One week in Amalfi Coast

One Week In Amalfi Coast Itinerary

This fascinating coastal region along the southern edge of the Sorrentine Peninsula, its never-ending landscapes and very rich in culture and tradition is a destination that will be a perfect choice for your one week in Amalfi Coast.

Located in the region of Campania by the Tyrrhenian Sea, the small villages it’s comprised of are set on the hills. The bigger towns like Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento and Ravello offer unique charm, beautiful architecture and many other attractions. Being nested up in the hills, these towns and villages create a fascinating visual seascape.

Amalfi used to be a very powerful maritime republic in the Middle Ages and most of the historic sites date from that time. Many cathedrals, churches and architectural gems still enchant the many visitors. The most significant is the Amalfi Cathedral, a real iconic spot, well-known for its architecture and black and white stone facade. The vast number of visit-worthy locations promises an indulgent Amalfi Coast 7 day itinerary.

Our full guide covers:

  1. Basic Introduction
  2. Where to stay in Amalfi Coast
  3. How to get around
  4. What to see in Amalfi Coast
  5. Things to do in Amalfi Coast
  6. Tickets you have to buy before – must read
  7. Food and Restaurants
  8. Day Trips from Amalfi Coast
  9. Itinerary for Amalfi Coast
  10. Packing List
  11. City Map

Amalfi Coast offers a great and unforgettable experience by immersing you in the true notion of the Mediterranean lifestyle. This region is also known for the world-renowned Mediterranean cuisine consisting of fresh seafood, pasta, olive oil and local specialities.

Limoncello, the one-of-a-kind lemon-flavoured liquor, originates from Amalfi. The lemons that grow there are not only spectacular for their size, but also for the incredibly refreshing flavour.

Without a doubt, this well-known tourist destination will meet your expectations and make your one week in Amalfi Coast a memorable experience..

Reading the following articles is the perfect starting point:

1. Basic Introduction

I would like to start my 1 week in Amalfi Coast guide by listing some basic information you should be familiar with before travelling here.

Currency: EUR (€)

Language Spoken: Italian

Population: 4,729 (2023)

Known for: Natural beauty and picturesque landscapes

Accommodation: Luxury hotels, boutique bed and breakfasts, and rental villas

Find more details in our where to stay in Amalfi Coast section below.

Public Transport: buses, ferries, and taxis

More under how to get around.

Safety: It is considered a safe destination for tourists.

Electricity: 230V/50Hz (European plug). Remember to pack your travel plug adapter.

2. Where to stay in Amalfi Coast

No matter where you choose to stay during your one week in Amalfi Coast, you can’t go wrong. Each spot provides a unique chance for you to enjoy the world-famous coastline. From dramatic to calming and incredibly fascinating landscapes, many charming places and historically interesting towns make this part of the Sorrentine Peninsula a unique and unforgettable experience. Here are a handful of locations you must include in your Amalfi Coast 1 week itinerary.

2.1 Where to stay in Amalfi

The historic town of Amalfi is a top destination in the province of Salerno. Vibrant and lively, it is known for its hospitality as well as its many historical sites. Tourists enjoy exploring Amalfi’s narrow streets, traditional houses and frequent piazzas. The architecture in this town reflects the variety of influences over the ages, the most noticeable of which are Byzantium, Normand and Arabic. The Amalfi Cathedral, dedicated to St. Andrew, is built in the image of Arab and Norman styles. During your one week in Amalfi Coast, don’t miss out on visiting the Paper Museum, Cloister of Paradise and beautiful beaches.

When it comes to accommodation, here are a couple of places I would recommend:

Holidays Baia D’Amalfi

Holidays Baia D’Amalfi offers a terrace with a sea view and rooms set in a historic building in the heart of Amalfi. It also has private parking, as well as a few beaches close by. Its close proximity to Positano, as well as the peaceful lodging, makes Holidays Baia D’Amalfi a great choice for couples.

Book Holidays Baia D’Amalfi here

Your private room at Holidays Baia D'Amalfi

Amalfi Centro

Located only a few meters from Marina Grande, Amalfi Centro features sea views and offers soundproof rooms.

