Have you come across Walks of Italy? Saw it in a few reviews and recommendations? Are you having questions about it? Well, hello there new friend! You have come to the right page! We have joined several Walks of Italy tours in Athens, Rome, Venice, and Barcelona. We wrote this Review of Walks of Italy to share our genuine first-hand experience.

Important update: Before we kick off, please note that Walks of Italy is the same as Take Walks. The tour company started as Walks of Italy and then expanded to other European and worldwide destinations.

And you might be wondering, is Walks of Italy legit? Let’s cut to the chase: Yes, walks of Italy is great and a top option for your walking tours around the European cities.

In this article, we answer all your questions regarding Walks of Italy. Let us help you in understanding this platform in matters like how to use it, is it safe to use, and what are its advantages.

Check Walks of Italy here

These are only some of the few that you might want to know. But we have more in store for you.

More answers to your questions and what’s best is we also give you discount vouchers for our readers. Yes, you read that right. Get discounts on your first or next booking in Walks of Italy.

May this review be useful to you and guide you to Walks of Italy.

It worked for us and we’re pretty sure it will work for you, too.

Just keep this in mind: Walks of Italy = Take Walks!

We cover:

  1. What is Walks of Italy?
  2. Advantages of using Walks of Italy
  3. How to use Walks of Italy
  4. Groups Bookings in Walks of Italy
  5. Is it safe to use Walks of Italy?
  6. How to pay?
  7. Changes, cancellations, and refunds
  8. Support
  9. Is it worth to try Walks of Italy?
  10. Is Walk of Italy reliable?
  11. Walks of Italy discount code
  12. Extra: different tour companies compared
  13. FAQ

Important: We did not get paid to write this review. It is first-hand, genuine, and no bs. We have actually joined their tours many times. The first one was a food walking tour in Venice back in 2017 – yes, long time-users here!

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1. What is Walks of Italy?

Walks of Italy is a walking tour provider for many destinations around Italy, Europe, and the US by now. They offer day trips, walking tours, small group tours, food tours, and more – every single time with a professional and likable tour guide.

We joined their tours in Venice, Athens, Rome, and so on, and every time the tour guides have a high level of knowledge of their sights and city but at the same time, it’s always entertaining.

This is probably what I most enjoyed about it. It’s professional and casual at the same time, which makes it very easy to enjoy.

Let us quote from their website:

„Every exciting adventure, walking is always an essential part.“

That is why, Walks of Italy, is a tour provider where professional and well experienced local guides help you achieve and appreciate a specific place through walking tours and sightseeing tours.

With its slogan, “Don’t take just any tour. Take walks.”, the business started in 2008 with just two guys that provide wonderful walks in the Roman Colosseum.

And through the years of experience, they have expanded their service throughout Italy. Today, walking tours are available from Rome to Pompeii, Florence to Venice, and Milan to the Amalfi Coast.

All of which provides an exceptional variety of guided walks to ensure an amazing experience. Again, they expanded to other big cities around Europe such as Barcelona, Athens, and London.

What is more beautiful about Walks of Italy is that you can skip the long lines once you have booked your tours online. They will also answer your every inquiry about Italy even before your specific scheduled tour.

Check Walks of Italy here

2. Advantages of using Walks of Italy

Walks of Italy have several advantages that makes them one of the best walking tours in Italy. Let us try to put them in a list.

2.1. Exclusive tickets and entrances

Walks of Italy provides exclusive tour and tickets that you can look forward to. Among these, here are a few listed below:

St Mark's Square, Venice

2.2. Professional and Casual enough to make it easy to enjoy

I said it before, it is one of the main reasons we keep attending their tours if available. I am not a huge fan of those „Wikipedia tours“, where they only smash knowledge on you and I understand 25% of what they are saying. Years, names of emperors, history… come on. I am really not a historian and 98% of the tourists do not understand the context.

This is why I really like Take Walks.

Update: This article is also a Takewalks.com review!

