32 FUN things to Do in Rome - Vespa Rides and Gladiators

32 Fun Things to Do in Rome – Vespa Rides, Gladiators and Tickets you need to Prepare

Looking for some fun things to do in Rome? You just found the right place.

Rome, known as the Eternal City, has plenty of historical monuments and buildings to visit and see. Normally, many people just think that Rome is a romantic place, but don’t let them fool you!

This article is part of our big, detailed guide on spending 7 days in Rome.

It is a very cool city for traveling with friends or even solo. We know so many that you can even get bored.

That is why we searched and found 32 FUN things to do in Rome.

Fun things to do in RomeBecause we all need some joy and fun while our travelings, right?!

Rome is a city where you can see and still feel the ancient ages:

  • the Colosseum (important: get your ticket due to limited entrance!)
  • the Pantheon (an ancient god’s temple)
  • churches,
  • catacombs

You will feel the ancient ages and the glamour of non-forgotten times all around.

Also, at the end of the article, you will find the fun things to do in Rome at night with the best cocktail bars. We put every epic and cool things to do in Rome on a map.

We also added all the must things to do in Rome, as well as my favorite restaurants and coffee shops. Make sure you read our detailed guide on where to stay in Rome (with map and scams to avoid!).

Best Fun Things To Do in Rome, Italy

(Last updated in 2021)

So, let’s have some fun between Gladiators, vespa rides, cooking classes with Nonnas, and everything in between.

In this list we have fun activities in Rome for families, groups, even solo-travellers.

Many of the tours and sights you can book with Get Your Guide. I wrote a review of Get Your Guide and how to use it step-by-step.

We will start with a fun way to discover the city.

1. Drive around with a Fiat 500 (or get a driver!)

Loving how cool do Fiat 500 look? Imagine driving this old school bad boy through Rome!

A funny Italian experience which will never be forgotten.

For us, this is one of the absolute most unique things to do in Rome.

With Driving tour by Vintage Fiat 500 you can take charge of the streets of the Eternal City with a candy-colored fiat 500.

The tour takes you around the most scenic sights and gives you a different perspective to see  and feel the city.

Good to know: You can actually drive the FIAT 500 by yourself. Yet, you need to have a valid drivers license for the EU or an international drivers license.

If you do not have a drivers license, you can also get a driver which is a guide at the same time.

My recommendation: Get the driver and relax to see the city. Traffic in Rome is quite a madness.

Book your Fiat 500 here

Fiat 500 rental in Rome - unique things to do

2. Enter majestic Colosseum (BUT pre-book!!!)

It is obvious: enter the Colosseum! It was my personal highlight when visiting Rome.

However, the entrance is limited for 3.000 visitors per day “only“.

You need to book your ticket in advance.

My absolute best recommendation: Take a cheap tour through the Amphitheatre!

We joined this tour “Skip-the-Line Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine Hill Tour“. You can book it on Get Your Guide or with Walks of Italy here.

IT. WAS. AWESOME! Here is the hard facts:

  • guided tour
  • skip the line ticket for Coloseum, Forum and Palatine Hill
  • Head set
  • 3 hours
  • 35€ per person
  • Takes place every day (but book in advance!!!)

Our guide Lara knows everything, just ask her! The tour was 35€ and went on for 3 hours. We received the Skip The Line Ticket and even a head-set.

I have never in my life joined a tour with a headset. Once you are here, you will be happy you did! The masses of crowds is insane.

Anyway, the tour was amazing! You will enter and go up to the seats. Lara explains the history, the background and has even a few fun facts of the Colosseum and Rome as an Empire.

100% worth it and recommended!

Important: Book as soon as you can your ticket! Tickets are sold out fast.

Book your Colosseum Tour here

Compare prices at: Get Your Guide | Walks of Italy

Colosseum Skip The Line Ticket Inside the Colosseum in Rome; you need to book a ticket before!

