13 Best Coffee Shops in Barcelona (to enjoy top-notch coffee and get work done!)

13 Best Coffee Shops in Barcelona (with creamy coffee, hipster vibes and WiFi)

When spending One Week In in Barcelona, you need to get a good coffee, right?!

As we are working location-independent, meaning, we do not have a fix office, I love to spend time in design-led cafés.

And Barcelona has plenty of options to choose from here.

Over the time I worked with my laptop in so many different cool coffee shops in Barcelona.

It’s really no surprise, but by now I have a long huge list of cafés I enjoy.

Therefore, I want to share my best tips on getting a creamy coffee in my home town.

Best coffee shops Barcelona - ultimate List

I already shared my 13 best restaurants in Barcelona for tapas, Paella and more to eat like a king, not a tourist.

Here is the list of my 13 best coffee shops in Barcelona. I also created a map with all locations.

All coffee shops are hand picked and personally visited. All of them are perfect for location-independent workers.

However, a few of them do not offer WiFi. Yet, I love to come here to work on new articles – just like this one!

Good to know: I like this guide as I like my coffee: fresh and kicking it! We always keep the article up to date.

  1. Espai Joliu
  2. En Aparte
  3. Robot House
  4. Orval
  5. Café Cometa
  6. Bicioci Bike Café
  7. Granja Petitbo
  8. Nomad Coffee Productions
  9. Bar Tarambana
  10. Cafeteria del Centre Cívic Can Deu
  11. Federal Café
  12. Petit Pot Café
  13. Onna Coffee
  14. Tarannà Café
  15. SKYE Coffee Co.
  16. Satans Coffee

This article is part of my hipster guide to Barcelona. Oh come one…you want to read that one too, admit it!

1. Espai Joliu – Plant Concept store!

Address: Carrer de Badajoz, 95, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

I want to start with my absolute #1 café in Barcelona: Espai Joliu!

It is a gorgeous cafe in the neighborhood of Poble Nou, near Bogatell beach and Torre Agbar. The area is also a great one to stay.

Check our guide on where to stay in Barcelona.

It covers all areas!

Espai Joliu offers free WiFi, a quirky, vintage design and a super-cosy vibe. Many students come here for their break or free time to study, read, work.

This is also a real romantic spot to have a coffee for first dates.

Here is my list of 54 romantic things to do (for couples and 1st dates, as well)

You can also eat here avocado-cheese sandwiches and freshly baked cake. The coffee is an absolute dream! They get their coffee beans from the best supplier in town, the Nomad Coffee.

Here are some of my shots from Espai Joliu. One shows the interior design, the other one me working.

Best coffee shops Barcelona Best coffee shops Barcelona Espai Joliu

2. En Aparte Coffee Shop Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Lluís el Piadós, 2, 08003 Barcelona

En Aparte is a french-style café located at the top of the calm and less-known Plaça Sant Pere in El Born.

El Born?

It’s part of the old town, so directly city center.

I actually found this hidden gem thanks to the book “Die toten Gassen von Barcelona“.

Here the main character lives in a street next to this square and keeps mentioning it.

En Aparte offers a small terrace in the sun, free WiFi, and the cutest furniture.

Some tables used to be sewing tables.

Today they add up to the special style of En Aparte Café.

3. Robot House

Address: Carrer de Provença, 316, 08037 Barcelona, España

Robot House is a brand-new coffee shop in Eixample. It is located near Casa Mila and Passeig de Gracia.

So finally we have a cool cfafé in that area.

They are a specialty coffee shop serving single origin from their friends at Slow Mov roastery in Barcelona. They share their passion for coffee as well as the mission to educate on coffee production, traceability, its social impact and the need to bet on quality to guarantee a fair industry.

Besides great coffee, it is also a gastro space.

They cook seasonal products from farms and local producers. They have a very interesting lunch menu that changes everyday and is created by the chef, Crisitan Iglesias, that has worked in El Bulli Lab or Mugaritz, but is very fond of reinterpreting Catalan cuisine.

Robot House in BarcelonaCappuccino at Robot House in Barcelona

4. Orval Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz, 31, 08018 Barcelona

How about specialty coffee?

The latest member of the coolest coffee shops in Barcelona opened in 2019.

It is no other than the little sister of Espai Joliu, our #1 café on this list.

The coffee is awesome, the food is awesome, the people are awesome. There is also one advantage over Espai Joliu: It is closer to downtown El Born.

The Orval Barcelona is located near Arc de Triumf and Park de la Ciutadella, a 10 minutes walk from the upper part of El Born.

Instagram: orval.barcelona

Orval Barcelona; A super cool hipster coffee place in Barcelona

5. Café Cometa – Brunch & fresh Juice

Address: Carrer del Parlament, 20, 08015 Barcelona

Café Cometa is located in the district of Sant Antoni, becoming more and more popular among locals. In Sant Antoni many new restaurants opened since 2014.

It’s a great area close to downtown to get your caffeine fix.

The style of Café Cometa is clearly influenced by Scandinavian design.

Wooden design, pastel shades with lots of white space and a big map showing Denmark and rest of Scandinavia.

When we came here they were just preparing delicious brownies and other cakes were already set up on the lunch counter.

Oh boy, this is clearly a great spot to get a fresh juice and delicious brunch.

It’s likely we end up trying everything single cake there!

It is a beautiful place, but also really popular and therefore crowded.

Keep that in mind.

Instagram: instagram.com/cafecometa

Café Cometa

6. Bicioci Bike Café

Address: Carrer de Venus, 1-3, Barcelona, Spain

Combining a hipster design with bicycles, café, and pizza, et voila, here we go!