It is professional and relatable, easy to understand, and especially easy to enjoy. You can tell the guides really understand their group of visitors. They know what information will simply overwhelm them and what are the commonly asked questions.

Obviously, we did not attend every single walking tour but it’s our Take Walks experience of 4 tours.

2.3 No long queues

Once you have booked your ticket from their website or through their customer service, there will no longer be long queues for you.

You will receive a confirmation letter for your tour once the booking is done. But there will be no need to print since your name will automatically be included in the list. All you have to do is appear and attend your tour.

Check out their most popular tours below that might take your interests.

avoid queues with walks of italy

2.4. Groups are limited to a certain number

I really enjoy smaller groups when talking on walking tours or pretty much any tour. A tour of like 35 people?… please, no!

I really liked from the beginning to see how many people can attend as a maximum. Normally, in the description you will see there are a maximum amount of attendants. Usually around 15.

2.5. Excellent Customer Service

Even when your tour is a few days away, customer service will always be happy to assist you with your questions.

Below are their phone numbers to get in touch with Walks of Italy/Take Walks:

  • US (toll-free): +1-888-683-8670
  • International: +1-202-684-6916
  • UK: +44-845-591-6256
  •  Paris: +33-176-36-0101
  • Italy: +39-069-480-4888

Or you can drop them an email here info(at)walksofitaly.com.

2.6. Transactions are fast and easy

Why keep things complicated when you can them short and simple? And that’s what Walks of Italy offers. Booking tickets are fast and easy with just a few clicks away through their website, and just a few minutes through customer service.

Walks of Italy offers several payment methods you can choose from.

You pay with your credit cards like Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express. For now, they do not offer PayPal. You also cannot pay cash to the guide. You need to book and pay beforehand!

Yet, since you are reading this genuine review of Take Walks, you already know it is worth it.

To be fair, all the good service and paying method is nowadays nothing too special anymore. This is something we all take as granted by now, right?

Easy explanations in Walks of Italy tour

2.7. Language

All tours are provided in the English language only. Walks of Italy does not offer multiple-language tours since they firmly don’t want you to wait for several languages to finish before you understand the guide.

Please keep this in mind: Looking for tours in your native language? You can always ask the official visitor center.

2.8. No printing needed

A confirmation letter will be sent to you via email once you have completed the booking. Although the confirmation letter isn’t necessarily needed for the tour since your name will be automatically listed with the guide.

However, they also encourage you to print if you find it useful since the confirmation letter comes with the meeting point directions, contact details, photos, and maps to help you get there easily.

Personally, I do not like to print out any confirmation letters. I have my Smartphone with me and that is it. Yet, we all know, Smartphones have batteries and in cities like Rome or Barcelona, a Smartphone could be gone fast… unfortunately.

This is really up to you!

On that note, I never got my Smartphone stolen while traveling. Take precautions, pick pocketing is a big thing in most tourist destinations.

2.9. All-inclusive offers

Tours at Walks of Italy offers popular “all inclusive” tours.

All-inclusive tours mean you can leave your cash and wallet at your hotel. This means that other expenses like tickets, reservations, and entrance fees are all taken care of and all you have to do is enjoy the tour.

Note: You can still bring cash if you want to especially when you want to tip the guide or you saw something nice to buy along the tour.

2.10. All-in-one Tours

We have mentioned already the exclusive entry tickets. This what makes Walks of Italy very special and unique. They also offer all-in-one tours.

You only have 24 hours in Florence? Then join their Florence in 1 Day Tour. It covers ALL you need to see in this beautiful city. Or you can choose Rome Tour that you like the most.

These tours last more than 6 hours and if you really only have limited time, it’s the perfect way to go. Check out their full-day tours. Most of them even cover lunch.

3. How to use Walks of Italy

Just like we have mentioned earlier, booking is very fast and easy. Follow these easy steps and your good to go.

  1. Go to Walks of Italy website. https://www.walksofitaly.com
  2. Select the destination you are visiting
  3. Choose your desired tour
  4. Fill up details and book
  5. You will receive a confirmation letter via email
  6. Enjoy the amazing tour of your chosen schedule!

While on the other hand booking via customer service is just a call away.

  1. Call customer service
  2. You will be asked what to book and payment methods to pay
  3. Then will receive a confirmation letter via email
  4. And enjoy the amazing tour of your chosen schedule!

Again, all booking process is very fast and easy. You don’t need to do much. Booking is just a few ticks of your finger.

Their website itself is very user friendly with each tour divided into each specific place. You can also tick on specific categories to see the tour you are looking for.

When having doubts, they also have a live chat on the website so you can ask instantly to the customer service.

They also provide details of the tour which can help you decide better. Specific details like duration, available times, highlights, and description can also be found in each tour. Videos and photos are also available for your reference.

Check Walks of Italy here

4. Group Bookings in Walks of Italy

If you are traveling in a group, Walks of Italy has options for you. They accept group bookings up to 11 or more (never more than 14).

And the good news is, it’s the same process with booking yourself. All you have to do is choose how many people are in your group.

They also provide private tours that can be perfect for traveling groups. So yes, Walks of Italy also offers private group tours.

Note: Just make sure that you and each member of your group have valid IDs on your tour. Discounts given to certain ages and student status will be particularly asked to provide valid photo IDs.

5. Is it safe to use Walks of Italy?

We have been a regular customer of Walks of Italy ever since and we love their tours. And with our experience, it is very safe to use; both with their website and to join their tours.

And let’s not ignore the fact that it has been recommended by prominent people and groups like:

  • Rick Steves,
  • Fodor’s,
  • Frommers,
  • DK Travel,
  • USA Today,
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • About.com

They have also received the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence in 2011 and have been yearly awarded since then with numerous numbers of 5-star reviews.

Meeting point in front of Colosseum, Rome

6. How to pay?

Walks of Italy is able to accept the following payment methods that you can choose from:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • and Paypal (they are currently not accepting Paypal)

As per their payment information, the tour will only be reserved upon full payment in advance of the tour.

“Your payment will be processed by Walks LLC (A Delaware Limited Liability Company), the bookings and payment processor for WalksofItaly.com. Your payment will be noted on your card as WALKS ITALY *TRAVEL SVC /WALKS LLC.”

Check Walks of Italy here

7. Changes, cancellations, and refunds

All cancellations can be emailed to info@walksofitaly.com or via call From the US (toll-free): +1-888-683-8670 International: +1-202-684-6916.

Walks of Italy offers a 100% refund if cancellation is done 72 hours BEFORE the tour. We have emphasized the word before since all cancellations within and exceeding the 72 hours will no longer be accepted.

However, they can reschedule you for another tour which is all subject to availability and price changes.

Also, Walks of Italy does not accept late arrivals or no shows. Being so, they do not honor refunds to such. You are strongly advised to be at the meeting place 15 minutes before your scheduled time on the voucher. Tours stick precisely on the scheduled tour time.

But if for some reason that you will be late, like having a hard time finding the meeting point or you have been delayed, you must call their emergency numbers which we have listed below. Please note that these numbers are only for emergencies and not for customer service.

8. Support

Walks of Italy offers excellent customer support and service around the clock. Feel free to contact them for any inquiries or questions regarding tours and policies.

You can check their contact numbers back at point 2.

9. Is it worth to try Walks of Italy/ TakeWalks?

As regular customers of this platform, we definitely say yes.

If you want a great guided tour for your sightseeing around Italy, TakeWallks is a top choice.

Today, you will find plenty of walking tours on the internet. Too many actually that you will have a hard time choosing. But of course, we have to stick with those which are proven and tested by many and those which offer a reasonable price.

Walks of Italy offers excellent guided walking tours that will guarantee you an amazing experience. Plus, you can skip the long waiting ques. Not to mention the different and easy payment methods you can choose from.

visiting Pompei with a small group

10. Is Take Walks reliable?

Yes, TakeWalsk is reliable. We never had any issue booking or the tour itself.

