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Best Hotels in Lisbon for Couples – An insider’s guide 2024 – Top Accommodation Picks

Planning a romantic getaway in Europe? I assume the first association for a perfect couple’s trip in Paris, Venice, or perhaps Rome? However, what you probably don’t know is there are other destinations that can also set an idyllic scene for an enjoyable vacation for two. Therefore, I’m here today to introduce you to the City of Love and Light, and present the best hotels in Lisbon for couples!

Many visitors say that Lisbon has a similar romantic energy to Paris. And you’d easily believe this statement if you’d only check how the number of couples who visit this city has increased over the years. In fact, there’s a great number of lovebirds who get engaged in this exact location! If you are on your honeymoon, I recommend respecting the tradition and riding Tram 28. The Portuguese believe that newlyweds who ride Tram 28 will have eternal happiness.

If you came here to romantically propose to your partner, check out the panoramic view of Sao Jorge Castle or the top of Elevador da Gloria.

Now, before we delve into the list of the best Lisbon hotels for couples, let’s check the most romantic activities you can engage in during your visit!

Romantic things to do in Lisbon:

  • Explore Belem for a journey through history
  • Cervejaria Ramiro for the best seafood meals
  • Long romantic walks along the Tagus River
  • Watching the sunset in Alfama or taking a sunset cruise
  • Couple’s Tile Workshop for a unique experience creating azulejos

If you’re looking for the most picturesque places to get some stunning photos, I have two locations to suggest: Lovers’ Miradouros and Miradouros da Senhora do Monte. And now, it’s time to explore the best hotels in Lisbon for couples!

Best Hotels in Lisbon for Couples

1. Hotel Valverde Lisboa – Relais & Chateaux

This 5-star hotel is located in the heart of Lisbon, specifically in the charming part of Santo Antonio. The Boutique Hotel is part of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux hotel chain. If I had to describe it in one sentence, I would say that Hotel Valverde Lisboa is a blend of classic elegance and unique luxury, with fabulous decor you won’t be able to stay indifferent to. Couples who have visited this hotel have awarded it with the highest rating.


From the moment you step in, you’ll be welcomed by world-class amenities; from an opulent lobby to Michelin-star restaurants, cosy bars or suites offering privacy and exceptional comfort.

Within the hotel, there is a beautiful romantic garden where friendly staff will serve you coffee. During the summer months, you can also enjoy the outdoor pool.

Typically, the rooms are suitable for two people. I recommend the Standard Suite or Suite with a city view and balcony for a special romantic treat.

Apart from all other amenities, the hotel also offers an airport shuttle by contract and private parking, for which you have to reserve a place a week in advance.

Location: Santo Antonio

And now, a few words about the surroundings. You have a prime location, seamlessly connected to most of Lisbon’s cultural gems. Many vibrant cafes are located nearby, and you’ll be only a few steps away from the most popular Avenida da Liberdade. The iconic mosaics are everywhere if you want to see them, which makes Santo Antonio a blend of old charm and modern vibrancy.

Book Hotel Valverde Lisboa here

Hotel Valverde Lisboa Entertainment Area

Hotel Valverde Lisboa - Relais & Chateaux

2. Bairro Alto Hotel

Bairro Alto Hotel, one of the most romantic hotels in Lisbon, is located on one of the seven hills, but right in the centre of the events, on the border between Bairro Alto and Chiado districts. The hotel is a real testament to classy elegance. It’s located in an 18th-century historic building, where many love stories were born and woven. This is where you can celebrate your love, regardless of whether you are on your honeymoon or have come to propose to your partner.


Your stay here will be nothing short of exceptional. The owners have brought aesthetics, classics and modern charm to the place. You can spend your romantic dinner in a rooftop restaurant with a panoramic view and then enjoy one of the 87 guest suites, 2 of which are signature suites, while 8 boast an exceptional view. For the rest of your stay, you can visit the relaxing sauna, or exercise in the well-equipped fitness centre.