The Bicioci Café is located in the bohemian neighborhood of Gracia and invites you to discover the less-touristy Gracia right after you had your daily coffee.

We love especially the creative pallets design and the old window frames now used as actual frames.

Awesome design, good vibes, top coffee!

Instagram: instagram.com/biciocibikecafe

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Bicioci-Bike-Cafe


7. Granja Petitbo (NO WiFi)

Address: Passeig de Sant Joan, 82, 08009 Barcelona

Brunch deluxe and no WiFi! This cozy place provides delicious coffee, several tasty and healthy smoothies, and yes indeed, no WiFi!

That is exactly the reason why digital nomads and freelancers love to come here.

Get disconnected from the internet, get some healthy food and drinks, and sit next to other nerds & geeks at the long wooden table, decorated with small green and yellow flowers.

Instagram: instagram.com/granjapetitbo

Facebook: facebook.com/GPetitbo

Granja Petitbo Barcelona

8. Nomad Coffee Productions

Address: Passtage Sert, 12 (C. de Trafalgar), 08003 Barcelona

This café is a hidden gem in the district of El Born, not far away form coffee tip #2 En Aparte, where you get one of the best coffees in Barcelona!

If you come here during summer, ask for their specials of cold brew and cold drip.

If I am not mistaken, they also provide coffee beans to many other cafes in Barcelona.

Keep in mind, there are actually two nomad coffees.

Both locations do not offer WiFi.

The Nomad’s Roaster Home in Poble Nou (near Espai Joliu) is a great, tranquil place to work.

Instagram: instagram.com/nomadcoffee

Café barcelona

9. Bar Tarambana – Hipster Design

Address: Carrer del Comte Borrell, 148, 08015 Barcelona

Bar Tarambana is a cozy place inside an old, typical building in the district of Eixample.

Big windows make this place very bright, decorated with rustic tables.

The dished served are typical Mediterranean.

If you come here later the day, you have plenty of options for cocktails.

This is the option to have a drink after work is done and the last email sent.

Bar Tarambana in Barcelona

10. Cafeteria del Centre Cívic Can Deu

Address: Vilamur, 25, Les Corts, 08014 Barcelona

What a lovely outdoor terrace, friendly service, and local vibes!

Not located in the city center, away from the tourist crowds in the district of Les Corts, the cafeteria del Center Cívic Can Deu is a top choice for having a tea, café con leche, or a cold beer in the warm sun.

It is a beautiful modernist building.

For decades it was the residence of the family Deu

In 1986 this place became a so-called civic center and hosts now many different activities and events for the public.

Visit the website of Centre Cívc Can Deu for opening times and events.

Cafeteria del Centre Cívic Can Deu

11. Federal Café Barcelona – Brunch

Address 1: Passatge de la Pau 11, El Barri Gòtic, 08002 Barcelona

Address 2: Carrer del Parlament, 39, 08015 Barcelona

This place is made with passion!

A great collection of magazines to read in a well-designed atmosphere. There are actually two Federal Cafés in Barcelona and I recommended both of them.

12. Petit Pot Café – Bistro

Address: Bruc, 84, La Dreta de l’Eixample, Barcelona

Just one street away from Placa Catalunya, the very heart of Barcelona.

In a nutshell: The service is friendly, the lunch and brunch is delicious and the variety of coffee is great!

It’s a recommended place when you are looking for a decent breakfast for a reasonable price.

Best coffee places in Barcelona

13. Onna Coffee in Gracia

Good coffee, craft care – there is nothing else to add here!

Except, I loved their cold brew, one of the best in Barcelona.

Website: onnacoffee.com

Cold Brew in Barcelona: Onna Coffee in Gracia

14. Tarannà Café in Barcelona

Only a few steps away from Café Cometa, Tarannà is another cool place to hang out in the hip district of Sant Antoni.

Website: tarannacafe.com

Tarannà Café in Barcelona

There is more

Update: We want to keep this list as fresh as your coffee. We keep adding more, new cafés as they open up.

15. SKYE Coffee Co.

Address: El Parc i la Llacuna del Poblenou, Barcelona

Our recent discovery! A passionate coffee shop with truck-concept. This is the latest trend in Barcelona. They also offer brunch on specific days.

Facebook: facebook.com/skyecoffeeco

Best coffee shops Barcelona - ultimate List for Location-Independent workers

16. Satans Coffee

A small café near Placa Tetuan with high-end coffee. It is located in Casa Bonay, a fantastic Boutique Hotel in Barcelona.

It is a really small place. And although the coffee is great and the music good, it is not the best to get here for work.

I’d rather recommend coming here for a coffee with a first-date, for instance. Here’s more of my ideas for romantic things to do in Barcelona.

All top Barcelona Cafés put on a map

Let us keep it simple. We created a big map with all coffee shops. Much easier, right?!

In this list we added even more. Do you only want the coffee shops? Open the left sidebar, and select the different layers of your choice.

Summary: 13+ best coffee shops in Barcelona

So, here you have it.

There are a lot of fantastic coffee shops all across Barcelona.

I hope by now you’ve fallen in love with these amazing places. Some of them are absolutely gorgeous in their design, kept in boutique style and concept store.

However, all of them are absolutely photogenic, so bring your camera along as well.

We hope you will have a fabulous time in Barcelona.

Make sure you head over to our guide to One Week In Barcelona to find more detailed articles on how to enjoy the city.

Over to you

Planning to check out these spots? Did we miss any location?

Please leave a comment below.

– – –
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Best coffee shops Barcelona - ultimate List

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