January is all about new beginnings, offering an excellent chance to add another stamp to your passport. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to travel more, I encourage you to book your flight and accommodation in one of the enchanting European cities. Take a look at our guide to where to travel in Europe for January.

Getting Around Europe

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In this guide we cover:

Where to go in Europe in January

Europe is a continent full of history and culture, making all European cities worth your visit. I will help you to choose your destination and start the year with joy and unforgettable moments. In this blog, you’ll discover the best city selection for where to travel in Europe for January.

So, without further ado, let’s embrace the best places to go in January in Europe together!

1. Vienna, Austria

Welcome to the capital of classical music and symphonious opera melodies! This city is a dream destination not only for music lovers but also for aspiring historians and architecture admirers. Here, you will witness the palace of the Habsburg dynasty, which played a crucial role in European history. Public transport in this cultural city is excellent, so you can tour the whole town by tram in defiance of the cold weather.

The good news is that Vienna is one of the best places to go in January in Europe- and anytime, for that matter. Its famous attractions are open all year round, so you won’t get bored. Moreover, this is one of the places that will never let you feel hungry because who can resist Wiener Schnitzel or Apfelstrudel?

Our Guide to One Week in Vienna

Things to do in Vienna city

  • Vienna’s Christmas Markets – If you come at the beginning of January, you can catch the last moments of the Christmas and New Year magic, as several markets are not yet closed.
  • Visit Museums – Come here and enjoy the art when you get sick of the cold weather.
  • Vienna State Opera – Explore the magnificent Schönbrunn Palace – The palace is decorated with beautiful winter decorations, reduced crowds, and excellent cozy cafes and restaurants to warm your heart.
  • Vienna’s historic coffee houses – Don’t miss Cafe Central, Cafe Sacher and Hawelka if you want to learn about the history of coffee and enjoy the premium smell and taste of this premium coffee.
  • Ice Skating
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Vienna Austria

How to get to Vienna City

Low-budget airlines offer affordable flights to Vienna, but keep in mind that flights can be frequently delayed due to bad weather. That’s why I advise you to go by train if you are in some of the neighbouring countries. You have direct, shorter destinations to Vienna from Bratislava, Budapest and Prague.

Where to stay in Vienna City

There are many reasons why Vienna is a popular answer to where to travel in Europe for January. Although it is a vast city, it hides a convenient corner for every tourist. I’m sure you will find yours in some of the following neighbourhoods.

Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere – a concept by Hyatt

Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere is an extravagant, cozy hotel apartment that comes with a kitchen, some even with a steam room and sauna. All guests can use the bar and restaurant, and a penthouse suite is reserved for luxury travellers. Even if you travel with a group, you can still stay in the three-bedroom suite that can fit up to 11 people.

Book Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere here

Relax and unwind at Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere

Have a great time at Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere

For more options, check these hotels and find out where your comfort zone is.

2. Prague, Czech Republic

Still looking for an answer to where to go in January in Europe? Prague, also known as the City of a Hundred Spires, awaits your visit! The festive period in December and January is ideal for trying Czech traditional cuisine and enjoying the cold nights with mulled wine.

Our Guide to One Week in Prague

Things to do in Prague City

  • Explore Prague Castle – the largest worldwide castle complex that offers a panoramic view.
  • Charles Bridge – one of the most iconic landmark
  • Old Town Square – with a highlight of the magical Astronomical clock
  • Enjoy Czech Cuisine – try goulash, trdelnik, soup, or drink hot chocolate and mulled wine.
  • Christmas Markets
  • Museums and Galleries and the Jewish Quarter with museums and synagogues
  • Vltava River Cruise and ice skating are open all year round, an ideal day activity to spend time with the family.
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Prague Castle

How to get to Prague City

Prague Vaclav Havel is the main airport in Prague. If you choose to come by train, don’t worry, because the Prague Main Train is well-connected. You also have the option to board an international bus, such as Flixbus. Overall, you have several transportation options to choose from!

Where to stay in Prague City

The New Town of Prague is one of the best answers to where to travel in Europe for January. Here, you will find rich nightlife or hidden gems to explore in an organized guided group.

Enjoy the intimacy of the Lesser Town with your partner, or explore the old town on your own. And if you’re looking for accommodations, here are some places to explore:

Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague

Pytloun Boutique Hotel boasts amazing city views and an exceptionally modern setting. The hotel offers meeting/banquet facilities for group events and deluxe or superior suites for couples.

Book Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague here

Private room at Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague

Have a pleasant stay at Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague

For other types of travellers wondering where to travel in Europe in winter, check out these hotels:

3. Granada, Spain

If you wonder where to go in January in Europe and not feel the winter’s cold, Granada is your go-to place. The temperature reaches up to 15 degrees Celsius in winter. Here, you will enjoy the beautiful architecture and rich historical stories. And for those who want to ski, I have the perfect recommendation. It is located just a short scenic drive away from the slopes of the Sierra Nevada. When it comes to food, what will win you over are the traditional tapas, where you will eat without spending a fortune.

