The 12 Best Spas in Barcelona

The 12 Best Spas in Barcelona – with Massages and Wellness Pool

Ahhh…who’s up for a little rest and relaxation?

Come on, you deserve it. Whether you’re getting off a flight and your body could use a little love after those cramped airplane seats, or you just need a break, a spa is always a good idea.

Luckily, Barcelona is home to plenty of great spas where you can truly kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself.

Certainly, One Week In Barcelona is a decent time to throw in some relax-time. There should be always some time left for romance in life. I even collected 54 beautiful romantic things to do in Barcelona.

This article is part of my big guide to One Week In Barcelona.

I love to share my knowledge about my city.

Therefore, I summed up my tips on how to get around Barcelona easily and a quick overview of where to stay in Barcelona – as a first-timer, couples, and families.

Grab your fluffiest bathrobe and get ready for some serious pampering. Here it goes, the comprehensive list of the finest spas in Barcelona for 2024, showcasing the variety and excellence of each spa in Barcelona.

We kick off with a stunning one…


The 12 Best Spas in Barcelona

1. Aire de Barcelona

Inspired by Ancient Greek and Roman bath traditions, Aire Barcelona Spa is not just a spa but also a celebrated Barcelona bath house.

Hotel Arts Barcelona, a renowned luxury hotel, stands adjacent to this historic spa. Mandarin Oriental Barcelona is another prestigious option nearby with oriental steam room.

You can often find great deals and discounts on Aire ancient baths coupon, making it a fantastic option for pampering yourself without breaking the bank.

It’s been beautifully restored and filled with a series of pools, baths, and even a traditional hammam where you can truly unwind.

They also offer Barcelona massages, aromatherapy, water rituals, and more.

Occasionally, they’ll offer a more unique experience, like a wine bath with a head and scalp massage.

Little trick: Find the best deals directly with Atrapalo (Spanish website only).

Aire de Barcelona

2. Ambrosia Spa

A central gem among the best spas in Barcelona city centre, located steps away from Passeig de Gràcia. Ambrosia Spa boasts luxurious installments and the latest in the world of well-being, making it a top choice for relaxation in the heart of the city.

If you’re seeking an alternative, you can also consider the renowned 1850 Urban Spa Barcelona.

They use organic products in their range of beauty and well-being treatments, and their massage offerings are particularly good.

They offer men’s and women’s spa rituals.

Good to know: I also recommend staying near Passeig de Gracia, a great area! Here’s my guide to best places to stay in Barcelona

Ambrosia Spa in Barcelona

3. Aqua Urban Spa

Winner of the Best Urban Spa Award, the Aqua Urban Spa prides itself on offering personalized treatment to each and every one of its clients.

They offer hydrotherapy and massages, as well as facial treatments and body treatments.

Their whole approach is about treating “Balance as a lifestyle” and specializing treatments for individuals. They also have a facility at Terminal 1 in the airport (Aqua Salon Spa) to start off your next trip on a relaxed note.

Aqua Urban Spa in Barcelona

4. Bali Spirit Spa

This spa momentarily whisks you away from Barcelona to Bali on an experience for all your senses.

Using over 20 types of Balinese massage and inspired by the Indonesian spirit, they offer exclusive services tailored to your needs and wants.

You can also enjoy cocktails for a truly indulgent day, as well as book special events for girls’ nights out or for a romantic couples’ evening.

Bali Spirit Spa in Barcelona

5. Bliss Barcelona (closed!)

Update: Bliss Spa Barcelona is permanently closed!

The aim of Bliss is to give you a truly stress-free experience, and it would be hard to feel stressed out in such peaceful surroundings.

With expert massage therapists, including Thai massage Barcelona, and beauty consultants on hand, you’ll leave glowing inside and out.

The finishing touch of complementary Cava and brownies makes it all the nicer.

BLISS Spa Barcelona

6. Cowshed Relax

Part of the Soho House Barcelona members’ club and hotel, the Cowshed Spa is based on the concept of a traditional Spanish pharmacy.

It’s spread out across four treatment rooms plus an indoor pool, and the treatments focus on using natural products to get you looking and feeling your very best.

The spa is open to the public, though it can be booked for private events.

