Bordeaux - Where to Stay for first time travelers

Where to Stay in Bordeaux for a first time visit? An insider’s guide 2024

Located in southwest France, Bordeaux is known for its rich wine cultural heritage. This is the most prestigious wine region, so it undoubtedly bears the name Wine Capital of the World. If you want to know more about wine history, put Le Cite du Vin, a centre that celebrates the culture of wine, on your list of visits. And what are the other reasons to visit and search for where to stay in Bordeaux?

Rue Sante Catharine is the longest pedestrian shopping street in France. Even if you’re not a shopaholic, make sure to stop by to feel that dynamic vibe. Where there is wine, there is also food, so Bordeaux is also known for its excellent gastronomic offer, which can be served in one of the many castles called chateaux. Sounds like you’ll have an enjoyable time exploring the place, doesn’t it?

We know that different types of people require different advice on travel accommodations. This guide includes the best areas for

  • the first time visitor
  • Families
  • Couples
  • Luxury & Design
  • Solo-Traveler
  • on a budget

Are you more of a visual learner/travel planner?

Lucky for you, we’ve included a map with all of our favorite neighborhoods and handpicked hotels for all of your travel needs.

Check it out below to get a better idea of where you should stay for your first or next visit to the Bordeaux.

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(This guide is always up to date, the last updated July 2024.)

But, first things first:

Question: Where to stay in Bordeaux?

Pierre Loti describes this place in his book “MonFrere Yves” and talks about the beauty of the region. According to him, no matter which quarter you decide to go to, you can’t avoid the welcoming atmosphere of the locals. The wine city has a 150 km underground wine cellar, which is quite stunning to all tourists.

Did you also know that the first wine bottle design was invented here? Friend where to stay in Bordeaux city and make sure to explore every corner.

Here’s an extra tip: discover the largest Ginkgo Biloba square and visit the Fountain of Palais Rohan, where wine flows, but only for special events and holidays. I hope you will witness this spectacle and keep it as a lovely memory.

Here is the question: Where to stay in Bordeaux?

The answer is simple: City Center

The centre of Bordeaux offers all you can ask for- from luxury accommodations to boutique guesthouses. From the central place, Place de la Bourse, all critical attractions are within your reach. You may not need transportation, and even if you do, the rides are fast and convenient, meaning they’ll cost you a little.

If you want to experience the brimming nightlife, then the centre is the right choice for accommodation. However, if you’re going to find more budget-friendly accommodation, then escape to the periphery. Transportation will cost you 1.8 euros for a 1-hour ride or 5 euros for a day pass.

Some of the most-visited areas include:

  • Place de la Bourse
  • Miroir d’eau
  • Bordeaux Opera House
  • Saint-André Cathedral

Why do we recommend these areas?

Place de la Bourse and Miroir d’eau

My first answer to where to stay in Bordeaux is a place you simply cannot miss. It is specific for its architectural and historical significance and provides one of the most scenic views you can witness. Another remarkable thing that adds to its uniqueness is the fact it’s set by the river. Place de la Bourse is also the home to the largest reflecting pool in the world, Mirror d’eau.

Bordeaux Opera House

A neoclassical building located in the heart of the city, which, in the 18th century, was considered the largest building in France. In 1990, it underwent restoration and renewed its charm, inviting tourists to explore its magnificence.

Saint-André Cathedral

This Gothic architecture cathedral dating from the 12th century, is also part of the top 3 attractions. From its Pey Berland Tower, you can enjoy the famous panorama of Bordeaux.

Here’s a full map for you to understand the different areas.

Please note: those might not be the exact names of the districts, neither its absolute borders. I just tried to simplify this information.

📍Best Area:Saint-Pierre
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Best for Families:Mercure Bordeaux Chateau Chartrons
👩‍❤️‍👨 Best for Couples:Bordorent Apartment
💎 Best Luxury HotelVilla Reale
🤩 Best Design Hotel:Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes
😎 Best for Groups:Staycity Aparthotels
🦸 Best for Solo-Traveller:Central Hostel Bordeaux Centre
💃 Best Hotel for Nightlife:LE COCOON
🤑 Cheapest Place to stay:Centre Historique
👌 Safest Area: Chartrons

1. Best areas and handpicked hotels for Bordeaux

Continue scrolling or pick your group and travel type on the menu:

1.1 Families
1.2 Couples
1.3 Luxury Traveler
1.4 Design Traveler
1.5 Groups
1.6 Solo-Traveler
1.7 Nightlife-seeking traveler
1.8 Budget Traveler

1.1 Families

Looking for the best places to stay in Bordeaux with your family? This is a pedestrian-friendly city with many museums offering educational tours for children. There are also various dining options.

