One Week In Cyprus

Are you looking for the smartest itinerary for Cyprus? We went to the island and brought back a handy guide to spend 7 days in Cyprus. To be more specific, in this guide we cover the best tips for seven days in South Cyprus (more info below).

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All the way from Ayia Napa to Paphos, we covered everything. From snorkeling with turtles, to amazing sunset views and delicious food. On top of that, we share our absolute best hidden gems Cyprus had on offer for us. Enjoy your one week in Cyprus with this unique best itinerary.

Our full guide covers:

  1. Basic Introduction
  2. Where to stay in Cyprus
  3. How to get around
  4. What to see in Cyprus
  5. Things to do in Cyprus
  6. Tickets you have to buy before – must read
  7. Food and Restaurants
  8. Day Trips from Cyprus
  9. Itinerary for Cyprus
  10. Packing List
  11. City Map

1. Basic Introduction

We want to start with a simple intro to the things you need to know before coming to Country.

Currency: EUR (€)

Language Spoken: Greek and English, Turkish in North Cyprus

Population: ±900.000

Known for: Beautiful beaches, Mediterranean cuisine, Wine, Halloumi cheese, and of course as the birthplace of Aphrodite. Cyprus is a perfect destination for families.

Accommodation: You will find gorgeous Cyprus resorts and 5 Star Hotels as well as small guesthouses. For backpackers, there’s a few hostels in the main spots.

Find more details in our where to stay in Cyprus section below.

Public Transport: Well, basically none. There is no train or metro anywhere. You have the bus connections within the big cities and in-between and they are cheap. Yet we absolutely recommend renting a car to get around Cyprus. It is cheap and easy. Read our article on how to rent a Car here.

More under how to get around.

Safety: Cyprus is one of the safest places to visit in Europe. For tourists it is super safe and you could even leave your car door open on the supermarket; no one seems to be bother. Yet, obviously we do not recommend this and always close up your belongings or take them with you.

Capital: Nicosia

Electricity: 230V/50Hz (European plug). Remember to pack your travel plug adapter.

2. Where to stay in Cyprus

Where to stay in Larnaca

The best luxury resort hotels in Larnaca are:

  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Golden Bay Beach Hotel
  • Les Palmiers Beach Boutique Hotel & Luxury Apartments

More unique Hotels with Sea Views and Design:

  • The Ciao Stelio Deluxe Hotel (Adults Only)
  • Lebay Beach Hotel
  • Lazuli Beachfront Penthouse 504
  • Hotel Indigo Larnaca – Adults Only, an IHG Hotel

Where to stay in Nicosia

There is two 5 Star Hotels in Nicosia:

  • The Landmark Nicosia
  • Hilton

Few more Luxury Hotels in Nicosia we love:

  • 360 Nicosia
  • Apartment Unique 11th floor masterpiece apartment
  • The 3 Rooms Boutique Hotel

For backpacker, there is the cool NEX Hostel in Nicosia.

Find all hostels in Nicosia Cyprus here.

Where to stay in Ayia Napa and Area

5 Star resorts in Ayia Napa:

  • NissiBlu Beach Resort
  • Alion Beach Hotel
  • Grecian Bay
  • Adams Beach Hotel & Spa

Stunning Villas in Ayia Napa and area:

  • Villa Violanta
  • Villa Diamanta

Where to stay in Limassol

The 2nd largest city is Limassol, or Lemesos. It is the hub for Cyprus’s growing involvement in the world of international business, especially in finance.

Of course, Limassol offers unique luxury 5-star hotels:

  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Amara – Sea Your Only View™
  • Amathus Beach Hotel

The best Resorts in Limassol are:

  • Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa
  • GrandResort
  • Elias Beach Hotel

For the Backpacker:

There are dorms at Lima Sol House and Lemongrass. Check here all hostels in Limassol.

Looking for a unique and Instagrammable accommodation in Limassol?

Niki’s House is a cute, traditional Boutique Hotel. Another gorgeous luxury hotel is eins gallery rooms – city center.

Where to stay in Paphos

When staying in Paphos, you should know that there is Kato Paphos (lower Paphos with the harbour) and Paphos City (with Old Town).

