One Week in London

7 Days in London ItineraryAll you need to know in your one week in London, you will find in this guide.

Planning a trip for 7 days in London may give you so much to worry about, but as travelers too, we are very happy to help you out.

We’ll make things easier for you. From the list of things to do, the places you must visit, to what to try out while you’re in one week in Greater London. We all have it here.

Our full guide covers:

  1. Basic Introduction
  2. Where to stay in London
  3. How to get around
  4. What to see in London
  5. Things to do in London
  6. Tickets you have to buy before – must read
  7. Food and Restaurants
  8. Day Trips from London
  9. Itinerary for London
  10. Packing List
  11. City Map

Moreover, not only do you find the list of things to do in London here, but also give you tips and reminders for you to achieve a smooth-sailing trip.

Above all, we know how stressing it is to plan a trip, thus we are here to guide you through. We wrote as well three major guides you should give it a read:

For now, imagine yourself in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. From their astounding history and culture, outstanding food, amazing people, you will never run out of things to try in your one week in London.

Without further ado, let’s keep you excited and curious in your one week in London, read more.

1. Basic Introduction

We want to start with a simple intro to the things you need to know before coming to London.

Currency: GBP (£) pound sterling

Language Spoken: The official language of London and the UK is English. Similarly, there are other several languages spoken in London. To name a few are Welsh, Irish, and Scottish.

Population: 8.8 Million (the biggest city in Europe)

Known for: The largest city and the capital of England and the United Kingdom, London is also considered as one of the world’s most important global cities.

Not only does it is known for the most powerful, but also said to be the most visited city in the world.

Moreover, Big Ben is one of the famous landmarks in the city being referenced for timing around the world. There are also the world-famous Buckingham Palace and the London Eye.

Accommodation: Without a doubt, you will be able to find many world-class luxury hotels in London as well as numerous apartments, guesthouses, smaller hotels, and even youth hostels for your one week in London.

Moreover, the offer is huge, and it depends on your personal preference in budget, style, and location.

We share details in our where to stay in London section below.

Public Transport: London has one of the largest urban transport networks in the world, with integrated bus, river and road systems spanning the city’s 32 boroughs.

In this way, traveling around the city is made easy and convenient. Plus, they have the Oyster Card, a ticket that covers all your transport needs.

More under how to get around.

Safety: London is a very safe city even to solo-female travelers. But as one of the famous cities in the world as well as the most visited, there is a high pickpocket risk in London, especially on crowded Tube (subway) or Buses.

Certainly, we highly recommend that when in the tube, never take an empty carriage at night.

Plus, just like when visiting foreign cities or areas, whether for the first or the n-th time, adopt personal safety practices.

Safety Reminder: During your stay, avoid wearing football shirts or showing any kind of support for any football team. Most of all, in the UK, such a show of support might end violently since some rivalries are taken very seriously.

City name: London is also known as the Greater London or The Great Wen. Others also call it The Smoke or the Big Smoke. Furthermore, London is also spelled as LDN informally.

Electricity: 230V/50Hz (Type G). Remember to pack your travel plug adapter. This will both fit for European plugs as well as UK plugs.

2. Where to stay in London

Is finding accommodation in London easy?

Yes, if you know what you need to keep an eye on.

Read: our detailed guide to where to stay in London – with a map.

We included there as well a map with districts and handpicked hotel recommendations.

Since we know how hard it is to decide on which places you should highlight during your one week in London. Therefore, through this guide, let us help you have a more smooth-sailing list of where to go.

Even more, we have included a map to make things easier for you to navigate the city and see where everything goes. Thus, get more chances to decide what accommodation fits you according to your travel classifications.

Our handpicked recommendations:

Furthermore, here we cover all neighborhoods, and for which type of traveler we recommend the areas and hotels.

2.1 Best for Families

For families in London, we recommend two different accommodations. Either one with a balcony and kid-friendly amenities or one with that offer a very good location and a games room.

Your choice:

  1. The Waldorf Plaza
  2. The Ampersand

The Waldorf Plaza (Apartment)

Featuring a fitness center and a bar is The Waldorf Plaza.

Ideal for families, the apartment offers books, DVDs and music for children. Moreover, you can be worry-free to let the babies roam around the room since they also provide child safety socket covers.

Nonetheless, if you have plans to do something for your one week in London without involving the kids, the accommodation offer babysitting services for your convenience.

Plus, you can perfectly enjoy the morning on the balcony and terrace. Or have a wonderful BBQ time in the afternoon.

Good to know: Take advantage of the apartment’s hot spring baths to relax after a long tiring day.

