Spring is the most magic time of the year to start the travelling season. If you are wondering where to travel in Europe in March, there are many destinations convenient for different interests and ages. If I were to suggest some nice destinations to visit in spring, those would be a few European capitals.

Getting Around Europe

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Where to go in Europe in March

Explore some of the best destinations to make your springtime trip to Europe memorable!

1. Barcelona, Spain

The mild Mediterranean climate is great to enjoy after winter months which is one of the reasons to visit Barcelona in March. It will level up your spring mood.

Below are some of my favourite neighbourhoods to visit:

  • Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòthic)
  • El Raval
  • El Born

The Gothic Quarter is famous for its narrow streets, Gothic architecture, and small charming squares. The landmarks of this historic district in Barcelona are the Cathedral of Barcelona, Plaça Reial, and Plaça Sant Jaume squares. La Rambla is the most interesting pedestrian street full of life.

On the other side of La Rambla, enjoy the lively El Raval neighbourhood widely famous for its cultural institutions, contemporary art galleries, and art diversity scene. You can choose between branded and vintage shops or casual and nice dining restaurants.

El Born is the location of the Picasso Museum. There is a slight accent on the nightlife here because there are many bars, tapas bars, and cocktail lounges.

Now that I’ve introduced you to the first option for where to travel in Europe in March, let’s explore some activities!

Our Guide to One Week In Barcelona

Things to do in Barcelona

Book Montjuic Mountain Guided Tour here

Montjuic Mountain Guided Tour

How to get to Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the best European spring destinations, and it is easy to get to. You can choose to travel by plane, by train, by car, by bus, or by ship.

Where to stay in Barcelona

For more accommodation, check this list:

Bellafila Gothic Terrace for families Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic)

The Bellafila Gothic Terrace is a spacious apartment located in the center of Barcelona, making it the perfect base for a family stay. Situated within walking distance of nearly all the city’s landmarks, you will enjoy your stay and relax while immersing yourself in the beautiful city views from the terrace.

Book Bellafila Gothic Terrace here

Relax and unwind at Bellafila Gothic Terrace

Have a great time at Bellafila Gothic Terrace

For more options, check out:

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is one of the best European spring destinations. Here, you can enjoy the colours of flowers, and biking, and feel the vibes of this cosmopolitan city. A mild climate, outdoor activities, and charming architecture make a perfect combination.

Some of my favourite neighbourhoods to visit:

  • Jordaan
  • De Pijp
  • Central Canal Ring (Grachtengordel)

Among the plenty of cafes and restaurants, art galleries, beautiful architecture, and scenic beauty of the canals and bridges, you enjoy every minute.

De Pijp will give you the feeling of a cosmopolitan spirit and cosiness when you visit the outdoor market, parks, and museums. Immerse yourself in the architectural style as you walk by and experience the nightlife.

Central Canal Ring (Grahtengordel) is the frame of the natural beauty of Amsterdam. There are lots of boutiques, vintage shops, and charming cafes.

Our Guide to One Week in Amsterdam

Things to do in Amsterdam

Book Amsterdam: Guided Bike Tour here

Canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands

How to get to Amsterdam

If transport is the only thing that stands in your way of choosing Amsterdam as your answer to where to travel in Europe in March, I have some good news. Namely, this place is easily reached by plane, train, bus, car, or ferry, making for convenient travel.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

Pulitzer Amsterdam for design traveller Jordaan

A great nest for a design traveler, set on Prinsengracht, where the combination of tradition and modern imagery present at Pulitzer Amsterdam creates an elegant and subtle atmosphere, along with two restaurants offering classic Dutch dishes. Almost all attractions are within walking distance.

Book Pulitzer Amsterdam here

Private room at Pulitzer Amsterdam

Have a pleasant stay at Pulitzer Amsterdam

For more options, check out:

3. Rome, Italy

Wondering where to travel in Europe in March? Rome offers a blend of Italian history, culture, and gastronomy. It is full of visit-worthy places, such as the Colosseum, the Vatican, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, and many more.

Here are the best neighbourhoods to visit:

  • Trastevere
  • Campo de Fiori
  • Navona – Pantheon

On the west bank of the Tiber River, you will find the most lively district of Trastevere. The place is full of historical sites, cultural events, and so many other places to visit while strolling around. You will like the traditional trattorias, green markets, and vintage shops.

Campo de Fiori is a must-visit part of Rome. There is a statue of Giordano Bruno in the center reminding you of free thought and spirit. Do not miss sipping your relaxing coffee, eating your traditional Italian dish at the trattorias, or refreshing with a drink while inhaling the atmosphere. The place is very popular for a night hangout and has become a desirable spot for nightbirds.

Navona-Pantheon Pathway is where you can find lots of picturesque spots. The iconic Piazza Navona will let you feel as in a movie scene, making Rome one of the best European destinations.

Our Guide to One Week In Rome

Things to do in Rome

Book Vatican: Museums & Sistine Chapel Ticket here

Best Colosseum Tours in Rome

How to get to Rome

Depending on where you want to reach Rome from, a plane, a train, a bus or a car would do.

Where to stay in Rome

Once you realise Rome is, indeed, one of the best European spring destinations, it’s time to explore some accommodation options:

Villa Matissa for families Trastevere

Villa Matissa is a heavenly guest house located in Trastevere, very close to Piazza di Santa Maria and Campo de Fiori. You can enjoy the terrace and the garden. The breakfast provides a nice start to the day, and together with the other amenities, it makes for the perfect place for a family holiday.

Book Villa Matissa here

Make yourself at home at Villa Matissa

Enjoy your time at Villa Matissa

For more options, check out:

4. Dublin, Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day, many cultural iconic places, the Dublin Bay, Temple Bar neighbourhood, and parks are all characteristic of Dublin. Festive celebrations in the city start from early in the spring, which guarantees a delightful stay.

These are some of my favourite neighbourhoods to visit:

  • Temple Bar
  • Dublin 2 (Southside)
  • Smithfield

Temple Bar attracts with the colourful streets, lots of pubs, and interesting artistic scene. Many cafes and pubs, live music, and street performances make this area interesting to visit by night. Delicious food is served in restaurants, so you can always count on a nice dining experience.

Dublin 2 (Southside) is an important part of Dublin, providing a different insight into the city. The most famous shopping street Grafton, and Trinity College, the oldest Ireland University, are located here. Merrion Square attracts with the Oscar Wild statue, elegant houses in Georgian architectural style, and magical gardens.

The Smithfield Square is the hotspot of this northern Dublin district. Famous for an old Victorian market hall, Lighthouse authentic cinema, Jameson Distillery, and St. Michan’s Church, the district is a great and unique showcase of history and architecture.

Our Guide to One Week in Ireland

Things to do in Dublin

Book Dublin Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour here

Enjoy the busy streets of Dublin

How to get to Dublin

Being one of the best European spring destinations, it’s a place you can easily get to. Namely, you can reach Dublin by plane, by bus, by train, or by ferry depending on your starting location.

Where to stay in Dublin

Handel’s Hotel for budget travelers Temple Bar

Handel’s Hotel is located in the cultural as well as fashionable quarter of Temple Bar in Dublin which is perfect for strolling and exploring.

Book Handel’s Hotel here

Experience comfort at Handel's Hotel

Have a wonderful stay at Handel's Hotel

For more options, check out:

5. Paris, France

The city awakens with the season, so you can enjoy cultural events, magical sights, and fashion or cultural venues. Being one of the best answers to where to go in Europe in March, these are some of my favourite neighbourhoods to visit:

  • Le Marais
  • Saint-Germain-des-Pres
  • Montmartre

Le Marais will show you the true Parisienne lifestyle. This charming area is great for shopping, dining, entertainment, history, and culture.

Saint-German-des-Pres is where the writers and philosophers used to hang out during the 20th century and established some of the iconic places such as Cafe de Flore and Les Doux Magots. Parks and gardens, fashion boutiques and art galleries, or indulging in French gastronomic delicacies are typical for this area.

There are three things which give Montmartre special importance; the scenic panorama of Paris visible from the Sacre-Coeur Basilica, Place du Tertre, the most famous outdoor artists’ market in the world, and Moulin Rouge.

Our Guide to One Week In Paris

Things to do in Paris

Book Paris Hop on Hop Off tour here

Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tours in Paris

How to get in Paris

Still not sure whether Paris is your answer to where to travel in Europe in March? It might help your decision to know that you can reach Paris by plane, bus, train, ferry or by car.

Where to stay in Paris

The People – Paris Marais for solo traveler Le Marais

Perfectly located close to Notre-Dame Cathedral, The People – Paris Marais offers multilingual staff, a bar, a restaurant, and a breakfast which you can enjoy on the terrace.

Book The People – Paris Marais here

Enjoy your stay at The People - Paris Marais

Have fun at The People - Paris Marais

For more options, check out:

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

Where to travel in Europe in March? Take Edinburgh into consideration. The Castle, Royal Mile, Holyrood Palace, Arthur’s Seat, National Museum, and many other iconic places, or important seasonal festivals will make your stay a memorable experience.

These are some of my favourite neighbourhoods to visit:

  • Old Town
  • New Town
  • Stockbridge

Old Town Edinburgh is a fascinating area. Its old and charming streets take you through history, culture, and architecture. Do not miss the Grassmarket, the Building of Parlament, and the Museum of Edinburgh, together with the guided tour through Mary King’s Close which is the underground street beneath Royal Mile.

New Town is elegant and sophisticated in a Georgian architectural style. It is divided by the Old Town with the Princes Street Gardens. While Calton Hill is a place where you enjoy the city view from above, the Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery give you a chance to immerse in the famous artists’ paintings.

Stockbridge is in the northern part of Edinburgh which fascinates with its natural beauty and lively mood. You can go shopping at some of the markets, walk by the river, or sip your coffee relaxing in one of the local cafes.

Things to do in Edinburgh

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Royal Mile
  • Palace of Holyroodhouse
  • Arthur’s Seat
  • National Museum of Scotland
Book Edinburgh Hop on Hop off Tour here

Edinburgh Hop on Hop off Tour

How to get to Edinburgh

You can get here by plane, car, train or by bus.

Where to stay in Edinburgh

*Amazing Location!*In heart of the City. 2BR & Cot for families Old Town

Being one of the best European destinations, the city offers plenty of amazing lodging options. This apartment is in the heart of the city, very close to the National Museum. It is fully equipped and very comfortable for a family stay.

Book This Apartment here

Relax and unwind at Amazing Location! In heart of the City. 2BR & Cot

Have a great time at Amazing Location! In heart of the City. 2BR & Cot

For more options, check out:

7. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a fairytale city that welcomes you with the calm mood of the locals, surrounding beaches, historical and cultural monuments, and local traditional gastronomic delights.
These are some of my favourite neighbourhoods to visit

  • Alfama
  • Baixa
  • Bairro Alto

Alfama is the oldest neighbourhood in Lisbon. It is picturesque with historic charm and adorned because of the azulejos. It’s famous for the Sāo Jorge Castle, the cathedral, several miraduros (viewpoints), and Fado music.

Baixa is a place where mesmerizing in Portuguese culture, architecture, and cuisine is a real pleasure. Museums and squares that tell the story of the city are located in Baixa.

If you’re wondering where to travel in Europe in March to experience the nightlife, Bairro Alto is the place to go. Be fascinated by the architecture, history, and local markets, but do not miss the Fado Houses, live jazz venues, and bars.

Our Guide to One Week in Lisbon

Things to do in Lisbon

Book Lisbon Walking Tour here

Have a pleasant stay at Torel Palace Lisbon

How to get to Lisbon

Plane, train, bus, car, and ship are several options you can use and get to Lisbon.

Where to stay in Lisbon

Hotel Convento do Salvador for solo traveler Alfama

Hotel Convento do Salvador is set in a convent and offers modern rooms with great panoramic views of the Tejo River. Tram 28 passes by the door of the hotel and many restaurants, bars, Fado Houses, and museums are nearby. Perfect for a solo traveller looking for where to go in Europe in March.

Book Hotel Convento do Salvador here

Private room at Hotel Convento do Salvador

Have a pleasant stay at Hotel Convento do Salvador

For more options, check out:

8. Prague, Czech Republic

If you like to be immersed in the culture and history of the best Central European destination, visit Prague. This is a city of medieval streets, Gothic architecture, the culture heart rate of Central Europe, a gastronomic temple, and a beer wonderland.

These are some of my favourite neighbourhoods to visit:

  • Staré Mēsto (Old Town)
  • Malá Strana (Lesser Town)
  • Josefov (Jewish Quarter)

The Old Town Prague is the most charming district. All those colourful buildings and cafes, then the Town Hall with its Astronomical clock, or the Gothic and Baroque style churches make it an admiring place.

Malá Strana (Lesser Town) fascinates with its cobblestone streets, picturesque images of the bank of the Vltava River, Baroque architectural style, and a historical landmark as Lennon Wall. Not less important are the churches and palaces, art galleries, and museums.

Josefov is the Jewish Quarter of Prague. Everything there has to do with the Jewish legacy. The Jewish Museum, Cemetery, Synagogues, Ceremonial Hall, and Jewish monuments are all solemn historical reminders that will intrigue you.

Our Guide to One Week in Prague

Things to do in Prague

Book Prague Hop-on Hop-Off Historical Tram here

Meet new friends at New Generation Hostel Prague Center

How to get to Prague

This city in Central Europe is easy to get to by plane, bus, car, or train.

Where to stay in Prague

The Emblem Prague Hotel – Preferred Hotels & Resorts for couplesStaré Město (Old Town)

Its perfect location in the city centre and the amenities it offers make The Emblem Prague Hotel a desirable spot for couples visiting Prague. The rooftop terrace offers stunning city views, and there’s also a restaurant and a bar. The spa and wellness centre is perfect to indulge in the afternoons.

Book The Emblem Prague Hotel here

Make yourself at home at The Emblem Prague Hotel - Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Enjoy your time at The Emblem Prague Hotel - Preferred Hotels & Resorts

For more options, check out:

9. Brussels, Belgium

Famous Belgian chocolates, beer, comic strips, the Maneken Piss monument, Atomium and the Royal Palace are all points of interest that attract tourists from around the globe. Where to travel in Europe in March? Well, this may be the destination for you.

These are some of my favourite neighbourhoods to visit:

  • Grand-Place (Grote Markt)
  • Ixelles
  • Saint-Gilles

Grand-Place is known to be one of Europe’s most fascinating squares located in Brussels and is built both in Gothic and Baroque styles. The beautifully illuminated buildings make it very attractive at night.

Ixelles is a very diverse district of Brussels famous for its markets. Its elegant, and Art Nouveau architectural styles, make it charming and interesting to visit.

Saint-Gilles is the most green environment in the city of Brussels. Historical and modern characteristics are combined in a very sophisticated way.

Things to do in Brussels

  • Grand-Place (Grote markt)
  • Manneken Pis
  • Atomium
  • Magritte Museum
  • Royal Palace of Brussels
  • Parc du Cinquantenaire
Book Brussels Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour here

 Atomium in Brussels

How to get to Brussels

Depending on where your starting point is on your quest for the best European destination, you can reach the city by plane, train, car or bus.

Brussels Card

Where to stay in Brussels

Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo for couple Grand-Place (Grote Markt)

This is an elegant hotel with rooms offering a combination of modern and historical settings. Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo is perfect for a couple’s holiday, offering an awarded restaurant, and a bar.

Book Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo here

Experience comfort at Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo

Have a wonderful stay at Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo

For more options, check out:

10. Istanbul, Turkey

The city spreads on two continents and thus vibrates with diversity. From the moment you arrive, you will be immersed in the architecture, tradition, and cultural habits.

These are some of my favourite neighbourhoods to visit:

  • Sultanahmet
  • Beyoglu (Taksim)
  • Kadiköy

Sultanahmet is a place where the architectural and historical landmarks of Istanbul meet in a perfect synergy. Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar Hagia Sophia, and the Blue Mosque are located here.

Beyoglu (Taksim) is the most cosmopolitan district in Istanbul. It has a rich cultural scene and landmarks such as Galata Bridge, Galata Tower, and Taxim Square. It is also famous for its contentful nightlife.

Kadiköy is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and attracts visitors because of its diverse culture, fascinating waterfront, and markets.

Things to do in Istanbul

  • Visit the Hagia Sophia
  • Explore the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque)
  • Wander around the Topkapi Palace
  • Stroll through the Grand Bazaar
  • Cruise Bosphorus
Book Istanbul City Highlights Tour here

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

How to get to Istanbul

Often declared the best European destination, you can get there by plane, by bus, by cruiser, or by car.

Where to stay in Istanbul

Catch Hotel Sultanahmet-Special Category for group Sultanahmet

8 historical houses dating from the Ottoman period compose this hotel. The location is appropriate for group travellers where they can enjoy the commodity.

Book Catch Hotel Sultanahmet here

Enjoy your stay at Catch Hotel Sultanahmet-Special Category

Have fun at Catch Hotel Sultanahmet-Special Category

For more options, check out:


Why should I consider traveling to Europe in March?

March is a magical time in Europe as it marks the beginning of spring, offering pleasant weather and fewer crowds compared to peak tourist seasons. Many destinations in Europe offer diverse experiences suitable for different interests and ages during this time.

Which European cities are recommended in the 'Where to travel in Europe for March' guide?

The guide recommends several European cities for March travel, including Barcelona (Spain), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Rome (Italy), Dublin (Ireland), Paris (France), Edinburgh (Scotland), Lisbon (Portugal), Prague (Czech Republic), Brussels (Belgium), and Istanbul (Turkey).

What travel tips are provided for March in Europe?

The guide offers various travel tips for March in Europe, including recommendations for accommodations, must-visit neighborhoods, popular attractions, transportation options, and specific activities to enjoy in each destination. It also highlights the ease of accessibility to these cities by plane, train, bus, car, or ferry.

Why is Barcelona, Spain, recommended for March travel?

Barcelona is recommended for March travel due to its mild Mediterranean climate, making it an ideal destination to enjoy after the winter months. The city offers vibrant neighborhoods like the Gothic Quarter, El Raval, and El Born, along with iconic landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. Additionally, the guide suggests various accommodations catering to different preferences, from family-friendly options to those seeking nightlife or luxury experiences.


Let’s explore the map together, where we’ve highlighted the finest hotels and accommodations for your convenience.

Embark on your trip-planning journey with our map, featuring a curated selection of top-notch hotels and accommodations. We believe this map will be a valuable tool to enhance your travel planning experience.

Summary: Where to Travel In Europe For March?

With so many suggestions for where to travel in Europe for March, you won’t have too much of a problem choosing the perfect one for you! Even better – visit a few of them if you’re feeling adventurous!

Are you planning to travel in a different month? Check out my recommendations!

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