Best Things To Do in Spain 2018 - (Barcelona, Madrid, Andalusia and tiny villages)

59 Best Things To Do in Spain 2021 – an Itinerary from North to South (+ detailed Map)

Looking for the BEST things to do in Spain? Spain is a big country, and due to its unique history, it has so many magical things to see and places to visit.

We know Spain inside out. And certainly, One Week is not enough here.

This is the list of the coolest, most beautiful to visit and BEST things to do in Spain. We take you from the North-East coast of Costa Brava all the way around the Spanish peninsula part.

Best Things To Do in Spain 2018 - an Itinerary from North to South (+ detailed Map)You can use this list to inspire your Spain trip in the coolest way possible.

It does not matter if you are a luxury traveler, solo-traveler, a couple or family. This list has some activities and things to see for all types of travelers.

We also visited non-touristic places in Spain. Some of them are easy to get to. You will feel like a true treasure-hunter once you visit these little gems on your own.

Okay, enough hablado, let’s get this fiesta started.

List of Best Things to do in Spain

At the end of this article, I created a map with all the best things to do and to see in Spain. It can help you to plan your Spain itinerary.

Map: We created a huge map at the end of this article.

Here we included all cities and sights. That makes it easier for you to plan your Spain trip.

1. Swim in clear crystal water in Dalí’s hometown, Cadaqués

One of the most stunning fishing villages in the Wild Coast (Costa Brava) is also the place where Dalí got inspired during part of his life.

He was living there for many years. And many other artists got also inspired in Cadaqués, such as Picasso.

The best way to enjoy Cadaqués is to rent a car and stay there a couple of days. Beautiful sea surrounded by mountains, good food and a piece of inspiration.

If you are looking for a place to sleep, check out Blaumar, a nice hotel near the sea with also a swimming pool. Perfect place to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself.

Cadaqués beautiful fish village in Spain

2. Get to know Dalí’s work

Not far from Cadaqués, in Figueres, you will find Dalí’s Museum.

The building itself is already bizarre, but don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the work and world of this famous artist and go inside.

It is a Dali-crazy, a real opportunity to get to know Dalí’s world.

If you are staying in Barcelona and your time is limited, join this Salvador Dalí tour from Barcelona.

Museu Dalí in Figueres, Spain

3. Sky diving in Costa Brava

Now that you are in one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean sea, what about seeing it from above and get your adrenaline level even higher?

Sky diving in Empuriabrava is on the top of the game, it is considered one of the most stunning sky diving experiences.

Do you dare to try? It is an unforgettable experience to do in Spain.

These are just 3 amazing things to do in Costa Brava, There is many more reasons to visit Costa Brava. Obviously, I prefer visiting in Summer.

One of the best and cheapest months to travel to Costa Brava is early June. It is the perfect time.

Prices are super low due to the season just starting, weather is fantastic and there is only very few tourists around.

Perfect timing!

4. See a Games of Thrones set, Girona

After we explored the Costa Brava, let’s head back into the country. Here we visit Girona.

It is known for its small, medieval village.

It was also a setting for the famous Games of Thrones.

For more ideas around Barcelona and Catalonia, read my article on 33 best day trips from Barcelona.

5. Architecture and Culture in Barcelona

After living in Barcelona for more than 5 years, we will always consider Barcelona our home. Even if we are far far away.

Barcelona has all you need for living a good life:

  • beach,
  • chilled vibes,
  • stunning architecture,
  • delicious food,
  • fun nightlife…

Wanna discover all our favorite places?

Find all our information about Barcelona here.

Barcelona Best Things to do in Spain

6. Find Peace at the Montserrat Monastery in Barcelona

This iconic monastery was founded at the beginning of the 11th century by the Abbot of Ripoll and Bishop of Vic. They got it built inside of the multi-peak mountains just about 60 minutes by train from what is now the city of Barcelona.

The place offers gorgeous views and graceful rocky scenery with options of day hikes for people with restless feet.

Montserrat is an iconic Catalonian mountain and if you feel like skipping seeing the thousand years old monastery, which would be a shame, there are lots of other activities to do around Montserrat.

For example, you can take a funicular to St Jerome – the highest peak of the mountain filled with  tiny chapels (called ermitas), which were previously the homes of solitary monks.

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Montserrat a sanctuary nearby Barcelona

7. Go to a hidden beautiful beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.

It requires a bit of hiking and “climbing” – it is 100% worth it. There is no bars or anything nearby to buy drinks and food. So please pack accordingly sun cream and especially water.

Here is our guide on how to get to Waikiki Beach.

Waikiki is not the official name of this hidden beach. The official name is actually “Cala Fonda”, but no one really calls it that.

Waikiki Beach, a paradise near Barcelona

8. Amusement park anyone? – Near Barcelona

The biggest Theme Park in Spain, and pure fun: Port Aventura!

