Monaco - Where to Stay for first time travelers

Where to Stay in Monaco for a first time visit? An insider’s guide 2024

Monaco is the gem of the French Riviera and the most desired destination for those with deep pockets. Building its reputation as an ideal spot for enjoying the high-end life while yachting and gambling, it ranks among the world’s most expensive destinations.

With this in mind, budget travellers may already be worried about where to stay in Monaco, but there is no need to worry just yet! In this small city-state, you can indulge in a posh and extravagant lifestyle experience, if this is your perk, or get a taste of the deep historical and cultural heritage.

There is something for everyone in one of the smallest countries in the world. Despite your travelling style, be sure to visit the attractions that make Monaco the most desirable tourist attraction. Swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean with your family, or choose a lavish hotel for your luxury travelling experience. Couples, solo, and budget travellers may want to check out the erudite museums. And whatever you do, don’t miss throwing your poker face on and hitting one of the many casinos to try your luck. Who knows – you may just hit the jackpot!

We came across some fantastic choices when searching for where to stay in Monaco. Yes, avoiding Monaco’s costs is not really possible, but we did find some great places to fit everyone’s budget.

We know that different types of people require different advice on travel accommodations. This guide includes the best areas for

  • the first-time visitor
  • Families
  • Couples
  • Luxury & Design
  • Solo-Traveler
  • on a budget

Are you more of a visual learner/travel planner?

Lucky for you, we’ve included a map with all of our favorite neighborhoods and handpicked hotels for all of your travel needs.

Check it out below to get a better idea of where you should stay for your first or next visit to the Monaco .

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(This guide is always up to date, the last updated July 2024.)

But, first things first:

Here is the question: Where to stay in Monaco for a first-time visit?

The answer is simple: Monte Carlo

Some of Monaco’s must-see landmarks are the following:

  • Monte Carlo Casino – Owned by SBM and the House of Grimaldi, Monaco’s citizens are forbidden to enter the casino’s gaming rooms in this entertainment and gambling complex.
  • The Opera House –The Salle Garnier is part of the Monte Carlo Casino, opened in 1879, and can seat 524 people.
  • Hotel de Paris – Located next to the Opera House, it has hosted many social events and high-profile guests and has been the filming location for many famous movies.

Why do we recommend these areas?

Monaco has been the top destination of the pickiest travellers for decades. Many families have created memorable experiences, while couples have chosen it to be a perfect spot for a romantic getaway. Despite its size, it is the center of gastronomic delights and hedonistic experiences.

Is there anyone who has not heard of the Monte Carlo Casino? Yes, it’s the most famous landmark in the area, but it has also set the scenes for some of the most famous James Bond movies. Additionally, if you’ve ever watched Ocean’s Twelve, you already know what to expect from this grand establishment.

Lovers of the extravagant lifestyle will also recognize the Opera House and Hotel de Paris, part of the Monte Carlo Casino building. Whatever your travelling style is, you can’t miss the chance to visit these three “celebrities.” If nothing else, throw some dice in the casino, catch a show at the opera, or at least try one of the four restaurants at the Hotel de Paris.

To come to Monaco and not get the first-class experience of a lifetime would be a shame. Catch a glimpse of what it’s like being a celebrity, even if it’s only for a few hours.

Here’s a full map for you to understand the different areas.

Please note: those might not be the exact names of the districts, neither its absolute borders. I just tried to simplify this information.

📍Best Area:Gamla Stan (Old Town)
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Best for Families:La Maison des Remparts
👩‍❤️‍👨 Best for Couples:Central Monaco Studio
💎 Best Luxury HotelHôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo
🤩 Best Design Hotel:Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo
😎 Best for Groups:Hôtel Columbus Monte Carlo
🦸 Best for Solo-Traveller:Boutique Hotel Miramar
💃 Best Hotel for Nightlife:New Designer Studio
🤑 Cheapest Place to stay:Hôtel de France
👌 Safest Area: La Condamine

1. Best areas and handpicked hotels for Monaco

There isn’t a traveller who doesn’t want to visit Monaco. It’s a destination with some of the most stunning views suitable for families, couples, and nightlife-seekers, but especially luxury and design travellers. To help facilitate your search for where to stay in Monaco, I selected the most fascinating accommodations for a cozy yet stylish experience.

