Things to do in Barcelona at night

23 Things To Do in Barcelona at Night (Beach, Party and Sunset Cruise)

Party, beach dances, sunset cruises or the most epic nightlife ever? I’ve rounded up a collection of my very favorite things to do in Barcelona at night.

From secret speakeasy bars to stunning sunset views to experiencing some of the high points of the city’s culture, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the city once the lights are out.

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Things to do in Barcelona at night

A favorite city of travelers worldwide, this vibrant city offers great stuff to do around the clock.

Even if you’ve had a long day of sightseeing, it’s worth getting out and about when the sun goes down to see a different side of the city that hides away all day before coming out at night to play.

I love to say, Barcelona has two different faces: Night and day time.

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Here are the +23 Things to do in Barcelona at NIGHT

Are you ready to discover the twilight side of Barcelona?

Then let’s get started!

Because I’ve got 23 great ideas for what you can do in Barcelona at night.

1. See a Magic Fountain (free show)

This beautiful ornamental fountain was built for the International Exhibition in 1929.

Font Màgica hosts today a water and light show accompanied by music in the evenings. All year round you can enjoy the lovely show completely free of charge.

You can also join a tour for as little as 9€.

The tour includes transport from Placa Catalunya and brings you around the city prior to the show.

You can book a Magic Fountain Tour here.

Yet again, the actual magic fountain show is free. The tour is great to get a tour around the city beforehand.

If you’re especially lucky, you can watch the wonderful “Piromusical” show with fireworks and lasers on top of the water, lights, and music during the La Mercè festival in late September.

We love this show!

Fun fact: the water the shows uses is re-used.

See the famous magic fountain show in Barcelona

2. Pub Crawl VIP Tour (for the party animal)

It is party time. The nightlife here is epic and the easiest way to find new friends is by joining a cool Pub Crawl.

The coolest Pub Crawl in town is this, the VIP Pub Crawl.

The tour covers

  • You can get VIP treatment with skip-the-line access to one of the most famous clubs!
  • Dance with the locals in an elegant beach club
  • Gorgeous panoramic view from a cool bar – including a glass of cava in your hand
  • Drinks are included
Book your epic Pub Crawl here

And nooooooow: Let’s get this party started!

(FYI: You can find the regular party Pub Crawl here)

Book a VIP pub crawl tour and experience the best nightlife in Barcelona

3. Sunset Boat Tours (for the summer season)

Besides a Pub Crawl, this is another fantastic thing to do at night. Perfect to meet and greet other solo-travelers!

A boat, a bunch of new friends, and a  sunset on the shores of the Mediterranean – sounds great, right?