Lake Bled - Where to Stay for first time travelers

Where to Stay in Lake Bled for a first time visit? An insider’s guide 2024

Lake Bled, one of Slovenia’s most spectacular natural wonders, is located in the northwestern part of the country in the Julian Alps. The small island within the surrounding mountains makes the scenery picturesque, impressive, unforgettable, and perfect for a tranquil and rejuvenating stay.

Lake Bled is 1,380m long and almost 29,5m deep. The proximity to the capital city makes it a great destination, with only 55km away from Ljubljana and 35km from the Ljubljana International Airport “Jože Pučnik.” Therefore, if you are wondering where to stay in Lake Bled, know that it can be easily reached, which has contributed to becoming a desirable tourist destination.

The climate in the area of Lake Bled offers comfortable and wet summers and freezing and snowy winters. If you visit Lake Bled in winter, you will have the opportunity to experience Winter Bathing, a popular annual event. The water is cold, at only 6 Celsius.

It is believed that bathing in this cold water has a lot to do with increasing your immune system and the well-being of your body, and it has an anti-stress effect that will clear your mind and make your sleeping much better.

On the lake’s north shore, there is a medieval castle that contains a museum, while on the west end, there is a picturesque Zaka Valley.

Where to stay in Lake Bled for a first-time visit?

If I had to tell you about the surroundings of Lake Bled, in one word, it would be close to impossible. However, my first word would be magical, not only because of its natural beauty but due to many more that are to be mentioned. There are many myths and legends about this extraordinary lake. Local people still remember the rumours that a long time ago, the place where the lake is located used to be covered with green meadows where the fairies lived.

They would gather by night and dance on the hill close to a rock. The shepherds from the area were bringing their sheep to graze, which made the fairies very angry because they would eat the grass around their rock. One night, the most beautiful and the youngest among the fairies had fallen and broken her leg. At that moment, they were so furious that they asked the mountain springs and brooks to flood the valley. The next day, there was a lake, and only one rock remained (the fairy rock) in the middle of the lake.

We know that different types of people require different advice on travel accommodations. This guide includes the best areas for

  • the first time visitor
  • Families
  • Couples
  • Luxury & Design
  • Solo-Traveler
  • on a budget

Are you more of a visual learner/travel planner?

Lucky for you, we’ve included a map with all of our favorite neighborhoods and handpicked hotels for all of your travel needs.

Check it out below to get a better idea of where you should stay for your first or next visit to the Lake Bled.

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(This guide is always up to date, the last updated July 2024.)

But, first things first:

Here is the question: Where to stay in Lake Bled for a first-time visit?

The answer is simple: Bled Center

The Center offers a variety of cafes, restaurants, and shops and many options where to stay in Lake Bled. That is a starting point for many exciting places to visit within walking distance. Bled is especially famous for its Creamy Cake. However, Slovenian and local cuisines will make you decide to have dinner at one of the fine dining restaurants.

The lake’s central area is rich in history and culture, and the Castle of Bled and the Church of St. Martin are nearby, waiting to be explored. The center of this magnificent lake has a very lively atmosphere where many events, festivals, and open-air markets are taking place, especially in the tourist season in summer.

On the 4th weekend in July, do not miss the “Bled Days” and enjoy the spectacular view when hundreds of floating lights are launched in the lake accompanied by beautiful and breathtaking fireworks.

Some of these areas include:

  • Bled Castle (Blejski Grad)
  • Bled Island (Blejski Otok)
  • Bled Promenade

Why do we recommend these areas?

Lake Bled immerses you in natural beauty by looking into its turquoise waters, which is very strange for a lake. Also, an incredible and one-of-a-kind experience is sightseeing, whether on foot or in a wooden boat, and of course, don’t forget to enjoy while swimming.

The Bled Castle, located in the nearby hills just a 15-minute walk from the center, gives you an impressive and stunning view of the lake and the local surroundings.

The Island adjacent to the magical lake, also accessible by wooden boats, is a pleasure to visit. If you are an enthusiastic swimmer, you can reach the island by swimming from the lake’s southern part. The island is famous for the 99 steps that lead to the church of the Mother of God, and the most interesting fact is that if a groom wants to marry a bride in that particular church, he is to carry her through all the 99 steps.