In addition to traditional French food, most restaurants also offer international dishes and a menu designed for children. One exciting experience, which will allow you to explore the whole city, is to book a boat tour that will keep your children’s attention and not tire them.

Visit Le Jardin Public and the Darwin Ecosystem, an alternative creative outlet full of markets, workshops and a co-working atmosphere.


This neighbourhood is located along the Garonne River and offers exciting activities such as exploring antique shops and galleries. If you’re wondering where to stay in Bordeaux with your family, know that the whole area thrives in a relaxing atmosphere ideal for a family stay. This is a residential area, so it is safe for the movement of children. The Jardin Public and the Quai Des Marques shopping centre are also nearby.


Another family-friendly neighbourhood that hides many interesting historical monuments, local markets, and the Bordeaux Basilica is also located here. This neighbourhood spreads a residential feel and offers a peaceful setting for exploring the city.

Handpicked accommodations for families

Mercure Bordeaux Chateau Chartrons, Chartrons

Wondering where to stay when visiting Bordeaux? Being only 5 minutes away from the city centre, Mercure Bordeaux Chateau Chartrons offers spacious guest rooms in a contemporary style, perfect for a family of 4 or 5.

Even your pets are welcome here! The “Winter Garden restaurant” is not focused on typical French cuisine but adapts to the guests’ wishes. If you book in time, the hotel also provides a parking space. When it comes to accommodation, I recommend the Classic Twin Room + sofa for a family stay.

Book Mercure Bordeaux Chateau here

Private room at Mercure Bordeaux Chateau Chartrons Enjoy your stay at Mercure Bordeaux Chateau Chartrons

Bô, Peace & Bordeaux, Saint-Seurin

The 90-square-metre apartment offers the utmost comfort for a family of three, with a beautiful city view and a fully equipped kitchen. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a terrace overlooking the garden. Bô, Peace & Bordeaux has a separate dining area and an exceptionally tranquil neighbourhood.

Book Bô, Peace & Bordeaux here

Personal space at Bô, Peace & Bordeaux Have a great time at Bô, Peace & Bordeaux

 1.2 Couples

If you want to spice up your romantic getaway with world-class cuisine, then start looking for where to stay in Bordeaux right away! Apart from exceptional wine and charming landscapes, romantic chateaux, intimate bistros, and Michelin-starred restaurants will also leave a memorable impression on you.

Indulge in a romantic stroll through the city and spend a few quiet moments for yourself at the most prominent European square, Place des Quinconces. If you want maximum enjoyment, look for accommodation with a private balcony or a spa service. In Bordeaux, they can take your romantic trip to another level!


This is a historical district known for its narrow cobbled streets and lively atmosphere, created for couples looking for excitement but also a little privacy in their torn love corner. In the surroundings, you’ll discover plenty of charming cafes, and the view of the river is priceless. Reserve the evenings for an intimate dinner or a walk in the heart of the attractions.

Triangle d’Or

Upscale ambience and elegant sophistication greet you at every corner. If you want to find a place for fine dining, the Triangle d’Or has something to offer for every taste. You also have many wine bars nearby or wineries that organise private wine-tasting tours. The theatre is also nearby if you enjoy a good show.

Handpicked accommodations for couples

Appart Cozy / Quartier St Pierre, Saint-Pierre

Unsure where to stay in Bordeaux city, consider the Appart Cozy / Quartier St Pierre. This cosy, intimate, and, extra comfortable apartment is located close to the tram station and 200 metres from the Place de la Bourse.

It has a private bathroom and a well-equipped kitchen for sharing experiences and preparing French specialities. Each bedroom has one bed and provides a view over the courtyard.

Book Appart Cozy / Quartier St Pierre here

Own bedroom at Appart Cozy Relax and unwind at Appart Cozy

Bordorent Apartment,Triangle d’Or

Bordorent Apartment is a 61 square metre apartment with city view, 5 minutes walk to the famous Water Mirror. It is located in a typical Bordeaux building and will win you over with the intimate atmosphere added by the beautiful fireplace in the living room. You also have a mini wine cellar at your disposal, and the kitchen is open-plan, so you can make dinner and enjoy it with wine.