5 Star Luxury Resorts in Paphos:

  • Elysium
  • Leonardo Laura Beach & Splash Resort
  • Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos
  • St George Hotel Spa & Beach Resort

Beautiful Luxury Boutique Hotels:

  • Amavi – Made For Two Hotels ™
  • Annabelle
  • Queens Bay Hotel

For backpacker, there is a few hostels to choose from. The best hostels in Paphos is the Paphos Inn Hostel.

Find all Paphos hostels here.

Based on our own experience, we recommend staying in Kato Paphos. This way you are close to the beach for swimming, and near nice sea view restaurants and bar. There is also the famous bar street in Kato Paphos, called “Agiou Antoniou Street”. Here you can enjoy some nightlife in Paphos.

Important to know: Choose an Airbnb or Hotel not directly at this street; it would be too loud for sleeping.

3. How to get around

So, we have your accommodation set, now let us get out and explore.

My absolute best recommendation is renting a car! It is cheap, easy and by far the absolute best way to explore and enjoy the island.

Going by limited public transport or taxis or bikes, you won’t be able to see much. And the beauty of Cyprus lies within their nature and off the path.

Plus, in Cyprus all the major sights and things to do are not nearby. From Paphos to Ayia Napa it is around 180km, as an example.

Public transport: There is no train or metro in Cyprus. But there is public transport in form of Buses. Many tourists choose to take it. If you choose to stay only in one area, then this is ok. For instance, you want to go from Paralimni to Fig Tree or Ayia Napa, you can totally do this.

Also within the cities, bus transport is solid. It is also easy to get to and from the Airports by taking the bus.

Bikes: Renting bikes in July and August is not the best idea as you have around 35°C at least and it is exhausting. I would only recommend it in case you take it for a short ride to the beach.

Quads and Beach Buggys: Okay, read this important part; this is juicy!

Around Akamas (Paphos, West Cyprus), you can rent a quad or beach buggy and cruise around the famous Akamas National Park. This experience is absolutely mind blowing. Renting a Quad in Cyprus costs around 100€. You can rent as well a beach buggy for 2 or 4 people and you pay per time. Meaning, you can rent it for 4 hours or the whole day.

I recommend the whole day, starting from Latsi, near Blue Lagoon. Talk to the rental place first and ask them for their best tips, where to eat and bring lots of water. On the Akamas there is no restaurants and nothing to buy, so prepare accordingly.

My Opinion:

Rent a Beach Buggy, instead of a Quad. A Quad looks cool, I know, yet the beach buggy is much more comfortable and safer as well. The beach buggy has a cover, so you are always sitting in the shade. And, on the beach buggy you can have a cooling box on the back. This is perfect to keep drinks and food cold.

Walking: Uff…no, just…no! Unless you are in one of the bigger cities like Limassol, Larnaca, Nicosia or Paphos, we do not recommend walking around. There are a lot of gorgeous family resorts in Cyprus that are isolated near wonderful beaches. From here, you need a car to explore the island, for instance.

Taxi: In the touristic areas and big cities you have Taxis and they are relatively cheap. To avoid overpaying, I would ask your local hotel or resort how much a taxi ride should cost. Before entering a taxi, ask how much the ride to your destination will be as well.

Boat: OH YES!!! How about renting a boat on your own in Cyprus? You can do so in Polis/ Latsi in West Cyprus. Rent a boat and drive it on your own to Blue Lagoon.

Prices for renting a boat in Latsi start from 150€ for 4 hours. Usually the boat fits at least 5 people. Yet, there is different sizes in boats here.

Do you need a license to ride a boat in Cyprus? No, you do not. As a tourist, you only need a valid drivers license to drive a boat until a certain size.

4. What to see in Cyprus – The Must-Do’s

What to see in Cyprus? A very good question!

