October offers a unique charm, with fewer crowds and a special glow that each destination proudly displays. From the sunny climes of the Mediterranean to the rich tapestry of history woven into every street, Europe in October is a treasure trove of experiences. Explore our guide on where to travel in Europe for October.

Getting Around Europe

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In this guide we cover:

Where to go in Europe in October

This autumn, set out on your next adventure to Europe when crowdless cities await you. Each destination radiates a special glow. From sunny destinations to vibrant historic locations, there is more than one answer to where to go in Europe in October.

Where will your European adventure take you this time?

1. Barcelona, Spain

Have you ever considered visiting the Catalan capital? This October, you have the perfect opportunity to explore the City of Gaudi, without much crowd, and enjoy the warm weather. You don’t even have to wear a jacket most of the time. This region enjoys plenty of sunshine, making it one of the best places to visit in Europe in October.

Something specific is the La Merce Festival, which takes place in October and consists of street parties, parades, and stands or tapas bars with excellent traditional Spanish food. Explore Gaudí’s extravagant works and enjoy the vibrant local energy!

Our Guide to One Week In Barcelona

Things to do in Barcelona

Book Tapas Walking Tour with Food, Wine, and History here

Cocktail Class

How to get to Barcelona

The nearest airport is El Prat, and as a second option, you have the Girona-Costa Brava airport, which is 100 meters from the city. Barça is a frequent stop on many cruises, and one of the best cities in Europe to visit in October.

Where to stay in Barcelona

If you have decided to visit Barcelona with your family, find accommodation in Eixample. This district is known for its wide avenues, modern architecture, and a setting that allows families to stroll comfortably through the city.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for where to go in Europe in October, go to the Gothic Quarter, where there are also hidden architectural, historical, and love corners in addition to many famous locations. Placa Reial is also located in this part – a square with palm trees, restaurants, and colourful architecture.

Barcelona is also very popular to visit on a budget. If you have such a plan, find accommodation in El Raval – a multicultural district ideal for travellers looking to manage their expenses. When you’re already here, add Mercat de la Boquem to your visit list.

Acta Voraport

Acta Voraport is located in the San Marti area. An outdoor pool is open in October, offering a beautiful city view from the rooftop bar. The hotel is situated in an area perfectly connected by public transport.

Book Acta Voraport here

Relax and unwind at Acta Voraport

Have a great time at Acta Voraport

For more accommodation, check this list:

2. Lisbon, Portugal

Welcome to the City of Seven Hills, where you will ride on the most famous yellow tram in the world – Tram 28. In addition to the beautiful cuisine and stunning architecture, you will be treated to Fado music specific to this region. Each neighbourhood weaves its own vibrant historical story and contributes to the overall welcoming atmosphere of the city.

If you choose Liverpool to be one of the best places to visit in Europe in October, be prepared for windy weather and ocean waves. Take advantage of the Alfama quarter, famous for its glowing labyrinthine streets and walls covered with typical patterned tiles.

Our Guide to One Week in Lisbon

Things to do in Lisbon

  • Explore the Alfama and Belém districts
  • Take the Tram 28
  • Learn more about the Bairro Alto neighbourhood
  • Have a taste of the delectable local cuisine
Book City Walking Tour with Food Tasting and Drinks here

Have a taste of the delectable local cuisine in Lisbon Portugal

How to get to Lisbon

Your first stop is Lisbon Portela Airport.

If you are coming by bus, choose one of the Eurolines, and as a last option, you have to choose Lisbon as part of your next cruise trip.

Where to stay in Lisbon

Are you looking to plan a luxury trip to some of the best places to visit in Europe in October? Head to the prestigious avenues and high-end hotels of Avenida. There are also many luxury shops, theatres, and art galleries.

If you come with a group, Baixa is your choice. This is a historic downtown, centrally located. Praca do Comercio is also located here, a site that will interest everyone.

Still decided to travel alone? I have a solution for you, too. Feel the vibrant atmosphere of Chiado, the wonderful bookstores and cafes. Allow yourself to soak in the cosmopolitan atmosphere and energy of the place and the city.

TURIM Alameda Hotel

The whole environment is quiet and peaceful; even within the TURIM Alameda Hotel, there is a library for relaxation, reading, or work. The kitchen offers lovely Portuguese food and an excellent continental breakfast. Therefore, this easily makes a great answer to where to go in Europe in October.

Book TURIM Alameda Hotel here

Relax and unwind at TURIM Alameda Hotel

Have a great time at TURIM Alameda Hotel

For more accommodation, check this list:

3. Rome, Italy

Where to go in Europe in October, if not in Rome? This is the ideal time to soak city history. As a bonus, you will also get to see the Vatican, a newly visited country, and a lot of interesting information about art and history. Eternal City also offers fantastic food and enjoyment in the beautiful autumn weather.