Our Guide to One Week in Spain

Things to do in Granada City

  • Alhambra – Make plans to reserve your tickets online to enjoy the 8th Wonder of the World without much crowding.
  • Generalife Gardens – A lush garden in Islamic garden design that has served as a royal getaway since before.
  • Albayzín – Historic Moorish quarter with beautiful Andalusian architecture. Sacromonte- Known for its specific cave houses.
  • Winter Festivals – If you’re already here, on January 6th, enjoy celebrating Christmas and Three Kings’ Day, and on the 31st, the Fiesta de San Cecilio, the city’s patron saint.
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Alhambra Castle

How to get to Granada City

Federico Garcia Lorca Granada is the nearest airport, 20-30 minutes away from the centre. You can get there by airport bus, adding to your travel convenience.

Where to stay in Granada City

We have already met the vibrant Alhambra, which is ideal both for groups and those looking for amazing nightlife. Below are the best accommodations you can find in there:

La Corrala del Realejo, City centre

It is a natural oasis with separate apartments with balconies and large windows for beautiful views. La Corrala del Realejo is ideal for those searching for some fun and a pub crawl adventure.

Book La Corrala del Realejo here

Make yourself at home at La Corrala del Realejo

Enjoy your time at La Corrala del Realejo

And if you still haven’t decided which hotel to pick or where to travel in Europe for January, here are some more suggestions:

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

This January is the right time to visit one of the most attractive celebrity destinations- Dubrovnik. For those who want to travel on a budget, I highly recommend you put Dubrovnik on your list. In the winter months, you can expect a lot of discounts and experience the city in a more intimate atmosphere.

The buildings in the Оld Town date back to the 7th century, helping the city become a UNESCO World Heritage site. While you’re here, visit the breathtaking Rector’s Palace and Sponza Palace. In addition, don’t forget to get to know some of the Dalmatian people who live in Dubrovnik; they are charming and good hosts.

They speak their dialect, which is much more sonorous than the standard Croatian language. Even if you don’t understand them, you will feel like you successfully communicate with them. This certainly makes Dubrovnik one of the most appropriate answers to where to travel in Europe in winter.

Our Guide to One Week in Dubrovnik

Things to do in Dubrovnik City

  • Explore the Old Town – Although some landmarks may be closed, almost all churches are open and offer a combination of architectural masterpieces and history. Climb Lovrijenac Fortress for the most beautiful scenic sea and city view.
  • Dubrovnik City Walls – offers a fascinating journey through history and breathtaking panoramic views of the city. An interesting fact is that its length is almost 2 km.
    Cultural and Historical Sites
  • Dubrovnik Winter Festival – all winter festivals, carnivals and Christmas markets occur from November to January. Enjoy the winter festival with a call in January, or at the end of January, visit the arty Winter Days full of exhibitions.
  • Island Hopping
  • Local Events
Book Dubrovnik Walking Tour here

Old Town Dubrovnik

How to get to Dubrovnik city

If you travel by plane, Dubrovnik has an airport only 20 km from the centre.
Ferry transportation is most popular because Dubrovnik is the main port of this region.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik city

I have already prepared a hotel for you if you’re looking for a luxurious experience. The hotel I’ve included is excellent for a family because the place offers beautiful spacious beaches with crystal water and lots of green areas for children’s games.

If you are coming with your partner, look at the hotel offered in the old town. The combination of romantic, narrow streets and beautiful architecture will weave an incredible love story for you.

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik

The accommodation enjoys a wonderful location, offering amazing views of the city and the sea. Rixos Premium is only 15 minutes away from the old town. This 5-star hotel has an indoor pool and a stylish interior. Many Balkan and world stars often perform here in the evening, which makes it an ideal place for those who love nightlife.

Book Rixos Premium Dubrovnik here

Experience comfort at Rixos Premium Dubrovnik

Have a wonderful stay at Rixos Premium Dubrovnik

If this is not your cup of tea, look at the following hotels:

5. Geneva, Switzerland

Discover the winter spirit of the Lakeside Jewel in the heart of Switzerland. Although it may be a bit more expensive than the others, this wintry charm it offers is definitely worth it. The mountain’s proximity provides a unique beauty for lovers of nature and winter sports, while those who are into art can enjoy a vibrant cultural scene.

What should you expect from Geneva if you decide this place is the best answer to where to travel in Europe for January? This diplomatic city has a history of hosting essential peace talks and negotiations, but it is also home to numerous private banks and financial institutions. It is well-developed career-wise, so be careful not to get the urge to move here.