Cowshed Relax in Barcelona

7. Ku-nu Spa

This new and cozy spa isn’t the biggest spa in the city, but that works in its favor, lending it an intimate air where you’ll feel right at home in their pools, saunas, Jacuzzi, steam rooms, and more.

The music and lighting lend it a modern, romantic touch that makes it perfect for enjoying with your partner.

For travelers, they offer a jet lag facial.

8. Flotarium

The Flotarium is a bit different from your standard spa, as the spa offers flotation therapy sessions in individual pools that give you the feeling of weightlessness.

After 10 minutes of chilled-out music to get you in the mood. You float in total silence for the rest of the session.

Good to know: this can also be done in complete darkness if you wish.

Flotarium in Barcelona

9. Marítim Esport Talassa

This is the first place in Catalonia that used seawater treatments (officially called “thalassotherapy”), and the tradition is still going strong.

In your quest for the best saunas en Barcelona, you’ll be delighted at this spa’s offerings.

The installations include five pools of varying temperature, saunas, a steam baths, and high-pressure jets to help wash away any aches and pains.

The price is just under €17 for a day in the waters.

This is a great option for budget travelers who still want to indulge.

10. Mayan Luxury Spa Barcelona

Taking its influence from ancient Mayan rituals and culture, this spa blends treatments for mind, body, and soul inspired by centuries past.

The products they use are modern and prestigious (from brand Anne Semonin), and the combination has led it to win the World Luxury Spa Awards three years running.

They offer face and body treatments, saunas, massages, signature rituals, manicures and pedicures, and depilation services.

You can also enjoy other notable spas like Mayan Spa Barcelona to make the most of your relaxation in Barcelona. They also have a few packages for kids and teens.

Mayan Luxury Spa in Barcelona

11. Rambla130 Urban Spa

This urban spa in the heart of the city offer you the chance to treat your body and mind so you can completely unwind.

In addition to a range of wellness and spa treatments such as massages, they offer manicures and pedicures and beauty treatments, as well as hair removal services. You can also take one of their exercise classes or book a session with a personal trainer.

Rambla130 Urban Spa

12. Zen Zone Spa

Located inside the five-star Gran Hotel La Florida is one of the top spas in Barcelona – the Zen Zone Spa.

Using L’Ocitane’s beautifully scented products, they offer custom designed experiences for individuals and couples.

The true highlight, though, is the Water Zone with a stunning indoor and outdoor pool that gives you expansive views of the city below.

Hotel Florida Spa


What types of treatments are offered at the Bali Spirit Spa?

The Bali Spirit Spa offers over 20 types of Balinese massage and provides exclusive services tailored to your needs and wants. You can also enjoy cocktails for a truly indulgent day and book special events for various occasions.

What is unique about the Flotarium spa experience?

The Flotarium offers flotation therapy sessions in individual pools that give you the feeling of weightlessness. After an initial 10 minutes of chilled-out music, you float in total silence for the rest of the session. This can also be done in complete darkness if you wish.

Are there budget-friendly spa options in Barcelona?

Yes, Marítim Esport Talassa is a budget-friendly option that offers seawater treatments ("thalassotherapy") for just under €17 for a day in the waters.

What is the highlight of the Zen Zone Spa at the Gran Hotel La Florida?

The highlight of the Zen Zone Spa is the Water Zone, which includes a stunning indoor and outdoor pool that provides expansive views of the city below.

Where can I find more information about spending a week in Barcelona?

You can find more information about spending one week in Barcelona and various other topics related to the city in the handwritten articles provided in the article.

Summary Best Spas in Barcelona

Well, that should be plenty to get you started on exploring the best spas in Barcelona. All that’s left now is to put your feet up and let the pampering begin!

Once you know your dates, we recommend booking your favorite spa in advance, as many Barcelonins (people living in Barcelona) also love to go to spas. Spas are an easy and quick way to disconnect from the daily stressful life.

In case you want to have a good meal or coffee, check out my best Restaurants in Barcelona, and my recommendations for best Coffee shops in Barcelona.

Needing more information about Barcelona?  Here you find all my handwritten articles for spending one week in Barcelona.

Happy relaxing!

The 12 Best Spas in Barcelona

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