Our Guide to One Week In Rome

Things to do in Rome

Book Pantheon Ticket and Audio Guide here

Visit Pantheon in Rome

How to get to Rome

The City has 2 airports, Fiumicino and Campino. The first one is further away from the City, and lower-budget companies usually land here.

Where to stay in Rome

Small and cute Trastevere has accommodations like the local houses in the quiet streets outside the centre. Also, the main streets offer beautiful alleys with small, cosy cafes for an evening snack. It is an ideal place for families.

If you choose the City of Love as one of the best cities in Europe to visit in October, look for accommodation in Monti. Here, you get an unrestricted view of the Colosseum, which is even more beautiful at night from your terrace. Trastevere and beautiful spots such as the Colosseum and Roman Forum are also nearby.

And finally, I present Rome on a budget in Esquilino Hill. Find cheaper accommodation without worrying about transport as public transport is frequent and well organised. Enjoy street food as well.

Castel Sant´Angelo Luxury Rooms & Tour – Apartment

Castel Sant´Angelo Luxury Rooms & Tour is only 1 km from the Vatican and 500 m from Castelo Sant’ Angelo. It also offers family rooms with city views.

Book Castel Sant Angelo Luxury Rooms here

Private room at Castel Sant Angelo Luxury Rooms and Tour

Have a pleasant stay at Castel Sant Angelo Luxury Rooms and Tour

For more accommodation, check this list:

4. Paris, France

Explore the historical heritage of the City of Light. Paris is the Queen of the Seine, and in addition to the beauty of the river, it also offers excellent art and delicious croissants.

Let’s not forget the gardens, which are beautiful even in October, and one of them is the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. Nevertheless, if you’re choosing Paris as one of the best cities in Europe to visit in October, consider doing one of the following activities:

Our Guide to One Week In Paris

Things to do in Paris

Book Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tours here

Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tours in Paris

How to get to Paris

If you fly to Paris, Charles de Gaulle or Paris Orly Airport are your 2 options. If you are in the surrounding cities or London, come by train.

Where to stay in Paris

After walking around the city, it’s time for a family picnic near your accommodation in the Marais. This part has lively streets, and the city’s main museum, Carnavalet, is nearby. It is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the history of Paris together with your children.

The most famous part of Paris is Montmartre, an ideal place for couples to look for accommodation. You will enjoy art, Artists Square, and The Love Wall, where “I Love You” is written in 300 languages.

To feel the true luxury of Paris, stay in the Champ-Elysees district, which hides places for fine dining and refined hotels. Find here the Lido de Paris, a cabaret, for a unique experience.

Le Katorze Hôtel

Le Katorze Hôtel offers non-smoking rooms with available room service and a 24-hour open desk. The four stars justify the comfort, elegance, and good reviews for the continental breakfast.

Book Le Katorze Hôtel here

Make yourself at home at Le Katorze Hôtel

Enjoy your time at Le Katorze Hôtel

For more accommodation, check this list:

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re a fan of tulips, bicycles, or long breathtaking walks, there’s only one answer to the question “Where to go in Europe in October”- Amsterdam. Experience Amsterdam in another dimension, i.e. in October charm. Sit in one of the houseboats along the canals, take a walk in the pleasant weather, and visit Dam Square. Or, if you are a beer lover, simply go for the Heineken Experience.

Our Guide to One Week in Amsterdam

Things to do in Amsterdam

Book Guided Bike Tour here

Amsterdam Cycling in Winter Times

How to get to Amsterdam

The airport is close to the centre, but direct flights are usually more expensive. If you plan to travel on a budget, choose the airports in Eindhoven or Rotterdam and catch a train.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

You don’t want to miss out on the nightlife, which takes place in the heart of Leidseplein. To be close, find accommodation here. Also, enjoy street performers, late-night eateries, and definitely the most youthful energy in the whole city.

Amsterdam is a family-friendly location, you just need to find accommodation in Jordaan, and you’re done. Here are the Anne Frank House, Westerpark, and Houseboat Museum, attractions of interest to the little brats.

If you’re looking for luxury, look at least De Pijp. It abounds with boutique hotels with stylish beds and extraordinary breakfasts.


SUPPER Hotel is only a 9-minute walk from Leidseplein, enjoying the centre of nightlife. It is located 16 km from the airfield and is relatively easy to find.

Book SUPPER Hotel here

Experience comfort at SUPPER Hotel

Have a wonderful stay at SUPPER Hotel

For more accommodation, check this list:

6. Vienna, Austria

Where to go in Europe in October to make your travel dreams come true? Well, generally in the City of Dreams or Vienna. Marvel at the perfect mix of stunning architecture, culture, music creation, and vibrant fall foliage. Danube City is the capital of the Viennese waltz. Enjoy Vienna and drink coffee in one of the famous coffeehouses.

