One Week in Mallorca

One Week In Mallorca Itinerary

Did a week in Mallorca seem like an impossible mission? Was finding suitable accommodation or a fine-sanded beach a big problem for you? Or you may have hesitated about which transport to use. Well, stay with me and discover my one week in Mallorca guide that will put an end to all your dilemmas.

This Balearic island perfectly blends culture, history and natural beauty. It is an ideal place for families, groups and even for couples.

Our full guide covers:

  1. Basic Introduction
  2. Where to stay in Mallorca
  3. How to get around
  4. What to see in Mallorca
  5. Things to do in Mallorca
  6. Tickets you have to buy before – must read
  7. Food and Restaurants
  8. Day Trips from Mallorca
  9. Itinerary for Mallorca
  10. Packing List
  11. City Map

Formerly, Mallorca was a massive producer of cereals, leaving the many windmills as evidence and historical memory. If you ask me where you should go, don’t expect me to give you a straightforward answer.

In my opinion, you should try visiting as many places as you can, as every part of this country is worth seeing. The Spanish are known as one of the most charming people, and they will make sure to bring you closer to the famous local energy. So, without any further ado, let’s delve into the particularities!

1. Basic Introduction

We want to start with a simple intro to the things you need to know before you plan your one week in Mallorca.

Currency: EUR (€)

Language Spoken: Spanish

Population: 900,000

Known for: Beautiful Beaches; Serra de Tramuntana; Historic Sites

Accommodation: luxury resorts, boutique hotels, budget-friendly hostels, and vacation rentals

Find more details in our where to stay in the Mallorca section below.

Public Transport: Buses

More under how to get around.

Safety: safe destination

Capital: Palma de Mallorca

Electricity: 230V/50Hz (European plug). Remember to pack your travel plug adapter.

2. Where to stay in Mallorca

Although it is not one of the biggest islands, Mallorca still carries a special kind of magic, which is reflected in many beautiful places. To make it easier for you to plan your trip and accommodation according to your wishes and budget, I will provide several options to choose from for your trip. Take a look below!

Read: our overview on where to stay in Mallorca.

2.1 Where to stay in Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the hub of action and an unavoidable location for any tourist. Everyone wants to come and admire the cathedral and the surrounding garden, from solo travellers to luxury travellers to large families.

This part radiates a new vibe that incorporates tradition. Here, you can sit in the beautiful modern cafes or the even more enthralling Riviera and street music performances. Also, depending on which part of the year, there are bazaars under the palace with themed gifts and delicious food, making it the perfect place for staying during your one week in Mallorca.

Suppose you’re wondering why this location is most suitable for you. The good thing is, that Palma de Mallorca is ideal for groups, solo travellers or people who don’t want to use bus transportation.

And now, let’s look at the accommodation options I found for you.

Hostal Bonany

If you want to stay on a budget, Hostal Bonany is a great option. You can use an outdoor pool, a beautiful garden view and a private bath. And all that in a great location, 10 minutes from the centre and the beach and 20 minutes from the airport. The rooms usually accommodate 2 people.

Book Hostal Bonany here

Enjoy your stay at Hostal Bonany

Catalonia Majórica

If you are coming with a family, this hotel offers family rooms with a modern interior and a beautiful terrace. You have a sea view and 2 pools to use. For a more luxurious experience, you can opt to stay in a suite.

Book Catalonia Majórica here

Make the most of your time at Catalonia Majórica

2.2 Where to stay in Port de Soller

And now, I lead you to one of the best places to stay in Mallorca, with narrow streets full of shops with unique souvenirs. If you were wondering where to get souvenirs, here you can find the most authentic ones. Many passengers wait to capture the moment when the Orange Express Train passes in front of the cathedral. And some mindlessly take tours around the city. The train is semi-open, and the staff are dressed in authentic uniforms. Apart from all this, the place itself has a romantic thread, which is confirmed by the presence of the city beach, which is further away from the city, and that is precisely why it is ideal for a romantic picnic.