The Bled Pathway is a 6km long walk around the lake. The views are breathtaking; the fresh air makes you feel rejuvenated. On your way, you can stop by some swimming spots, so be ready to uplift the feeling of liveliness.

Here’s a full map for you to understand the different areas.

Please note: those might not be the exact names of the districts, neither its absolute borders. I just tried to simplify this information.

📍Best Area:Bled Center
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Best for Families:Hotel Lovec
👩‍❤️‍👨 Best for Couples:Hotel Park
💎 Best Luxury HotelGrand Hotel Toplice
🤩 Best Design Hotel:Bled Rose Hotel
😎 Best for Groups:Private Beach House
🦸 Best for Solo-Traveller:Hostel Smolej
💃 Best Hotel for Nightlife:N&J GuestHouse
🤑 Cheapest Place to stay:Aparthotel Gaja
👌 Safest Area: Bled Center

1. Best areas and handpicked hotels for Lake Bled

There is an island in Bled with several buildings, the most important of which is the church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. There is a wishing bell on the island, so do not forget to make a wish while you are there.

The way you can get to the island is very interesting and charming at the same time, which is by a wooden boat called “pletna,” very similar to the gondolas in Italy. The local people in Bled have created these boats since 1590. The boat’s navigation is by the use of “pletnar” which is a bit complicated, so not anybody can do it.

It is fascinating that once a man would get a pletna oarsman title, which was carried on from generation to generation. The oarsman is the person who stands in front and rows with two oars, which makes the boat move. It is a unique experience which you will surely enjoy. These boats have a specific construction, and the maximum number of passengers that can get on board is only 18 people.

Continue scrolling or pick your group and travel type on the menu:

1.1 Families
1.2 Couples
1.3 Luxury Traveler
1.4 Design Traveler
1.5 Groups
1.6 Solo-Traveler
1.7 Nightlife-seeking traveler
1.8 Budget Traveler

1.1 Families

Lake Bled is a perfect family-friendly destination since there are various outdoor activities. Considering the proximity of the ski center Vogel, it doesn’t even matter if it is summer or winter. You can take the kids on long walks, and they can enjoy the beach in the hot waters of Bled, as well as countless dining options. Some of the best Lake Bled hotels are listed below.

Handpicked accommodations for families


This property is nestled in the Lake Bled area and offers rooms with balconies and mountain views. Also, there is a fireplace inside the house, which you can stare at for hours and hours, slowly bringing back your childhood and beautiful memories. It is an excellent place if you are looking for where to stay in Lake Bled.

Sovica offers two bedrooms, a seating area, a dining area, and a luxurious bathroom. Also, there are BBQ facilities, so you can cook and dine outside in warmer months. Furthermore, Bled Island is only 700m away from your accommodation.

Book Sovica here

Relax and unwind at Sovica

Have a great time at Sovica

Hotel Lovec

Hotel Lovec is located in the heart of Bled, only a step from the lake, your room is awaiting with a minibar and magnificent views of the park, the mountains or the lake.

In the restaurant, you can indulge in local cuisine, drinks, and a unique selection of regional wines, around 40 foreign beer labels, and snacks. Moreover, the location of this hotel at the bottom of the Triglav Mountain gives you a great opportunity for an unforgettable hiking experience.

Book Hotel Lovec here

Private room at Hotel Lovec

Have a pleasant stay at Hotel Lovec

 1.2 Couples

If you have been trying to find a charming and tranquil place to stay in Lake Bled that offers both an active and relaxing holiday or even a place to propose to your beloved, the Slovenian staple is a perfect choice. The Lake of Fairies allows couples to enjoy each other’s company, take long strolls at the Bled Promenade, and appreciate the excellent accommodation facilities.

Handpicked accommodations for couples

Hotel Park – Sava Hotels & Resorts

Hotel Park offers a great view of the Alps and Lake Bled. It has an exquisite wellness center, an indoor pool, and a gym. Each room has a private balcony, satellite TV, and a comfy bathroom.

The Aperitif Bar in the hotel offers a fine selection of coffee, drinks, local specialties and Bled’s “cremschnitte.” Furthermore, many recreational places are just a short drive from your spot, like the most renowned “Pokljuka” as well as Vogel and Bohinj.