Book Amalfi Centro here

Your personal space at Amalfi Centro

2.2 Where to stay in Positano

The iconic town on the Amalfi Coast is famous for its narrow streets, colourful cliffside houses and unforgettable seaside views. It is the most romantic scenery on the coastal line, making it a must-visit location during your one week in Amalfi Coast. Apart from the famous Main Beach, don’t forget to visit the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, do some shopping and join the sunset party at one of the seaside cafes.

Casa Nilde

Casa Nilde is very close to the center and many cafes, restaurants, and bars, and it comes with rooms offering a sea view. Italian breakfast is offered in the room, which you can enjoy in the relaxing balcony setting.

Book Casa Nilde here

Your own bedroom at Casa Nilde

Palazzo Talamo

Palazzo Talamo, a very elegant 19th-century building restored in 2006, is still owned and managed by the family, who nurture the antique and modern features of the property.

Book Palazzo Talamo here

Enjoy your stay at Palazzo Talamo

2.3 Where to stay in Ravello

This charming town is settled on the hilltop above the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is famous for its great views and historic villas. Due to its tranquil features, I highly recommend you add it to your Amalfi Coast 1 week itinerary. Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone and their beautiful gardens terraces and the interior decor are worth visiting. The Ravello Music Festival is held in the garden of Villa Rufolo, which is yet another reason why you must pay a visit to this remarkable place.

Duomo Attic

Located 2 km from Atrani Beach and 7 km from Amalfi Harbour, Duomo Attic offers accommodation where some rooms provide mountain views while others boast city views. Regardless, all rooms at Duomo Attic offer a terrace to enjoy the views while also giving you some privacy.

Book Duomo Attic here

Your own bedroom at Duomo Attic

Casa Vacanze Vittoria

Situated in the centre of Ravello, Casa Vacanze Vittoria has a large garden and a restaurant. The rooms are very spacious with a kitchen. Couples particularly like this accommodation, which makes this place worth considering for your one week in Amalfi Coast.

Book Casa Vacanze Vittoria here

Relax and unwind at Casa Vacanze Vittoria

2.4 Where to stay in Sorrento

Overlooking the Bay of Naples, Sorrento attracts with the stunning coastal views and closeness to many attractions. Like the other towns along the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento has very narrow streets, old architecture and a vibrant atmosphere that comes from Piazza Tasso. There are two main harbours in Sorrento: Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. A fascinating view of Vesuvio Mountain and many restaurants make the Marina Grande a must-visit. Moreover, Sorrento is very famous for the sweet lemon liqueur Limoncello.

Piazza Tasso Max 1

An accommodation in the center of Sorrento, Piazza Tasso Max 1 features a private entrance, seating area, and a kitchenette. Some of the rooms have a terrace or a patio with a mountain view. Many beaches are nearby.

Book Piazza Tasso Max 1 here

Make yourself at home at Piazza Tasso Max 1

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

A great accommodation located on a rock at the Bay of Naples, Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria includes 3 buildings set in one complex Mediterranean park. There is an outdoor swimming pool with hydromassage set on the terrace of the hotel. The view from the rooms’ balconies at Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria is breathtaking, giving you exactly what you’re looking for from your romantic 1-week Amalfi Coast experience.

Book Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria here

Experience comfort at Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

2.5 Where to stay in Atrani

Attrani is a small village nestled among cliffs of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is known for its authentic and intimate atmosphere. The central square, Piazzeta Umberto I is the most important gathering square. It’s the place where all the restaurants and cafes are located. The atmosphere in this village is very relaxing- perfect for your one week in Amalfi Coast.

La Finestra Sul Borgo

At the very beachfront, close to Atrani Beach, La Finestra Sul Borgo offers city views and the chance to see Marina Grande Beach or Lido Delle Sirene Beach, both of which are nearby.

Book La Finestra Sul Borgo here

Have a great time at La finestra sul borgo

G&G – Amalfi Coast

A sustainable apartment in Atrani, G&G – Amalfi Coast offers very friendly accommodation. It is located only 300 m from Atrani Beach. This apartment has 1 bedroom, a bathroom, a seating area, and a private entrance.

Book G&G – Amalfi Coast  here

Have a pleasant stay at G&G Amalfi coast - sea view - beach

3. How to get around

After setting the accommodation for your one week in Amalfi Coast, you will have to figure out how to get around. The places are all connected, but you should decide upon knowing several facts. The roads are very narrow, so you have to check the schedule, no matter if it is a bus, a ferry, or a private van.