Book The Waldorf Plaza here

Have a great street view of London from The Waldorf Plaza Beds in The Waldorf Plaza will make you have a good night's sleep

The Ampersand

The Ampersand is just a 2-minute walk from the National History Museum, Victoria and the Albert Museum.

Moreover, the hotel features a game room and a gym you can certainly use in your one week in London. Also, there is a game of table tennis that the kids could use.

Besides, we are certainly sure that you and your kids will appreciate the discounted family menus. This includes a Sci-Fi afternoon tea inside a tent.

Good to know: There are free items in the minibar. Even more, a real milk for your coffee in the fridge.

Book The Ampersand here

The menu in The Ampersand is very kid-friendly Play a game of table tennis during your stay at The Ampersand

2.2 Best for Couples: Novotel London Canary Wharf

How romantic would it be to have dinner over a majestic overlooking 360-degree view of the entire London?

Look no further, stay at Novotel London Canary Wharf.

Besides, the hotel features The Bōkan Restaurant, Bar and Roof Terrace where you and your partner can have great nights in your one week in London.

Furthermore, you can swim in the hotel pool. Or do some exercise at the gym.

Good to know:  Join some hotel activities like evening entertainment and live music to name a few.

Book Novotel London Canary Wharf here

Catch a romantic dinner with a view of London from Novotel London Have an amazing view of London in your room at Novotel London

Looking for a more local experience? Then I do recommend you this charming Airbnb in London city center.

A beautiful design apartment in a quiet area where you will get a local feeling.

2.3 Best for Luxury Travelers: Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard

Appreciate London from the skies and be swept off your feet by its beauty.

Also, being with the same building as The Shard, Shangri-La will surely give you the best-overlooking view of The Great Wen.

Even more, waking up and sleeping through this scene will surely complete your one week in London. Wherever you’ll go, this amazing view will follow.

Further, the hotel also offers an infinity pool and a bar that stills give you the panoramic view of the city.

Looking for more luxury? Then read this complete guide to the best boutique hotels in London.

Good to know: Visit the highest cocktail bar in London, the GŎNG on level 52.

Book Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard, London here

You will love the infinity pool with a stunning view of London at Shangri-La Hotel Expect a stunning view of London from your room at Shangri-la Hotel Treat your love one a romantic date at Shangri-La Hotel with a breathtaking view of London

2.4 Best for Design Lovers

Looking for a cool design hotel in London? Lucky you, here are our favorite design-led accommodations.

  1. Ham Yard Hotel, Firmdale Hotels
  2. The Curtain

Ham Yard Hotel, Firmdale Hotels

Each room at the Ham Yard Hotel, Firmdale Hotels is uniquely designed with vibrant colors and decors. Perfect to feel homely yet luxurious.

Moreover, the 5-star hotel features a garden, terrace, and sauna that you try during your one week in London.

Above all, what’s unique about the hotel is that you can also go bowling with your friends or new acquaintances at the alley.

Even more, the hotel features a wellness facility where you can get a massage, a sauna, a fitness spa.

Good to know: Also best for families, the hotel offers children television networks, kid’s meals, and babysitting services.

Book Ham Yard Hotel, Firmdale Hotels here

Go bowling with your friends at the Ham Yard Hotel's bowling alley Drink a beer or two and meet new friends at the Ham Yard Hotel's bar

The Curtain

More than just your cool boutique hotel is The Curtain.

Take a swim and enjoy the panoramic view of the city in the rooftop pool available all year round.

Moreover, the hotel features 3 restaurants where they serve American and European cuisines. All you can try alternately on your one week in London.

Good to know: Catch a yoga or fitness class during your stay. Even more, make use of the hotel’s wellness facility and pamper yourself with a spa or a massage.

Book The Curtain here

Take a dip at The Curtain's pool and admire the city viewGet your appetites excited with a view of London at The Curtain

2.5 Best for Groups

Whether you’re looking for accommodation with the best location or with great facilities, we got you covered. Here are two of the best places to stay in your one week in London as a group.

  1. Palmers Lodge – Swiss Cottage
  2. Wilde Aparthotels

Palmers Lodge – Swiss Cottage (Hostel)

Palmers Lodge – Swiss Cottage is just the perfect avenue to socialize and meet people from around the world.

Not only do they offer good rooms but the place also puts you in access to great gigs and a piece of live music.

Furthermore, the accommodation organizes a regular pub-on-site and have night performances to hype your one week in London.

Even more, beds ave individual curtains to give you more privacy. Rooms are accessed with a key card and your staff is insured in your locker.

