10+1 Best Restaurants Barcelona (eat like a king, not a tourist)

13 Best Restaurants Barcelona 2024 – Eat like a king, not as a tourist!

Hungry, huh? No worries, Barcelona has plenty of restaurants, tapas bars and eateries with charming dining rooms to fill your stomach (even your soul). 

You can find amazing food if you know where to go, and…we know!

As we have been living here for such a long time, we know the best food in Barcelona and the best restaurants and places to eat in Barcelona to enjoy a good meal, including exquisite foie gras.

At the end of this article, you will find a map with all our favorite restaurants in Barcelona Spain.

You will see, we love to try different kinds of food.

We even have a list on places to eat in Barcelona. Not all of these places are typical Barcelona restaurants, so you should have a look.

We are coffee lovers, so we have also a full article about 13 best Coffee Shops in Barcelona.

Update: Find here the best 9 paella restaurants in Barcelona.

If you need more information to plan your holidays, we got plenty of articles on One Week In Barcelona.

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Let’s go back on food, here our personal list of the 13 best restaurants Barcelona.

Bon profit!

(Catalan expression to say: have a good meal)

Best Restaurants Barcelona

Barcelona, a vibrant city known for its rich culture and stunning architecture, also boasts a diverse and thriving culinary scene.

From mouthwatering pizzas to Catalan classics, and from vegetarian delights to gourmet experiences, this coastal metropolis offers an array of dining options that cater to every palate.

In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through some of the best restaurants in Barcelona, offering a taste of the city’s culinary treasures that will leave you craving more.

So, here is our personal list of the 13 best restaurants in Barcelona.

1. Pizza, NAP (oli) ITALIAN Pizza!

A good Pizza is always a great idea to fill your stomach and recover energy. After an extended research aka. eating tons of pizzas, we got a winner!

You can find the best pizza in Barcelona in N.A.P.

NAP is a real Napolitan pizza restaurant with Italian staff (and also regular Italian costumers). I am glad to have found real Italian flavors (I was actually living in Rome for almost a year and was craving for good pizza in Barcelona since my return).

The restaurant is quite small, but the food is A-MA-ZING.  Therefore, go early!

This small pizzeria is located near Santa Catarina Market. If you stand to face to the market, it will on your left side.

Buon Appetito!

Note: The service can be quite rude, sometimes they are unfortunately not the friendliest. However, I don’t mind as the Pizza is that stunning!

Neapolitan Authentic Pizza Barcelona

2. A Catalan restaurant

Catalan cuisine and also Catalan tradition.

Can Vilaró looks like it got stuck in the past, but the food is really great.

They offer a wide range of Catalan dishes (perfect for groups, as everybody can find a dish) with reasonable prices. Plus it is located in Sant Antoni, one of the best restaurants in Barcelona city center.

Are you still confused about Barcelona’s neighborhoods? We have an insider’s guide to Barcelona neighborhoods which will help you.

3. Eat better, live longer (Vegetarian)

Located in one of the trendiest districts in Barcelona, el Raval, this restaurant is one of the pioneers of a new concept.

Teresa Carles do offer Healthy food. Under the Motto

“Eat better, be happier, live longer”.

Teresa Carles use only ecologic products in their dishes. In their menu, there are plenty of vegetarian dishes. We must say it is not really the cheapest meal you can find in town, but it worths every single Euro.

You will be amazed discovering new flavors (and ingredients) in one of the trendy restaurants Barcelona has to offer.

Teresa Carles Barcelona, Healthy food restaurant Barcelona

4. A mix at Espai Mescladís

Located in an opened space in the city center, Mescladís offers different dishes around the world. The decoration is very nice, they used lots of up-cycled furniture elements.

Actually, Mescladís opened as a social project. And they have also fair trade products.

Service is a little bit slow, but on holidays you should not be in a rush…

Sit down, ask for a recommendation, and enjoy the sun until your plate arrives.

Mescladis Barcelona restaurant

5. A romantic restaurant: La Cua Curta

Hidden between the famous restaurants in Barcelona, this restaurant is very well known for Barcelona citizens who love cheese.

La cua curta is very well known for their fondue, it is one of the most famous restaurants in the Gothic quarter. The restaurant is small and intimate, so you will find a quiet ambiance.

Make sure you make a reservation beforehand.

You can book your table directly online here – no need to call.

It is the perfect place to impress your partner with a romantic dinner.

Need more romantic ideas?

We collected 54 romantic things to do in Barcelona.

La cua curta barcelona

6. Best TAPAS Restaurant

For those who are looking for the famous tapas, this is the best tapas restaurant in Barcelona!

With an incredibly central location, Cerveseria Catalana does offer a wide range of tapas.

You won’t be able to try them all (at least not at once).

This restaurant is big, and they have space also for large groups.

The only inconvenient is that it is ALWAYS busy, but they do have a guest list.

Book your table with Tripadvisor beforehand.

So if you haven’t booked your table, enjoy a drink at the bar counter while you are waiting to get your table.

Cerveseria Catalana barcelona

7. Sifó

This cute restaurant is located in El Raval. El Sifó offers lots of Argentinian food and a budget daily menu which keep your stomach happy. It’s one of the best affordable restaurants in Barcelona that offers great value for your money.  They do also have a good range of wine.

It is a small cozy restaurant, so you should make a reservation if you really want to eat here.

Argentinians claim their empanadas (stuffed pies) are as authentic as if you were in Buenos Aires.

Tip: try the Argentinian pizza, you won’t regret it.

El sifó, a cozy restaurant in Barcelona which offers daily menú

8. Pick your fish: La Paradeta

For hungry fish lovers, this place is your dream!

In La Paradeta you can choose your fish, including delightful options like razor clams, and the quantity, as you would do in the market. Actually, they have a market fish stall inside the restaurant, how cool is that!?!

La Paradeta is a funny restaurant which offers fresh fish and good quality.

They have many different restaurants nowadays in Barcelona, but the original one is located in el born. A perfect location after a long day sightseeing.

9. Eat on a terrace and square: Nou Candanchu

Nou Candanchu is located in Gracia, one of the best neighborhoods to eat and drink like a local in Barcelona.

This restaurant offers a great vary of dishes: tapas, sandwiches… and they do have tables on the terrace! It’s one of the best rooftop restaurants Barcelona has to offer, allowing you to enjoy your meal with a view.

Furthermore, you will be already in the right place to have a drink after your lunch/dinner, as there are plenty of cafés and bars in Gracia.

Recommendation: for seating on the terrace you should be early, as this restaurant is always very busy.

10. Eat inside famous La Boqueria

A classic inside La Boqueria Market. La Boqueria was the main food market in Barcelona It is almost an obligation once in Barcelona, and it is in the famous Las Ramblas, so you will easily pass by.

Pinotxo Bar has good food (with market products), legendary staff, and reasonable prices, this place is really a must when visiting Barcelona.

Note: Just wait and don’t give up, because it is normally crowded.

Pinotxo Bar Boqueria Barcelona

11. Vegetarian haven: Arc Iris

Vegetarian anyone? No worries, you will find plenty of places to eat in Barcelona. Vegetarian and vegans restaurants are quite trendy in Barcelona.

Arc Iris is not a hipster vegetarian place in the city, but a classic where you can delight simple and traditional dishes.

They cook the daily food that my grandma used to cook, maybe that’s why I love it:

Easy, Simple, homely flavors
– Anna

This restaurant offers a daily menu from Monday to Friday. Many people working nearby come here to have lunch. Therefore, if you want to eat here, come before 1:30 PM.

Note: You might have to share your table here.

Perfect for solo travelers who want some company during their meal, as well as improve their Spanish (you won’t find tourists here).

Arc Iris restaurant in Barcelona, filled potato

12. Fancy a Burger?

Gourmet, no frills, veggie, classics…when it comes to Burger places in Barcelona, a whole world of varieties are waiting for you. Personally, we do have a winner Burger spot where you could find us (too often to be honest).

Tthis place is called Pim Pam Burger.

Pim Pam Burger is located in el Born District, so location is very convenient.

The place is not very big, but here is a hint.

They do have actually two entries:

If Pim Pam Burger is too busy, just go to Pim Pam Plats and try it there. It is just around the corner.

That means also, the kitchen might be busier than you see, but it is worth waiting for.

Pim pam Barcelona

13. Best Paella Restaurant in Barcelona

Update: We wrote a big guide on Paella eating out here. Find here the best 9 paella restaurants in Barcelona.

No, we did not forget to mention the best paella restaurant in Barcelona. We know you want a Paella (and maybe also a Sangria).

In that case, we definitely have just one place where we take our friends when in Barcelona, La barca de Salamanca.

You can reserve a table directly online.

If you want to eat a paella, in a very local place, with a sea view, check out our post about 33 day trips from Barcelona.

La Barca de Salamanca is located in the Olympic port, right next to the beach.

Service is fast and food quality is GOOD.

They do also have seafood, meat, and many other dishes for people who does want to eat paella.

Curious fact: many famous Barcelona Basketball players come here to eat. Pay attention and you might get a photo with a famous player.

Nou Candanchu Barcelona restaurant

14. Gourmet Food: TICKETS

For those looking for Michelin star restaurants Barcelona, there are plenty of them, but my favorite so far (I could not try them all) is Tickets.

It is a fine dining restaurant, so expect high prices.

At Tickets, you will find high end dishes (better said, Tapas) with a twist. They do claim they offer:

Spanish tapas in a very different way

The appearance will be radically different from the original dish.

Worry not, the dish will preserve its essence. All Tapas here are designed to impress and believe me, they will.

Please note they do not have tasting menus. You can choose from the menu the dishes you want to try.

Important: you must book a table at least two month in advance.

Cinc Sentits is another exceptional option for gourmet dining. This restaurant has 2 Michelin stars  and is led by Head Chef Jordi Artal offers a unique culinary experience, and it’s a must-visit for food enthusiasts. Reservations are recommended well in advance to secure your spot in this gastronomic haven.

Tickets restaurant Barcelona

15. CLOSED: Food Court in the Gothic Quarter

Wondering where to eat in Barcelona? Located in Born, near the Picasso Museum, Mercat Princesa is a food court offers different cuisines in a unique and beautiful space.

Pick the food at the bar counter you prefer and sit in the eating area.

As a recommendation, someone should book the table before ordering the food, as you might not find a free table if you do it the other way around.

Usually, here it not necessary to book a table beforehand. Bars and restaurants in Barcelona come together in this unique food court, providing a diverse dining experience.

UPDATED 2019: This food court is permanently closed.

Mercat princesa Barcelona

All the best places to eat in Barcelona put on a Map

We do love to have all our favorite places together in a map to check which one is in the area around, so, here you have our personal map with all the restaurants locals love to go in Barcelona.

We added also on the map our:


What are the must-try dishes in Barcelona?

Some must-try dishes in Barcelona include paella, tapas, Catalan-style seafood, and the famous Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce).

Are reservations necessary at these restaurants?

Reservations are recommended, especially for popular restaurants. It's a good idea to book a table in advance to secure your spot.

Do Barcelona restaurants cater to vegetarian and vegan diners?

Yes, many restaurants in Barcelona offer vegetarian and vegan options. You'll find a variety of plant-based dishes to choose from.

Can I pay with a credit card in Barcelona restaurants?

Yes, most restaurants in Barcelona accept major credit cards, but it's a good idea to carry some cash, especially in smaller eateries.

What's the best time to dine in Barcelona?

Spaniards typically have lunch between 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM and dinner from 8:30 PM onwards. Plan your dining schedule accordingly to blend in with the local dining culture.

Can I expect English-speaking staff in Barcelona restaurants?

In tourist areas, you're likely to find English-speaking staff. However, learning a few basic Spanish or Catalan phrases can enhance your dining experience.

Conclusion: Best Restaurants in Barcelona

There are many restaurants to explore in Barcelona city, with a wide variety…

Rumor has it every single day 2 new restaurants are opened in the city. Can you imagine?

Anyways, in case you need, we can also recommend you Indian restaurants, vegan restaurants, Wok places, Chinese restaurants,… and much more.

Just send us an email. we are more than happy to help you.

Also, a good tip to discover new restaurants is to use Instagram! You can find the trendiest, newest spots. Check for the popular tags:

Do you have any other recommendations for us, or would like to add any comment?

Don’t be shy, we would love to read it!

Still here? Find more powerful information to plan your One Week in Barcelona.

Best restaurants in Barcelona to eat like a king

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