Things to do in Barcelona when it rains

29 Things to do in Barcelona when it rains – Insider guide Eating Tapas, Dancing and Hot Chocolate

So, what are some things to do in Barcelona when it rains?

I am assuming you found yourself in Barcelona while it’s raining?

First of all: Sorry from my end!

It does not rain that often, but when it does, well, it pours. We know our hometown inside out, and the rainy season in Barcelona can be unpredictable.

Obviously, we experienced many rainy days over the days. Naturally, we swapped the beach for the museums and Plaça Espanya for a beautiful restaurant.

We want to stay indoor to avoid getting wet, right?

Well, technically yes.

BUT there is a BUT…

When it rains, half the city gets empty and people get away from the streets looking for shelters such as cafés, bars, malls, you name it.

We give you our best on the hands.

It includes indoor activities as well as some ideas on staying outside.

You might get a bit wet.

However, it will be worth it, I promise.

29 Things to do in Barcelona when it rains

Get an umbrella or throw on your poncho.

Here is the ultimate list of activities to make the best out of rainy Barcelona. My complete list about

1. Join a cooking Class

We seriously love cooking. Let’s stay inside and get to know culture. When it rains in Barcelona, how about you learn to cook a handmade Paella?

This is time well spend! There is a ton of cool paella cooking classes.

We visited a cooking class in Barcelona and have a great time.


Taste an authentic Paella
Best Places to eat in BCN

2. Escape Room

Have you ever tried to escape from a locked room? Pack your friends and check out one of the many escape rooms in Barcelona.

What is an Escape Room?

You will be locked into a room to find glues and solve puzzles. There are many different themes to pick from.

The goal is to find the last key to open the final door and escape the room.

It is 100% fun.

We tried some in Prague, Skopje, Strasbourg…really perfect for a rainy day!

Here you have some escape rooms in Barcelona:

Escape room. Will you make it on time?

3. Laser Tag

Barney Stinson would be proud!

Get a laser tag and meet your friends at the battle field. There are a couple of providers around the city.

We just found Play point Barcelona.

4. Wine and/or Cava Tasting

Another indoor activity, but totally different: WINE TASTINGS!! Yes, Spain is a wine country and especially Catalonia is known for its famous Cava.

It is the Catalan answer to french Champagne. Join a wine tasting and become part of the sommelier world.

You can check all Barcelona wine tours here.

A not to serious warning from my end:

You will love Cava and Wine so much, you might wanna bring home some bottles as well. Leave some room in your luggage for that.

Wine tasting Barcelona

5. Have a hoooooot chocolate (with Churros)

The non-alcoholic way to sneak away from a rainy, grey day is having a hot, creamy chocolate.

And I know just the place: La Nena in Gracia.

It is a family friendly place where kids can play board games and draw.

There is no WiFi and the team encourages the guests to chat along instead of staring at a flat screen.

I really enjoyed this.

The board games are obviously not limited to kids hands.

Enjoy chocolate con churros

6. Have a coffee

Confession time: I love coffee.

Whenever I want to work outside in a café, I love to check out new design-led coffees. The only requirement: Creamy delicious coffee!

Here is my list of 13 best coffee places in Barcelona.

It covers as well the hipster coffee spots.

I also included cafés without WiFi.

Best coffee shops Barcelona - ultimate List

7. How about Brunch?

Breakfast? Lunch? BRUNCH!

Brunch is very popular in Barcelona, especially on the weekends.

Have a brunch any time between 9am and 4pm.

Great places for Brunch in Barcelona I recommend are:

I also enjoy Brunch at Casa Bonay.

I recommend Casa Bonay as well for staying overnight. I included it in my guide to where to stay in Barcelona for first-time visitors.

Best coffee shops Barcelona Espai Joliu

8. Bus Touristic

Let us talk about the touristic highlights and sights you can visit when it is raining.

The best way to get around under this circumstances, is Bus Turistic.

You can buy the Bus Turistic tickets here.

The Tourist Bus brings you straight to the different hotspots.

It is easier and faster than the metro (and cheaper than taxi).

So, what’s worth it to visit then? Trips to some of Barcelona’s iconic attractions and landmarks.

Bus Touristc Barcelona

9. Sagrada Familia

On a rainy day, you can STILL visit La Sagrada Familia in the Catalan capital. You will be indoors, getting blown away by genius Antoni Gaudi.

A small con: Photos from the facade will likely be more beautiful on a sunny day.

Either way, it is still worth it!

Pro tip: Get your ticket beforehand!

This way you can skip the 1-2 hour line in front of the building. Even when it’s raining, there is a queue to get inside.

We have seen it so many times.

Skip the line and buy your ticket beforehand, or consider joining a guided tour for a more informative and organized visit.

It is the same price and it only comes with advantages.