Our Guide to One Week in Vienna

Things to do in Vienna

Book Vienna’s Ringstrasse Walking Tour here

Vienna's Ringstrasse

How to get to Vienna

One of the most visited airports is located just 18 km from the city, and if you want to travel by car, be more flexible and explore the surrounding areas. Rent a BlablaCar.

Where to stay in Vienna

Couples make the best memories in the centre or the Innere Stadt because there are beautiful cafes here, the opera is very close, and the evenings are reserved for romantic walks along the elegant streets.

And for those who want to party, Vienna is one of the best places to visit in Europe in October. Book your accommodation in Neubau, as the quarter is full of alternative and indie music venues and famous commercial clubs like the Prater Dome.

Leopoldstadt, one ht other hand, was created for solo travellers. Augarten is located here – the historical baroque park, a gathering place for young people. For nightlife, head to the Bermuda Triangle, the nightclub district, and reserve the whole day for the Danube Island Experience.

Hotel Daniel Vienna – Smart Luxury Near City Centre

Hotel Daniel Vienna is an oasis near the city centre, next to Belvedere Palace and Main Train Station. Rent a Vespa or bicycle from the hotel and enjoy an excellent breakfast in the bakery.

Book Hotel Daniel Vienna here

Enjoy your stay at Hotel Daniel Vienna - Smart Luxury Near City Centre

Have fun at Hotel Daniel Vienna - Smart Luxury Near City Centre

For more accommodation, check this list:

7. Budapest, Hungary

This city blends culture and natural beauty perfectly, especially in October’s enjoyable weather. In addition to delicious goulash, chimney cake and traditional wine as symbols, the three thermal baths are a major symbol of the city. They are not only intended for elderly people but also for those looking for relaxation. If you want to stay for the weekend, you may even have the opportunity to attend the night parties in the thermal baths or on the ships sailing on the Danube.

Head to the main square and take a picture with the Budapest eye.

Our Guide to One week in Budapest

Things to do in Budapest

Book Budapest Walking Tour here

Explore Buda Castle in Budapest

How to get to Budapest

Thinking about choosing Budapest as the answer to where to go in Europe in October? The city airport is hugely accessible and offers many destinations, but it is also quite often a layover destination. You can reach the centre in about 30 minutes by the 100E bus.

You can also reach Budapest by car from Belgrade, Ljubljana, Vienna, Krakow or Prague.

Where to stay in Budapest

District V covers the downtown area with many shops and beautiful restaurants. You should choose this part if you are coming with your family. Remember that it will not suit your requirements if you plan a trip on a budget.

Groups will have the best time in District VII or the Jewish quarter. It has historical wealth, many synagogues, and beautiful places with diverse cuisines. There are restaurants where you can try the all-you-can-eat experience.

Finally, District IX is a hidden corner for designers. It offers creative hubs and studios but also restored industrial buildings turned into trendy cafes.

Queen’s Court Hotel & Residence

Queen’s Court Hotel & Residence is located in the city’s heart and offers a swimming pool and a quiet garden as an added treat. The rooms are spacious, with balconies. Only 650 metres away is the M2 metro station.

Book Queen’s Court Hotel & Residence here

Relax and unwind at Queen's Court Hotel & Residence

Have a great time at Queen's Court Hotel & Residence

For more accommodation, check this list:

8. Athens, Greece

Have you visited the City of Gods, one of the best cities in Europe to visit in October yet? Whether you have or not, it is worth coming to a place named after the goddess Athena. Here, apart from sightseeing, you will enjoy local Greek food. In addition, you can also go on day trips to the Peloponnese, Delphi, or Aegina, and the island of Pistachios.

If you have a sporty spirit, then Athens is a must-visit. Come, feel the Olympic spirit, get motivated for great victories and earn your laurel wreath.

Our Guide to One Week in Greece

Things to do in Athens

Book Athens: City Sightseeing here

Visit Acropolis of Athens at Greece

How to get to Athens

Piraeus Port is a stop for many cruises from the islands of Corfu, Crete, Mykonos, or Santorini. The fastest way would be to arrive by plane, and that is at the city airport, which is not far from the city.

Where to stay in Athens

Plaka is a neighbourhood with excellent Greek-style restaurants and flower-filled streets. Why is Plaka ideal for couples? Once you come and see for yourself the evening view of the Acropolis, everything will become clear.

If you want divine luxury, choose Kolonaki, an upscale neighbourhood with high-end hotels and fine Greek restaurants. While Exarchia is your budget-friendly hideaway. It has a distinct artsy, alternative vibe and offers hidden budget venues with low-cost events.