Continue scrolling or pick your group and travel type on the menu:

1.1 Families
1.2 Couples
1.3 Luxury Traveler
1.4 Design Traveler
1.5 Groups
1.6 Solo-Traveler
1.7 Nightlife-seeking traveler
1.8 Budget Traveler

1.1 Families

When in Monaco, families should opt for one of these charming areas, offering easy access to all the fun amenities:


  • Affordable family accommodations;
  • Easy access to excellent destinations along the French Riviera;
  • Offers family fun at the Fontvieille Park.

La Condamine

  • Home to kid-friendly play areas and a carousel;
  • The most peaceful neighbourhood in Monaco;
  • A central and well-connected area.

Handpicked accommodations for families

Fontvieille Port

This apartment in Fontvieielle has a fantastic view of the gardens and is just perfect for families! Located in a new and peaceful establishment, this place to stay in Monaco is within walking distance from the beach, the Monaco shopping center, several sports facilities, and the seaside running path. If your family is more into peace and quiet, enjoy one of the Mediterranean gardens.

Book Fontvieille Port here

Fontvieille Port quiet 2-pièce overlooking the garden, Fontvieille

Enjoy your stay at Fontvieille Port quiet 2 pièce overlooking the garden

La Maison des Remparts, Monaco City

La Maison des Remparts is a villa nestled on a hill overlooking Port de Fontvieille. The modern and elegant villa offers four comfortable bedrooms where you can enjoy some quiet time with your family. Relish the view, spend some time in front of the fireplace, or let your children enjoy the two indoor hanging swings offered in this family-friendly accommodation.

Book La Maison des Remparts here

Your personal space at La Maison des Remparts

Have a great time at La Maison des Remparts

 1.2 Couples

Couples love Monaco for the blend of romance, fun, tranquillity, and an abundance of entertainment options. Check out where to stay in Monaco to experience the best romantic trip:

Monte Carlo

  • The main entertainment hub;
  • Visit the dazzling Japanese Gardens;
  • Close to all the fun and famous landmarks.


  • Offers a historic and more local atmosphere;
  • Experience romantic moments when visiting the Rock of Monaco;
  • Endless dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

Handpicked accommodations for couples

Central Monaco Studio, Monte Carlo

Right in the heart of Monte Carlo, you will find Central Monaco Studio, a beautiful one-bedroom apartment perfect for couples. The warm and cozy apartment offers an inner courtyard view, but it is within walking distance from the main attractions. Take a stroll to Fisherman Cove or enjoy a show at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco.

Book Central Monaco Studio here

Your own bedroom at Central Monaco Studio

Have a pleasant stay at Central Monaco Studio

Novotel Monte-Carlo, Monaco-Ville

This ultra-modern hotel to stay in Monaco is a couple’s paradise. Close to the Grimaldi Forum and Place du Casino, this accommodation with Riviera-inspired colourful decor is a feast for the eyes. Couples enjoy the gastronomic experience in the hotel’s Azzurra restaurant, after which they walk to the Rock of Monaco to enjoy the romantic scenery.

Book Novotel Monte-Carlo here

Have a lovely stay at Novotel Monte-Carlo

Enjoy your time at Novotel Monte Carlo

1.3 Luxury traveler

As the city is adorned with opulence and exclusivity, luxury travellers needn’t worry about where to stay in Monaco. Every inch of this destination simply screams luxury, but you should specifically check out these areas:

Monte Carlo

  • The poshest and upscale area designed for luxury travellers;
  • The most extravagant and elite accommodations;
  • Finest dining at Michelin-starred restaurants.


