Most beautiful cities to visit in Spain

41 Most beautiful cities to visit in Spain

Most beautiful cities to visit in SpainSpain is known as a beautiful country. Smiley people, good weather and big cities like Madrid and Barcelona are known worldwide. Nevertheless, there are many other beautiful cities to visit in Spain.

I collected here 41 beautiful cities to visit in Spain. You will find nice beaches, hidden waterfalls, cities on slopes, dwell caves, preserved medieval towns… as well as cities with impressive views.

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The most beautiful cities to visit in Spain

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1. Ronda

This picturesque city in Malaga has an unconventional location.

It is located on top of a cliff… overlooking a deep gorge.

Can you imagine the views from there?

See the wonderful views of Ronda, Spain

2. Sevilla

Sevilla is the capital of Andalucia. There, you can enjoy the Spanish character at its fullest:

  • cheap tapas
  • flamenco
  • funny people…

Don’t miss the royal palace, called Alcázar. It is an amazing, colorful place full of history.

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3. Cadaques

This beautiful white town directly on the Mediterranean Sea is not far from Barcelona, just around 2 hours drive.

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Cadaqués has been an inspirational place for many artist, such as Salvador Dalí.

Wanna see why?

4. Granada

Home of the magnificent Alhambra Palace, Granada is a beautiful city full of character.

Plus, they have plenty of free tapas bar. Let me explain it:

You buy a drink. You get a Tapa for FREE.

In some bars, you can even choose the Tapa you want. A Tapas paradise.

5. Galera, Andalucia

White houses blending with the rocks.

This beautiful Andalusian city is just around an hour and a half from Granada.

Galera is full of houses carved out on the mountain.

Meaning… You can get your Hobbit Experience!

There are many cave dwellings around the town. Finding them on Airbnb couldn’t be easier.

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See the white houses in the mountain in Galera, Spain

6. Albarracin

This beautiful medieval city is perched on a mountaintop, around 1100 meters above the sea.

His narrow, cobbled streets, together with the reddish color (due to the materials used) will make you feel at the medieval ages.

It is said that Albarracin is unspoiled by modernization.

Go and enjoy beautiful, starry nights.