Location: Misericordia

Since the hotel is set in Misericordia, you’ll enjoy the perks of being in the city centre- which is especially convenient if you want to experience Lisbon’s nightlife. During the day, you can enjoy one of the local galleries or stroll along the charming streets and take postcard photos.

Book Bairro Alto Hotel here

Private room at Bairro Alto Hotel

Have a pleasant stay at Bairro Alto Hotel

3. Memmo Alfama – Design Hotels

Don’t hesitate to book a room at this modern hotel nestled in a 19th-century building. Memmo Alfama is part of the chain of Design Hotels and it certainly justifies this title! Although it strives for a sophisticated interior, the staff and owners cherish the pro-Portuguese tradition of hospitality. This allows you to enjoy a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere where traditional food is served.


The luxury amenities are there to enhance your stay in one of the best hotels in Lisbon for couples. If you travel with your loved one, I suggest you book one of the suites with river views or a superior double room. There’s no shortage of romantic things in this hotel.

You have a wine bar at your disposal, and there are also many Fado bars nearby. The Portuguese capital is one of the warmest cities in Europe. You can sunbathe – even in winter – on the beautiful rooftop terrace, and there’s an infinity pool to cool off afterwards.

Location: Santa Maria Maior

The Alfama district is the most excellent location for a couple’s trip to Lisbon. This part of the city hides the most romantic place, Mirador de Santa Luzia, where you can witness the most beautiful sunset. Alfama is a neighbourhood known for its Fado bars and small hidden gems that offer intimacy.

Extra Trip: Alfama is very hilly, with many staircases, so prepare for a dynamic adventure.

Book Memmo Alfama here

Make yourself at home at Memmo Alfama - Design Hotels

Enjoy your time at Memmo Alfama - Design Hotels

4. Pousada de Lisboa – Small Luxury Hotels Of The World

Located in the vibrant part of Santa Maria Maior, Pousada de Lisboa invites you to experience a honeymoon to remember. Pousada de Lisboa is located in the city centre, close to all major attractions, yet it offers the perfect setting for an intimate experience.


All the amenities here are a symphony of indulgence, from lavish accommodations with modern furniture to the luxury spa with a top-rated wellness centre. For additional relaxation, you have an indoor pool at your disposal. Superb breakfast can be served in the on-site restaurant, but you can also taste many traditional recipes here.

The rooms are all decorated in the same ornate style, and there is a special offer for the deluxe and superior rooms that come with the New Year surprise package.

Location: Santa Maria Maior

One of the best hotels in Lisbon for couples is located in the famous Santa Maria Maior district. Here, you’ll have the honour to be near the most beautiful plazas in Portugal, and the most famous Rossio Square is only 600 metres away. You will also be near the Augusta pedestrian area, which is full of brand stores and cafes. As you wander the narrow streets, you will discover a mix of authenticity and sophistication. I recommend this part for couples because you can still find an intimate romantic corner here.

Book Pousada de Lisboa here

Experience comfort at Pousada de Lisboa - Small Luxury Hotels Of The World

Have a wonderful stay at Pousada de Lisboa - Small Luxury Hotels Of The World

5. The Vintage Hotel & Spa Lisbon

Welcome to The Vintage Hotel & Spa Lisbon. Here, you can discover how the classic old-fashioned historical Lisbon meets the sophisticated and new shine. This 5-star hotel is 300 metres from Lisboa’s lively Avenida da Liberdade. But why should you choose this hotel?


All rooms are decorated with modern design details, making this place especially appealing to couples who love art or just love a good Instagram shot. Apart from the design thread, comfort is preserved at the highest level, and each suite has a separate sitting area.

Since the hotel is close to many tourist attractions, your days will be filled with many activities. You can relax in the well-equipped sauna and wellness and fitness centre at the end of a busy day.

Adjacent to the hotel is a stylish restaurant that serves both international and traditional Portuguese specialities. A room or private service with a private lounge area is also available if you want more intimacy.