It only opens from Spring to Autumn, so this is no option for the winter time.

The theme park has as well a water park and a special area for kids. And kids love it! Therefore, this is a great thing to do in Spain for families too.

Good to know: I recommend to get the VIP ticket. This way you can skip any line and all the lines in the park, as many times as you wish.

It is more expensive but really worth it. You will end up in waiting lines for more than 1:30 hours. When counting this up, you waited a long time in one day.

Therefore, I will always get the VIP ticket for Portaventura.

Get your ticket for Portaventura

Portaventura - the coolest Theme Park in Spain

9. Gorgeous small village, Siurana

Tucked in the mountains, away from the Mediterranean Sea you will find tiny S0iurana.

It is a gorgeous small village, surrounded by mountains for climbing and a few lakes. Come here for a day in nature and soak in Catalan culture.

I especially recommend coming here during the week, not on weekends, if possible.

On weekends the local people love to travel here as well.

Siruana up in the mountains

10. Find peace at Delta del Ebro

Bird watching, kite surfing, and wandering. And of course: bike tours!

Delta del Ebro is a big national park and peninsula. It is the place to watch beautiful birds, including pink Flamingos.


When the weather is playing its part you can do kite surfing here.It is known as one of the best spots for kite surfing in Spain.

Here you have perfect conditions.

The water is shallow, usually warm – just the wind has to be there. It’s not every day possible, but a lot of times.

There are a few guest houses dotted around the area. The most beautiful area is around Poble Nou. Here you find as well a few restaurants.

Delta de l'ebro - a beautiful place to visit in Spain

11. Peñíscola (or as well call it: Meereen!)

I had no idea, but this place called Peñíscola is actually the movie set for Game of Thrones’ Meereen.

I have seen it from far away and said right away it looks like Game of Thrones.

And I was right, yay!

This beautiful tiny village on a tiny peninsula itself with the little castle on the top is really picturesque. You can walk around in 30 minutes and you will have seen it all.

The castle only opens certain hours, so make sure to check the entrance time.

Good to know: They do have an Iron Throne (and you still can take a photo sitting on it for free!)

Peniscola aka. Meereen of Game of Thrones Peniscola Peniscola aka. Meereen of Game of Thrones

12. Authentic Paella in Valencia

Valencia is the home of the Paella and the third biggest city in the country.

Yes, this is the birthplace of the most famous dish in Spain. Sure, you can also eat magnificent paellas in Madrid, Córdoba, Sevilla, Barcelona.

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But of course, it’s something different to try it directly in Valencia.

The most typical Paella is actually with rabbit meat. There are also vegetarian options, a fish paella, black rice paella, and only meat paella without the rabbit. There is also a mixed paella of fish and meat.

You see, there is paella for everyone.

Except maybe Vegans…

I have never come across a vegan paella. If you have any tip here, I appreciate it. Just drop me a comment below this article.

Besides food, Valencia has a stunning architecture and monuments to visit in the historic center.

Also interesting: The City of Arts and Science and Oceanografic.

This is another very interesting thing to do for families when visiting Spain.

Things to do in Valencia, Spain

13. Dinosaurs in Valencia

Spain’s third-largest city is also one of its most delightful. Content to remain in the shadows of Madrid and Barcelona, visitors to this coastal city are guaranteed to be taken by its unique charm.

This bustling and yet intimate city hosts Europe’s largest dinosaur exhibition, showcasing more than one hundred robotic life-sized creatures.

Whether visiting with the kids or with friends, this expo will transport you back to the fantastical time when these big beasts roamed the earth.

Housed in the City of Arts and Sciences, a visit to the dinosaur expo is one which will live long in the memory.

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Get your ticket for City of Arts and Sciences here

14. Xàtiva

You already know the Chinese wall, right?!

How about I tell you there is a tiny version of Alhambra (the one in Granada) that looks a tiny bit like the Chinese wall?

The castle in Xativa is such a place.

The entry is only around 2.40€ and you have an amazing view over the area.

Xativa - a piece of Chinese Wall and tiny Alhambra of Granada

15. Bocairent

Listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Bocairent is a serious gem.

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Bocairent is located on a hill and it’s quite challenging to walk around since it always goes up or down. From the outside and inside, it is beautiful!

The highlight of sightseeing in Bocairent are two things:

  • The caves
  • the bullfighting stadium

The caves are actual caves that are more than a thousand years old. From the outside, you see only carved windows. You can enter (buy a ticket there). It is quite challenging to climb through the caves, you have to athletic and quite thin.

But no worries if you cannot do it. You can enter the entrance at least and the last part to get a feeling. It is worth it, really!

The views from Caves de Moros in Bocairent - one of the best things to do in Spain