Get your Guide Honest review

Get Your Guide in Review – The Pros, the Cons and trustworthy to book?

Get Your Guide in Review - The Pros, the Cons and is it trustworth to book?Welcome to our extensive review of Get Your Guide, a booking website to tours and activities worldwide.

In this review we want to check how reliable the service is. Is Get Your Guide trustworthy, safe, easy to use?

This is an in-depth guide, useful for everyone interested in booking any kind of tours and activities online.

Good to know: No one paid me to write any type of review. This is 100% my own handwritten guide, based on my own experience using Get Your Guide and other tour booking provider.

Get Your Guide is a website (and also an app) which aims to make the holiday activity planning process much easier.

Have you ever booked a holiday only to feel completely overwhelmed with the amount of
activities and experiences on offer?

Then keep reading cause this guide will make your life easier!

I have used Get Your Guide many times during our travels, and many of our friends asked if Get Your Guide is a trustworthy company. That is why I decided to put everything together and review it.

Here I will let you know the pros, the cons, and how to use it.

On this article, we cover:

  1. What is Get Your Guide?
  2. Booking activities with Get Your Guide: from selection to payment
  3. My last Get Your Guide booking in The Colosseum (from booking to joining the tour)
  4. Is Get Your Guide reliable?
  5. Important things to check before booking
  6. Cons of Get Your Guides
  7. Discounts and offers
  8. Contact
  9. Other booking platforms
  10. FAQ about GYG
  11. Final thoughts

Good to know: We will write the name of the platform as Get Your Guide, GetYourGuide or GYG for short. It is always the same platform

1. What is GetYourGuide?

Get Your Guide is essentially a personalized online agency which allows you to book endless
activities, tours and experiences across the world.

It acts as the middleman between you and the travel companies.

Rather than searching on the internet for various activities and ending in different sites from different companies, you will have access to all the tours and activities in one single site.

Great right? Having all the activities and tours in a single platform will save you tones of time.

You will only have to concentrate to look which activity to join.

The truth is, Get Your Guide might not offer all the options you will have in some cities. There are always small companies which can only be found on site – especially on South East Asia or Central and South America.

Nevertheless, I found Get Your Guide is the platform with most activities, as well as many filters and marks which makes the decision process easier.

Especially when you have to prebook your tickets!!

Of course, if you want some adrenaline activities, there are better platforms out there, like Adrenaline Hunter, but if you are looking for the common activities: main sights tickets, bike tours, food experiences… Then Get Your Guide is your place.

Check Get Your Guide here

Get your Guide reviews

2. Booking Activities with Get Your Guide

The process in booking an activity with Get Your Guide is simple and straight forward:

  1. You select the activity
  2. book with your name, email and credit card
  3. receive your confirmation email

Easy peasy and fast, I would say.

Before hitting the booking button, you will have to choose your perfect activity, of course. Some sights are listed multiple times. That is because it is different tours or just an audio guide and such. Make sure you read properly what you are about to book.

In our Step 2 choosing the right tour I go into detail.

What I really like about Get Your Guide is their information they show. For instance, they show highlights of the tour, what the tour includes (and what it DOES NOT include!) and the meeting point.

They also show “Important information” at the bottom. A great summary I wish many more websites would add. Here they summarize for instance what is not allowed on the tour. That can be “shorts” when visiting a church or mosque for instance.

Then they show “know before you go”, covering important notes like opening hours, the validation of the ticket and such. Very, very handy and easy to read!

Let’s see how to find, choose and book an activity on this platform step by step.

  1. Search and filter
  2. Decide which tour / company to join
  3. Look at some reviews (but don’t get crazy about that!)
  4. Select your tour and pay
  5. Receive your tickets

Skip the line with GetYourGuide

Step 1 – Search and Filter

When searching for your perfect travel plans on, Get Your Guide has ensured that the process is
simple and straightforward for everyone.

All you have to do is type in your destination or preferred attraction and dates in the search bar and you’ll have all the activities and tours at your fingertips.

I just did a screenshot so you can see the website and where to type:

Searcher option GetYourGuide

Filters you should use

With so many great options to choose from, you may be a little spoil for choice!

However, no need to worry as the guide offers a great filter system which allows you to create more
personalized options for yourself.

Make sure you use the filters.They will help you range the activities and find your perfect plan.

Here is the list of different filter options:

1. You can filter by interests such as:

  • Tours
  • Activities
  • Culinary
  • Nightlife
  • Rentals

2. Activities and tours can also be filtered by languages – and they do offer up to 25 different languages.

3. Select your wished time periods for individual activities: they range from less than an hour to a full
day or even multi day.

4. Filters also include:

  • Private Tours,
  • Wheelchair Access,
  • Hotel Pickup, and
  • Skip the Line

5. You can filter also by get your guide reviews for individual activities by:

  • Best rated,
  • Worst rated,
  • Most recent and
  • Oldest

6. You can also filter reviews depending on the type of traveler such as:

  • Couples,
  • Family,
  • Group of Friends and
  • Solo Traveler

Booking with GetYourGuide, is it trustworthy?