Location: Santo Antonio

Santo Antonio is a multi-cultural district, making it a vibrant home to some of the best hotels in Lisbon. Remember I told you that newlyweds traditionally ride Tram 28? Well, here you will reach him very quickly.

Saint Antonio is the patron saint of this city, so many exciting celebrations and festivals are held in his honour in June. If you are here during that period, take advantage of them. I’m sure you’ll love adding an additional experience to your romantic trip.

Book The Vintage Hotel & Spa Lisbon here

Enjoy your stay at The Vintage Hotel & Spa Lisbon

Have fun at The Vintage Hotel & Spa Lisbon

6. Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel

Experience the true charm of Lisbon’s history at the Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel. Get to know the bygone era and see how it fits into the modern concept of this hotel. The beginnings of the establishment date back to the 14th century. Many couples have passed here, and these walls have witnessed many love stories. Let the next one be yours!


All amenities are designed to elevate your romantic stay. First, the two rooms offer private bathrooms, a seating area, and a continental breakfast, which is included in the price. Depending on the offer, prices range from 300 to 500 euros for an overnight stay with a superb breakfast.

Location: Misericordia

Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel is yet another hotel with an ideal location- only 400 metres from the picturesque Chiado, next to the metro station, and 7 km from the airport. Staying at one of the best hotels in Lisbon for couples. The entire architecture of the hotel fits into the environment, which adds value to it. Something that will delight you if you are a foodie is that this neighbourhood is a gastronomic dream. It is home to the famous Mercado da Ribeira, which is the biggest food market in the city.

Book Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel here

Relax and unwind at Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel

Have a great time at Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel

7. Torel Palace Lisbon

Torel Palace Lisbon is a hidden gem that rewards skilful seekers with a harmonious blend of luxury, art, and tranquillity. A real little palace that offers everything in one place: great food, a place to swim and sunbathe and luxurious relaxation.


Guests can enjoy a superb buffet breakfast with Portuguese products, fresh orange juice and cakes. There are 2 restaurants in the hotel. You can also book a Royal Suite with a Hot Tub or an entire Villa with a garden view.

Location: Arroios

The location of the complex is outside the city noise, and if you ask me, it should be your first choice for one of the best Lisbon hotels for couples.

Book Torel Palace Lisbon here

Private room at Torel Palace Lisbon

Have a pleasant stay at Torel Palace Lisbon

8. The Lumiares Hotel & Spa – Small Luxury Hotels Of The World

In my opinion, this hotel deserves membership in the best Small Luxury Hotels of the World. It is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Lisbon for couples. Even if you’ve been to Lisbon before, staying in The Lumiares Hotel & Spa will give you a unique dimension to your new, this time romantic trip.


Staying here is a pleasure for all the senses, and anyone who has been to the gourmet restaurant, enjoyed the sauna or spent the night in the elegant rooms can confirm that. One good news is that you can also bring your pet here. And if you’re already thinking about which apartment to choose, I suggest you go with the Penthouse Suite. Believe me- it will take your honeymoon to the next level!

Location: Misericordia

The hotel’s location is strategically placed to help you explore the entire surroundings and reach the more distant points in the city in just 20-30 minutes. Wondering where can you take a good picture or rest your eyes and feet? Just type MIradouro da Senhora do Monte on your map and take your partner’s hand!

Book The Lumiares Hotel & Spa here

Make yourself at home at The Lumiares Hotel & Spa - Small Luxury Hotels Of The World

Enjoy your time at The Lumiares Hotel & Spa - Small Luxury Hotels Of The World

9. NAU Palacio do Governador

If you both admire history then don’t hesitate to book NAU Palacio do Governador, which is located in Belem district. Live a unique experience in the most iconic Lisbon neighbourhood while enjoying your stay in one of the best Lisbon hotels for couples.


