One week in Budapest

One Week In BudapestIs one week in Budapest enough? Where should I stay in the city? What are the most essential things to do on my trip?

These questions are just a few of you might be asking on your trip to Budapest.

Well, Congratulations! You just landed on the right page.

Generally, let us walk you through in making your Budapest itinerary. All the basic and important things you should know on your trip to the City of Bridges.

Our full guide covers:

  1. Basic Introduction
  2. Where to stay in Budapest
  3. How to get around
  4. What to see in Budapest
  5. Things to do in Budapest
  6. Tickets you have to buy before – must read
  7. Food and Restaurants
  8. Day Trips from Budapest
  9. Itinerary for Budapest
  10. Packing List
  11. City Map

Unquestionably, it inspires us to help people have the most of their trips through our guides. Therefore it is our main goal to make your adventure one of the best.

Without further ado, we welcome you in your one week in Budapest itinerary. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect from the City of Spas.

1. Basic Introduction

We want to start with a simple intro to the things you need to know before coming to Budapest.

Language Spoken: Hungarian is the official language spoken in Budapest and the rest of Hungary.

However, most Hungarians can also speak English. Most especially those in tourism and business sector like restaurants, stores, museums, and hotels.

Population: 1.8 Million

Known for: Aside from the Rubik’s cube which was invented by a Hungarian, Budapest is also famous for its hot springs. Along with over 118 natural springs in total.

Likewise, Budapest is known for its traditional Hungarian goulash soup which is their national dish. Certainly, don’t miss this one out!

Accommodation: Similar to any city in Hungary, you can certainly find accommodations from luxury hotels to super budget-friendly apartments in the City of Bridges.

Briefly, being the capital of Hungary, the city gives you a wide range of choices to stay in your one week in Budapest.

Apart from this, find more details in our where to stay in Budapest section below.

Public Transport: Though public transport in Budapest can be quite expensive, it is still one of the most convenient ways to get around. Similarly, the fastest way to get from point A to B.

Even more, you can use the four metro lines, the trams or the public buses in your one week in Budapest.

Alternatively, most of the tourist destinations in Budapest are just within walking distance.

More under how to get around.

Safety: Above all, as the home of three UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Budapest is generally safe to travel to.

However, having many tourists has its fair share of pickpockets and bag snatchers.

Without a doubt, safety precautions should be considered at all times. Likewise, not only do you need to be vigilant but also never lose sight of your belongings. It should be noted most especially in very crowded areas.

City name: Furthermore, people call Budapest in many names.

Among these are, “Pearl of the Danube,” “Heart of Europe,” and the “Capital of Freedom.” Or sometimes, people also call it the City of Bridges.

Electricity: 230V/50Hz (European plug). Remember to pack your travel plug adapter.

2. Where to stay in Budapest

Particularly, Budapest is known for its amazing architecture and culture. Thus, representing the past, the present, and the future.

Likewise, being known for its thermal bath that you definitely should look forward to. Thus, there is more to expect in the Pearl of the Danube.

Along with, we have listed down below our recommended accommodations according to your travel. Either you’re traveling with your family, with someone special or traveling solo, we have everything on the list.

Our handpicked recommendations:

Apart from this, we have made a map to better guide you where they are located. Plus sights you should visit during your 7 days in Budapest.

Note: Airbnb is also a great website to find accommodations in Budapest city center.

2.1 7Seasons Apartments – Best for Families

Located in the heart of Budapest is 7Seasons Apartments.

Ideal for families, the accommodation offers a stroller, books, and toys for the kids. Plus, the rooms are spacious and well equipped with almost everything you need.

Moreover, you can easily reach several tourist destinations on foot from the apartment. St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Great Synagogue, the State Opera House and the Hungarian Parliament to name a few.

Good to know: 7Seasons Apartments features a kitchen you can prepare your meals with. On the other hand, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the area.

Book 7Seasons Apartments here

7 Seasons Apartments features a kitchen where you can prepare and cook your foods Cribs, strollers and games for the kids are offered at the 7 Seasons Apartments

2.2 Aria Hotel – Best for Couples

Enjoy the amazing views of downtown in your one week in Budapest in Aria Hotel.

In addition to this, the hotel features a rooftop bar with a view of St. Stephen’s Basilica. Giving you a great scene to have a date with your partner.

Moreover, every unit boasts a spa center with a pool, saunas, and Hamman.

Good to know: Particularly, get these amazing compliments from the hotel.

  • Bathrobes, slipper, and toiletries are provided
  • Free 4 bottles of spring water every day
  • Buffet breakfast included
  • Gratis tea, coffee with cookies and fruits during the day
  • Wine and cheese reception available in the afternoon
Book Aria Hotel here

Get a beautiful view of St. Stephen's Basilica from Aria Hotel's terrace Enjoy the indoor pool at Aria Hotel in your one week in Budapest

2.3 New York Palace – Best for Luxury Travelers

Close to Andrássy Boulevard and the Opera House, you will find the New York Palace.