The Must See’s in Cyprus are:

  • Ayia Napa with Nissi Beach, Cape Creco and Fig Tree
  • Aphrodite (Petra tou Romiou)
  • Tombs of the Kings (Paphos)
  • Blue Lagoon and Akamas (Paphos)
  • Larnaca Salt Lake
  • Old Town and Castle in Limassol
  • Kykkos Monastery (in the mountains)
  • Troodos Mountain (for Hiking or skiing)

5. Best Things to do in Cyprus

We collected for you a great list of cool Things To Do in Cyprus:

  • For Diver: MS Zenobia Wreck

Just a short boat ride from Larnaca, you can dive down to the MS Zenobia. It was a Swedish built Challenger ferry from 1979. It sank in the Mediterranean Sea, close to Larnaca, in June 1980 on her maiden voyage. She now rests on her port side in approximately 42 meters (138 ft) of water and was named by The Times, and many others, as one of the top ten wreck diving sites in the world. (Source: wikipedia)

This wreck diving is absolutely stunning. You can even go to the inside and dive in the former cafeteria and such. AMAZING! Just for this dive I did my Advanced Divers Course.

Any diving school around Cyrpus offers this trip.

  • Eat Halloumi and Cyprus Meze

The two absolute must-food-eats in Cyprus are Halloumi Cheese and Cyprus Meze. Halloumi is a delicious type of grilled cheese that has be eaten while warm; very tasty. The Cyprus Meze is a kind of “Cyprus Tapas Version”, if you will. By that I mean, you will receive up to 24 different dishes, served one after another. It is absolutely filling, a lot to eat. Get a red wine with it and you will thank me happily.

The typical Meze is with lots of meat such as goat. There is also Fish and Seafood Meze.

Is there also vegetarian Meze? Well, yes, but not always. I found it was easiest to ask. If they can, they will bring you a bunch of amazing vegetarian dishes from Salads, cheese, pitta, hummous and more. I have never seen a Vegan Meze though.

  • Rent a Boat for Blue Lagoon

Next on my absolute must-do list for Cyprus is renting a boat in Latsi and take it over to the famous Blue Lagoon. This trip will make you smile for days. You can rent a boat that fits like 6 people without a boat license in Latsi. I recommend booking your boat time ahead, especially weekends are busy.

You can rent the boat by hour. I recommend renting around 4 hours. The good thing is, usually the boat rental places are very relaxed and you can extend easily, simply by calling in, for instance. But, please check with them before. We always had a great experience. In Latsi you find many great boat rentals.

  • Snorkeling with Turtles

Yes, this is a dream for many adults and kids: snorkeling with turtles. You can do so in Ayia Napa and Paphos area, most likely.

In Paphos you can snorkel at Alykes Beach with Wild Turtles. It is basically right downdown in Kato Paphos. Many people, even locals do not know this.

Please do me and yourself a favor: Do not touch the Turtles. I have been there many times and I always see kids and adults touching the turtles back. This is not good for the animal.

  • Walk Around Limassol Old Town

Of course Limassol is more know for expensive cars and tall buildings, but my favorite part of Limassol is the old town and the Limassol Castle. Just walk around and get lost. It is not that big, and it will probably only take you 20 minutes to explore the whole Old Town, but it is worth it. It also great for nightlife and enjoy drinks at night. You are also nearby the castle, worth a visit too.

  • Visit at least one Monastery

Kykkos Monastery and Chrysoroyiatissa Monastery are the best monasteries in Cyprus. At least in my humble opinion.

Here is more ideas:

  • Ayios Lazaros (The Church of Saint Lazarus)
  • Kolossi Castle
  • Fasouri Watermania (perfect for families)
  • Hala Sultan Tekke
  • Cyprus Museum in Nicosia
  • Coral Bay and Sea Caves in Peyia
  • Wander the tiny town of Omodos

Please check the map below as well. I added there all my suggestions on cute town, waterfalls, restaurants and so much more. It will help you planning.

6. Tickets you have to buy and Book before (Must Read)

I sincerely hope you are reading this section carefully! It will make the difference.

This is important so you actually can enter the places you would love to see from the inside.

