Hidden Gems and Secret Tips for Barcelona by our Readers

Hidden Gems and Secret Tips for Barcelona (by our Readers)

Barcelona is a dream destination and certainly one week is not enough. We asked our readers to send us some of their personal recommendations, uncovering Barcelona’s secret spots. Here are some great tips from our “One Week In – Followers”.

In this guide, we not only cover popular spots but also unveil the hidden secrets of Barcelona, offering you a glimpse into the city’s less-trodden paths.

This is really an add-on to our big guide to hipster Barcelona. Here we share as well the cool and juicy places only the Barcelona expats know.

Hidden Gems in Barcelona

Barcelona is a treasure trove of hidden gems that will make your experience truly unique. Uncover these hidden Barcelona gems and immerse yourself in the city like a local. If you’re seeking off-the-beaten-path places in Barcelona, you’ve come to the right spot!

Our guide is full of Barcelona insider tips that will whisk you away from the crowds. Discover secret spots in Barcelona and savor this remarkable city. Our Barcelona itinerary is your gateway to the best hidden gems in Barcelona.

So why wait? Unearth the hidden delights of Barcelona for an unforgettable travel adventure!

Find all our tips and guides in our big guide to Barcelona itinerary.

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Restaurant and Café Oviso

Sylvia Claire: Check out Oviso at George Orwell Square! It’s a wonderful restaurant/ cafe at day and fun bar at night. Awesome friendly staff, tasteful music, cool wall art, and student-friendly prices

Address: Carrer Arai 5, 08002 Barcelona

La Luna Restaurant in El Born

Ariana: La Luna Restaurant is one of my favorite restaurants when friends are visiting me in Barcelona.

It’s located in a hidden street, not many tourists and non-locals will find it, nestled in the charming 18th century Gothic Quarter. The menu covers everything from the Spanish cuisine to Mexican food, and even burgers. 

This way everybody will be happy. The staff is always friendly, when I was there, and you can also come here to watch football matches.

Granja Petitbo Barcelona

Sant Pau Restaurant

Maria: Sant Pau is a culinary gem in Barcelona. It’s a three-Michelin-star restaurant offering an extraordinary dining experience. The chef, Carme Ruscalleda, has created a unique blend of Catalan and Mediterranean flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Casa Vicens

Sophia: Don’t miss visiting Casa Vicens, a stunning and historically significant modernist building designed by the renowned architect Antoni Gaudí. It’s a true architectural gem and a great representation of Gaudí’s unique style, perfect for capturing unique photos.

How about having a drink somewhere off the beaten path in Barcelona?

The coffee is delicious from Cortado over to Café con leche, and later the day even a Carajillo? When the sun goes down, the nightlife of Barcelona is a piece of experience you do not want to miss. However, usually Barcelonins eat at around 22:00/ 23:00, and from midnight on you can expect people running to the bars.

Here are recommendations for bars and cafés in Barcelona, sent to us by our followers. Additionally, for those in search of unique culinary adventures, our readers have revealed their top Barcelona hidden gems restaurant – exceptional dining spots in lesser-known locations that promise unforgettable meals.

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Bohemain Cafe Granja Petitbo with vintage vibes

Jerry: Granja Petitbo is my place to be.

This bohemian café at the corner of Passeig de San Joan and Carrer de Arago, near Passeig dels Castanyers, is a great place to get a good coffee and to get some writing work done. Many digital nomads and writers come here to do so, and they sit together at the big, long, old table. There are old sofas, tweedy chairs and furniture in general, and the best: no wifi. Ironically this may be the reason why you can meet here that many digital nomads and writers looking for hidden gems. Last but not least I’ve to mention as well the delicious food here. The ingredients are seasonal, you can come here for lunch & brunch, and especially the office workers around Granja Petitbo love to come her for their break.

Address: Passeig de Sant Joan, 82, 08009 Barcelona

Granja Petitbo Barcelona - Hidden Gems Barcelona

Bar Manchester in Raval and Goticó

Daniel: I like to check out the two Bars of Manchester, one is located in Raval, and the other, more famous one, is located in Goticó. The ambient is international, you get cheap drinks, and once in a while they also have concerts here. It’s worth it to come here for a drink, after midnight it’s usually getting packed.

Mirablau Café and Bar

Claas Boomgaarden: One of my favorite spots is definitely the bar “Mirablau”. It’s on the way up the Tibidabo. Here you can enjoy a nice cold beer or wine and get away from the big-city jungle and relax with a wonderful view over Barcelona.

Address: Plaça Doctor Andreu, 08035 Barcelona

Park Güell in Barcelona - Hidden Gems Barcelona

Activities in Barcelona

As you can imagine, Barcelona is a place loaded with activities. It can be actually overwhelming as Barcelona has no end in daily offers for activities, and experiences.

Along with the well-known attractions, our followers have shared their insights on the hidden gems of Barcelona — those special, lesser-known spots that offer a unique and authentic experience.

In addition, they have highlighted some of the cool places to visit in Barcelona, from trendy neighborhoods to chic cafes and vibrant cultural hubs, giving you a taste of Barcelona’s dynamic and contemporary side.

These recommendations are a testament to experiencing the Catalan Capital from the locals’ perspective, allowing you to explore the city’s depth beyond the usual tourist routes.

Teatre Grec

Nina Garcia: The Teatre Grec, or Greek Theatre, is a stunning open-air amphitheater located on Montjuïc hill. It’s a hidden gem offering a unique cultural experience. During the summer, it hosts various performances and concerts, and its picturesque setting with city views makes it a must-visit for hours.