Book Hotel Park – Sava Hotels & Resorts here

Make yourself at home at Hotel Park - Sava Hotels & Resorts

Enjoy your time at Hotel Park - Sava Hotels & Resorts

Hotel Starkl – Heritage & Unique

Hotel Starkl offers rooms with a private bathroom and cable TV, and at the hotel’s restaurant each morning, you can savour some delicious Slovenian delicacies. You can also try authentic dishes or international cuisine.

This place gives its visitors a chance to better understand and explore the local nature by renting a boat or enjoying a romantic ride to the island. If you still haven’t chosen where to stay in Lake Bled, consider the Starkl Hotel. Also, do not forget to make a wish and ring the wishing bell.

Book Hotel Starkl – Heritage & Unique here

Experience comfort at Hotel Starkl - Heritage & Unique

Have a wonderful stay at Hotel Starkl - Heritage & Unique

1.3 Luxury traveler

Arnold Rikli, a famous natural Swiss healer, introduced wellness and health tourism in Lake Bled a long time ago. Riklii asserted that this sapphire lagoon has everything a healthy person needs. As he used to say: “ Water is good, air is better, but the light is best of all!” That is how people from all around Europe started coming to Bled to gain the advantages that could be obtained from the surrounding wilderness.

Besides the incredible healing and supportive powers Bled has, there are many luxurious prospects and some of the Lake Bled hotels will meet the expectations even of the wealthiest people.

Handpicked accommodations for the luxury traveler

Grand Hotel Toplice – Small Luxury Hotels of the World

The Grand Hotel Toplice, located at the waterfront in Bled, although small, has so much to offer! The hotel has a boutique wellness center and a thermal pool. The rooms offer a private balcony with an incredible view of the lake. For your gastronomic indulgence, there are two on-site restaurants. Also, there is a private beach area, a bar, and a great indoor swimming pool.

Book Grand Hotel Toplice here

Enjoy your stay at Grand Hotel Toplice

Have fun at Grand Hotel Toplice

Adora Luxury Hotel

Sit by the window and enjoy the views of Triglav, the lake, and Bled Island. The rooms are luxuriously decorated and well-lit. Adora Luxury Hotel is a ten-minute walk from the center. Additionally, there is a small pavilion in the villa’s garden, and a superb breakfast and fine dining restaurant are at your disposal.

Book Adora Luxury Hotel here

Relax and unwind at Adora Luxury Hotel

Have a great time at Adora Luxury Hotel

1.4 Design-lovers

For design travellers, Fairy Lake is a blend of natural beauty, cultural legacy, and modern design, which lifts your creativity and imagination. Also, Bled has a recognizable architecture. Many talented artisans and artists producing ceramics, woodwork, and textiles work near the mesmerizing waters of the lake.

Handpicked accommodations for the design lover

Bled Rose Hotel

Besides the natural beauty inside this Lake Bled accommodation, you can enjoy an indoor swimming pool, spa, and wellness center in the Bled Rose Hotel. The excellent restaurant offers breakfast and à la carte dining options.

However, you shouldn’t leave without trying some of the best Slovenian delicacies and specialties. Besides the incredible and sophisticated dining options, don’t forget to try the local and international list of selected wines.

Book Bled Rose Hotel here

Private room at Bled Rose Hotel

Have a pleasant stay at Bled Rose Hotel

Design & Wine Vila Special Bled

If you are wondering where to stay in Lake Bled, no worries. Design & Wine Vila Special Bled offer a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a TV, and a balcony that displays mountain and garden views.

For those who love and enjoy the taste of wine, there is a cellar in the property where you can indulge in a fine selection of wines. Also, Design & Wine Vila Special Bled has great accommodation facilities where you have all the landmarks of Bled within walking distance.

Book Design & Wine Vila Special Bled here

Make yourself at home at Design & Wine Vila Special Bled

Enjoy your time at Design & Wine Vila Special Bled

1.5 Groups

Lake Bled is an excellent destination for groups since it offers a variety of outdoor activities and attractions that cater to everyone’s interests. There are also many amenities suitable for groups and organized visits throughout Slovenia.

Handpicked accommodations for groups

Private beach house on Lake Bled

The Private beach house with one bedroom, a dining area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a terrace with alpine vistas offers a pleasant stay. Also, while you are near the waters, you can delight in many outdoor activities, like fishing, canoeing, cycling, and diving.