There is exactly two tickets you have to buy beforehand:

  1. Renting a Car (here is our guide on how to rent a car in Europe!)
  2. Book your Hotel or Resort – especially July and August are popular and hotels fully booked.
  3. Renting a boat for Blue Lagoon
    Weekends are usually very busy and if you can, try to rent a boat during the week. The lagoons will be more quiet as well.
  4. Diving in Zenobia
    This one you do not need to pre-book, but you should plan ahead. Since you will be diving at around 40m, you won’t be able to fly 24 hours after diving. Take this into account.

7. Food & Restaurants

Giving a recommendation for restaurants in Cyprus overall is tricky, since it is a bigger island.

Here are our recommendations for food you have to taste in Cyprus:

  • Meze (meat heavy. Fish option usually available)
  • Souvlakia (grilled meat kebabs)
  • Shaftalia (grilled sausage)
  • Afella (pork marinated in coriander)
  • Fried halloumi cheese
  • Olives
  • Pitta bread and filled Pitta
  • Kolokasi (root vegetables)
  • Lamb
  • Artichokes
  • Chickpeas
  • Rabbit stews (stifado)

Our best restaurants in Cyprus are:


  • To Kazani Traditional Tavern (Greek Cuisine)
  • Stoano Kato
  • Holy Cow
  • Red Pepper (Italian Steak House Grill)

Extra: KOFFEEA, the best coffee shop in town with speciality coffee.


  • Palia Ilektriki Restaurant-Cafe (Our Favorite)
  • The 3 Little Pigs Traditional Grill and Kebab House
  • Halfway House
  • Geitonia Traditional Kebab
  • Neromylos Watermill Café Taverna
  • Melitzia Taverna
  • Notios

Ayia Napa

  • Kings Sword
  • Dione Restaurant
  • Sale e Pepe (Italian)
  • The Deck – by Alion Beach Hotel
  • Sesoula Kalamaki


  • Megaro Restaurant (Our favorite: Authentic, small and in Old Town)
  • Jimmy’s Killer Prawns
  • Meze Taverna Restaurant
  • The Local Fish & Meat

(There is many more great, smaller places. If you have any questions about those, let us know.)

8. Popular Day Trips inside Cyprus

I am giving you here a few ideas on day trips from each city:

Day Trips from Larnaca:

  • Odyssey Boat Safari from Larnaca
  • Larnaca Market and Camel Park Excursion from Ayia Napa
  • Pano Lefkara, Choirokoitia and Walled Nicosia
  • Grand Tour Full Day Jeep Safari from Larnaca
  • Troodos 4X4 Safari Tour from Larnaca
  • Full Day Tour in Troodos Mountains: Villages & Waterfalls
  • Day Trip to Cape Greko and Sea Caves Ayia Napa

Day Trips from Nicosia

  • Around Cape Greko walk
  • Walking Tour in Nicosia itself: Pano Lefkara, Choirokoitia and Walled Nicosia
  • Full-Day Tour UNESCO Churches and Kalopanayiotis in Cyprus
  • Small Group Day Tour of Famagusta and Ghost Town From Larnaca

Day Trips from Limassol

  • Day trip to the heart of lacework Lefkara Village and Nicosia
  • Nicosia and Kyrenia Tour
  • St.Hilarion and Nicosia Tour

Day Trips from Paphos

  • Boat Trip from Latchi to Blue Lagoon
  • 4×4 Safari Tour to Akamas
  • Troodos Mountains & Kykkos Monastery

9. Itinerary for 7 days

When spending a week in Cyprus, you have the time and can explore the island itself. One Week in Cyprus is a good time frame to work with.

Most likely you will arrive in Larnaca, but there are few connections as well to Paphos. Therefore, simply adapt this itinerary for Cyprus accordingly. So let us get started.

2-3 Days in Larnaca (with Ayia Napa)

For beaches, the promenade and restaurants. Larnaca is a beautiful, small city at the coast line. You have a city beach and beach promenade and lots of great restaurants. For families, Larnaca is amazing.

On top, from Larnaca you can do the day trip to Ayia Napa’s Cape Greco and Fig Tree Bay. The day trip to that area is for sure a beach trip, so pack your swim suite, towels and sun cream.

Another great day trip from Larnaca I recom