However, the reliability of Walks of Italy very much depends on individual experiences and the type of activities you want to book.

How to get an accurate feeling of the tour you wanna join? Read the reviews. Read 3-4 reviews for the activities you are interested in to make sure the book is what you are looking for.

11. Walks of Italy Discount Code

At the moment, we do not have a discount code or promo code for Walks of Italy available.

This article is always up to date. As soon as a promo code is available, we will publish it here. Bookmark this page to stay up to date.

12. All Travel Booking compared

Here is a brief breakdown of other sites to give you the chance to compare.

  1. Viator
  2. Tiqets
  3. Klook
  4. GetYourGuide
  5. Airbnb Experiences

12.1. Viator

A well established booking site which happens to be owned by TripAdvisor.

Viator offers access to a total of 200,000 activities, so you won’t be short on things to do.

There is an extensive filter option on this site which means you will easily be able to find
something for you.

12.2. Tiqets

Tiqets is another activity booking site with plenty of good options to choose from around the
world. Here is a complete Tiqets review.

12.3. Klook

A great activity booking platform with special focus on Asian countries.

Unfortunately, there aren’t as many options for Europe, which means less choices for the same attraction and less reviews.

12.4. Get Your Guide

GetYourGuide another popular choice when it comes to booking activities for your holiday.

Read our Get Your Guide review here.

12.5. Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb was originally created to give you the chance to stay with the locals. Right now, they offer also activities and experiences given by local people – with local insights and perspectives.

Airbnb Experiences includes, theoretically, less generic tour companies, and more unique experiences with a personalized touch.

In my opinion, I would no longer join Airbnb experiences. It lost its touch. Take Walks is much better, in my opinion, and they stick to their small group policy.

Summary: Walks of Italy

In summary, Walks of Italy is definitely worth the try. We highly recommend it to all tourists and travelers who want to explore Europe and other parts of the world.

Their professional and amazing tour guides are truly a massive plus. They provide excellent details of each specific place that you visit which you won’t find in books. We also love their stories that add life to the tour. They will not overwhelm you just to sound fancy.

Walks are amazing because we have the time to enjoy every moment of the place. Learning and exploring places we want to see. And sometimes, just like they say, it is good to stop and smell the flowers.

Check Walks of Italy here

Over to you

Did you join any of the tours? Have you had a bad or good experience with Take Walks? Is there anything you still want o know?

Then please, hit the comment section. We would love to hear from you. Your comments, your feedback, and your questions will make this article and guide even more useful for all fellow travelers.

Safe travels!

13. FAQ

Below we list all the frequently asked questions. Have a look.

Is Walks of Italy legitimate?

Yes, walks of Italy is great and a top option for your walking tours around the European cities.

What is Walks of Italy?

Walks of Italy is a walking tour provider for many destinations around Italy, Europe, and the US by now. They offer day trips, walking tours, food tours, and more – every single time with a professional and likable tour guide.

Is Take Walks the same as Walks of Italy?

Take Walks is the same as Walks of Italy. The tour company started as Walks of Italy and then expanded to other European and worldwide destinations

How to use Walks of Italy?

Booking is very fast and easy. We explained everything here.

Is it safe to use Walks of Italy?

We have been a regular customer of Walks of Italy ever since and we love their tours. And with our experience, it is very safe to use; both with their website and to join their tours.

How long does the walking tour last?

It all depends on which tour you choose. On the Take Walks website, you have an information for the duration of each tour, so you can choose what suits you best.

Can you walk all of venice?

Venice is small. It is possible to visit the City of Venice entirely on foot, but you have to know that there are obstacles to this that makes some use of water transport desirable. Venice is a collection of islands with the main City of Venice on two islands divided by the Grand Canal.

Can you just walk around Rome?

In the City of Rome, walking is by far the best way to explore the city. That s why "Walks of Italy" have a couple of Rome Tours available to choose for this city.

Can you walk Florence?

Florence's historical center is small and thus perfect for exploring on foot! "Walks of Italy" have a couple of florence tours for you.

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