  • The most modern neighbourhood, home to burgeoning start-up culture;
  • Showcases the contemporary Monegasque culture;
  • Offers a selection of extravagant 5-star hotels.

Handpicked accommodations for the luxury traveler

Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo – The Leading Hotels of the World, Monte Carlo

Are you looking for the best place to stay in Monaco where you’ll receive treatment fit for royalty? Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo – The Leading Hotels of the World can offer just that. This five-star establishment is all about luxury, glamour, elegance, and serenity. Not to mention your gastronomic experience in one of the 4 restaurants. And if that’s not enough, treat yourself to a “haute couture” spa experience at the Spa Metropole by Givenchy.

Book Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo here

Experience comfort at Hôtel Métropole Monte Carlo

Have a pleasant stay at Hôtel Métropole Monte Carlo

Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Monte Carlo

Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo offers a blend of history and luxury. Located next to Casino de Monaco in a building dating back to 1864, visitors can relax in one of the many elegant and uniquely decorated rooms. The perks of this hotel include a 3 Michelin star restaurant and free entrance to the 7,000 m² Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo spa.

Book Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo here

Private room at Hôtel de Paris Monte Carlo

Enjoy your stay at Hôtel de Paris Monte Carlo

1.4 Design-lovers

Design travellers, Monaco is a must-see destination for you! History, architecture, art galleries, shopping, good food – you name it, the city-state has it! Be sure to check out these areas:

Monte Carlo

  • Finest architectural masterpieces;
  • A haven for shopaholics with a craving for couture fashion;
  • Accommodation in buildings with long historic significance.


  • Accommodations with modern interiors;
  • A real-life art gallery mixing natural beauty and historic architecture;
  • A network of haute-couture shops.

Handpicked accommodations for the design lover

Hôtel Hermitage, Monte Carlo

Design travellers will surely be attracted to the Belle Epoque architecture of centrally-located Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo. Relax in one of the many modern and authentic rooms overlooking the Mediterranean, the Port and Rock of Monaco. Additionally, check out the hotel’s magnificent Eiffel cupola in the Winter Garden or go on a shopping spree in one of the over 50 haute-couture boutiques.

Book Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo here

Personal space at Hôtel Hermitage Monte Carlo

Have a great time at Hôtel Hermitage Monte Carlo

Riviera Marriott Hotel La Porte De Monaco, Fontvieille

Located just on Monaco’s border, relish in the view of the Marina of Cap d’Ali from your room at the Riviera Marriott Hotel to stay in Monaco. The modern and chic interior rooms offer a calm and bright beige colour palette. Stroll the streets of nearby Monaco to do some shopping, or pamper yourself at the private beaches of Naos or Uvita.

Book Riviera Marriott Hotel here

Own bedroom at Riviera Marriott Hotel

Relax and unwind at Riviera Marriott Hotel

1.5 Groups

Monaco is a destination where groups can find plenty to do. There is something for everyone – from playing at casinos to swimming in the waters of the Mediterranean. Groups wondering where to stay in Monaco should check out accommodations in:


  • A busy area with sociable crowds;
  • Plenty of group-friendly accommodation;
  • An abundance of entertainment options.

Monte Carlo

  • Offers possibilities for amazing group tours;
  • A lively area offering numerous types of entertainment;
  • Be part of the Formula 1 circuit.

Handpicked accommodations for groups

Hôtel Columbus Monte Carlo, Fontvieille

With a central location close to the Monaco Train Station, Hôtel Columbus Monte Carlo is a modern and spacious hotel suitable for groups. Enjoy an all-day dining experience, relax by the outdoor pool, or have a drink in the lifestyle bar. Groups can also have a chat in one of the separate seating areas in the rooms, with a view of the Princess Grace Rose Garden.