If you are feeling attracted by this beauty, look here for accommodation:

Sol Port Soller

Sol Port Soller is an oasis on the mountain’s slopes, overlooking the hill and 300 meters from the beach. The rooms have attractive picturesque terraces and can accommodate a maximum of 2 or 3 people. Some apartments also have a large living room and a private bathroom. Parking at the resort is free.

Book Sol Port Soller here

Have a good time at Sol Port Soller

Hotel Marina

Hotel Marina is one of the best places to stay in Mallorca for maximum enjoyment in the spa, 2 swimming pools, superb breakfast and fully equipped apartments or suites. The area gets the best rating from couples.

Book Hotel Marina here

Have fun during your stay at Hotel Marina

2.3 Where to stay in Alcudia

Get to know the island’s history by walking through the Roman ruins in the nearby village of Pollensa. Here, you can see the forum, gathering places, courtyards, as well as the beautiful Playa de Alcudia. If the road leads you this way, make sure that it is on Tuesday or Sunday, because these are the days when markets are open. The area is also family-friendly with excellent accommodation for parents with children.

Finally, leave the S’Albufera Nature Reserve which, in addition to natural goods and treasures, offers indoor trails for hiking or cycling. All the visitors who have come here are extremely fond of the many bird species, so make sure to add this place to your one week in Mallorca.

Now, if you want to listen to their pleasant melody from your balcony, look for accommodation right here:

Prinsotel Mal Pas

Prinsotel Mal Pas has a private beach and a beautiful lush garden in the background. The chambers are decorated in an elegant style and are primarily double rooms. If you want additional activities, you can visit the tennis or ping pong courts or rent a bicycle.

Book Prinsotel Mal Pas here

Have a great stay at Prinsotel Mal Pas

Hotel Moré

Hotel Moré has 2 swimming pools and a beachfront location. As an additional service, it offers an airport shuttle. The whole area where the hotel is located is lovely. The rooms accommodate 2 or 3 persons.

Book Hotel Moré here.

Enjoy your visit to Hotel Moré

2.4 Where to stay in Cala d’Or

If you are looking for a luxurious resort place that radiates true Roman energy, this is the place to visit. Even though the accommodations are more expensive, access to one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca is free. Such beaches are Cala Ferrera, Cala Gran and Cala Esmeralda. Besides its excellent beaches, Cala d’Or is also known for its low-rise buildings with terracotta roofs, making them more authentic than ever.
Enjoy the whole day on the beach, in the crystal turquoise water, and at the end of the day, rest in one of the following accommodations…

Inturotel Cala Azul

Fully equipped suites are ideal for groups as they accommodate 6 people in a suite. All apartments at Inturotel Cala Azul have a city view and an accessible swimming pool. Parking is free, and in the middle are BBQ facilities for gatherings.

Book Inturotel Cala Azul here

Make yourself at home at Inturotel Cala Azul

Ona Village Cala d’Or

Apartments accommodate from 3 to 10 people. They are fully equipped with 1 or 2 bedrooms, a private bath and equipped kitchen and coffee machine. Parking is not charged.

Book Ona Village Cala d’Or here

Enjoy your stay at Ona Village Cala d'Or

2.5 Where to stay in Palma Nova/ Magaluf

Have you heard that the best parties are in the clubs of Magaluf? Wherever you’re based, if you’re curious about the nightlife, make sure to take a day trip to Magaluf and let it all out. If you need a rest at night, I do not recommend looking for accommodation here- stick to the centre.

And what does the centre hide, more specifically, the new part of Palma or Palma Nova? This place is lively, with many young people who enjoy constant movement. In Palma Nova, there are interesting pubs and pubs that offer additional entertainment and escape from the sun. so, if you’re looking for that kind of entertainment, make sure to add this place to your Mallorca 7 day itinerary.

If you are already wondering where to go to the beach, then your choice should be El Arenal. And now, let’s look at the accommodation options:

INNER Kompas Palmanova “Adults Only”

Beachfront apartments are primarily intended for the comfortable enjoyment of 2-3 people. In addition to the kitchen, the apartment has an on-site restaurant as a dining option. If you are interested, you can rent a wheel.