Buses: The most reliable in Amalfi is SITA Bus Company. Its buses connect the bigger towns like Positano, Sorrento, and Amalfi. The buses are very frequent and connect Sorrento and Salerno, stopping at every single town and village on the way. Bus tickets, as elsewhere in Italy, can be bought in bars, on the bus, or in a tobacco shop.

Boats: Boats and ferries surely offer a unique and eye-bewitching perspective of the Amalfi Coast from the water. There are two types of boats on Amalfi Coast; ferries, which are larger and accept onboard passengers and vehicles for longer distances, and hydrofoils, which are smaller, faster and you can use them for short distances. However, don’t forget to check the schedule beforehand. For some routes, you can even buy tickets in advance.

Cars and Scooters: Renting a car or a scooter is a very popular and convenient way to explore the area during your one week in Amalfi Coast, However, you must be careful of the driving conditions, especially on very narrow and winding roads. Finding a parking place can also be challenging.

Therefore, I highly advise you to rent a smaller car and always ask for the traffic restrictions. This is because, during the high season, some towns have a prohibition for a non-resident to enter a certain zone.

As for driving a scooter, you have to have a valid license. Scooters are undoubtedly easier to park and manoeuvre, but make sure you have the necessary safety gear.

Taxis: Taxis are always available, making your 1 week Amalfi Coast experience more convenient. You can even arrange a personal taxi for a day, so you can enjoy privacy. There are marked taxi stations in the towns, so you should have no trouble finding your way around.

4. What to see in Amalfi Coast- The Must-Do’s

Wondering what’s there to see during your one week in Amalfi Coast? The list is below:

The Must Do’s are:

More great sights to see in Amalfi Coast are:

Have fun at Amalfi Coast in Italy

5. Things to do in Amalfi Coast

There are a variety of things that you can fill your Amalfi Coast 7 day itinerary. I will make a list of a few suggestions.

Hiking the Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei)

Do not miss the great experience of walking through the path of God during your 1 week in Amalfi Coast. You will see the most beautiful landscapes, including the coastline and the surroundings. Here is what the hike from Bomerano to Nocolle looks like;

The trail begins close to the Square in Bomerano and you just need to follow the signs. As you head forward, you’ll witness beautiful panoramic views of the Gulf of Salerno and Priano, a small village like a fairytale. The trail then descends to the village of Nocolle which is the endpoint.

You can choose to stay there or descend to Positano in about 2 hours walking from that point. In Positano, you can enjoy the beach or have a delicious meal at one of the restaurants. It is great if you start your hike early, take all you need and enjoy without any rush.

Boat Tours and Coastal Exploration

Exploring the area by boat during your one week in Amalfi Coast is a great adventure! When you are on a boat, besides great landscapes, you can also have a glimpse at some hidden coves, sea caves and charming coastal towns.

Boat Tours start from Positano and go to Grotta dello Smeraldo, Li Galli private Islands and Capri Island. There are also Sunset Tours if you love the changing colours of the sky while the Sun dives in the sea. Take this into consideration while planning your one-week holiday, since it may be a highlight of your stay at Amalfi Coast.

Visit the Historic Towns

Why not immerse yourself in the history and architectural charm of the Amalfi Coast? There are few towns that are truly worth visiting! Start with the Amalfi Cathedral, and visit the Cloister of Paradise at the Paper Mill Museum in Amalfi. You can then go on with the colourful cliffside of Positano and a visit to Church Santa Maria Assunta and step into the iconic clock towers in Positano. Rivallo is dropped at a hilltop and thus offers stunning views. But Villa Rofullo and its gardens will amaze you. Lastly, take advantage of the gateway to the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento. Its Renaissance architecture is so attractive.

Limoncello Tasting and Lemon Grove Visits

You can either join a Limoncello production tour or simply visit a restaurant, order and taste. The famous Italian drink is served cold in small glasses. It has a beautiful yellow colour and sweet lemon aroma- a must-taste while you’re sailing through your Amalfi Coast 1 week itinerary.

There are many Lemon Groves along the coast. The best way to visit is by joining a tour which may include insights into lemon cultivation, harvesting, and an explanation of how important lemons are for the local economy.

