One Week In Vienna

One Week in Vienna ItineraryRumor has it you are traveling for one week in Vienna? Well, you certainly just landed on the right page.

Moreover, through this guide, we will help you have amazing days in Vienna. Thus, with less hassle and more tips about the city.

From basic information to where to stay, what to do and what to eat for one week in Vienna. We all have it here.

Our full guide covers:

  1. Basic Introduction
  2. Where to stay in Vienna
  3. How to get around
  4. What to see in Vienna
  5. Things to do in Vienna
  6. Tickets you have to buy before – must read
  7. Food and Restaurants
  8. Day Trips from Vienna
  9. Itinerary for Vienna
  10. Packing List
  11. City Map

And if your excited, we are too. Thus, we are very glad to give you a hand on your 7 days in Vienna or just your simple weekend tour for 2 or days.

Make sure read our handwritten guide to the 18 fun things to do in Vienna – beyond the tourist trail. You will also need a place to stay, so check out our insider guide on where to stay in Vienna for first-time visitors.

Furthermore, as travelers too, it warms our heart also to help others to have an amazing adventure in places like Vienna.

Also, the City of Music is where a rich history lies and great architecture stands. From amazing people to stunning destinations, surely you will love Vienna as we did.

Finally, without further ado, let’s explore and conquer Vienna.

1. Basic Introduction

Of course, we want to start with a simple intro to the things you need to know before coming to Vienna.

Currency: EUR (€)

Language Spoken: German is the national language in Austria. Therefore, the majority of the population in Vienna speak German.

Nevertheless, don’t you worry because they can speak fluent English, too. Especially the educated and young populace of the city. However, some locals can also follow Spanish, French and Italian, too.

Population: 1.9 Million

Known for: For one thing, the city is packed with beautiful palaces and monuments. From Habsburg Emperors and other nobility including the imperial palaces of the Hofburg and Schönbrunn.

Moreover, it is also known as the city where the famous composer Beethoven used to live.

Accommodation: Certainly, you can find and choose from great luxury 5-star hotels to very budget-friendly hostels to stay in your one week in Vienna. Besides, there are also amazing apartments you can check out in the city.

Nonetheless, find more details in our where to stay in Vienna section below.

Public Transport: You can easily go around the city through their public bus, train, tram, and subway services. Aside from being cheap, fast and rarely overcrowded, tickets cover all these very efficient transportations, too.

More under how to get around.

Safety: Vienna is relatively safe for travelers.

Though violent crimes and muggings are rare here, pick-pocketing and bag snatching are common in Vienna. Hence, the same as many European big cities. As a result, just take the normal precautions against pickpockets and you’ll easily avoid getting robbed or scammed.

City name: Some may claim that Vienna came from the word “Vedunia” which means “forest stream”. On the other hand, some claims that it is the Roman settlement name of Celtic extraction “Vindobona” which meant “fair village, white settlement”.

But now, people call Vienna either the City of Music or the Imperial City.

However, in German, the city is c