nearby cities.

Let me also present the Carre d’Or for those who accept nothing less than luxury, expensive shops, helicopter rides or a level of prestige.

There is also an option for those on a budget, which includes the hostels and guesthouse in Jean Medea. There are also affordable eateries and self-catering accommodations in the neighbourhood.

Maison Bianchi – Paganini downtown

Maison Bianchi is on the Promenade des Anglais and offers complete suites with kitchens and private bathrooms. There is also private parking, and the proximity to the centre is small.

Book Maison Bianchi here

Experience comfort at Maison Bianchi - Paganini downtown

Have a wonderful stay at Maison Bianchi - Paganini downtown

For more accommodation, check this list:

5. Seville, Spain

Still looking for the best places to visit in May in Europe? Seville invites travellers with its warm weather, welcoming people and historic wealth. You will be able to see the Islamic influence on Mudejar architecture, as this Andalusian city hides more historical secrets, including the old name Hispalis. Although you may have heard of La Sarten de España (The Frying Pan of Spain) due to the scorching hot summers, it’s better to come in May and enjoy the pleasant climate.

Our Guide to One Week In Seville

Things to do in Seville

Book Seville Bike Tour here

Book Seville Guided Tour here

How to get to Seville

The airport is called San Paolo and is 10 kilometres from the centre. Another option is to come by car or train from Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. The trip takes an average of 2.5 hours.

Where to stay in Seville

Santa Cruz shows you the Flamenco Show and the many tapas bars through the maze-like streets. It is a rather quiet place, making for a pleasant family stay.

If you are a nightlife seeker, the place to go is Alfalfa, with many live music venues, tapas bars and late-night cafes with a rich alternative scene.

Lastly, if you’re looking for company and local energy to add to your solo travel Europe trip, choose La Alameda and visit the Mercado de la Feria. Don’t hesitate to approach locals or other travellers. They are usually very friendly and ready to show you around.

El Corazón de Triana

El Corazón de Triana is reserved for you and has 4 beds, 1 bathroom and a kitchen. It holds 4-6 people and it is 600 metres from Triana.

Book El Corazón de Triana here

Enjoy your stay at El Corazón de Triana

Have fun at El Corazón de Triana

For more accommodation, check this list:

6. Istanbul, Turkey

Another affordable option on the list of best places to visit in May in Europe is Istanbul. The city of the mosque has a lot to offer, not only history but also good food and great friendship opportunities thanks to the welcoming locals. Enjoy yourself by the Bosphorus and spend at least 4 to 5 days exploring everything; after all, the city is spread over 2 continents, right?

Things to do in Istanbul

  • Go to Hagia Sophia
  • Visit the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque)
  • Explore Topkapi Palace
  • Go to Grand Bazaar
  • Take on the Bosphorus Cruise
  • Indulge in the Local Cuisine

Read more: We have a detailed guide to Where to Stay in Istanbul for first time travelers.

Book Istanbul Guided Tour here

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

How to get to Istanbul

Two airports are available in the city, but many tourists also come by car, especially those who arrive from the Balkans or Greece.

I advise you to drive as little as possible around the city because the crowds are enormous and there are no traffic lights to manage the traffic.

Where to stay in Istanbul

For group-organised travel, it is best to stay next to all the local attractions, i.e. in Sultanahmet. This is a great starting point for your long day expedition, and to have somewhere to go for a good bite and finally rest.

Beyoglu is a place for solo travellers. The most famous Istiklal Avenue has shops that start after Galata Kulesi and end at Taksim. Participate in local events and gatherings to enrich your solitary trip experience.

Wondering where to go in Europe in May with your family? Moda is the neighbourhood for family vacations. It is located on the Asian side and offers a relaxing atmosphere. There is also the iconic Kadikoy, which has a beautiful park and waterfront where people often sit and chat.

High Residence – Monthly rental- Mall of Istanbul

High Residence is located in the Asian part and has fully equipped suites just for you. They include a kitchen and a private bathroom. There are also family apartments for some extra comfort.

Book High Residence here

Relax and unwind at High Residence -Monthly rental- Mall of Istanbul

Have a great time at High Residence -Monthly rental- Mall of Istanbul

For more accommodation, check this list:

7. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Nicknamed the “Divine Coast”, Amalfi is a Mediterranean jewel that hides many natural and cultural treasures. You can dive in the natural springs if you’re lucky, or visit colourful Positano and Ravello. You also shouldn’t forget to try the popular Limoncello while enjoying the panoramic view of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Our Guide to One Week In Amalfi Coast

Things to do in Amalfi Coast

  • Take Scenic Drives
  • Visit Amalfi
  • Explore Positano
  • Go to Ravello
  • Do some Hiking
  • Take on a Boat Tours
  • Indulge in Wine Tasting
Book Amalfi Coast Group Tour here

Have fun at Amalfi Coast in Italy

How to get to Amalfi Coast

The nearest airport is Naples International Airport, but you can also land at Salerno Costa d’ Amalfi Airport. From both places to Amalfi, you can order a local taxi or pay for a train or bus ticket.

Where to stay on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi itself is pretty lively, offering some of the most pristine beaches. Apart from being one of the best answers to where to go in Europe in May, what will interest families are lemon tours and stories from the Paper Museum.

You must have heard that Positano is a popular honeymoon destination. Because of the steep rocks, it is also called Vertical City, offering next-level romantic experiences.

Majori is budget-friendly for those looking for a more affordable destination on the famous Amalfi Coast. It offers self-catering accommodation and stalls with delicious street food.

