Most beautiful cities to visit in Spain

41 Most beautiful cities to visit in Spain

Spain is known as a beautiful country. Smiley people, good weather and big cities like Madrid and Barcelona are known worldwide. Nevertheless, there are many other beautiful cities to visit in Spain.

In addition to these well-known destinations, Spain also offers charming smaller cities that are just as captivating.

I collected here 41 beautiful cities to visit in Spain. You will find nice beaches, hidden waterfalls, cities on slopes, dwell caves, preserved medieval towns… as well as cities with impressive views.

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Relax, take a comfy seat, and keep scrolling to add to your list the prettiest cities to add to your bucket list.

I am sure you will be amazed by this list, and you will wish you had more time to travel around Spanish cities.

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I did elaborate on a Road trip playlist, the perfect soundtrack to your tour.

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Wait until you have some tapas and wines on your hand… It will be E-pic.

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Best cities to visit in Spain

Spain is a treasure trove of beautiful cities just waiting for your adventurous spirit! Picture yourself wandering through the medieval enchantment of Toledo, tapping your feet to the lively rhythms of Seville’s flamenco, or being awe-inspired by the architectural wonderland of Barcelona.

Dive into the free tapas culture of Granada or soak up the Mediterranean vibes of Cadaques. With so much history, culture, and natural beauty to explore, Spain is like a colorful palette of cities just waiting for you to dip your brush into!

Get ready to travel to Spain!

1. Ronda

This picturesque port city in Malaga has an unconventional location.

It is located on top of a cliff… overlooking a deep gorge.

Can you imagine the views from there?

See the wonderful views of Ronda, Spain

2. Seville (Sevilla)

Sevilla is the capital of Andalucia, a Spanish city. There, you can enjoy the Spanish character at its fullest:

  • cheap tapas
  • flamenco
  • funny people…

Don’t miss the royal palace, called Alcázar. It is an amazing, colorful place full of history.

It is always busy. Therefore, I recommend you to buy your tickets in advance.

Buy your tickets here to skip the queue.

3. Cadaques

This beautiful white town directly on the Mediterranean Sea is not far from Barcelona, just around 2 hours drive.

Nevertheless, reaching it with public transport takes you much more time.

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Cadaqués has been an inspirational place for many artist, such as Salvador Dalí.

Wanna see why?

4. Granada

Home of the magnificent Alhambra Palace, Granada is a beautiful city full of character.

Plus, they have plenty of free tapas bar. Let me explain it:

You buy a drink. You get a Tapa for FREE.

In some bars, you can even choose the Tapa you want. A Tapas paradise.

5. Galera, Andalucia

White houses blending with the rocks.

This beautiful Andalusian city is just around an hour and a half from Granada.

Galera is full of houses carved out on the mountain.

Meaning… You can get your Hobbit Experience!

There are many cave dwellings around the town.

See the white houses in the mountain in Galera, Spain

6. Albarracin

This beautiful medieval city is perched on a mountaintop, around 1100 meters above the sea.

His narrow, cobbled streets, together with the reddish color (due to the materials used) will make you feel at the medieval ages.

It is said that Albarracin is unspoiled by modernization.

Go and enjoy beautiful, starry nights.

Visit the beautiful medieval city perched on a mountaintop

7. Besalu

This medieval gem in the middle of Catalonia is just around 2 hours away by public transport from Barcelona. It is perfect for a day trip from Barcelona.

Here you have also more day trips from Barcelona.

Take a photo of the fortified bridge, get in the medieval town, and sit in a stone house restaurant to enjoy the Catalan cuisine.

Walk on the fortified bridge and see the medieval town of Besalu, Spain

8. Cudillero (Asturias)

Cudilleros is a village on a slope directly on the Atlantic Coast. It is full of colorful houses.

If you look at it from the top, you will see its form. It looks like an amphitheater!

Perfect spot to shot thousand of Instagram photos.

The night lightening makes it even cuter.

We totally recommend staying overnight in Cudillero.

9. Cordoba

Cordoba is known for its white houses with beautiful courtyards (called patios).

During the month of May, many houses located in the old town compete for the best courtyard.

Nevertheless, due to the good weather, you can visit some patios all year long.

Check out the final dates for Patios de Cordoba here (unfortunately, only the Spanish version is working).

Psst… Don’t forget to visit the stunning Mosque-Cathedral. It is really impressive.

