Walks of Italy review. Are their walkin tours worth it?

Walks of Italy Review – Honest review + How to use it

Review walking tours Walks of ItalyHave you come across Walks of Italy? Saw it in a few reviews and recommendations? Are you having questions about it? Well, hello there new friend! You have come to the right page!

We have joined several Walks of Italy tours in Athens, Rome, Venice, and Barcelona. We wrote this Review of Walks of Italy to share our genuine first-hand experience.

And you might be wondering, is Walks of Italy legit? Let’s cut to the chase: Yes, walks of Italy is great and a top option for your walking tours around the European cities.

In this guide, we answer all your questions regarding Walks of Italy. Let us help you in understanding this platform in matters like how to use it, is it safe to use, and what are its advantages.

These are only some of the few that you might want to know. But we have more in store for you.

More answers to your questions and what’s best is we also give you discount vouchers for our readers. Yes, you read that right. Get discounts on your first or next booking in Walks of Italy.

May this guide be useful to you and guide you to Walks of Italy.

It worked for us and we’re pretty sure it will work for you, too.

Before we kick off this guide, please note that Walks of Italy is the same as Take Walks. The tour company started as Walks of Italy and then expanded to other European and worldwide destinations. This is why nowadays it’s a healthy mix. Just keep this in mind: Walks of Italy = Take Walks!

In this guide we cover:

  1. What is Walks of Italy?
  2. Advantages of using Walks of Italy
  3. How to use Walks of Italy
  4. Groups Bookings in Walks of Italy
  5. Is it safe to use Walks of Italy?
  6. How to pay?
  7. Changes, cancellations, and refunds
  8. Support
  9. Is it worth to try Walks of Italy?
  10. Is Walk of Italy reliable?
  11. Walks of Italy discount code
  12. Extra: different tour companies compared

Important: We did not get paid to write this review. It is first-hand, genuine, and no bs. We have actually joined their tours many times. The first one was a food walking tour in Venice back in 2017.

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Walking food tour Venice

1. What is Walks of Italy?

Walks of Italy is a walking tour provider for many destinations around Italy, Europe, and the US by now. They offer day trips, walking tours, food tours, and more – every single time with a professional and likable guide.

We joined their tours in Venice, Athens, Rome, and so on, and every time the guides have a high level of knowledge of their sights and city but at the same time, it’s always entertaining.

This is probably what I most enjoyed about it. It’s professional and casual at the same time, which makes it very easy to enjoy.

Let us quote from their website:

„Every exciting adventure, walking is always an essential part.“

That is why, Walks of Italy, is a tour provider where professional and well experienced local guides help you achieve and appreciate a specific place through walking tours.

With its slogan, “Don’t take just any tour. Take walks.”, the business started in 2008 with just two guys that provide wonderful walks in the Roman Colosseum.

And through the years of experience, they have expanded their service throughout Italy. Today, walking tours are available from Rome to Pompeii, Florence to Venice, and Milan to the Amalfi Coast.

All of which provides an exceptional variety of guided walks to ensure an amazing experience. Again, they expanded to other big cities around Europe such as Barcelona, Athens, and London.

What is more beautiful about Walks of Italy is that you can skip the long lines once you have booked your tours online. They will also answer your every inquiry about Italy even before your specific scheduled tour.

Check Walks of Italy here

2. Advantages of using Walks of Italy

Walks of Italy have several advantages that makes them one of the best walking tours in Italy. Let us try to put them in a list.

2.1. Exclusive tickets and entrances

Walks of Italy provides exclusive tour and tickets that you can look forward to. Among these, here are a few listed below:

St Mark's Square, Venice

2.2. Professional and Casual enough to make it easy to enjoy

I said it before, it is one of the main reasons we keep attending their tours if available. I am not a huge fan of those „Wikipedia tours“, where they only smash knowledge on you and I understand 25% of what they are saying. Years, names of emperors, history… come on. I am really not a historian and 98% of the tourists do not understand the context.

This is why I really like Take Walks.

It is professional and relatable, easy to understand, and especially easy to enjoy. You can tell the guides really understand their group of visitors. They know what information will simply overwhelm them and what are the commonly asked questions.

Obviously, we did not attend every single walking tour but it’s our Take Walks experience of 4 tours.

2.3 No long queues

Once you have booked your ticket from their website or through their customer service, there will no longer be long queues for you.

You will receive a confirmation letter for your tour once the booking is done. But there will be no need to print since your name will automatically be included in the list. All you have to do is appear and attend your tour.

Check out their most popular tours below that might take your interests.

avoid queues with walks of italy

2.4. Groups are limited to a certain number

I really enjoy smaller groups when talking on walking tours or pretty much any tour. A tour of like 35 people?… please, no!

I really liked from the beginning to see how many people can attend as a maximum. Normally, in the description you will see there are a maximum amount of attendants. Usually around 15.

2.5. Excellent Customer Service

Even when your tour is a few days away, customer service will always be happy to assist you with your questions.

Below are their phone numbers to get in touch with Walks of Italy/Take Walks:

  • US (toll-free): +1-888-683-8670
  • International: +1-202-684-6916
  • UK: +44-845-591-6256
  •  Paris: +33-176-36-0101
  • Italy: +39-069-480-4888

Or you can drop them an email here info@walksofitaly.com.

2.6. Transactions are fast and easy

Why keep things complicated when you can them short and simple? And that’s what Walks of Italy offers. Booking tickets are fast and easy with just a few clicks away through their website, and just a few minutes through customer service.

Walks of Italy offers several payment methods you can choose from.

You pay with your credit cards like Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express. For now, they do not offer PayPal. You also cannot pay cash to the guide. You need to book and pay beforehand!

Yet, since you are reading this genuine review of Take Walks, you already know it is worth it.

To be fair, all the good service and paying method is nowadays nothing too special anymore. This is something we all take as granted by now, right?Easy explanations in Walks of Italy tour

2.7. Language

All tours are provided in the English language only. Walks of Italy does not offer multiple-language tours since they firmly don’t want you to wait for several languages to finish before you understand the guide.

Please keep this in mind: Looking for tours in your native language? You can always ask the o