Alcione Residence

Alcione Residence can accommodate a maximum of 7 guests who will enjoy the rooms with private balconies, panoramic views, and a fabulous breakfast. All rooms are furnished in a Mediterranean style.

Book Alcione Residence here

Have a pleasant stay at Alcione Residence

For more accommodation, check this list:

8. Porto, Portugal

Come and drink a glass of Port wine by the Douro River or in the colourful Ribeira District. Porto is the city of wine and bridges, offering entertainment for all travellers. The vibrant history of the city does not leave anyone indifferent.

Our Guide to One Week In Porto

Things to do in Porto

  • Ribeira
  • Douro River Cruise
  • Livraria Lello
  • Porto’s Beaches
  • Festivals
Book Guided Electric Bike Tour here

Enjoy the breathtaking view in Porto

How to get to Porto

The airport is 11 kilometres from the centre, so you will easily find transportation. If you plan to travel to Europe by train, you can leave from Lisbon or Madrid.

Where to stay in Porto

Foz do Douro has beautiful parks, recreation areas and family beaches. Still, it can be difficult to swim due to the cooler temperatures compared to summer. However, I have a solution for your curious children: take them to Passeio Alegre Garden.

And now, let’s see which places to consider if you come as a group. Well, you can go to Baixa, downtown, which hides an exciting spot for group photography and exploring the city together.

Looking for nightclubs? There are plenty in Galerias de Paris, so make sure to find accommodation nearby. Here, you will meet from traditional Portuguese bars to modern and alternative nightclubs, making for immersive entertainment.

GuestReady – Roee’s Place

The intimate atmosphere in GuestReady – Roee’s Place is enriched by a beautiful garden and courtyard, as well as spacious apartments that accommodate 4 guests. The location is right in the heart of the city.

Book GuestReady – Roee’s Place here

Make yourself at home at GuestReady - Roee's Place

Enjoy your time at GuestReady - Roee's Place

For more accommodation, check this list:

9. Mallorca, Spain

Located on the Balearic Sea, this is the island of windmills and beautiful intimate bays, but also of the excellent nightlife of Magaluf. And what does the capital Palma de Mallorca hide? From the most beautiful cathedral to the enchanting seaside promenade. Just come and see for yourself!

Our Guide to One Week In Mallorca

Things to do in Mallorca

  • Have some Beach Time
  • Go Hiking or Cycling
  • Try the delicious Food and Drinks
  • Go on Boat Trips
  • Attend Festivals and Events
Book Mallorca Island Tour here

Visit Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma in Mallorca

How to get to Mallorca

As it is an island, it is best to come by plane, and the airport is only a 10-minute drive from Palma. If you are already in Spain and are ready to take a smaller plane, you can come from Seville, Valencia, Madrid or Barcelona. If you want to see Majorca’s natural charm, rent a car beforehand and pick it up in the multi-storey garage next to the airport. After all, only the best places to visit in May in Europe offer that many transportation options!

Where to stay in Mallorca

Alcudia is a family-friendly location, with large, long beaches and a warm climate. A Hidropark for children and several areas for go-karting are also located nearby. The whole place has many bike paths, and you can rent bikes online or from your hotel.

The most romantic site in Mallorca is the village of Valldemossa. You will be only 20 minutes from the popular Deia, where there are many luxury hotels and excellent food, such as paella, seafood and cakes.

Santa Catalina is located in the capital and is a gathering place for parties and all types of events. It’s ideal for solo travellers as they get a central location of nightlife and are a stone’s throw from the cathedral and other attractions.

Villa Bonanova Style

Villa Bonanova Style can accommodate 11 people and has a private rooftop pool from where you can see all of Palma. The rooms are spacious and very bright.

Book Villa Bonanova Style here

Experience comfort at Villa Bonanova Style

Have a wonderful stay at Villa Bonanova Style

For more accommodation, check this list:


Why should I consider traveling to Europe in May?

May in Europe offers a perfect blend of spring weather, blooming landscapes, and vibrant cultural experiences. It's an ideal time to explore various destinations as nature comes to life, and cities host festivals and events. The guide provides insights into the best places to visit, ensuring a memorable May adventure.

Which European cities are recommended in the 'Where to travel in Europe for May' guide?

The guide suggests several captivating cities for May travel, including Santorini, Greece; Paris, France; Seville, Spain; Istanbul, Turkey; Amalfi Coast, Italy; Porto, Portugal; and Mallorca, Spain. Each destination is highlighted for its unique charm, activities, and accommodation options.

What travel tips are provided for May in Europe?

The guide offers practical travel tips, including recommended websites for finding cheap flights, such as skyscanner.com and Omio.com. It also provides insights into transportation options within each destination, along with suggestions for accommodation based on different traveler preferences, such as families, couples, solo travelers, and groups.

Why is Santorini, Greece, recommended for May travel?

Santorini, known as the "Jewel of the Aegean," is recommended for May travel due to its enchanting combination of white buildings, blue details, pristine beaches, and cultural richness. The guide suggests activities like attending local festivals, boat tours, visiting ancient sites, and enjoying the sunset in Oia. It also provides accommodation options tailored to various traveler preferences, making it an ideal destination for May.


Let’s explore the map together, where we’ve highlighted the finest hotels and accommodations for your convenience.

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Summary: Where to Travel In Europe For May?

Embark on spring allure and discover the best places to visit in May in Europe. Choose one of the offered cities or simply combine several in one tour.

Plan your May getaway today!

For more travel Europe ideas and advice, check out my other blogs.

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