Headset Tour at Colosseum in Rome

3. Visit the Colosseum after the Gates have Closed

Want to make it even more special?

Well, here you go!

Colosseum night tours are some of the most exclusive and enjoyable ways to visit Rome’s most famous ruin.

The crowds are smaller, the views better, and the experience much more intimate.

You’ll start near the Jewish Ghetto for a look at the Teatro di Marcello, an ancient theater that looks like a miniature Colosseum, then head over to the main event just as the last of the daytime crowds empty out.

You’ll experience the arena in all its glory as you explore the nearly empty ruin with your expert guide telling hair-raising tales of its bloody past. Your experience won’t just be more intimate, it will be much more comfortable now that the sun has gone down.

Book Night Tour Colosseum here

4. Skate and feel like Bart Simpson

Alright, let us cover some more unique things, and less obvious stuff.

Get to the Bunker Skatepark and feel like Bart Simpson for a day!

There are different areas for different levels, and there is also a skateboard school.
Have fun skate boarding park rome

5. Discover the Roman street art

Ostiense is known as the underground neighborhood in Rome.

It is also a street art museum! Wander around the streets of Ostiense and be amazed by graffiti.

You can find graffiti from international urban artists, such as Ron English, Jim Avignon, Malo Farfan…

6. Ghost Tour

Curious about the spooky stories of ghosts running around Rome?

Hear the legends of these historical places, and you might even see a ghost or two.

Brave enough to take this ghost tour in the heart of Rome?

Book your Ghost Tour here

Pantheon Tour in Rome

7. Cuddle with Romeo

No, we are not talking about Romeo from Romeo and Juliet (that is in Verona!), but a cute, fluffy cat.

Romeow is a cat café which not only has cats to cuddle, but also amazing food.

(you just have to love that pun!)

Enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner and… play with the cats!

8. People watching on Spanish stairs

The Spanish stairs are one of the mandatory stops when in Rome.

Once there, practice your people watching skills. Is that a skill??

Anyway, it is very funny!

From young girls trying to model to thousands of sellers, couples, and tourists from all over the world.

Don’t forget your camera.

Remember, you are actually not allowed to eat or drink at the Spanish Steps.

Spanish Steps in Rome; one of the most romantic things to do in Rome for couples

Look around at Spanish stairs Rome

9. American style Brunch

Cinecaffé is located in  Villa Borghese park, the main park in Rome.

This café offers brunch every Sunday in an American style.

From eggs to carrot cakes, all you need to enjoy your brunch in a different way.

As a tourist, this may sound odd as you are in Italy, but for locals? Think about it…

10. Change your point of view

See Saint Peter’s church with a different point of view.

From Buco della Serratura Priorato dei Cavalieri di Malta, you can see Saint Peter’s church from a keyhole.

Not easy to find, but totally worthy!

Update: This hole got really famous. There was even a queue last time we have been visiting. Anyways, still worth it.

Vatican City Through a Hole

11. Drive a Vespa

Okay, okay…how about a Vespa ride?

Take an old Vespa for a ride exploring Rome. You can fulfill your dream!

Rent a Vespa and drive along Rome streets.

Not experience riding a scooter? We seriously recommend NOT to drive a scooter in Rome if you are an inexperienced driver. Again traffic is mad here to drive by yourself.

Then we recommend to join scooter tours. Just sit on the back and enjoy the ride.

Take a vespa ride around Rome

12. Become a Gladiator

Enroll to the Gladiator school and learn how to fight as a Gladiator!

If you need any inspiration beforehand, just watch Russel Crowe in his epic movie “Gladiator“, that will help!

13.Watch an AS Roma match

When in Rome, do as the Romans do…

That means to see a football match of the local AS Roma team.

“Calcio” (Italian for football) is very important for Romans, even for women!

Take your chance to go to the AS Roma stadium or, at least, watch the match in a bar.

