35 most Beautiful Cities to visit in France (Map + Itinerary)

35 most Beautiful Cities to visit in France to put on your Bucket List (with Itinerary)

France is one of the most touristic countries in the world. There is good reason for that.

It has amazing cities, villages, landscape and culture

We created a big list of the 35 most beautiful cities to visit in France.

You should add all these places in France to your bucket list. There is no way around it.

In order to make things easier for you, we created a map of France with cities that are worth to visit.

That will help you to plan your 10 days in France, your round trip or your travel plans overall. Anyways, I personally love to plan my travels with an actual map, so I thought that will be handy for you too.

We also wrote:

List of 35 best places to visit in France

This is your inspirational list of the best and most beautiful cities to visit.

To simplify it for you, I created a map and put all towns on it. You find this map at the end of the article.

This list also includes Paris.

Why? Simply because it is gorgeous. You have to visit the French capital as well. I know it sounds obvious, but I just wanted to emphasize this.

Okay, let us get started:

  1. Mont Saint Michel
  2. St Malo
  3. Bayeux
  4. Le Havre
  5. Rouen
  6. Paris
  7. Amiens
  8. Lille
  9. Strasbourg
  10. Chateau du Haut Koenigsbourg
  11. Colmar
  12. Eguisheim
  13. Besancon
  14. Dijon
  15. Annecy
  16. Grenoble
  17. Lyon
  18. Verdon Gorge
  19. Bormes les Mimosas
  20. Cassis
  21. Marseille
  22. Aix en Provence
  23. Avignon
  24. Uzès
  25. Nímes
  26. Aigues Mortes
  27. Saintes Maries de la mer
  28. Collioure
  29. Carcassonne
  30. Ariege
  31. Toulouse
  32. Montauban
  33. Biarritz
  34. Bayonne
  35. La Rochelle

Remember, we put all cities on the map.

We starte in the North-East and went clock-wise around France. Take notes of the cities you would love to visit.

35 most Beautiful Cities to visit in France

1. Mont Saint Michel

When it comes to places to visit in France, Mont Saint Michel cannot be missed.

There is no way around it.

This majestic castle is settled above the water. With low tide you can walk over.

Click on the video to get amazed. It is incredibly beautiful – and even better in real-life.

2. St Malo

Tall granite walls and the sea shore right in front of you. This tiny village with only 45.000 inhabitants is located in the Brittany, in France’s northwest coast line.

It also took an important role during WW2.

The best way to get here is by car.

St Malo in France

Photo by @thierrybegoud

3. Bayeux

The highlight of tiny Bayeux is its medieval city center and the Tapisserie de Bayeux.

This is a 11th-century tapestry depicting the 1066 Norman invasion of England.

You can park your car in the city center and wander around. Wander the cobbled streets and take endlessly great shots for your travel album.

Bayeux in France

photo by @gabri_ang97

4. Le Havre

Another highlight along the Northern Coast: Le Havre.

It is known for its artsy scene and the endless walks along the boardwalk. In ww2 git got heavily damaged and the city center itself is rebuild. Nevertheless, it’s beautiful!

Cities to visit in France: Le Havre in North France

5. Rouen

Following the river Seine from Paris, you will end up here, in Rouen.

The Roman era and Middle Ages formed the city of Rouen until today.

I loved wandering around the old town. There is also many beautiful churches you can enter for free. It is not a very touristic city, so that is a big plus too.

On your way from Paris to the Normandie, you can stop here and walk around for 2 hours.

7 Days in France, Rouen should be on your roundtrip

Photo by @kings through

6. Paris

The French Capital of Paris is always in the top 10 cities in France.

It is such a cliché, but it is always true.

We wrote a big guide to one week in Paris.

It covers everything you need to know to have a great time.

Most likely your trip around the country will start and end here. Plan accordingly and spend a few days here in the City of Love.

I recommend staying here for 3 nights. Find a great Airbnb near the Eiffel Tower (just add Paris Eiffel tower on the search bar and press search).

This gives you time to explore the romantic area of Montmartre, climb up the Eiffel Tower and take a river cruise at night or right before sunset.

The Louvre is obviously not to miss as well. Just make sure you get your skip-the-line ticket for Louvre.

Same goes for the island of Notre Dame and the Champs-Élysées.

Here is a full list of 27 Fun Things to do in Paris.

10 Days in France: Paris has to be on your list

photo by @theliamman

7. Amiens

Amiens is by divided by the Somme river and is known for its Gothic Amiens Cathedral overlooking the city.

I love to come here just to sit down in one of the many cafés. Order a Café au lait and Croissant; thank me later!

Same as Rouen, it is not a super overrun touristy place.

The cathedral has the same Gothic style as Notre Dame in Paris, very beautiful! Go up here and enjoy the scenery!

Amiens Cathedral in France

photo by @audrey_hncq

8. Lille

Up in the North, Lille is one of the places to see in France.

The city center is filled with plenty of shops, it is very popular to come here for shopping.

The highlight is the medieval castle and old town.

Lille is a very indus