Book Bordorent Apartment here

Single bedroom at Bordorent Apartment Have a pleasant stay at Bordorent Apartment

1.3 Luxury traveler

Bordeaux is one of the most luxurious cities in France as it’s home to the world’s best Grand Cru wine vineyards. If you want to learn more, pay for private tours at Château Margaux or Château Latour. By agreement, you can book a stay here. If you want an exclusive culinary experience, visit the Michelin-starred restaurant Pressoir d’Argent, owned by Gordon Ramsey.

Have you ever imagined what a helicopter tour would look like over the most beautiful vineyards in France? Well, that can be a reality here. You can also get the chance to blend your own wine guided by experts through the process. So, what’s there left to do? Simply figure out where to stay in Bordeaux to ensure you experience everything I’ve just mentioned!

Triangle d’Or

This is an upscale shopping district with exquisite surroundings and many activities for those travellers looking for luxury. Almost all the buildings are from the 18th century and contribute to the exclusive opulent atmosphere.


Here you will get a quiet stay and still with a central location. Look for the beautiful fine dining options as well, as well as the best places to stay in Bordeaux.

Handpicked accommodations for the luxury traveler

Villa Reale, Triangle d’Or

Villa Reale comes with a kitchen, seating area, balcony and 2 bedrooms. One night for 4 people costs 400 euros. As additional comforts, you get a sauna and soundproof rooms for rest. The entire apartment can accommodate from 4 to 7 people.

Book Villa Reale here

Enjoy your time at Villa Reale Make yourself at home at Villa Reale

InterContinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel, an IHG Hotel, Quinconces

If you’ve heard that Gordon Rasmey’s restaurant is located in a hotel in Bordeaux, this is the one. Apart from this fabulous experience, you get a perfect location to explore the city. The hotel has an indoor pool and terrace where breakfast is served. All suites in InterContinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel have a private balcony and private bathrooms covered entirely in marble. The spa, accessible to all guests, occupies 1000 square metres.

Book InterContinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel hereHave a wonderful stay at InterContinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel Experience comfort at InterContinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel

1.4 Design-lovers

The city will steal your heart at first sight due to its neoclassical architecture with 18th-century buildings and large squares. Over time, modern urban spaces have also developed, such as the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art.

Another trendy spot that will appeal to lovers of aesthetics and design is Bordeaux Metropole Arena, one of the most modern segments of the city. Step into the Saint Michel quarter to see the most striking inspirations of street artists. Many interesting antique and vintage shops invite you to discover them throughout the city.

So, the only thing left to do is decide where to stay in Bordeaux!


Those vintage shops I mentioned earlier are located right here, almost behind every corner. And there are brocantes decorated with timeless furniture. If you’re looking for a place with the greatest number of design studios, it’s at Chartrons. For me, the design highlight of this district was Les Vivres de l’Art, so I highly recommend you visit it.


First, see the Monument aux Girondins and the beautiful fountain within. The whole square is built as a quincunx, and you will surely be impressed by the unordinary design. Many public art installations, gardens and galleries are on the streets, providing you with an indulging exploration.

Handpicked accommodations for the design lover

Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes, Chartrons

Visitors claim that they were treated like celebrities here, making this one of the best places to stay in Bordeaux. Some of the highlights are the beautiful city view, indoor pool, sauna and the wooden details in each room, which are pretty bright and spacious. The rooms also have a small but reasonable enough terrace.

Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes is captivating with its prestigious style, and as a recommendation for those who care about the interior and aesthetics, I recommend the Madrian Suite.

Book Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes here

Private room at Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes Enjoy your stay at Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes

Les Folies de Chauvin, Quinconces

The accommodation can fit a maximum of 10 people, has 3 bedrooms and a private toilet. Les Folies de Chauvin has a kitchen equipped with a microwave, toaster, dishwasher and washing machine. Blue shades prevail in an interior that shows that attention has been paid to the last detail, and the whole place is filled with positive energy, timeless elegance and a modern thread.

Book Les Folies de Chauvin here

Have a great time at Les Folies de Chauvin Personal space at Les Folies de Chauvin

1.5 Groups

In addition to group wine tours, the city of wine also offers various activities and attractions, such as a river cruise, interactive museum tours or the activities at Cap Science. You can walk for hours, and you won’t get tired. And if you’re not really into long walks, you can organise a picnic or get together in one of the many green spaces.

And now, let’s talk about where to stay in Bordeaux.

City Center

As expected, the centre is your most accessible location, with plenty of suitable group accommodations. For unforgettable experiences, take the historic tram tour or a walk at the Gourmet Food Market or the oldest market in France, the Marche des Capucins. Water Mirror is also nearby. Don’t leave without a group photo.