Book INNER Kompas Palmanova here

Make the most of your time at INNER Kompas Palmanova Adults Only

HM Martinique

The hotel offers intimate private rooms for singles, up to 4 people. The proximity to the beach of Magaluf is only 150 meters, which means you are close to the entertainment and nightlife. If you are looking for another activity, switch to volleyball, tennis, paddle or football at one of the nearby playgrounds.

Book HM Martinique here

Have a good time at HM Martinique

3. How to get around Mallorca

Planning your one week in Mallorca? The easiest way to get to the island is an international or smaller local flight to the island’s only airport, which is extremely close to the capital and easy to find.

This Balearic island is not a small area, and every corner is worth visiting. So, how to do that easily?

Car Rental: This is the best option you can choose if you’re looking for the most convenient transportation method. Make a reservation at least a month in advance, and an agency employee will be waiting for you next door from the airport, i.e. in the multi-storey garage, to pick up your vehicle. From experience, for an average car for four people for seven days, the total cost will be about 120 euros per person, which includes the car rent, tax and insurance. You leave the same car at the airport again on the way back, and it usually has clear instructions on where to go.

One extra tip when renting a car is to be careful where you park. Parking spaces marked with a thin yellow line along one side are prohibited and may result in a fine. You may also not encounter police who stop, but all roads have speed cameras.

Public Buses: If you are located near Palma, you can also go by bus, but I do not recommend this option if you are in other surrounding cities. Rides are longer, and buses are less frequent than in the rest of Spain. The card used is called Tib Tarjeta, and you can buy it online.

Book Formula Car Tour here
Formula Car Tour in Mallorca
Photo by GetYourGuide

4. What to see in Mallorca – The Must-Do’s

One week in Mallorca may not be enough to explore everything, so make a plan so you can see as much as possible. So, to tighten down your choices, include in your list:

The Must-Do’s are:

More great sights to see in Mallorca are:

  • Sóller Town Square
  • Can Prunera Museum of Modernism

Visit Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma in Mallorca

5. Things to do in Mallorca

In addition to beautiful beaches, the island of the windmills also offers history and natural beauty, so these are some suggestions of what you can see in one week in Mallorca:

Royal Palace of La Almudaina

Come with me to the old residence for kings, an exhibition hall overflowing with works of exceptional quality. Upon arrival, you will immediately notice the wide and lush courtyard. If you go inside the royal palace, you can climb up and enjoy the panoramic view directed towards the cathedral, also called La Seu.

In addition to independent visits, you can join a group of guided tours and learn more about history- all during your one week in Mallorca itinerary!

Boat Trips

The primary marinas are Palma, Alcudia and Porto Cristo. You can even see Rafael Nadal’s house from the Porto Cristo marina, an interesting fact you will surely remember.

Also, this marina is considered one of those with the most luxurious ships. You can also board one of the crazy daily youth boat parties around Magaluf and Palma Nova. Whatever you choose to do in Mallorca, you will not regret it.

Tramuntana Mountains

Under UNESCO protection, Tramuntana Mountain range includes the foothills of Valdemossa, Soler, Deia and Calobra. It stretches from Andratx to the village of Pollenca. Here, in addition to beautiful nature, there are picturesque water sources. Nearby, you can also explore some beautiful botanical gardens.

Playa de Palma

Although there may be more hidden and intimate beaches with beautiful crystal water, this beach brings the charm of the capital, the constant movements, the morning jogs or the proximity of the cathedral.

It is excellent for all types of travellers to enjoy, as it is several kilometres long and covered with fine sand- perfect for visiting during your one week in Mallorca.

Cala Varques

From the beaches, I would encourage you to visit Cala Varques, near Porto Cristo, or Manacor. The beach is secluded and more famous for the specific caves nearby. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you can reach this coastal beauty only by foot.


Although it is an hour and a half away from Palma de Mallorca, for this destination, it is worth delaying at least one day or combining it with Deia. Valldemossa is very romantic, with narrow streets, intimate cafes and beautiful viewpoints. Here, you can find quite a few luxury apartments and restaurants.

Beautiful street in Valldemossa in Mallorca

6. Tickets you have to buy before (Must Read)

Check out which tickets you must buy before setting off for your оne week in Mallorca trip.