Chocolate Museum

Barcelona is famous for its chocolate, and you can explore the rich history of this delectable treat at the Chocolate Museum. Discover the secrets of chocolate-making and enjoy some mouthwatering tastings.

Bunker de Carmel

Luke Meredith: The bunker is a great place to go and is still very unknown, offering beautiful 360degree views of the city and mountains. It’s not to be missed for sure!

This historic site was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cultural and historical significance, with ties to the Spanish Civil War. It’s located in a park on Carrer del Turó de la Rovira 61I, 08032 Barcelona.

Address: Carrer del Turó de la Rovira 61I, 08032 Barcelona

Rent a Scooter & drive to Sitges

Alisa Wispeler: It’s not really a hot spot but I would suggest renting a scooter in Barcelona (approx. 30 euros per person per day) for a day trip and do a tour to Sitges. It’s a great drive through the hills and along the coast – it is a very curvy road so some experience in driving a scooter is recommended. You have a beautiful view and it takes only around an hour to get there. Sitges is a really lovely town with a nice beach, restaurants and bar, and you can also take a walk along the beautiful coast.

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Magic Fountains at Placa Espanya

Kim: The magic fountains at Placa Espanya are very impressive. It’s a free water show with music and colors. The magic fountains at Placa Espanya are definitely worth seeing. Simply beautiful. It’s always crowded, and the metro is packed when you drive back to the city center.

I would recommend you visit the neighborhood of Poble Sec, known for Mossèn Costa instead, which is left-hand of the Magic Fountain. Here you find many bars and restaurants as well for a good price.

Accommodation One Week In Barcelona

Accommodation – Where to Stay in Barcelona

Choosing the right place to stay is crucial, especially when you’re planning to explore hidden things to do in Barcelona. Here’s where you can rest comfortably after a day of unique explorations.

Especially for Barcelona it can be tough to decide in which area you would like to sleep. Therefore we want to give you a little insight view on which neighborhood is recommended to stay in, and which districts are more for the tourist inside the box!

If you’re looking for a modern beachfront area, check out Diagonal Mar. For those interested in staying close to iconic attractions like the Sagrada Familia and exploring the Eixample district, you might want to consider the Gothic Quarter. Diagonal Mar offers beachfront hotels and apartments, combining city life with coastal relaxation, while also being conveniently located near landmarks like the Torre Agbar.

It’s well-connected to the city center, making it a great choice. Alternatively, for a central location with historical charm, consider the Gothic Quarter.

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Apartment in Barcelona

Florian Mainz: Close to Plaza Catalunya, with young and fun hosts. Ana, the host, will give you valuable information about the city and how to make the most out of your stay.

In addition, you don’t feel like in some hotel, but rather meet friends of the hosts coming over for drinks. It’s like you’ve been living there already for ages! I stayed there two weeks ago myself and enjoyed it a lot!

Cool Airbnbs in Barcelona


What are some recommended restaurants in Barcelona?

Some top recommendations include Restaurant and Café Oviso in George Orwell Square, known for its vibrant atmosphere and student-friendly prices, and La Luna Restaurant in El Born, offering a mix of Spanish and Mexican cuisine in a charming Gothic Quarter setting.

Where can I find unique cafés and bars in Barcelona?

For a unique café experience, visit Granja Petitbo, known for its vintage vibes and a favorite spot among digital nomads and writers. Bar Manchester, with locations in Raval and Goticó, is celebrated for its international ambiance and live concerts.

What are some must-do activities in Barcelona?

Barcelona is full of activities ranging from cultural experiences like visiting the Teatre Grec, an open-air amphitheater on Montjuïc hill, to exploring the rich history of chocolate at the Chocolate Museum.

Can you suggest any accommodation options in Barcelona?

For modern beachfront accommodations, consider Diagonal Mar, which offers beachfront hotels and apartments near major landmarks.


Did you enjoy out guide to the Barcelona secret spots? Dive into the heart of Barcelona with this guide, crafted from the personal favorites of seasoned locals and savvy expats. From bustling cafés to tranquil hideaways, our guide has covered not just the popular sites but also the most intriguing hidden places in Barcelona.

Start your culinary journey at Oviso in George Orwell Square, a bustling spot transforming from a cozy café by day to a vibrant bar at night. Or sneak into La Luna, a hidden gem in the Gothic Quarter, for a taste of Spanish cuisine with an international twist.

Feeling adventurous? Head up to the Tibidabo slopes and find Mirablau Café, where breathtaking city views and a cool drink await. For a touch of history blended with modernity, don’t miss Casa Vicens, a stunning Gaudí masterpiece perfect for your Instagram feed.

This isn’t just a travel guide; it’s your backstage pass to the hidden corners and vibrant spirit of Barcelona, promising a journey filled with unforgettable memories and stories to tell. So pack your bags, bring your curiosity, and let Barcelona reveal its secrets to you.

Want to share your own secret tips for Barcelona?

We would love to hear from you! Share your own secret travel tips for Barcelona with us. Simply leave us a comment below!

We hope that we could give you some inspiration for your next trip to Barcelona. If you have any question regarding the city, we are very happy to help you out! Check out the blog tomorrow to see what the next city has in store for you.

Until then, enjoy your Sunday and keep on traveling.

Find all our tips and guides in our big guide to Barcelona itinerary.

Hidden Gems Barcelona

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