Athens Key Hotel, Trademark Collection by Wyndham

Located in the Exarchia Neighbourhood, Athens Key Hotel blends into the bohemian architecture, and the rooms are modern and dominated by red. The hotel has free access to the fitness centre for hotel guests. As an additional advantage, it also offers an airport shuttle.

Book Athens Key Hotel here

Private room at Athens Key Hotel, Trademark Collection by Wyndham

Have a pleasant stay at Athens Key Hotel, Trademark Collection by Wyndham

For more accommodation, check this list:

9. Istanbul, Turkey

Come with me on a getaway to one of the best answers to where to go in Europe in October! Turkey is a country that spans two continents, giving you plenty of reasons to explore it!

Here, you will meet a wonderful blend of European and Asian culture and beautiful architectural wonders such as Dolmabahce Palace or Galata Kulesi. Don’t forget to buy memorable souvenirs like spices, magnets, and textiles, or taste unique street food specialties. Some are kumpir, a fish sandwich, small clams with lemon, or a toasted pretzel on the Bosphorus.

Take a ferry from one part of the city to another because the weather is beautiful and pleasant.

Our Guide to One Week In Turkey

Things to do in Istanbul

Book Hammam Al Ándalus Entry Ticket here

Book Hammam Al Ándalus Entry Ticket here

How to get to Istanbul

There are 2 airports available in Istanbul, but you can also get here by boat from Thessaloniki, Bodrum, Kusadasi or Rhodes.

Where to stay in Istanbul

If you are travelling alone, stay somewhere in the Sultanahmet district, next to Hagia Sofya, in one of the hostels, but be prepared for a lot of traffic. If you need a night walk or a nightclub, this part of the city never sleeps.

Are you looking for luxury with a Bosphorus view? Well, it’s Besiktas. Although you may know it for its football prestige, this hilly part of the city has beautiful luxury hotels away from the hustle and bustle.

Where to try the best baklava оr where to look for nightlife? The answer is Taksim. It offers various entertainment options and nightclubs. It is the starting and ending point of many bus and metro lines, so don’t worry if you stay late. Warm up the atmosphere in one of the rooftop bars. The party starts after 10 o’clock.

Fidelya Boutique Hotel

If you have watched the Turkish series, you know what kind of house you will be placed in. It is in a beautiful light blue colour, hidden by the cute, narrow, quiet streets. You get Fidelya Boutique Hotel a fully furnished apartment near the Blue Mosque.

Book Fidelya Boutique Hotel here

Make yourself at home at Fidelya Boutique Hotel

Enjoy your time at Fidelya Boutique Hotel

For more accommodation, check this list:


Why should I consider traveling to Europe in October?

Traveling to Europe in October offers a unique experience with crowdless cities, pleasant weather, and a special glow to each destination. The guide suggests October as an ideal time to explore European cities, providing a more relaxed atmosphere and the chance to enjoy various cultural events and festivals.

Which European cities are recommended in the 'Where to travel in Europe for October' guide?

The guide recommends several European cities for October travel, including Barcelona, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Rome, Italy; Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Vienna, Austria; Budapest, Hungary; Athens, Greece; and Istanbul, Turkey. Each destination is highlighted with specific activities, accommodation suggestions, and travel tips.

What travel tips are provided for October in Europe?

The guide offers various travel tips for October in Europe, including recommendations for affordable accommodation, transportation options through websites like skyscanner.com and Omio.com, and specific suggestions for each city. Additionally, the guide provides insights into the best areas to stay based on preferences such as family travel, budget-friendly options, luxury stays, and nightlife-seeking travelers.

Why is Barcelona, Spain, recommended for October travel?

Barcelona is recommended for October travel for several reasons. During this month, the Catalan capital enjoys pleasant weather with warm temperatures and ample sunshine, allowing visitors to explore the city comfortably. The La Merce Festival takes place in October, featuring street parties, parades, and traditional Spanish food, providing a vibrant cultural experience. With fewer crowds compared to peak tourist seasons, October offers a chance to appreciate the iconic works of Gaudi, explore historic neighborhoods, and soak up the sun on the beaches without the usual hustle and bustle. The guide also suggests specific activities, accommodations, and travel tips for making the most of a visit to Barcelona in October.


Let’s explore the map together, where we’ve highlighted the finest hotels and accommodations for your convenience.

Embark on your trip-planning journey with our map, featuring a curated selection of top-notch hotels and accommodations. We believe this map will be a valuable tool to enhance your travel planning experience.

Summary: Where to Travel In Europe For October?

I am quite sure this blog will help you solve the dilemma of where to go in Europe in October. This month has a unique power to wake up all of Europe in a unique way. Whatever city you choose to go to, you are promised an exceptional experience!

If you have already chosen your October destination, you need help for your next trip. Don’t forget to check out our blog and get inspired.

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