  • Caves of Drach – These 4 caves were discovered in the 19th century and are located in the peaceful municipality of Manacor Porto Cristo. The highlight is the beautiful lake Lago Martel. Reserve a place at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Boat Trips – Depending on your preference, there are tours for everyone, from day tours with parties to short-day tours to other parts of Spain. Something you should take advantage of is sunset cruises. Several agencies offer these services.
  • Palma Cathedral (La Seu) – This beautiful cathedral is worth seeing from the outside as well. Book 5 days in advance and enjoy discounts for students, seniors or children.

7. Food & Restaurants

Here are my recommendations for food you have to try in Mallorca:

  • Ensaimada
  • Sobrassada
  • Paella Mallorquina
  • Tumbet
  • Frito Mallorquín

My recommendations for the best restaurants in Mallorca:

Ensaimada Pastry in Mallorca

8. Day Trips from Mallorca

How to do the day trips? There are 3 options:

Here are the list of sights that you might want to check out for your day trips:

9. Itinerary for 7 days

Apart from beautiful sandy beaches in bays, the Island of Calm also offers beautiful viewpoints, including Mirador de Colomer in the region of Formetor. If you want to ensure you get everywhere, here is a short plan to spend one week in Mallorca.

Arrival in Palma de Mallorca

  • Arrive at Palma de Mallorca Airport.
  • If car availability is limited, find accommodation that is close by.

Palma de Mallorca

  • Morning: Visit Palma Cathedral (La Seu).
  • Afternoon: Head to the best and most visited beach in Palma. Enjoy a relaxing time and explore the promenade near the cathedral.
  • Evening: Taste paella at a local restaurant and treat yourself to tasty ice cream.

Sóller and Port de Sóller

  • Morning: Take the unique and scenic Orange Express train to Sóller.
  • Afternoon: Explore the romantic village of Sóller and its surroundings.
  • Evening: Enjoy dinner with a view at Port de Sóller.


  • Morning: Relax on Playa de Alcudia.
  • Afternoon: Explore the historic centre of Alcúdia.
  • Evening: Enjoy a seaside dinner in the port area.

Cala d’Or

  • Morning and Afternoon: Explore the luxury area of Cala d’Or and visit beautiful beaches such as Cala Esmeralda, Cala Gran, and Cala Ferrera.
  • Evening: Relax at one of the beach clubs or upscale resorts.


  • Morning and Afternoon: Spend time at Palmanova Beach or explore the area.
  • Evening: Head to Magaluf for nightlife. Consider visiting BCM Planet Dance or enjoying a water park experience.


  • Morning: Return to Palma de Mallorca.
  • Afternoon: Explore any remaining sights or shops in Palma.
  • Evening: Depart from Palma de Mallorca Airport (10 minutes away).

10. Packing List

There is a few things we recommend for your packing list Barcelona.

Optional but always useful:

Packing List Europe

11. Printed Guides & Map

These guides are best for the ones looking for a printed version.

Once you come to Mallorca, you will also receive a paper map of the city.

Here is again our map of Mallorca with the recommended hotels and neighborhoods.

There’s much more

In summary, my comprehensive one-week in Mallorca itinerary aims to transform what may seem like a daunting journey into a seamless and unforgettable adventure. Mallorca, renowned as the island of windmills, unfolds its cultural, historical, and natural beauty for families, friends, and couples alike.

Each region offers a unique charm, from Palma de Mallorca’s vibrant pulse to Port de Sóller’s serene allure. The guide provides essential information on accommodations, transportation, must-see attractions, and day trips, ensuring a tailored experience for every traveller.

Delve into history with ancient ruins in Alcúdia or bask in nature’s glory in the Tramuntana Mountains. Explore local cuisine with delicacies like Ensaimada and Sobrassada. With insights on ticket reservations and a carefully crafted Mallorca 7-day itinerary, your trip promises a vacation and an immersive exploration of this captivating island. So, pack your bags, follow the guide, and embrace the magic of Mallorca. Safe travels!

If you enjoyed reading this one week in Mallorca guide, make sure to explore more exciting destinations on the blog!

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