The best thing you can hope for when travelling with a group is to have some time for yourself; therefore, being at the beachfront has benefits as a private beach area where you can take a moment for yourself.

Book Private beach house here

Experience comfort at Private beach house on Lake Bled

Have a wonderful stay at Private beach house on Lake Bled

Apartments Vila Cvetka Bled

Apartments Vila Cvetka Bled is located in the lake’s center, posing a green oasis. Equipped with a kitchen, a dining area, and a private bathroom, it will suit all your needs while you stay in Bled and enable you to explore the nearby landmarks as well as enjoy the opportunities for outdoor activities. The skating rink is 100m away, and Straza Ski Resort is only a kilometre away.

Book Apartments Vila Cvetka Bled here

Enjoy your stay at Apartments Vila Cvetka Bled

Have fun at Apartments Vila Cvetka Bled

1.6 Solo-travelers

As for any other type of traveller, Lake Bled is a good destination for a lone adventurer. Even though the location and the natural and cultural attributes of this place are mentioned multiple times, it isn’t enough for the amount of accommodations it offers. Even when you are alone, you don’t have to be lonely and bored.

This is precisely why many people choose this fantastic Slovenian natural wonder as their destination. In other words, there are plenty of places to stay in Lake Bled that cater to solo travellers and best of all – they come at an affordable price!

Handpicked accommodations for a solo traveler

Hostel Smolej

The Hostel Smolej offers a garden, a terrace, and a parking place, and the rooms are equipped with a kettle. The bathroom and the kitchen are shared, but looking on the positive side, it will give you more time to make friends.

Some of the attractions are a bit far away, like Bled Island, which is 4km and Bohin, which is 22km from Hotel Smolej. Nonetheless, the rest of Bled is within a walkable distance to visit and explore.

Book Hostel Smolej here

Relax and unwind at Hostel Smolej

Have a great time at Hostel Smolej

Pr Močnk

Pr Močnk has a nice garden, very close to the Sports Hall in Bled and 1,4km from Bled Castle, this Lake Bled accommodation comes with a shared bathroom and a terrace. Additionally, there is free Wi-Fi throughout the property.

Book Pr Močnk here

Private room at Pr Močnk

Have a pleasant stay at Pr Močnk

1.7 Nightlife Traveler

Bled is not the most suitable destination for enthusiastic nightlife-seeking travellers. However, it still has to offer some pubs and bars, a casino, and some night tours you can join.

Handpicked accommodations for nightlife

Apartment in the heart of Bled with views

This spacious three-bedroom apartment offers lake and garden views, a well-equipped kitchen, a bathroom, and an outdoor dining area. The guests can enjoy the garden and do whatever outdoor activities are convenient for them.

One of the activities is visiting the Bled Castle, which is only a kilometre from the apartment. Moreover, the Bled Island is 3,7km away, and the Adventure Mini Golf Panorama is about 10km from the apartment.

Book Apartment in the heart of Bled here

Make yourself at home at Apartment in the heart of Bled with views

Enjoy your time at Apartment in the heart of Bled with views

N&J GuestHouse Swan Bled

N&J GuestHouse is located 500m away from Grajska Beach. The property offers a balcony, free Wi-Fi, and is fully air-conditioned. The rooms are equipped with a kettle and a fridge.

Each room has a private bathroom. Bled Castle is 1km from the property, and Bled Island is around 3.9km from the accommodation if you decide to stay here.

Book N&J GuestHouse Swan Bled here

Experience comfort at N&J GuestHouse Swan Bled

Have a wonderful stay at N&J GuestHouse Swan Bled

1.8 For the Budget Traveler

Bled is an expensive destination, but with smart budgeting and taking care of some travel details, you can find where to stay in Lake Bled and have an affordable holiday. There are plenty of accommodations that will suit your budget.

Almost all outdoor activities are relatively inexpensive, especially during the summer months. You can walk by the lake on the promenade, visit the island, stroll through it, and visit the beach, where you can relax.

Handpicked accommodations for budget traveler

Aparthotel Gaja

Located just 500m from Grajska Beach, the Aparthotel Gaja is a dream for budget travellers! The apartments are well-equipped and the garden is the perfect place to relax before you start your adventures around the lake.