What else might make you consider this place? Well, isn’t it delightful to have access to a lake every day, and not just any lake but Lake Geneva, one of Europe’s largest and wealthiest lakes? If you’re still not convinced, here are a few other notable things about the city:

Our Guide to One Week in Switzerland

Things to do in Geneva city

  • Skiing and Snowboarding – This city is also called the Alpine getaway, surrounded on one side by the Swiss Alps and on the other by the Jura Mountains.
  • Ice Skating – In the city, there are skating rinks for children and adults in several locations, and the most visited is the one at the Patinoire des Bastions.
  • Cultural Attractions – prominent landmarks are Jet d’Eau and St. Pierre Cathedral.
  • Swiss Cuisine – Haven’t you tried Swiss Chocolate yet? On the way, you will want to take tons of chocolate with you, but I don’t think it will fit in your luggage. In addition to chocolate delights, try Swiss fondue, raclette and several other salty cheese-based dishes.
  • Lake Geneva Cruises – Enjoy the serene views and landscapes.
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Lake Geneva

How to get to Geneva City

As expected for one of the best places to go in January in Europe, a big city such as Geneva also has its own airport. Other available options are cost-effective way-bus or by car. To drive on the motorways, you must buy a Swiss motorway vignette.

Where to stay in Geneva City

If you want to be in the centre of events, Old Town is made for you. Here are the accommodations to consider:

Les Armures, Оld Town

Les Armures is popular for its 17th-century building, charming rooms and fine cuisine. Individuals and groups who come on business can use all the amenities of the business centre and the peace of the soundproof rooms. The breakfast is exceptional, and there’s also a car hire service.

Book Les Armures here

Enjoy your stay at Les Armures

Have fun at Les Armures

You can also look for accommodation in the popular waterfront bars and clubs in Paquis or the relaxing, family-friendly Eaux-Vives. But don’t forget the premier and luxury shopping district Rues-Basses. For hotels in the respective district, see below:

6. Munich, Germany

You’ve probably heard that Munich is very cold. However, it is also incredibly welcoming for everyone who enjoys winter sports or a break in one of the cozy cafes or beer gardens. If you are wondering where to travel in Europe in winter, we cannot recommend this city enough!

Bavarian tradition never stops in this city, so don’t even think of turning down a local for a pint of beer. If you like skiing, set aside a day at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and if you want a walk, plan the English garden. This city abounds with green areas and parks, but don’t be surprised by snowfall while walking along them.

If you are staying for several days, reserve one day for an excursion to other Bavarian cities or the most beautiful ones from Austria or Switzerland.

Our Guide to One Week in Germany

Things to do in Munich City

  • Visit Museums – They offer from Renaissance to contemporary art
  • Explore Historic Sites – New town and other areas
  • Warm Up with Coffee and Cake in stylish local cafes
  • Go Shopping – If you enjoy shopping, stroll along Kaufingerstrasse or Neuhauser.
  • Visit Nymphenburg Palace – extravagant baroque palaces
  • Experience Fasching (Carnival) – A mix of top food, cultural events, art and entertainment.
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Nymphenburg Palace

How to get to Munich City

Franz Josef Airport Munich is one of Germany’s largest and busiest airports. You can reach the centre by train (S-Bahn), which only takes 45 minutes. Germany has the best rail hubs in Europe, so you can get here by high-speed train from Frankfurt, Berlin and even Zurich. This makes Munich one of the most convenient answers to where to travel in Europe for January.

Where to stay in Munich City

There are too many neighbourhoods, each with its unique energy. However, we managed to pinpoint the best accommodation that will offer everything you need and make your travel experience more enjoyable:

Munich Marriott Hotel City West, Laim

Munich Marriott Hotel can be described in one word- suburb. Everything from the rooms to the breakfast to the staff is made to help you enjoy your stay. The hotel offers a fitness centre, restaurant, and bar and is a favourite place for solo travellers to stay.

Book Munich Marriott Hotel City West here

Relax and unwind at Munich Marriott Hotel City West

Have a great time at Munich Marriott Hotel City West

Here are a few other accommodations to check out:

7. Porto, Portugal

What makes Porto one of the best answers to where to travel in Europe in January? Once you go and feel the charm of the narrow streets and colourful buildings, it will become apparent to you.

Porto is also renowned for producing Port wine and numerous wine cellars where visitors can learn about the winemaking process and, most importantly, sample different varieties of unique to the area.

Our Guide to One Week in Porto

Things to do in Porto City

  • Historic Centre (Ribeira) – UNESCO world heritage
  • Livaria Lello – The most famous spot for painting on Instagram and also the inspiration for segments of the movie Harry Potter.
  • Serralves Foundation– an Important cultural institution in Porto
  • Douro River Cruise – Enjoy the Porto skyline and the historic bridges while staying warm in the cozy cabin.
  • Cultural Events – especially in the evening.
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Porto Ribeira

How to get to Porto City

The first rule to catch a cheap flight to Porto is to be more flexible with dates and book early. If you’re wondering where to go in January in Europe while staying on the budget, your destination is Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport.