Join a group of antique and treasure hunts or wine tastings. You can also participate in one of the creative workshops or just enjoy the vibrant street energy.

Handpicked accommodations for groups

Staycity Aparthotels Bordeaux City Centre, City Center

Staycity Aparthotels accommodation is recognizable for its modern interior and excellent continental breakfast. Here, parking is also included in the price. For the amount you pay, you also get a kitchen for use that is equipped according to all standards and a room with a private bathroom. The airport is only 10 km away.

Book Staycity Aparthotels here

Own bedroom at Staycity Aparthotels Relax and unwind at Staycity Aparthotels

Joli Petit Loft Dans échoppe Pierre Centre-Ville, Chartrons

Wondering where to stay when visiting Bordeaux? Joli Petit Loft is an apartment that occupies 44 square metres and can fit up to 6 people. It has central heating, a washing machine, a kitchen, 1 bathroom and an outdoor dining area available together with a lush patio.

Book Joli Petit Loft here

Relax and unwind at Joli petit loft dans échoppe pierre Have a pleasant stay at Joli petit loft dans échoppe pierre

1.6 Solo-travelers

Bordeaux is a safe and walkable city, so solo travellers will love it. You also have gastronomic delights at every turn and many citywide events you can join. The locals are friendly, and the city is easy to navigate.


This neighbourhood offers an exciting option for individual exploration. Here, historians tell stories through mediaeval architectural marvels and a bohemian and friendly atmosphere. If you love nightlife, you won’t regret staying here and enjoy like a local.


This neighbourhood offers easy access to other districts and excellent connections with the centre through efficient transportation, making it one of the best answers to where to stay in Bordeaux. Here, you can also do something different every night, for example, a cosy cinema evening, concerts or watching movies in the open air.

Handpicked accommodations for a solo traveler

Central Hostel Bordeaux Centre, Saint-Pierre

Central Hostel Bordeaux Centre is located 13 km from the airport and 1 km from the Basilica, in the centre of all the important attractions. It is located just 600 metres away from Place de la Bourse. It has a beautiful rooftop and accommodation is available in a 6- or 8-bed room. You also have the option of a continental breakfast.

Book Central Hostel here

Enjoy your time at Central Hostel Bordeaux Centre Make yourself at home at Central Hostel Bordeaux Centre

Bloom Hostel Bar & Garden, Victoire

Bloom Hostel Bar & Garden has a beautiful garden, public parking, and rooms with up to 4, 6, or 8 beds. All rooms are non-smoking. From Yourent, free bikes or get directions for a hiking tour. The reception price of the arrangement with breakfast and bed is 38 euros per person per night.

Book Bloom Hostel Bar & Garden here

Experience comfort at Bloom Hostel Bar & Garden Have a wonderful stay at Bloom Hostel Bar & Garden

1.7 Nightlife Traveler

If you are looking for the best club area, head to the Quai de Paludate or the famous Le Rocher de Palmer, one of the best music venues. If you want a slightly different experience, a night river cruise or the alternative and indie bars in Chartons await you.


This is the most famous part of nightclubs and bars; everyone can find their style and preferences. Visit Le Tencha, a combination bar, concert space and culture hub with a cosy urban atmosphere. Another choice is El Chuchumbe – a bar with Latin American energy or Le Lucifer, located in a historic building from the 17th century with the best selection of cocktails.

Triangle d’Or

Wondering where to stay in Bordeaux city and experience the best of its nightlife? Luxury nightclubs and chic bars, lounges and rooftops are reserved for here. There are even private member’s clubs. Visit Le Bar du Plaza within Le Grand Hotel. Go to Le Voile d’Or along the Garonne River or to Le B11 Club, an extravagant lounge and nightclub.

Handpicked accommodations for nightlife

LE COCOON 29 by Cocoonr, Saint-Pierre

An apartment with carefully chosen red details and an excellent location for exploring downtown. As additional entertainment, you also have board games at your disposal. Apart from one bedroom, there is also a fold-up bed, living room and 1 bathroom. Accommodates 3 people, and one night is 80 euros for renting LE COCOON.

Book LE COCOON 29 here

Private room at LE COCOON 29 Enjoy your stay at LE COCOON 29

T2 bis luxe hyper centre piscine, Triangle d’Or

At a short distance from the theatre, with a beautiful sun terrace and indoor pool, T2 can host from 2 to 4 guests and has 2 bedrooms. Previous guests gave it high ratings, both for the cleanliness and the staff’s friendliness.