Italian’s, as many European, are crazy about football. Join in, it can be big fun. Just make sure you support the right team!

14. Discover the Art district

San Lorenzo has this special bohemian vibe all around.

This is due to the Sapienza University, which is super close.

This neighborhood has plenty of underground bars with live music, cafés, hip discos…

And also lot of artisan shops!

15. Enjoy a panoramic view

Monte Mario is the highest hill in Rome.

Located on the northwest side of the city, it is the best place for a panoramic view.

Bring some picnic with you, and relax while watching the sunset.

16. Unique way to understand the City (only in Summer!)

The Show at Forum Augusto brings ancient Roman houses back to life! You will get a much much better understanding of the layout of ancient Rome.

See the photo below to get an idea

Using laser and other light effects, you will be able to see how ancient roman houses looked like.

It is a fascinating new form to learn historical facts – without the wikipedia-boring chatter-bla-bla.

The show takes place 1 hour and costs 19€. You need to book your ticket at Tiqets.com.

Choose at time slot between 9pm and 11pm. Show the voucher at the entrance, and pick the language of your audio guide.

Let the show begin!

This is also great for families with children from 8 and above – when interested in history.

My own story: I was not planning to attend this show since I had no idea it took place. On my first night I walked by the Forum Augusto and saw the show. You can see the lights, but hear nothing. The guests get the audio guide. So I bought a ticket for the next night – fantastic! I wish every city with big history would do these things!!

Book your Ticket here

 Tickets for Forum of Augustus Evening Show

17. Jump the queue at the Vatican Museum

There is nothing more boring than…queuing!

If you just want to skip the line for the Vatican Museum (which is usually looooooooooong), just get a guided tour.

You won’t have to queue, plus you will get plenty of extra information!

Make sure you book your Skip The Line Ticket ahead of time. We recommend at least 7 days before!

Skip the line at Vatican Museum here

Skip The Line at Vatican Museum

18. Learn how to cook… with the Nonna!

Once in Rome, take the opportunity to go inside a grandma’s apartment. And learn how to cook roman specialties!

The most memorable, fun, and hands-on way to spend an evening, this Rome cooking class by Walks Of Italy gives you a chance to enjoy an authentic culinary experience and learn some tricks for your own kitchen.

Your evening starts with prosecco, traditional Italian aperitivi and conversation with your fellow students and the local chefs who teach the class.

Good to know: Walks Of Italy is a small Italian tour company. They run unique tours in Florence, Rome and Venice. We highly recommend them!

Book your Cooking Class here

Learn how to cook with the Grandma

19. Bargain at a Flea Market

Have fun bargaining at this second hand market.

Porta Portese is the biggest flea market in Rome.

You can find lots of second hand clothes, souvenirs, and so on every Sunday.

On a sunny day, expect it to be crowded.

We recommend to go early to avoid the big crowd.

20. Get to know Rome by bike

Join a bike tour to be able to see the old ruins present in the countryside in less time.

A bike tour is one of my favorite ways to see the city. Any city in Europe really – I absolutely love bike tours…


With the guide bike tour you will learn lot of fun facts, meet more people, and go to a few spots you would not notice when walking by.

Book your Bike Tour here

21. Open air cinema

During summer season, Casa del cinema offers free open air cinema.

It is located at the ground of Villa Borghese park, the main park in  Rome.

Most films are just in Italian, but there are some which are in the original version.

Check out all the program at Casa del cinema website.

21. Catacombs: Visiting a Cript of Skulls

Ok this might be creepy, and not even fun.

In Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini Church, a church near Piazza Barberini, you can find skeletal remains.

There are more than 3700 capuchin friars bodies remaining.

Room after room, you will see skulls, bone chandeliers…

A total different experience!

For sensitive people…we do not recommend it.

The Crypta Tour takes place every day at 9AM and 2PM. Make sure you book ahead of time due to limited entrances!

Book your Catacombs Tour here

Compare rates at: