24 Things you Must do in Barcelona (Main sights and the True Experience)

Things you must do in BarcelonaGoing to Barcelona and looking for the must do before leaving the city? You just hit the jackpot! Here you have the ultimate list of the Must do in Barcelona.

A full list of experiences that will make you discover the city, not only as a tourist, but also with a local point of view (and experience!).

Of course, you will find all the information you need on our Barcelona Guide:

Mix and match all you need to make your trip memorable.

Because Barcelona is unique, and you should enjoy it in your own, unique way!

Must do in Barcelona

When you are traveling one week in Barcelona, you have time to do many things. Nevertheless, there are some things which are a must, even if you are visiting Barcelona just for 1, 2 or 3 days.

First things first: The best comprehensive tour of Barcelona is by Take Walks. It is a 7 hour tour that includes:

  • entering Sagrada Familia with full tour
  • Casa Mila with full tour
  • the historical city center
  • and even a sailboat cruise

Here you have all the things you should tick on your Barcelona Bucket-list:

1. Enter Sagrada Familia

You cannot miss the opportunity to see Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s Emblematic Temple , even if it is only from the outside.

This Roman Catholic church, (yes you read well, Sagrada Familia is a church), is one of the few unfinished building in the world that became an UNESCO World Heritage Site .

It began its construction in 1882

and it is said it will be finished by 2026.

If you want to enter the Sagrada Familia, make sure you buy the tickets ahead of time rather than queuing.

You can purchase your tickets with Get Your Guide or Take Walks. For a guided tour, I recommend taking Take Walks; i am a huge fan and already joined their tours in Athens, Florence and Venice.

What happens if you do not prebook?

Well, queues are normally 1 or 2 hours long (it could be even longer in summer season). Can you imagine queuing in the sun? Not pleasant, really.

Also, in high seasons tickets to small tours sell out easily.

Buy Sagrada Familia Tickets here

Compare prices and tickets: Get Your Guide | Take Walks

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

2. Enter Park Güell (but pre-book your ticket!)

Another gem from Gaudí, which includes amazing views over the city.

Since 2014 the main area in Park Güell with the salamander/ dragon and the beautiful, famous area has an entrance fee.

However, the park around itself of Park Güell remains free.

If you fancy to enter the most popular space make sure you book your ticket in advance.

Entrance cannot be bought at the moment.

Buy the entrance for Park Güell here

Park Güell in Barcelona

3. Eat “Pan con Tomate”

The easiest “dish” in the world, very common in all Catalan houses, will make you realize that most of times simplicity is the best option.

This dish is just Bread, tomato and garlic. Simple and so tasty!


  1. Toast the bread
  2. Spread the garlic over the bread toast
  3. Spread the tomato all over the toast
  4. Add olive oil (extra virgin quality) and salt
  5. Enjoy it!

Normally, people eat this tomato bread together with the tapas, or just with cheese, an omelette…

For Barcelonis (people living in Barcelona) is very common to eat “Pan con tomate” for a fast dinner.

They eat this Tomato bread with whatever they find on the fridge: cheese, vegetables, cold cuts…

Here is my food guides for Barcelona:

Eat “Pan con Tomate”

4. Gothic Quarter

The Gothic quarter is the center of the Old City of Barcelona and their streets are very nice.

Walking around it you will discover these romantic streets, enchanting square or mysterious alleyway where all people picture themselves.

The most famous street in the Gothic quarter is Carrer del Bisbe, if you wanna get likes on your Instagram photo, make sure you make one at this street! (photo below)

Tip: always look up and around while walking around Gothic Quarter you or you may miss some of the best bits.

Most Instagramable spot in Barcelona

5. Daydream in Felip Neri Square

Hidden in the Gothic Quarter, this square has a special, melancholic atmosphere. Just sit there and enjoy some time.

The damaged façade of the church in Sant Felip Neri Square reminds the bombing in this part of Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War.

It is very common to find some street artists playing the guitar.

If not, simply sit on the fountain and enjoy the vibes.

Note: Guide to Barcelona neigborhoods and where to stay

Street Music around Barcelona

6. Drink Cava

Cava is the Catalan answer to French champagne, and you can choose to drink white or rosée.

The most common or special one is the rosée.

A nice and famous place to try Cava in Barcelona is La Champañería.

In La Champañería you will be able to buy a glass of Cava and if you like it you could even buy a bottle. Or buy a bottle directly and share it with your friends.

Cava is produced nearby Barcelona, and you can actually take a trip to the cava village and discover how they produce it.

The best way to get to know the process is to join a Cava tour:

Get your cava experience here

Cava tasting in Barcelona

7. Visit Picasso Museum

Even though Picasso was born in Málaga (Andalucia), he spent many time of his life in Barcelona.

Besides the museum, you can also see in Barcelona more places related to Picasso:

  • La Llotja:

School where he studied and a nowadays Academy of fine Arts.

  • Quatre Gats bar:

Where he met with his friends and started to explore Modernism.

  • Headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce:

Picasso’s original house.

  • Avignon Brothel:

The place where Picasso got inspired to paint his famous “Las Meninas”.

It has been discovered that Las Meninas was an inspiration that Picasso got from a Brothel in Barcelona, and he gave a French name due to the street name.

Address: Ca la Mercè número 44 de la calle Avinyó

For Picasso lovers, a visit to the museum is a must.

There you can trace his progress in the collection of early works.

The museum provides the most comprehensive records of this major artist, explaining all of his periods and evolution.