Further, stay in elegant rooms that feature luxurious Italian furniture and fabrics. All with silk wallpaper and Murano chandeliers.

On the other hand, the hotel also offers a spa area. Featuring a relaxation pool with hot tub functions. Above all, there is also an elegant bar in the New York Palace you can take advantage of.

Moreover, hear live piano music and get refreshing drinks and cocktails at the hotel bar.

Good to know: The Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour stops just in front of the hotel.

Book New York Palace here

Experience the fine dining at the New York Palace on your one week in Budapest Have a taste of freshly baked pastries during your stay at the New York Palace Rooms offer a wonderful view of Budapest at the New York Palace

2.4 D8 Hotel – Best for Design Lovers

Reach D8 Hotel just a 6-minute walk from St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Chain Bridge.

Furthermore, the hotel is designed with vibrant colors of white, yellow and blue. Featuring a shared lounge and bar on site.

Apart from this, rooms offer a flat-screen TV with cable channels. Plus a bathroom with free toiletries.

Good to know: Take advantage of the free buffet breakfast during your one week in Budapest in the hotel.

Book D8 Hotel here

D8 Hotel features a modern design that emphasize the vibrant colors of black and yellow Meet new friends from all over the world at D8 Hotel Satisfy your appetite at D8 Hotel's kitchen together with other guests

2.5 Flow Hostel – Best for Groups

Perfect for groups, you definitely should stay at Flow Hostel.

Aside from the hostel boasts a common area, the hostel also has an outdoor terrace. Certainly, great to win new acquaintances that share the same interest as yours.

On the other hand, each bed is equipped with own curtains, lockers, free linen, and a personal reading lamp.

Good to know: Above all, Flow Hostel’s location puts you near two subways and one tram line. Plus, restaurants and bars are just a few walks away.

Book Flow Hostel here

Each bed at Flow Hostel is equipped wit curtains, sockets and personal lights Enjoy the Instagramable ambiance of the Flow Hostel's dining area

2.6 Maverick City Lodge – Best for Solo Travelers

Maverick City Lodge is located in the historic Jewish Quarter of Budapest.

Moreover, the property offers rooms that range from small to large mixed or female-only dorms. Also, each bed is enclosed with a curtain and comes with private reading light.

Furthermore, many of Budapest’s attractions are just walking distance from the accommodation. To name a few are the Dohany Street Synagogue, Uránia National Film Theatre, and State Opera House.

Good to know: Even more, Maverick City Lodge conducts free activities. This includes walk tours, fröccs tasting (a local bubbly wine concoction) and spaghetti nights.

Book Maverick City Lodge here

Pin a sticky note at the dining area on your stay at Maverick City Lodge Rooms come in small to big mixed-rooms or female-only dorms at the Maverick City Lodge

2.7 The Hive Party Hostel – Best for Nightlife Traveler

Looking for a party place? Stay at The Hive Party Hostel.

Above all, have a thrilling party experience in your one week in Budapest. Thus, enjoy daily parties and concerts during your stay.

Along with, expect to have amazing nights at the hostel. Also, take advantage of the dance club in the courtyard with life and a rooftop bar.

Good to know: However, despite the daily night activities, you can still have a quiet place to sleep in The Hive Party Hostel.

Book The Hive Party Hostel here

Have a thrilling party experience in your one week in Budapest at The Hive Party Hostel Join the daily parties and concerts at The Hive Party Hostel

2.8 Wombats City Hostel – Budget-Friendly Hostel

Not only do you get a good room deal at Wombats City Hostel, but a great location as well.

Briefly, you can find the hostel right in the heart of Berlin’s nightlife. Thus, puts you in a perfect base for sightseeing.

Apart from this, you can prepare your meals at the shared kitchen. Or on the other hand, buy from the hostel’s bar.

Good to know: St. Stephen’s Basilica, the State Opera House, Dohany Street Synagogue are just a few minute walk from the hostel.

Book Wombats City Hostel here

Expect a stunning view of Budapest during your stay at Wombats City Hostel

3. How to get around

So, we have your accommodation set, now let us get out and explore.

Best for sightseeing: One of the most convenient and cheapest deals to tour around Budapest is through the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour.

Besides, tickets are valid from 24-72 hours. Apart from this, you can hop on and hop off to over 39 designated stops and see what Budapest has to offer.

Moreover, get free tours on your booking.

Free Tours:

  • Walking Tour – Tour around the best side of Budapest. Departure time is 11:00 AM from the Big Bus customer service center.
  • River Cruise – Enjoy a 75-minute, unlimited for 2 days, cruise on the Danube River.
  • Night Tour – Have a panoramic view of the city that runs through every night.

