The Hipster Barcelona Guide - Cool Lifestyle Places and the Hipster Things to Do (+ Map)

The Hipster Barcelona Guide – Cool Lifestyle Places and the Hipster Things to Do (+ Map)

Finally! A guide with the most hipster places in Barcelona and the coolest things to do around.

With around 3 million inhabitants, there is no wonder why in a big city as Barcelona there are so many hipster places. Full of hip shops, creative designers with small shops and pop up stores. You just have to walk around to find many people who follows the latest trends and fashions, and not only in fashion.

Long bards, electric bicycles, brunch places or fun activities are just around the corner of well-known buildings. You just have to know where to go.

That is why we listed here all the hipster places you should not miss.

The Hipster Barcelona Guide - Cool Lifestyle Places and the Hipster Things to Do (+ Map)On the menu with fresh Avocado:

  1. Coffee shops
  2. Hipster Things to do in Barcelona
  3. Bars
  4. Brunch
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Where to stay
  7. Events
  8. Food and Restaurants
  9. Districts
  10. Map

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1. Coffee Places

Hipster = coffee!

So many creative coffee places are popping up around Barcelona these last years.

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Here we list the most hipster coffee shops in Barcelona where you will be able to taste a delightful Latte, cappuccino and even Matcha Tea.

At the end of this guide I included a full map for you.

Here I included ALL coffee shops mentioned in this list. This might be easier for you.

  • Bicioci Bike Cafè

Bike, Pizza and coffee. Oh and Bicioci Bike Café is located right in Gracia, one of the coolest, artsy neighborhoods. You will find cool concept stores and designer stores around.

  • Satans Café

A cafe con leche puts you 3€ back, but it is worth it. A stylish place with fast, free WiFi, delicious coffee and loud (and good) music. It is also a great café for digital nomads to get work done.

There is two Satans Coffee shops. One is near Placa Tetuan, the other one in Gothic Quarter.

Satans Café
Satans Café in Barcelona; You cannot go wrong with that place!
  • Espai Joliu

Most likely the BEST place in Barcelona to have a coffee and an avocado toast.

This is the place we will hang out to get work done. The place is quite small, and always packed. Come early if you want to get a spot and get work done.

A coffee with milk is around 2€. It is also a plant concept store. Oh, and have an Avocado Toast for lunch here – YUMMY!

Espai Joliu Barcelona; The Concept Plant Store and Café in Poble Nou
Espai Joliu Barcelona; The Concept Plant Store and Café in Poble Nou
  • Federal Café Gothic

Another popular choice for digital nomads in Barcelona is the Federal Café.

Sit down with your Mac Book and join the local creatives.

Hipster café in Barcelona: Federal Café in Gothic Quarter
Hipster café in Barcelona: Federal Café in Gothic Quarter
  • Bendita Helena

Located in Les Corts, this cafe place is a bit out of the way.

Yet, it’s worth it. The Hummus and food here in general is incredibly tasty!

Lunch Bowl at Bendita Helena

  • Nomad Coffee

There is several Nomad Coffee Shops.

However, some of them do not serve coffee. It is only the roastery by now. The coolest one to sit down and have a coffee is in “Passatge Sert, 12, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

No worries, it is in the map of all coffee shops and things listed below.

  • Casa Gispert (delicatessen shop)

Well known for its fresh coffee: this is not a coffee place but a shop where you will be able to buy roasted coffees and delicatessen products.

That place is one of the last surviving old convenient stores with coffee from Africa and Latin America and many delicacies like peanuts, walnut, chocolate, you name it.

  • Lukumas

A donut and Coffee Heaven in El Raval.

  • Skye Coffee Co.

Last but not least, SKYE Coffee Co. Here your coffee is served in a huge industrial complexe out of a van. It does not get cooler than that.

Skye Coffee Co.
Coffee and Van. Bring your long board and you have the complete package!
  • Orval Barcelona

Orval Barcelona is a super cool cafe, and little sister of Espai Joliu. Same concept, equally awesome.

Orval Barcelona; A super cool hipster coffee place in Barcelona

2. Hipster Things to do in Barcelona

Yep, that is right, we have made it that far. As you can imagine, Barcelona has soooo many different corners. We narrowed it down for you, Mr. Hipster! We all want a great time. This list will help you!

2.1 Via Vespa Rental

Rent a super cool red vespa – like in the movies!

I actually wrote a detailed guide on scooter rental in Barcelona.

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