Book Columbus Hotel Monte-Carlo here

Single bedroom at Hôtel Columbus Monte Carlo

Have a pleasant stay at Columbus Hotel Monte Carlo

Big Bright New Apt Next to Casino, Monte Carlo

Big Bright New Apt is noted as one of the best places to stay in Monaco because of the walking distance to the Solarium and Larvotto beaches, and Fisherman Cove. For those who prefer some fun, you can always visit the nearby Grimaldi Forum. Nevertheless, you can always have a private moment in one of the many modern, spacious, and bright rooms.

Book Big Bright New Apt  here

Make yourself at home at Big Bright New Apt Next to Casino

Enjoy your time at Big Bright New Apt Next to Casino

1.6 Solo-travelers

Solo travellers can never feel alone in Monaco, as it is one of the busiest destinations in Europe. To have the best experience, choose accommodation in one of these areas:

Monte Carlo

  • It’s a popular area with sociable crowds;
  • Safety is guaranteed here;
  • Solo travellers will never lack entertainment and company.

La Condamine

  • Centrally located and easy to navigate;
  • Offers many opportunities to see the authentic Monaco life;
  • Access to the market offering local and fresh produce.

Handpicked accommodations for a solo traveler

Boutique Hotel Miramar

Only 1.7 km from CHapiteau of Monaco, Boutique Hotel Miramar offers stunning sea views. This unrealistically beautiful and modern hotel is perfect for solo travellers. It has the absolute best location that solo travellers will love due to the closeness of attractions.

If you’re into shopping, Monte-Carlo Shopping Promenade is close by, and if you are an F1 fan, you can visit the tunnel of the F1 racetrack.

Book Boutique Hotel Miramar here

Private room at Boutique Hotel Miramar

Have a pleasant stay at Boutique Hotel Miramar

Fairmont Monte Carlo

Solo travellers can enjoy their rest from the stroll around Monaco in modern rooms equipped with bathtubs for that extra pinch of relaxation. The hotel is close to the centre and the beach so singles don’t have to bother with paying a lot of money for transportation.

Book Fairmont Monte Carlo here

Relax and unwind at Fairmont Monte Carlo

Have a great time at Fairmont Monte Carlo

1.7 Nightlife Traveler

Considered the entertainment center on the coast, nightlife-seeking travellers won’t have to wonder where to stay in Monaco. Offering a vibrant nightlife, expect to have a blast like never before. The following areas offer the best places to stay:

Casino Square

  • A small square with so much to offer;
  • A glamorous nightlife location;
  • A spot where the rich gather.

Carré d’Or (Golden Square)

  • Offers year-round entertainment and cultural events
  • Home to the legendary Monte-Carlo Buddha Bar
  • High-end fine dining experiences

Handpicked accommodations for nightlife

New Designer Studio, Casino Square

New Designer Studio is located in the heart of the entertainment area. Visit the nearby popular Solarium and Larvotto beaches by day and party in the famous nightclubs by night. This modern and fashionable apartment is well-connected with all public transportation services.

Book New Designer Studio here

Experience comfort at New Designer Studio next to Casino Square with AC & Internet

Have a wonderful stay at New Designer Studio next to Casino Square with AC & Internet

Le Méridien Beach Plaza

Nightlife-seeking travellers will love the centrally-located Le Meridien Beach Plaza. Have a fabulous dinner in the superb restaurant or grab a drink at the rooftop terrace bar If you feel lucky, visit the world-famous Casino de Monte Carlo for a fabulous gambling experience.

Book Le Méridien Beach Plaza here

Private room at Le Méridien Beach Plaza

Have a pleasant stay at Le Méridien Beach Plaza

1.8 For the Budget Traveler

You may think Monaco has nothing to offer budget travelers, but you’ll be surprised. So many places offer budget-friendly accommodations, including the following:

Quartier du Port

  • Home to impressive attractions;
  • Fantastic budget-friendly accommodations;
  • It boasts many gardens and parks and offers stunning views.