Where to stay in Porto City

Here is the most popular option and 3 more suitable accommodations for each type of traveller.

BessaHotel Baixa, City centre

BessaHotel Baixa offers comfort and luxury through an indoor pool, sauna, massages, soundproof suites, OR large family rooms. When you want to socialize, you can go to the shared lounge and then go out to the nearby bars because the hotel is centrally located and is close to all essential facilities.

Book BessaHotel Baixa here

Private room at BessaHotel Baixa

Have a pleasant stay at BessaHotel Baixa

Here are a few other accommodation considerations:

8. Bruges, Belgium

It may not be as famous as other cities, but that’s the beauty of it. Going here in winter will allow you to experience the city’s fairy-tale atmosphere. It is also called the Venice of the North because of the beautiful canals that divide the city into several parts.

Did you know that Bruges is best known for lace production? Visitors can explore lace shops and museums to appreciate this traditional craft.

Things to do in Bruges City

  • Explore the Historic Centre
  • Chocolate Tasting – Reach for pralines, truffles and hot chocolate in some of the best chocolate shops, such as Leonidas, Neuhaus or Galler.
  • Visit Museums– the abundance of Belgian and medieval art
  • Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides- This experience is possible only if the weather is not as snowy and wet as it often is.
  • Winter Walks – Walk along the canal and the houses with festive decorations, and enjoy the peace of this fairy tale.
  • Ice Skating – The best rink is at Minnewater Park
Book Bruges Bike Tour here

Bruges City historic center

How to get to Bruges City

The closest airports are the two in Brussels, and from there, the drive will take you 2-3 hours to the final destination- Ostend–Bruges International Airport. The roads are well-marked and connected, adding to the travel convenience.

Where to stay in Bruges city

To experience the city’s unique charm, I invite you to book some of the following accommodations:

Hotel De Orangerie by CW Hotel Collection – Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Historic centre

The entire interior is decorated in the style of the 15th century, and its location is perfect – right next to the canal. The rooms reserved for couples have a direct view of the canal and the illuminated streets. Hotel De Orangerie by CW Hotel Collection is just 250 metres from the main square and offers private parking. It also has a good rating from solo travellers.

Book Hotel De Orangerie by CW Hotel Collection here

Make yourself at home at Hotel De Orangerie

Enjoy your time at Hotel De Orangerie

For more accommodation options, check out the following list:


Why should I consider traveling to Europe in January?

January is an excellent time to travel to Europe for several reasons. The post-Christmas season brings about discounts and cheaper tickets. Additionally, many destinations are less crowded, allowing for a more intimate and relaxed travel experience. The guide provides insights into some of the best European cities to visit in January, along with recommendations for activities and accommodations.

Which European cities are recommended in the 'Where to travel in Europe for January' guide?

The guide recommends several European cities for January travel, including Vienna, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; Granada, Spain; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Geneva, Switzerland; Munich, Germany; Porto, Portugal; and Bruges, Belgium. Each city is highlighted with things to do, travel tips, and suggested accommodations.

What travel tips are provided for January in Europe?

The guide offers various travel tips for January in Europe, such as suggesting low-budget airlines for affordable flights, recommending alternative transportation options like trains, providing insights into weather conditions, and offering advice on where to stay in each featured city. It also emphasizes the post-Christmas magic, warmth, and discounts available during this time.

Why is Vienna, Austria, recommended for January travel?

Vienna, Austria, is recommended for January travel for several reasons. The city's famous attractions remain open year-round, offering visitors a chance to explore its rich history and culture. Vienna's Christmas markets, still open in early January, provide a festive atmosphere. The guide also mentions the city's excellent public transport, making it easy to navigate even in cold weather, and highlights popular activities and accommodations in Vienna.


Have you decided on where to travel in Europe for January? Let’s explore the map together, where we’ve highlighted the finest hotels and accommodations for your convenience.

Embark on your trip-planning journey with our map, featuring a curated selection of top-notch hotels and accommodations. We believe this map will be a valuable tool to enhance your travel planning experience.

Summary: Where to Travel In Europe For January?

Stop asking yourself: where to travel in Europe for January. Start the first chapter of this year by making unforgettable memories and pictures in Vienna, Prague, Munich, Porto or Geneva. If you have more time to spend, make a mini trip by visiting several destinations.

January offers plenty of discounts, cheaper tickets and post-Christmas magic and warmth, so make sure not to miss the opportunity. I encourage you to choose your dream destination as soon as possible. And to get inspired for your next trip, check out our other blogs.

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