Good to know: You can perfectly ask for a packed lunch or a bar-hopping activity from the hostel’s staff.

Book Palmers Lodge – Swiss Cottage here

Catch a live performance or enjoy the entertainment nights at Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage Each bed are equipped with your own curtain for privacy at Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage

Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity Covent Garden (Hotel)

The perfect hostel that puts you right in the heart of London is the Wilde Aparthotels.

Furthemore, just a few minutes walking distances from the hostel is the Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. Besides, the famous theater houses like Savoy theater and the Royal Opera house are also near the accommodation.

Ideal for groups, some rooms are installed with its kitchenette equipped with a microwave and a toaster.

Good to know: You might find the blackout blind very helpful during your stay.

Book Wilde Aparthotels here

Rooms are equipped with a kitchenette for your convenience at Wilde Aparthotels The Wilde Aparthotels is modernly designed and very clean

2.6 Best for Solo Travelers

For solo travelers, we have here options between a hotel and a hostel. But both will surely give you an amazing stay in your one week in London.

  1. The Z Hotel City
  2. Generator Hostel

The Z Hotel City

Located in central London and just across the Royal Courts is The Z Hotel City.

Plus, St. Paul’s Cathedral can be reached within an 11-minute walk from the hotel.

Breakfast is served with a variation of scrambled egg dishes, fresh croissants, pastries, cereals, yogurts, and fresh fruit salad.

Furthermore, enjoy a 40 inch HD TV for your one week in London. They got free Sky Sports, BT Sports and Sky Movie channels you can choose from.

Good to know: Complimentary cheese and wine are given in the evening for the happy hour.

Book The Z Hotel City here

Generator Hostel

Generator Hostel offers large and vibrant accommodation in the heart of the city.

Moreover, the hostel features a shared lounge and a games room with a billiard table. These areas will enable you to socialize with other hostel guests from different parts of the world.

Also, you will love the special food deals that the hostel gives every day on meals and drinks.

Even more, you can join the hostel’s daily activities to keep your one week in London exciting. To name a few, they have pub crawls, walking tours, happy hour, karaoke, and live music entertainment.

Good to know: You can find vending machines in the hostel for your convenience.

Book Generator Hostel here

Enjoy a game of pool with other guests at The Generator Hostel The Generator Hostel features a very big games room you can enjoy

2.7 Best for Nightlife Travelers

A hotel with a stunning bar view over a hotel that offers a great party location, you decide. Listed below are two great hotels that will give the best party experience in your one week in London.

  1. Hilton London Tower Bridge.
  2. The Dictionary Hostel

Hilton London Tower Bridge

Just opposite of The Shard is the Hilton London Tower Bridge.

Additionally, rooms are designed with a modern exterior and executive rooms offer a terrace overlooking The Shard.

Further, you can have amazing nights in your one week in London through the TwoRuba bar. Grab your favorite beer or cocktail and have conversations with other hotel guests.

Good to know: The Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour passes in front of the hotel.

Book Hilton London Tower Bridge here

Grab your favorite cocktail and get to meet people at Hilton London Tower Bridge's bar Enjoy a your beer with a beautiful view of London at Hilton London Tower Bridge

The Dictionary Hostel

You can find The Dictionary Hostel in Shoreditch High Street. Putting you in the most popular places for night fun.

Furthermore, just right outside the hostel are London’s best bars, clubs, restaurants, galleries, and independent shops. All that you can easily explore in your one week in London.

Plus, more than a great location, the hostel features a common kitchen where you can cook your meals. There is also an onsite mini-market for your convenience.

Good to know: The hostel can keep your luggages safe for free on the day of check-in/out.

Book The Dictionary Hostel here

The Dictionary Hotel offers free book guides during your stay Aside from great party location, The Dictionary Hotel offers a great deal for breakfast

2.8 Best for Budget Travelers

Looking for great room deals in London? We don’t only give you the best accommodations in the city but also those with very budget-friendly offers. You can choose from the list below.

  1. Meininger London Hyde Park
  2. The Luxury Inn

Meininger London Hyde Park

Grab the great value for private and shared rooms in Meininger London Hyde Park.

Aside from its great location, the hostel also offers a common lounge and a bar. Perfect place to meet new friends from across the globe.

Moreover, the rooms are wooden and equipped with a TV and have a private shower.

Further, you can reach Kensington Palace in a 5-minute walk from the hostel. On the other hand, Hyde Park and The Royal Albert Hall can be reached in 10 minutes.

Good to know: The drawers you put your staff in need a little locker. You can bring your own.

Book Meininger London Hyde Park here

Satisfy your stomach with great food at Meininger Hotel