Buy the tickets to Picasso Museum here

Note: Picasso Museum is free the first Sunday of each month.

If you want to take advantage of this free entrance, make sure you arrive early.

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8. Drink a Smoothie at la Boqueria

La Boqueria is the most famous market and it really deserves to be seen, as they do offer lot of food and drink possibilities, as well as Gourmet products.

One of the best things while visiting La Boqueria is to have a fresh fruit Smoothie.

There are plenty of options, so just choose your favorite flavour.

Boqueria Market

9. Eat “Pintxos” and Tapas in Poble-Sec

“Pintxos” and tapas are very tasty. You can discover a great and cheap selection of Pintxos in Poble-Sec, one of the trendy neighborhoods in Barcelona.

Just go to Carrer Blai and start your bar hoping. On each bar, you can try a different Pintxo.

They do also offer tapas:

  • patatas bravas (potatos) ,
  • pimientos de padrón (green peppers),
  • calmares a la romana (squids)…

Actually, each bar has its own Pintxo that you will not find in any other bar.

Try some Pintxos and decide which your favorite is!

10. Have an authentic Raval Experience

Raval was considered a no-go area for tourist during lot of years due to lot of Cabarets and nightlife, but it has been transformed and nowadays it is a must-see cultural Hub.

It has also plenty of bars and pubs to have fun in.

For an authentic Raval Experience, we do recommend 23 Robadors, a bar which does also offer live music.

Check out their concerts at Robadors website.

11. Get sun-Burned at the beach

Yes, we talk about the sun-burned north-European tourists!

Go to the beach and enjoy your day so you can show your color afterwards, but please do use sun-cream in order to avoid serious sun-burns.

There are different beaches in Barcelona.

The most famous is Barceloneta, were you will find the famous building and many vendors trying to sell

“Mojito – Cola – Beer – Agua”

There is a more local version just some steps away: Bogatell.

There, you will find less vendors and more locals.

If you go a bit further, to La Marbella beach, you will be even quieter.

Nevertheless, never leave your belongings unattended.

Barcelona barceloneta

12. Have an Absinthe in the oldest bar in Barcelona

Bar Marsella is known as the oldest bar in Barcelona.

It is rumored that even Picasso, Dali and Hemmingway used to go to this bar to have an Absinthe.

Just go there and ask for an Absenta, but be careful because Absinthe is a very strong drink, and if you drink too much these famous ghosts may appear.

13. Get an amazing 360º city

This is one of the best places to have panoramic city, which has become very famous after the cheesy movie “3 meters above the sky”.

These anti-aircraft bunkers used during the Spanish Civil War offer a 360º overview in Barcelona which is very stunning, so just get some food and drinks and head there to enjoy the sunset!

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Bunker del Carmel sunrise Barcelona

14. Dance until the sun rises

For locals, party in Barcelona stars after midnight and goes until the sun rises.

Join this party time and you will start your journey very in a very differently and funny way!

We have 2 full articles about nightlife in Barcelona, with plenty of places where you can go and have an Epic night, together with tips and dress code advice.

Have a look at:

15. Eat Chocolate con Churros

After a whole night parting, the best way to finish the night before going to bed is eating Chocolate con churros.

Churros is a typical long and thing dusted pastry (some sort of Doughnut) which can be dusted in sugar.

Normally Churros are eaten together with warm chocolate.

You can find Chocolate con Churros in some Granjas (local Cafés) and Market Vans.

My favorite place?

A small place in Gràcia called La Nena.

Note: do not go there in the weekend evening if you have hangover, as there are many families with kids.

Enjoy chocolate con churros

16. Montjuic

Montjuic has not only a stunning overview of the city and harbor, but also lot of parks.

This site hosted the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, and there are lot of parks, museums and also gardens hidden there.

Just walk around and go up to the Montjuic castle for a panoramic view.

Also a cool and unusual place to go there is Jardins Costa i Llobera.

There, you will find many cactus and plants, as well as views over Barcelona city and Barcelona merchandise Harbor.

17. Passeig de Gràcia

This major avenue in Barcelona is not only an important shopping area, but also a Modernist Gallery.

Casa Batlló, la Pedrera, Casa Ametller,… are some of the buildings you can be amazed by in Passeig de Gràcia.

My recommendation: visit at least one of these important buildings.

Book your tickets easily here:

Tickets for Casa Batllo Tickets for la Pedrera

Casa Mila

18. Barcelona’s Cathedral

The Barcelona Cathedral is dedicated to the co-patron of Barcelona and is one of the most important Gothic Symbols in the city.

Barcelona’s Cathedral is located in the Gothic quarter, so remember to stroll around it after your visit.

Not so long ago, they opened the rooftop and now you can walk on the cathedral rooftop for a small fee.

Note: The access to the rooftop is only from 10 to 12 AM.

19. Tibidabo

Tibidabo is the mountain overlooking Barcelona on the upper side of the city and the views from there are amazing!

Just go there and you will be impressed how beautiful and perfect the city during sunset looks like.

Willing some adrenaline? Then go to Tibidabo park.

One of its major attractions is the Diavolo, where you will have the feeling that you’re flying over Barcelona.

The combination of speed, accents, height and spins is hilarious.

Book Tibidabo tickets here

20. Get a Daily Menu

If you are in Barcelona during the week (from Monday to Friday), eat as locals do and find a good

“Menú del Día”

This is a menu where you can choose one starter, one main course and even some of them include drinks and coffee for a cheaper price than their normal menu.

Just look for the best option that suits you and enjoy it!

Find the best restaurants in Barcelona here.