Additionally, if you don’t want to spend too much money on dining in restaurants, you can get everything you need at the nearby Supermarket Hvar which is just minutes away.

Book Aparthotel Gaja here

Enjoy your stay at Aparthotel Gaja

Have fun at Aparthotel Gaja

Central Bled House

Are you looking for where to stay in Lake Bled, without spending a fortune on accommodation? The Central Bled House is located only a minute’s walk from the Sports Hall, or more precisely 900m away from the Bled Castle, and about 1.7km from the Bled Island.

All the rooms offer a satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, and a private bathroom. You will be offered breakfast and a tea/coffee machine in your room. Also, the center of Bled is not far away, so you can visit local markets and restaurants.

Book Central Bled House here

Relax and unwind at Central Bled House

Have a great time at Central Bled House

2. Best Neighborhood to Stay in Lake Bled

Slovenia is not big, but it is rich in natural beauty. The country is renowned for its raw beauty, culinary delights, and attractiveness for adventure sports lovers. Moreover, this desirable destination is a great base for enjoying the fairytale landscapes of Lake Bled and its surroundings.

Generally speaking, Bled is a very safe destination to visit. After such a vacation, you will bring many unforgettable memories since all the suggested places are authentic and known worldwide.

The promenade around the lake is so peaceful and picturesque. Swimming in the lake is quite a refreshment, especially in the summer. The beach at Zaka Bay is very well organized and pastoral.

This lake is a real delight to visit, as it is one of the bluest lakes in the world. The most interesting thing about Bled, considering its position surrounded by mountains, is that the water is actually hot because of the many thermal springs. On the other hand, the neighbouring Bohinj Lake is very cold, and not many people dare to swim.

On the cliff above Lake Bled, there is a 1000-year-old castle, which used to be the home of the bishops. The tower is easily accessible, as it takes only about 15 minutes of moderate walk to reach it. Inside the castle is a tower gallery where exhibitions are set every month, a memorial room to Arnold Rikli, a Swiss naturopath, and one more dedicated room to museums in Gorenjska.

Bled is also famous for its bird paradise, the peacock. It symbolizes the source of life and richness, and it also embodies the lake in the past, present, and future.

3. FAQs

What is the best neighborhood to stay in Lake Bled?

The best neighborhood to stay in Lake Bled for a first-time visitor is Bled Center. It offers a lively atmosphere with cafes, restaurants, and shops, and it serves as a convenient starting point for exploring the area. Additionally, Bled Center is close to major attractions such as Bled Castle and the Church of St. Martin, providing easy access to cultural and historical landmarks.

Where should you not stay in Lake Bled?

While Lake Bled is generally a safe and welcoming destination, there aren't specific neighborhoods that should be avoided for safety reasons. However, visitors should consider their preferences and priorities when choosing accommodations. For example, if seeking a tranquil retreat, staying in the bustling center of Bled might not be ideal. Similarly, those prioritizing budget accommodations might want to avoid upscale luxury hotels.

What should I avoid in Lake Bled?

While Lake Bled offers a myriad of attractions and activities, there are a few things visitors may want to avoid. It's advisable to refrain from littering or disturbing the natural environment to preserve the pristine beauty of the area. Additionally, visitors should exercise caution when swimming in the lake, especially in colder months or away from designated swimming areas. Lastly, respecting local customs and traditions, such as not disturbing religious sites like the Church of the Assumption on Bled Island, is essential.

Where should I stay in Lake Bled for the first time?

For first-time visitors to Lake Bled, the recommended neighborhood to stay in is Bled Center. This area offers a vibrant atmosphere with numerous amenities such as cafes, restaurants, and shops. It also provides easy access to major attractions like Bled Castle and the Church of St. Martin. Additionally, Bled Center serves as a convenient starting point for exploring the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region.

4. Map + All Sights

5. Summary where to stay in Lake Bled

As you can see, Lake Bled is the perfect place to escape from your daily responsibilities and experience the ultimate relaxation. No matter which accommodation you go for, know that you’re in for a fantastic stay!

I truly hope that these tips on where to stay in Lake Bled will be helpful for you. If you need more travel inspiration and advice, don’t hesitate to check out my blog page.

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