Buy your Skip-The-Line Ticket here

Sagrada Familia

10. Casa Batllo and Casa Mila

The same goes for Casa Batllo. When it is raining, the queues here are usually much smaller. However, I can’t guarantee you this.

It is better to purchase the ticket in advance.

You can buy your Casa Batlló ticket here.

That way, you won’t have to queue.

The Casa Mila, known as La Pedrera is also a good option. It’s just 2 blocks away from Casa Mila, and equally gorgeous. The difference? There are actually people living in Casa Mila.

Get your Casa Batllo Ticket here

Casa Mila

11. Barcelona Cathedral

Another highlight to visit and being indoors is the Cathedral.

This majestic building is right in the Old Town, the Gothic Quarter.

On some events there is a small entrance fee.

Remember to wear appropriate clothing as you are entering a church.

12. Wander Las Ramblas

You know what I love when it is raining in Barcelona?

The city can be half empty, and I get to enjoy a unique view of the Catalan capital.

I have it all for myself!

Spanish and Catalan people really do not like rain and tourist usually run inside as well.

This is where the umbrella can shine with all its glory.

Start at Placa Catalunya and wander along the famous Las Ramblas.

On your way down to the harbor, you will pass on the right-hand La Boqueria Market, and for those interested in traditional Spanish culture, there’s even the option to visit a bull fighting ring.

Las Ramblas

13. La Boqueria Market

La Boqueria Market can get crowded when it rains.

Keep this in mind.

However, usually it is not. La Boqueria is covered with a roof. Get lost here, try different local and international dishes.

Boqueria Market

And most of all: get a fresh smoothie.

It will keep you healthy and pump up your body with fresh vitamins. A good idea to stay healthy on your trip.

Pro Tip: Never buy anything on the entrance. Prices are higher here.

I always walk straight inside.

When entering from the main entrance, I walk 3 stalls inside and then to the right. This is where I get my vegetables, fruits…and smoothies!

Boqueria Market in Barcelona

14. Bowling

That is a classic, right?!

There are a couple of Bowling areas around the city. The one I went to is right behind Camp Nou, the stadium of FC Barcelona.

It is called Bowling Pedralbes.

You pay per person and per matches. You can also eat here.

On the side, you will find as well Foosball tables, air hockey and more games.

15. Eat, eat, eat

The number one thing to do with bad  (even with good) weather in Barcelona is the Cooking Class. I have to say it again, seriously!

That being said, eating out is another kind of hobby of mine.

The cuisine is absolutely incredible here and you can choose from so many different styles.

Here is a list of restaurants I love:

Find all my favorite restaurants in Barcelona here.

Relax in Gracia, Barcelona

16. SPA Retreat

Sometimes also known as a romantic retreat. A SPA is a good idea for a hideaway. There are a couple of fantastic spas to choose from, including the Aire de Barcelona Ancient Baths.

Find my 12 best spas in Barcelona here.

The 12 Best Spas in Barcelona

17. Board Games at LOST Bar

We locals simply call it „the Lost Bar“.

Bharma Bar showed all LOST Episodes when they were released.

The design is worth it a mention as well. There is „crashed plane“ designed, right inside the bar.

The bar offers numerous board games you can use for free.

Just have a drink and you’re ready to go.

Note: the vibes are much better in the evening.

18. Foosball and pool billiard

Instead of board games, you can also play some Foosball or pool billiard. Many bars offer this. A popular one is just close to Bharma Bar. It is called the Ovella Negra.

Good to know: Ovella Negra in Poble Nou offers free foosball every weekend before 9pm. So, if you’re looking for some indoor games Barcelona fun, Ovella Negra is a great spot to visit.

Please refer to the official website to find the latest schedule.

Here are some other bars with Foosball tables:

  • Dos Billares

19. … or simply go for the drink

Not a big fan of Foosball or pool billiard?

No worries, I get it. Just go for the drink itself.

Here is a list of my favorite bars in Barcelona, including as well the Ovella Negra Tavern.

They are easy-going and comfortable.

Swipe a cocktail in Barcelona Secret Bar

20. Indoor Climbing

Ever thought about climbing mountains? Well, you can start practicing.

You can find a big indoor climbing in Poble Nou (close to Oveja Negra) as well as on the Montjuic.

Or, if you prefer to explore the mesmerizing underwater world of marine life, you can visit the Barcelona Aquarium, which houses 450 different species.

The aquarium is one of the indoor things to do in Barcelona that’s particularly fascinating for families and marine enthusiasts.

Have a look at this indoor climbing space

21. Museums

Yes, museums.

You can hide from the mean Barcelona rain and get some education. Visit an art museum or explore historical artifacts and artwork.

Here is a list of popular art museums in Barcelona that we also recommend:

  • Picasso Museum
  • Gaudi Museum
  • Museo Maritime
  • MNAC
  • MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona)
  • History of Catalonia
  • Miro Gallery

It is a good idea to buy the tickets online so you don’t have to queue under the rain.

22. Indoor Karting

What a fun way to get challenged!

There is an indoor karting nearby Barcelona called Indoor Karting Barcelona.

You will need a car to get there tough.

23. Shop til you drop

Although they are not really popular amongst locals, you can find some shopping centres and shopping malls around.

Here a wide list:

  • La Maquinista
  • Glories
  • Pedrables Center
  • Gran Vila
  • Marre Magnum
  • Diagonal Mar

24. Cinema

Yet another classic: CINEMA! There are a couple of alternative cinemas showing indie-movies.

You don’t speak Spanish or Catalan?

Make sure you choose a cinema showing original movies – or in your language.

The movie should show VSO, meaning Version Original.

You can find many English movies at Cine Verdi.

25. Visit the Theater

Before the Cinema, there was the theater. So we shall not miss this one!

Barcelona is quite popular for having good Theather scene.

26. Opera

With such a rich history, no wonder you can also find Operas.

Find the latest Operas in Barcelona here.

27. Live Music

Okay, it does not have to be Coldplay or U2 performing, (eventhough they play sometimes also in Barcelona).

Barcelona has a great music scenery. There are many concerts.

Good to know: For concerts of famous music bands, check out ticketmaster.

Feel the music

28. Flamenco Shows

Last but not least, I want to end this list of activities with Flamenco.

It is 100% worth it to visit a flamenco show in Barcelona. There are many to choose from.

I recommend the Arte Flamenco Show.

You can always find unique things to do in Barcelona.

Book Flamenco Shows ticket here

Madrid Flamenco show

Barcelona Map + All Sights

Navigating Barcelona is like tracing the steps of a passionate salsa dancer on a map. This lively Catalonian city is a tantalizing blend of art, architecture, and irresistible cuisine.

Get ready to cha-cha through Gaudí’s architectural masterpieces, Picasso’s creative labyrinth, and a gastronomic adventure that will have your taste buds dancing with joy.

Barcelona’s map is your ticket to an unforgettable journey.

We have guides on must dos in Barcelona and our itinerary for Barcelona.


What are some indoor activities to do in Barcelona when it rains?

There are several indoor activities to enjoy in Barcelona when it rains, including visiting museums, joining a cooking class, exploring escape rooms, going for wine or cava tastings, having hot chocolate with churros, having coffee, indulging in brunch, watching a movie, attending a theater or opera performance, and more.

Can I still visit outdoor attractions like Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo when it's raining?

Yes, you can still visit outdoor attractions like Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo when it's raining. These attractions have indoor sections that are open to visitors, allowing you to explore and enjoy the architecture and history even when the weather is bad.

Are there any family-friendly indoor activities in Barcelona?

Yes, there are family-friendly indoor activities in Barcelona, such as visiting kid-friendly museums, indoor playgrounds, and family-oriented attractions like the Barcelona Aquarium. You can also explore indoor markets like La Boqueria, which offer a wide variety of food options.

What are some recommended indoor attractions for art and culture enthusiasts?

Art and culture enthusiasts can visit museums like the Picasso Museum, Gaudi Museum, MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia), MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona), and the History of Catalonia Museum. These museums offer an enriching experience and shelter from the rain.

Can I find live entertainment like flamenco shows or live music performances in Barcelona when it rains?

Yes, Barcelona offers live entertainment options even when it rains. You can attend flamenco shows at venues like the Arte Flamenco Show or enjoy live music at various bars and concert venues around the city.

Summary: Barcelona when it rains

You see, not everything is lost when you find yourself in a grey, rainy Barcelona. There are still awesome things to do in Barcelona – even when the weather doesn’t play its part.

On a rainy day in Barcelona, you won’t be at a loss for activities. The city is well-prepared for the occasional shower, offering a multitude of indoor playgrounds and cultural experiences.

If you find yourself wondering what to do in Barcelona when it rains, consider a visit to the awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia or the Picasso Museum, which provide shelter from the rain in Barcelona while enriching your spirit.

For families, indoor playgrounds like El Cau offer a safe haven for children to play and explore. And once the sun sets, the city transforms, providing fun things to do in Barcelona at night, from vibrant flamenco shows to the enchanting Font Màgica de Montjuïc light show.

Whether it’s indoor adventures or the energetic nightlife, the rain need not dampen your discovery of Barcelona’s charms.

The cooking class is definitely my top recommendation!

A cooking class lasts about 4 hours and time just flies.

Eat, drink, learn, laugh

Other than cooking and eating, I love walk the Old Town with an umbrella in my hand.

Find my full guide to One Week In Barcelona here.

I am sharing on:

Now, get out there and enjoy rainy Barcelona.

After this read, you know how to!

— Save it, share it —

29 Things to do in Barcelona when it rains

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