When you enter here, it will seem as if every detail has been made according to your measure, and the helpful staff will help you leave that impression. In addition to spacious comfortable rooms made for couples, you also have a spa and an outdoor pool for extra relaxation. The tranquil atmosphere can best be felt in the lush garden located in the middle of the hotel.

Location: Belem

Belem is a waterfront neighbourhood that hides the most famous city landmark, Belem Tower. The tower served as the entrance to the city, as well as for receiving and observing sea traffic. Apart from Belem Tower, Jeronimus Monastery and the beautiful surrounding parks are also specific to this quarter. What you must not miss after a long scenic walk along the Tagus River is to surprise your partner with the famous custard tart, Pasteis de Belem.

Book NAU Palacio do Governador here

Experience comfort at NAU Palacio do Governador

Have a wonderful stay at NAU Palacio do Governador

10. EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel

Welcome to the beautiful oasis in the centre of Lisbon, home to one of the best hotels in Lisbon for couples. This five-star hotel redefined the art of hospitality thanks to its unique design and exceptional comfort. EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel has two parts, one for couples looking for a more dynamic stay, and the other for those who want tranquillity.


Well, let’s start with the rooms. Most rooms have a city or river view, and prices range from 580 for a Deluxe Room to 1160 for a Deluxe Suite – Special offer. All rooms are decorated in modern tones, have a private bathroom and are quite spacious and bright.

Location: Santo Antonio

I’ve already spoken about this neighbourhood and how it represents the vibrant spirit of the capital of Portugal. As for the hotel’s location, everything is within walking distance, but you also have a metro station 300 and 700 metres away.

Book EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel here

Enjoy your stay at EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel

Have fun at EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel

11. The One Palácio da Anunciada

If Arroios interests you, then staying at The One Palácio da Anunciada is for you. Being one of the most romantic hotels in Lisbon, it offers an opulent retreat and takes you on an extraordinary journey through the heart of Lisbon.


The hotel is paved with white marble, and the shared lounge is impressive. As part of the offer, you can also use the indoor pool, get room service or enjoy a la carte or a continental breakfast in the garden.

If you’re coming by car, reserve a parking space.

Location: Arroios

The hotel is located 500 metres from Rossio, in a neighbourhood with many historical buildings and characteristic colourful tiles. Arroios is home to gorgeous buildings decorated with azulejos (traditional Portuguese tiles) and intricate facades, providing a visual feast for those exploring the area. If you want to feel the natural energy of the locals, this is the neighbourhood for you. Before leaving, check on which days the vibrant local markets are held.

Book The One Palácio da Anunciada here

Relax and unwind at The One Palácio da Anunciada

Have a great time at The One Palácio da Anunciada

12. Internacional Design Hotel

This hotel is a real-life dream for all creatives and lovers of modern design and innovation. Internacional Design Hotel is spread over 4 floors, each with its own design and theme. The entire hotel is decorated with paintings by famous painters, attractive corridors and vibrant colours. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a welcome drink before you continue to the hotel bar to try some of the signature cocktails.


Being one of the best hotels in Lisbon for couples, this one promises an indulging experience at the on-site Bastardo Restaurant. This experimental restaurant offers Portuguese food but also serves Asian food, and all recipes remarkably influence Asian cuisine.

Something that impressed me was the breakfast with a view of Rossio Square; if you want to afford it, you could have a suite with the same view. This luxury would cost you 652 euros per night, and for more budget-friendly options, consider the Standard Room from 350 euros per night and up.

Location: Santa Maria Maior

Nearby is the famous Rua Augusta and the Fado Museum, where you can discover more about the Fado culture and how it influenced the Portuguese people. The airport is only 7 km away.

Book Internacional Design Hotel here

Private room at Internacional Design Hotel

Have a pleasant stay at Internacional Design Hotel

13. Hotel do Chiado

Did you imagine your room overlooking Rossio Square? Well, that’s precisely what you’ll get at Hotel do Chiado. This 4-star Hotel will win you over with its hospitality and elegant interior.