Explore the white houses and beautiful courtyards of Cordoba, Spain

10. Alquezar

This off-the-beaten-track medieval city sits on an outcrop over deep canyons.

It is a great city if you want to experience adrenaline.

Between the activities:

  • canyoning
  • jumping to the river in Salto de Alquezar
  • bathing on the river
  • suspension walkways

Not an adrenaline junkie? No worries. you can just wander along, or have a drink on a terrace enjoying beautiful views.

11. Mijas, Malaga

White houses, narrow cobbled streets…and epic views.

There is no wonder to see that Mijas is a beloved city.

Wander along the cute streets, and make sure you go to the top of the city for the sunset.

The colors are stunning.

White houses, cobbled streets, and amazing views await you in Mijas, Malaga

12. Calatañazor

With only 70 inhabitants, this medieval village is a door to the past.

Full of 18th-century old farmhouses with wood arcades, there are 3 words to describe Calatañazor:

Old, authentic, and medieval

Calatañazor is located in Castilla y León.

The best way to reach it is by car.

Go back in time and see the old, authentic, and medieval Calatañazor Spain

13. Santillana del Mar

Santillana del Mar is known as the city of the 3 lies, as:

  • It is not Holy – Santa
  • It is not flat –  Llana
  • or on the see – del Mar

Nevertheless, is still a cute village to visit.

Half-timbered houses, built out of warm, local stone and a beautiful. Plus a Romanesque-style church dated from the 1100s, with a complete set of a cloister.

You can also go to the beach, Playa de Santa Justa, and enjoy the fantastic scenery.

Santillana Del Mar is a cute village that is worth to visit

14. Frigiliana

This picturesque village on the Costa del Sol is truly one of a kind.

Whitewashed houses with red slate roofs provide a stunning contrast with the blue skies.

Frigiliana is situated at 300 meters above sea level.

Wander up the hillside through the cobbled streets and fill your camera with joy with each pastel door you will find.

Stop on the viewpoints and end your day on one of the many rooftop restaurants.

Enjoy authentic Spanish tapas overlooking the village and the valley below.

15. Granadilla

Don’t let the name fool you, Granadilla is not near Granada, but 600 km away, in Cáceres.

Granadilla is one of the most spectacular abandoned villages in Spain.

Surrounded by water from a curious swamp  (it has a male name: Gabriel y Galán) you will find this cute village.

To cross the wall, you will have to check the opening hours.

Yes, this abandoned village has a schedule to visit it.

16. Formentera

Home of one of the best beaches in the world, Ses Illetes Beach, Formentera will surprise you.

The smallest island on the Balearic islands will translate you to the Caribbean.

Clear, turquoise watercolors, white sands, and plenty of fishes underwater.

Time to snorkel around!

Formentera can only be reached by boat.

The best connection to get to Formentera is from Ibiza, known as the party island in Spain.

17. Caminito del Rey

OK, OK… this is not a village.

Yet worth it to visit it. Caminito del Rey is one of the most impressive walkways in Spain.

Located near Málaga, The king’s little pathway is a walkway, pinned along the steeps walls of a narrow gorge. Not suitable for people with a fear of Heights.

As it is a linear route, not circular. You will end at a totally different point you started.

That is why I do totally recommend to get an organized trip to Caminito del Rey.

18. Toledo

Known as the “Imperial City” and “The City of the three cultures”, Toledo is a cultural heritage.

Located in Central Spain, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986.

Toledo will fulfill your expectations: alleyways, open squares and plenty of ancient buildings:

  • The Cathedral
  • Monastery
  • Greco Museum
  • Alcázar
  • Synagogue

Go inside the walls and get lost in Toledo. It is part of the charm.

Don’t forget to get outside the walls!

There you can get a panoramic view of the ancient city.

Toledo is also known as known as the "Imperial City" and "The City of the three cultures"

19. Bocairent

Located between Valencia and Alicante, Bocairent will surprise you. This cute tiny village located on a mountain is beautiful all around.

Furthermore, just around 300m from the village, you will find a surprising Cave.

Covetes dels Moros are artificial caves on a mountain.

From the outside, you will see around 50 windows on the rock. Yes, you can go inside!

Nowadays, they still don’t know the exact purpose of these caves.

Surround yourself in a mountain in Bocairent Spain

20. La Gomera

known as the Magical Island, La Gomera is a small island on the Canary Islands.

Measuring barely 20 km from North to south, this island is an ecological treasure:

  • huge canyons
  • small beaches set between cliffs
  • black-sand beaches
  • palm-covered valleys
  • laurel rain forest
  • lush vegetation

It is said, La Gomera is one of the best diving spots in Spain.

Join a diving course and discover why this island got declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

21. Barcelona

This list would not be completed without my beloved Barcelona, one of the best cities in Spain.

Known as a walking museum due to its impressive architecture. In the heart of the city, you can explore the historic Gothic Quarter with its medieval streets, hidden squares, and Gothic architecture that transport you back in time.

You will also find galleries, good restaurants, beaches, and many great experiences.  Don’t forget to visit the stunning Gothic Cathedral, Guggenheim Museum, and the iconic Sagrada Familia in the city.

We collected all the information about Barcelona, such as:

As well as much other information.

Check all the Barcelona information here.

Barcelona will surely keep you busy on your visit to this city

22. Teguise

With a beautiful Castle on the edge of the Spanish city, Teguise offers not only a beautiful city but also good weather all year around.

Teguise is located in Lanzarote, one of the volcanic Canary Islands.

Immaculate white low rise buildings surrounded by a volcanic landscape.

The beautiful town has also an old windmill.

Surreal beautiful!

Have a wonderful time at the beach in Teguise Spain

23. Peratallada

A fairytale medieval town in Costa Brava.

The whole village is carved in stone from the moat which surrounds Peratallada.

In fact, its name means literally carved stone.

Its narrow streets look like a maze. The castle stands in the middle of the village.

Furthermore, the inhabitants love plants.

The plants hang from the balconies and climb the walls, turning it into a mystical place.

Peratallada is a fairytale medieval town in Costa Brava

24. La Alberca

Stone houses with gorgeous geometrical wooden frameworks.

Balconies are full of beautiful and colorful plants.

Go through the little narrow stone streets and end your walk on the main square.

The main square is the heart of the village.

La Alberca is located around 70 km south of the famous Salamanca but has much more charm and fewer tourists.

Be amazed with the geometrical wooden frameworks of houses in La Alberca Spain

25. Urederra

Probably one of northern Spain’s best-kept secrets.

Around an hour from Logroño, you will find Urederra National Park.

Urederra means literally Beautiful water. And you will see why.

The park is a series of connected natural pools and waterfalls in the woods.

Bright green trees contrast with glowing blue pools.

It will blow up your mind.

26. Siurana

A small village perched on a rock, overlooking at the Siurana Reservoir.

Popular among climbers due to the challenging walls, this city has remained secret for many others.

I am sure it will become popular among Instagrammers soon.

It’s stone cobbled streets are called land of princesses.

Psst… Don’t forget to visit the beautiful Romanesque church.

27. Calaceite

Located on the western side of a hill in Aragon, around 2 hours from Barcelona.

This village preserves many buildings from the 18th century: a parish church, monumental facades, and

ancient buildings.

Don’t forget to try their small pastries called “flaonets”. A village delicatessen.

See the preserved buildings and monuments in Calaceite Spain

28. Deia, Mallorca

Mallorca is a touristic island near Barcelona.

Nevertheless, it was still untouched places, like Deia.

This village on the North of the Island offers you hippy vibes and a wild beach.

29. Donostia

Home of one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, Playa de la Concha, and an International Film Festival, San Sebastian Film Festival, Donostia has become one of the most touristic places in Spain.

Complete your visit with a Tapas hopping feast.

In this area, the Basque Country, the local Tapas are called Pintxos.

30. Cuenca

Looking for unique places to visit in Spain? The setting could not be more spectacular, (or strategic).

Known for its famous gravity-challenging hanging houses, Cuenca made it to the UNESCO listing.

But don’t think that is all.

The famous hanging houses (Casas Colgadas) offers a deeper surprise.

Some of them are now home to modern galleries.

The iconic buildings mix tradition with contemporary art.

31. Cíes

Cíes are three islands located in Galicia, North-west of Spain.

known for the locals as Galician Seychelles, Cíes is part of the Atlantic Islands National Park.

Take a ferry and see it yourself.

32. Javea

Whitewashed houses, emerald waves, sandy beaches, and nice caves.

If you do like snorkeling, Javea will be a paradise for you!

Enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and end your day with a meal on the beach.