Whilst scrolling through options, several activities have different labels that will give you some insider information, these labels are:

These different labels might help you choose the activity on your destination, or give you an idea when if you have to book earlier to assure your spot.

Get Your Guide Original - this is the label you need to keep an eye on Verified by Get Your Guide Label Likely To Sell out Label with Get Your Guide

When an activity is marked as “likely to sell out” it is recommended to book as soon as possible.

Normally, the Bestsellers activities are the ones with the best reviews and usually the absolute Must-Dos in the city.

This can be the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and Colosseum in Rome. This could be also sights with very limited access like the Camino del Rey in Malaga, Spain or, again, Colosseum in Rome.

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Good to know: I noticed the label “likely to sell out” is not a marketing trick to make you buy faster! They only labelled very few ones that actually sell out quickly.

After all, the Colosseum in Rome has now limited access for “only” 5000 people per day. Pre-booking is mandatory – if you want to enter!

In case of doubt which activity to join, this label can be your lifesaver.

Good to know: I found this website listing only all the Get Your Guide Originals.

Listings at Get Your Guide are labeled; very helpful!

Step 2 – Decide which tour to join

GetYourGuide is fantastic for the hundreds of options available to book.

Although, the amount of choices means you will likely come across different options for the same popular

It’s important to be aware of the differences in pricing, length of time and features for individual attractions so you can find the best option for you.

Same Attraction with Different Options?


Not everybody wants the same kind of tour, right?

Here are a couple of examples to show you the variety on offer so you can choose wisely.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona at Get Your Guide

You will find all these options under Sagrada Familia tickets:

The prices goes from €22 – €60 and the different tours include different options.

The title will give you an idea but you can read what does the tour include on each one, as well as the duration, and the reviews. The get your guide Barcelona reviews are important to read.

All this information will help you decide more accurately.

Smart trick: Always visit the main landing page they created for the sight you are interested in. You can find this on the upper-left part, below the logo. This is the so-called “breadcrumb” link.

The structure usually is:
Country > Region > City > Sight

So, in our case:
Spain > Catalonia > Barcelona > Sagrada Familia

How to find all tours for one sight at Get Your Guide

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Alright, let us have a look at another popular example.

The Gondola Rides, Venice at Get Your Guide

Read: One Week in Venice – our complete itinerary

You might think a gondola ride is a gondola ride. But of course there are many different ways to experience a gondola in Venice, such as:

All the different tours offer different options, such a shared gondola, and exclusive gondola, only riding on the grand canal or even a shared gondola with maximum 6 people.

Prices range from €32 – €115 and you can read all the details about what is included on each tour description.

Now, for the Gondola Rides there is no landing page listing all possible tours. A pity. So, what do we do?

In this case I would keep an eye on the number of reviews and ratings. The ratings should be only a few month old – max!

Good to know: When looking at the ratings, and the last one was written in 1954, skip this tour!

Selecting activities on GetYourGuide

Gondola Ride in Venice

Step 3 – Reviews

The ratings on each activity as a whole will give you a rough idea about how beloved the activity or tour is.

As Get Your Guide mostly acts as the middleman between the customer and tourist companies, it’s also helpful to look at some reviews made from the customers.

These individual comments left by past travelers will give you insights and opinions.

This shouldn’t be a problem as there are thousands of reviews to help you make your decision. But

Don’t go crazy reading so many reviews…

We always read the most recent ones to check they are accurate with the main review score.

Reviews for each tour/ activity are based on:

  • Service
  • Organization
  • Value for Money
  • Safety

You can always have a look at the top reviewed activities on each city to help you select your activity or tour. After your own tour has finished, you can also leave your own getyourguide review.

Here are a few top reviewed activities in some of best cities in Europe:

Barcelona, Spain: + 750 activities

The most popular are:


Paris, France: + 800 activities


Rome, Italy: + 800 activities


Again: Don’t get crazy reading too many reviews.

I normally do a general check to see how many stars overall the activity has and then read max 4-6 reviews, one of the reviews with a bad rating to check when it was written and what the complain was about.

In a nutshell, for the ratings pay attention to:

  • number of review
  • overall ratings
  • the complaints
  • date of last review

Check the reviews on GetYourGuide

Step 4 – Select your desired option

After deciding with is the best tour or activity you wanna join on your travels you simply have to press the book now button.

Yes, it is so simple, just press that button on the right side and the tour will be added to your chart.

On this moment you could continue buying some other tours or just pay for that one pressing the checkout button.

Select your tour with GetYourguide

Payment with Get Your Guide

As well as having no restrictions in activity options, there are also no restrictions with

You are able to pay via:

  • credit card,
  • debit card,
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay

You have no need to worry about security either as Get Your Guide promises that all payments are secure and encrypted.

However, as activities and tours should be booked in advance, it is not possible to pay upon

Step 5 – Tickets

Hurray, we have completed our booking. We chose the tour, we paid. Now what?

After completing your payment, Get Your Guide will send you an email confirmation.

I cannot believe I have to say this, but do not add your weird-spam email. You will need this confirmation email!

The email will be like this one: