One Week in Spain

Spain is always an excellent choice to spend your vacation time.

Rich culinary scene, lots of interesting world history, unique monuments and of course incredible beaches.

One Week In Spain is a decent amount of time to get an idea of the peninsula.

Spending your 7 days in Spain wisely is the key. That is what we are here for! This is your blog to spend a memorable one week in Spain.

The article 39 best things to do in Spain with itinerary is your starter-guide.

Barcelona: Read our guide to 7 days in Barcelona and where to stay in Barcelona.

Madrid: Read our guide to 7 days in Madrid and where to stay in Madrid.

Let’s go to …

One Week In Barcelona Itinerary
7 Days in Madrid Itinerary

Map and Itinerary for Spain

Besides our handwritten city guides to Madrid and Barcelona, we have prepared a fantastic map that helps you planning.

In this map you see all 39 best things to do in Spain.

We start in this guide from the North-East around Barcelona, make it to the South in Andalusia, and then all the way up again to Madrid and Basque country.

Again, this article should be your starter-guide.

Read it and see what you are most interested in. Based on that, you can start planning your perfect 5 or 7 days in Spain itinerary.

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