Drive Up Coastal Roads

Your driving tour should definitely start at the gateway of Amalfi Coast, Sorrento. Move on to Amalfi, Priano, Ravello and Positano. Enjoy every kilometre of it. Relax watching the sea downhill and the towns and villages uphill. Be aware of the local roads which are narrow and curvy.

Rent A Vespa To Explore The Cities

Renting a Vespa on the Amalfi Coast is a thrilling experience. Feel like a local, be authentic, and enjoy places and beaches. There are many reputable Vespa rental agencies.

6. Tickets you have to buy before (Must Read)

The more things you’re able to plan beforehand, the more convenient your one week in Amalfi Coast will be. To avoid long queues, you can book and buy the following tickets in advance:

7. Food & Restaurants

Here are few recommendations for authentic italian specialities:

  • Lemon Delights
  • Cheeses (Ricotta, Mozzarella)
  • Cetara Anchovies
  • Scialatielli all’Amalfitana
  • Melanzane Parmigiana
  • Polipo Grigliato


Lemon Delights at Amalfi Coast in Italy

8. Day Trips from Amalfi Coast

How to do the day trips? There are 3 options:

Here are the list of sights that you might want to check out for your day trips:

9. Itinerary for 7 days

Day 1: Arrival in Amalfi

Your first stop on your one week in Amalfi Coast is, of course, the famous Amalfi! I bet your first impression will be: Wow! It is crowded. But don’t dread it- you’ll get used to it soon! Start by finding your way to your accommodation (if it is in Amalfi) or check the bus schedule to drive there. It will be nice if you leave some time to see the charming town. Few pastry shops and cafes will take your attention, so don’t hesitate to sit and relax, have lunch or simply enjoy the view.

Day 2: Ravello Excursion

Start your day in Ravello by visiting Villa Rufolo and its garden. Admiring mediaeval architecture, a panorama of the coastline and floral scenery will make you feel relaxed. By midday, you can have lunch at one of the authentic Italian restaurants. Gelato and café are a must. In the afternoon visit Villa Episcopio and shop some local crafts, mostly wooden products and ceramics. In the evening consider enjoying a dinner with a sea view.

Day 3: Positano Exploration

Find a sea view terrace and start the day with an Italian breakfast there. Head to Spiaggia Grande and enjoy the Beach. At midday, locate a seafood restaurant that attracts you and have a relaxing lunch sipping a glass of local wine. You can later go shopping in Via de Mullini for some designer-signed items, such as ceramics, clothing and leather handmade sandals.

Afternoons in Positano are perfect for coastal walks or a boat tour. While here, don’t skip admiring the sunset and have dinner at a cliffside restaurant.

Day 4: Hike the Path of the Gods

This hike is a great adventure that starts in Bomerano and ends in Positano. The trail length is 7.8 km and takes from 3 to 4 hours. Don’t forget to put on comfortable shoes! From Monte Pertuso, the highest mountain spot and through the whole way you will have a chance to enjoy unforgettable panoramic views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Day 5: Sorrento Day Trip

Once you arrive, you can wander for a while in the town and visit the Cathedral of Sorrento. At midday, enjoy your lunch and continue your one week in Amalfi Coast venture by going to Villa Comunale, a nice park with a spectacular view of the Bay of Naples. In the late afternoon, go shopping in Corso Italia, for a Limoncello test and in the evening close the day with a nice dinner.

Day 6: Atrani and Cooking Class

In Atrani, you should definitely enjoy the beach! Moreover, you can attend a cooking class and ensure you’re going home with a great experience. Here, you will learn how to prepare traditional dishes with fresh, local ingredients, which will surely amaze your family back home!

Day 7: Leisure Day and Departure

Pack and relax before leaving Amalfi Coast. While you wait for your ride, think about all the amazing things you’ve seen and learned during your one week in Amalfi Coast and feel as your heart fills up with warmth.

10. Packing List

There is a few things we recommend for your packing list Amalfi Coast.

Optional but always useful:

Packing List Europe

I’m quite sure this one week in Amalfi Coast guide is exactly what you’re looking for for your next trip. For more destination inspiration, don’t forget to check out the rest of my blogs!

11. Printed Guides & Map

These guides are best for the ones looking for a printed version.

Once you come to Amalfi Coast, you will also receive a paper map of the city.

Here is again our map of Amalfi Coast with the recommended hotels and neighborhoods.

There’s more

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