Almost all rooms have spacious terraces. Buffet breakfast is included in the price. Also, with this offer, you get 10% off snacks and cocktails at the Hotel’s Rooftop Bar. In addition to the rooftop bar, there is also a large terrace for evening enjoyment as a couple.

Location: Santa Maria Maior

The location is central, near the historic theatre. The entire Hotel fits into the elegant architecture. From the Hotel itself and the rooftop terrace, you have a view of Sao Jorge Castle just for you.

Book Hotel do Chiado here

Make yourself at home at Hotel do Chiado

Enjoy your time at Hotel do Chiado

14. As Janelas Verdes Inn – Lisbon Heritage Collection – Riverside

The hotel is located in a beautifully preserved building from the 18th century, decorated with a specific Portuguese decor. As Janelas Verdes Inn offers a pleasant atmosphere from the moment you enter. As a highlight, I will single out the lush garden, which is ideal for breakfast.


You can choose from multiple room options, from Classic Room to Junior Suite, for which you can often get discounts. Additional amenities include a 24-hour open desk, room service and an agreed airport shuttle.

Location: Estrela

The neighbourhood is in a beautiful riverside location, and in some parts, it offers panoramic views of the Tagus River. Take advantage of getting lost through the narrow streets and discovering many hidden gems you can’t imagine exist.

Book As Janelas Verdes Inn here

Experience comfort at As Janelas Verdes Inn

Have a wonderful stay at As Janelas Verdes Inn


Why is Lisbon a good choice for a couple's trip?

Lisbon offers a blend of romantic charm and cultural richness, making it an ideal destination for couples. From its captivating historic districts like Alfama to scenic viewpoints overlooking the Tagus River, Lisbon sets the stage for unforgettable moments.

The city's vibrant atmosphere, coupled with its cozy cafes and winding streets, invites couples to explore and create lasting memories together. Additionally, Lisbon boasts a variety of luxury hotels and intimate accommodations, providing the perfect setting for a romantic getaway.

What are the most romantic things to do in Lisbon?

Lisbon offers an array of romantic experiences for couples to enjoy. Some of the most enchanting activities include exploring the historic neighborhood of Alfama, renowned for its charming streets and Fado music bars.

Watching the sunset from viewpoints like Miradouro de Santa Luzia or taking a romantic sunset cruise along the Tagus River provides breathtaking views and intimate moments. Couples can also indulge in culinary delights at seafood restaurants like Cervejaria Ramiro or participate in a unique tile workshop to create personalized souvenirs together.

How to surprise girlfriend/boyfriend in Lisbon?

There are numerous ways to surprise your partner and create unforgettable moments in Lisbon. Consider arranging a romantic dinner at a rooftop restaurant with panoramic views of the city, such as those found in the Bairro Alto Hotel or The Vintage Hotel & Spa Lisbon.

Another idea is to plan a private sunset picnic along the banks of the Tagus River, complete with Portuguese wine and traditional pastries. For a more adventurous surprise, take your partner on a tram ride through the historic streets of Lisbon, or book a couples' spa day at one of the city's luxurious wellness centers.

Map + All Sights

Discover budget-friendly stays in Lisbon! Use our map to find all the top sights and the perfect affordable accommodation for your stay.



The city of Fado Music offers one of Europe’s favourite retreats for couples who are looking for an immersive experience. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Portugal, standing out for its many good restaurants and excellent viewpoints.

Although you may have imagined it as expensive, it is that much. Here, a meal in a good restaurant costs 10 euros. Although plane tickets are usually expensive, accommodation isn’t. And finally, a few more interesting facts: Lisbon inspired several romance novels. Before going here, read the Portuguese Nobel laureate Jose Saramago, and also remember to respect the tradition and go to the Santa Justa Lift to lock padlocks as a symbol of love.

Since I am sure that you’ll have no problem choosing one of the best hotels in Lisbon for couples, don’t forget to read through the rest of the blogs and explore more interesting locations to plan your next trip!

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