Book T2 here

Have a great time at T2 bis luxe hyper centre piscine Personal space at T2 bis luxe hyper centre piscine

1.8 For the Budget Traveler

Believe it or not, some of the best places to stay in Bordeaux are also suitable if you’re travelling on a budget. Transportation is relatively cheap, and you can rent a bike, as well. Find the accommodation a little in advance to get better rates. There are many free or low-cost attractions and local markets that you can visit. Take advantage of a happy hour or enjoy a picnic in the park. If you are a student, take advantage of the benefits.


A multicultural boho quarter with vibrant markets and an excellent local experience. Proximity to major attractions and downtown is one of its greatest perks. You also have different culinary options that will delight you and not leave you without money.


A quarter full of students and youthful energy, many street markets and various dining options on a budget. If you want to find everything in one place, go to Place de la Victoire.

Handpicked accommodations for budget traveler

Centre Historique – Le Maubec, Saint-Michel

Centre Historique is a super-sized and well-equipped apartment with bathroom, washing machine, 1 bedroom and living room. It is located 600 metres from Great Bell Bordeaux and has a fully equipped kitchen and all other amenities such as towels, hair dryer, heating, etc.

Book Centre Historique here

Own bedroom at Centre historique Relax and unwind at Centre historique

Le Bon Pasteur – Joli T2 Place de la Victoire, Victoire

Decorated in bright and pleasant colours, this accommodation is intended for 2 people who plan to make their stay in Bordeaux a budget. Le Bon Pasteur has 1 bedroom, bathroom, sitting area and kitchen. Towels and bed linen are supplied on-site.

Book Le Bon Pasteur here

Single bedroom at Le Bon Pasteur Have a pleasant stay at Le Bon Pasteur

2. Best Neighborhood to Stay in Bordeaux

Although it may sound unbelievable, you can now rest assured that Bordeaux hides both budget-friendly accommodations to luxury palaces. Plenty of free or low-cost attractions can fill your day, and it’s up to you to choose what you prefer and thus decide on the right neighbourhoods.

Whether you’re lodging there or not, you cannot bypass the centre of Bordeaux, which offers the most prosperous program of attractions and activities.

These are the most visited neighbourhoods in Bordeaux:

  • City centre
  • Saint-Pierre
  • Chartrons
  • Triangle d’Or

Be free, adventurous and innovative to explore your highlights from each district of Bordeaux.

3. FAQs

What is the best neighborhood to stay in Bordeaux?

The best neighborhood to stay in Bordeaux is the city center, particularly around Place de la Bourse, Miroir d'eau, Bordeaux Opera House, and Saint-André Cathedral. This central location offers easy access to critical attractions, a vibrant nightlife, and various accommodation options.

Where should you not stay in Bordeaux?

While Bordeaux is generally a safe city, it's advisable to avoid certain areas, especially at night. Areas with higher crime rates include parts of the northern districts. It's recommended to check recent reviews and travel guides for updated information on safe and less safe neighborhoods.

What should I avoid in Bordeaux?

To make the most of your visit to Bordeaux, consider avoiding peak tourist seasons if you prefer a quieter experience. Additionally, be cautious of pickpockets in crowded areas and take care not to disturb the delicate balance of the city's historic architecture. It's also advisable to respect local customs and be aware of your surroundings, especially in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Where should I stay in Bordeaux for the first time?

For first-time visitors to Bordeaux, the city center is the ideal location. Areas like Place de la Bourse, Miroir d'eau, Bordeaux Opera House, and Saint-André Cathedral provide a central hub with easy access to major attractions, dining options, and the city's lively atmosphere. Staying in the city center ensures a convenient and immersive experience for newcomers.

4. Map + All Sights

Bordeaux is a stunning city in southwestern France, and we have the perfect map to help you discover its wonders. Our map shows you the best places to visit in Bordeaux.

You can choose from different types of accommodations that match your style and budget, whether you want to stay in a historic hotel, a modern hostel, or a charming guesthouse. You will have a wonderful experience exploring the art and gastronomy of Bordeaux, no matter where you stay. Your dream city getaway begins with the perfect accommodation.

5. Summary of where to stay in Bordeaux

Find accommodation for where to stay in Bordeaux in these neighbourhoods, and if you need some direction for your next trip, check my other blogs- that’s where inspiration and new adventures await you!

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