Important note:

Above all, you can start the tour at any of the Big Bus hop-on hop-off stops.

Book your Hop-on Hop-Off Bus Tour here

Public transport: Budapest has one of the richest public transport systems compared to all the other European capitals.

Further, you can choose among its 200 bus, 32 tram, 15 trolley, 4 metro lines, the HÉV Suburban Railway and boats. Thus, bringing you faster in a convenient way to all around Budapest.

Moreover, buying a Budapest card entitles you to travel without restrictions. All for free among its public transport.

Safety tip: It should be noted, traveling without a valid ticket or pass can be fined by the inspectors. Ticket inspectors might appear suddenly on the board.

Bikes: With over 300 km of biking paths dotted all over the city, seeing Budapest in two wheels is a brilliant idea.

Generally, the city itself is pretty much flat making it convenient to bike around. Moreover, you can hire bikes from Budapest’s bike schemes available in most places. Or you can also hire bikes at the MOL Bubi, the city’s first bike share.

On the other hand, there are also different bike tours you can join to see the amazing beauty of Budapest.

Walking: Aside from walking is healthy, it is also the cheapest way to discover a place like Budapest.

Above all, all the major tourist destinations in the city are likely walkable. Therefore, walking in Budapest is one great way to immerse yourself from much more to what lies within the city.

However, you can also join walking tours with a professional guide.

Taxi: Taxis in Budapest can be either booked or hailed on the streets.

However, in some cases, it seems that some taxis hailed on the streets overcharge passengers. Most especially tourists.

Here are tips for using taxis in Budapest:

  • Pick-up cost: 700 forint (≈ 2,2 €  ≈ 1,94 £ ≈ 2,48$).
  • There is no extra cost on the number of passengers or pieces of luggage.
  • No differentiated price between night and day. Same with taxis booked or taxis hailed on the street. Similarly, same rates apply throughout the day.

Boat: One cheap way to see the city is through the waters. Even more, getting one place to another from a boating perspective is one exciting experience.

Moreover, there are four lines you can take in your one week in Budapest.

  • D11 – Takes you from Újpest, Árpád híd (north) and Haller UTC (south). This is the best route to skip the city traffic.
  • D12 – Route between Boráros Square and Római Fürdő (Roman Riverbank in the north). The most scenic route.
  • D14 – The ferry to Csepel Island in the south of the city.
  • D2 – A quick ferry between Batthyany and Kossuth Lajos squares.

However, if you want more of Budapest than just a boat ride, you can take boat tours instead. Thus, you can check out these options below.

See what Budapest has to offer in the famous Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

4. What to see in Budapest – The Must-Do’s

What to see in Budapest? Indeed a very good question!

Aside from its thermal baths and great architecture, there is so much more to see in the City of Bridges.

Furthermore, we have listed below what you should see in your one week in Budapest. Even more, make sure you don’t miss one out.

The Must Do’s are:

More great sights to see in Budapest are:

Don't miss out to get a thermal bath at the Szechenyi

5. Things to do in Budapest

Since we have enumerated the places you should see, now let’s go to what to do in the City of Spas.

In particular, we are sure you will also love the capital of Hungary once you step foot in the city.

Moreover, find inspiration from these articles with the things you should try during your one week in Budapest.

We collected for you a great list of cool Things To Do in Budapest:

Here are more ideas:

Take your trip to a higher level and explore the Pálvölgy Cave

6. Tickets you have to buy before

Usually, in this section, we cover tickets that you need to book in advance.

Similarly, to mention a few, like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. As for Budapest, there is really only one important sight you should prebook.

And here it is: English guided tours are limited for the impressive Parliament Building.

Parliament Building

The third-largest Parliament building in the world you can find in Budapest.

So big it stands 315 feet tall. Plus, it has 691 rooms, and 20 kilometers of stairs. In particular, the same height that of St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Apart from this, the building is over 100 years old. Imagine how long it has been preserved over the years. Undoubtedly a must-visit in your one week in Budapest.

Moreover, tickets can be bought on site.

However, we highly suggest that you book your tickets ahead of time as English guided tours are limited.

Thus, you may end up in, let’s stay, on a Spanish tour if the situation permits. And you would not want that.

Good to know:

  • To protect the Holy Crown, you are not allowed to take photos in the security access system area and the dome hall.
  • The building is wheelchair-friendly.
  • Only guide dogs are allowed inside the building.
  • Only colorless liquids are allowed to be brought in.
  • You can get discounts if you’re a European Union passport holder.

Is it worth it to enter Parliament Building in Budapest? Yes, it is worth it. It is a very impressive building with many details and lots of history.

Book the Parliament Tour here

Visit the third-largest parliament building in the world in Budapest

7. Food & Restaurants

Indeed, in your one week in Budapest, certainly look forward to their amazing food, too.