The local restaurants on the beach are called “Chiringuito”.

33. Ubeda y Baeza

Located in the heart of Jaen, Ubeda y Baeza got also the UNESCO designation.

Façades of carved stones, whitewashed houses, and green olive grooves all around.

It could not get more Spanish than that.

You will find many green olive grooves all around Ubeda y Baeza

34. Segovia

Known for its majestic Aqueduct, this beautiful city is only 30 minutes by speed train from Madrid.

Stroll through the old town and see how its streets still boast medieval structures.

Segovia is only a 30 minutes by speed train from Madrid

35. Girona

Located near Barcelona, Girona is am unpretentious, livable city.

Medieval walls, cobbled lanes, and Catalan cuisine all around will steal your heart.

Not convinced?

What if I tell you Girona is a Game of Thrones set?

Yes, the Cathedral of Girona is home to the Great Sept in Season 6.

Find out where the famous Game of Thrones was filmed in Girona Spain

36. Combarro

Located in Rias Baixas, and known for its White wine production, Combarro is one of the most beautiful villages of Galicia (and Spain).

Traditional sailor houses, granaries, and roadside cross from the 18th Century.

Plus a fishermen harbor that still maintains a fleet of boats dedicated to inshore fishing.

37. Mogarraz

This beautiful village has not only the cute typical architecture of the area.

On the houses façades, there are paintings of inhabitants or people who used to lived there.

An original idea beloved by all visitors.

Enjoy the beautiful flowers around Mogarraz Spain

38. Nerja

This city full of ex-pats is located just 50 km from Málaga.

Once a sleepy fishing village, it is not surprising that many people decide to stay longer:

Sun, food, caves, and culture plus stunning beaches to get a quality life.

39. Olite

Olite might be a small village, but it is so charming.

Home of the Royal Palace, a Castle that looks like Disneyland, it is one of the top places to visit in Navarra.

Visit a castle like Disneyland in Olite Spain

40. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Unpronounceable name, I know!

But write it down and do not miss it, because it is impressive.

This islet connected to the peninsula by a 2 arches bridge has been the scenery of the Dragonstone in Game of thrones.

Walk along the glory footbridge and feel like John Snow and Daenerys.

41. Menorca

I know, I know… Menorca s not a city, but an island.

But it has so many beautiful spots that I could not decide to share only one with you.

Menorca is just a 30 minutes flight from Barcelona. It can also be reached by boat.

To enjoy the island at its fullest, rent a car and hit the road!

Note: To get to the most lonely and stunning beaches, you will have to walk around 30 minutes.

You will love island of Menorca Spain with its beautiful waters

Map with all sights

I love to move around freely and with no rushes. Here are some travel tips:

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A great time saver!

Good to know:

  • If you are a beach lover: remain East and South. Water is warmer.
  • If you hate warm weather, I recommend you to explore the North. It is beautiful and not crowded.
  • For those who enjoy winter sports, the Sierra Nevada offers fantastic skiing opportunities and a variety of tourist attractions.

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What is the best time to visit these cities for pleasant weather?

The best time to visit these cities for pleasant weather is typically during spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) when the temperatures are mild, and there are fewer crowds.

Are these cities safe for tourists?

Generally, these cities are safe for tourists. Like any other destination, it's essential to take common-sense precautions, such as safeguarding your belongings and being aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas.

Which city is famous for its architectural wonders?

Barcelona is renowned for its architectural wonders, particularly the iconic Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and the unique buildings designed by architect Antoni Gaudí.

Where can I experience traditional Spanish culture and flamenco dancing?

Seville is known for its vibrant flamenco culture, and you can experience traditional Spanish culture in cities like Granada and Cordoba with their historic neighborhoods, festivals, and cuisine.

Which cities are known for their beautiful beaches?

Cities like Valencia, Barcelona, and San Sebastian offer beautiful beaches along their coastlines, where you can relax, swim, and enjoy the Mediterranean or Atlantic views.

Summary: The Best Places to Go in Spain

Convinced that Spain has many spots worth visiting?

In this list, you have 41 beautiful cities in different places.

To make it easy, you can check all the places on the map above.

If you have more time to travel, check also:

If you need help planning your trip, you can contact me here.

I will be more than glad to solve any doubt you might have.

Do you have any other favorite city which should be included on this list?

Comment below, I am always happy to check new spots.

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Most beautiful cities to visit in Spain

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