  • Offers beautiful sandy beaches and sports facilities;
  • Home to many popular attractions;
  • Many celebrities have resided here.

Handpicked accommodations for budget traveler

Hôtel de France, Quartier du Port

Hôtel de France is a warm, clean, modern hotel, perfect for budget travellers. This place to stay in Monaco is within walking distance of the train station and all the major attractions. Budget travellers will also find a whole selection of restaurants and bars near the hotel.

Book Hôtel de France here

Have a great time at Hôtel de France

Personal space at Hôtel de France

New Apart, Monaco, BnbRicKeys, Les Salines

Just meters from the Monaco border, New Apart is located on the top of Les Salines. This charming and tastefully decorated apartment, suitable for budget travellers, offers a spectacular view of the Monaco Rock. You can enjoy a walk to all the main attractions or have some fun at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco.

Book New Apart here

Own bedroom at New Apart, Monaco, BnbRicKeys

Have a pleasant stay at New Apart, Monaco, BnbRicKeys

2. Best Neighborhood to Stay in Monaco

As you can already imagine, Monaco is a destination suitable for all types of travellers, despite what you may have believed before. Here are the areas you should not miss out on.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is Monaco’s classy and fancy administrative center that every type of traveller will love. It offers a mixture of cultural, natural, and financial extravaganza. Luxury, design, and night-seeking travellers will feel right at home staying at one of the most elite and scandalously expensive hotels. On the other hand, families, solo, and budget travellers can enjoy the natural beauty and abundance of attractions while staying at some of the most modern and cozy accommodations.


Fontvieille is considered to be one of the coolest places to stay in Monaco. A modern neighbourhood suitable for all types of travellers, it’s home to the burgeoning start-up culture. This lavish and extravagant area was built on reclaimed land right next to the French border.

La Condamine

Make a stop at La Condamine to get a taste of the local cuisine and culture and see the city’s main market, Place D’Armes. This peaceful, safe neighbourhood, where the larger streets showcase Monaco’s authentic side, is perfect for families and solo travellers. Those looking for glamour and excitement, visit in May and be a part of the spectacular Monaco Grand Prix and maybe meet a celebrity.


Monaco City is home to some of the most famous cultural landmarks. All travellers will enjoy visiting the scenic Rock of Monaco, a monolith overlooking Port Hercules and the Mediterranean Sea. Calmer than its neighbour, Monaco Ville offers a taste of local Monegasque culture. It offers accommodation for everyone’s pocket with an added touch of extravagance.

3. FAQs

What is the best neighborhood to stay in Monaco?

For a first-time visit, Monte Carlo is recommended as the best neighborhood in Monaco. It is the epitome of luxury and offers a blend of cultural, natural, and financial experiences. It is home to iconic landmarks such as the Monte Carlo Casino, Opera House, and Hotel de Paris.

Where should you not stay in Monaco?

The guide does not explicitly mention areas to avoid in Monaco. However, the recommendations focus on different preferences and travel styles, ensuring that each type of traveler finds suitable accommodations in various neighborhoods, including Fontvieille, La Condamine, and Monaco-Ville.

What should I avoid in Monaco?

While the guide doesn't explicitly mention things to avoid, visitors to Monaco, like any other destination, should be mindful of local customs and etiquette. It's advisable to respect the local culture, adhere to dress codes in certain places, and be aware of the high-end lifestyle. Additionally, visitors should gamble responsibly if they choose to try their luck at the casinos.

Where should I stay in Monaco for the first time?

For a first-time visit, the guide recommends staying in Monte Carlo. This area is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle, iconic landmarks, and entertainment options. Monte Carlo is home to the famous Monte Carlo Casino, Opera House, and Hotel de Paris, providing visitors with a quintessential Monaco experience.

4. Map + All Sights

5. Summary where to stay in Monaco

And there you have it – we completed our hand-picked list of the best places when it comes to where to stay in Monaco. Pack your bags and go off to the enchanting world of Monaco!

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