The Hipster Barcelona Guide - Cool Lifestyle Places and the Hipster Things to Do (+ Map)

The Hipster Barcelona Guide – Cool Lifestyle Places and the Hipster Things to Do (+ Map)

Finally! A guide with the most hipster places in Barcelona and the coolest things to do around, including the best places to go out in Barcelona.

With around 3 million inhabitants, Barcelona is a hive of hipster activity. It’s a city where creative designers, pop-up stores, and the latest fashion trends thrive, making it one of the cool places in Barcelona.

Just wander around, and you’ll discover the vibrancy and uniqueness of this big city.

Before diving into the details, let’s first highlight some of the best hipster places in Barcelona. Whether it’s trendy coffee shops, eclectic bars, or quirky activities, this guide has got you covered

Long bards, electric bicycles, brunch places or fun activities are just around the corner of well-known buildings. You just have to know where to go.

That is why we listed here all the hipster places you should not miss.

Click the menu and jump right to the topic you want.

1. Coffee Places

Hipster = coffee!

So many creative coffee places are popping up around Barcelona these last years.

Read: my 13 favorite coffee shops in Barcelona

Here we list the most hipster coffee shops in Barcelona where you will be able to taste a delightful Latte, cappuccino and even Matcha Tea.

At the end of this guide I included a full map for you.

Here I included ALL coffee shops mentioned in this list. This might be easier for you.

  • Bicioci Bike Cafè

Bike, Pizza and coffee. Oh and Bicioci Bike Café is located right in Gracia, one of the coolest, artsy neighborhoods. You will find cool concept stores and designer stores around.

  • Satans Café

One of the cool places to go in barcelona. A cafe con leche puts you 3€ back, but it is worth it. A stylish place with fast, free WiFi, delicious coffee and loud (and good) music. It is also a great café for digital nomads to get work done.

There is two Satans Coffee shops. One is near Placa Tetuan, the other one in Gothic Quarter.

Satans Café
Satans Café in Barcelona; You cannot go wrong with that place!
  • Espai Joliu

Most likely the BEST place in Barcelona to have a coffee and an avocado toast.

This is the place we will hang out to get work done. The place is quite small, and always packed. Come early if you want to get a spot and get work done.

A coffee with milk is around 2€. It is also a plant concept store. Oh, and have an Avocado Toast for lunch here – YUMMY!

Espai Joliu Barcelona; The Concept Plant Store and Café in Poble Nou
Espai Joliu Barcelona; The Concept Plant Store and Café in Poble Nou
  • Federal Café Gothic

Another popular choice for digital nomads in Barcelona is the Federal Café.

Sit down with your Mac Book and join the local creatives.

Hipster café in Barcelona: Federal Café in Gothic Quarter
Hipster café in Barcelona: Federal Café in Gothic Quarter
  • Bendita Helena

Located in Les Corts, this cafe place is a bit out of the way.

Yet, it’s worth it. The Hummus and food here in general is incredibly tasty!

Lunch Bowl at Bendita Helena

  • Nomad Coffee

There is several Nomad Coffee Shops.

However, some of them do not serve coffee. It is only the roastery by now. The coolest one to sit down and have a coffee is in “Passatge Sert, 12, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

No worries, it is in the map of all coffee shops and things listed below.

  • Casa Gispert (delicatessen shop)

Well known for its fresh coffee: this is not a coffee place but a shop where you will be able to buy roasted coffees and delicatessen products.

That place is one of the last surviving old convenient stores with coffee from Africa and Latin America and many delicacies like peanuts, walnut, chocolate, you name it.

  • Lukumas

A donut and Coffee Heaven in El Raval.

  • Skye Coffee Co.

Last but not least, SKYE Coffee Co. Here your coffee is served in a huge industrial complexe out of a van. It does not get cooler than that.

Skye Coffee Co.
Coffee and Van. Bring your long board and you have the complete package!
  • Orval Barcelona

Orval Barcelona is a super cool cafe, and little sister of Espai Joliu. Same concept, equally awesome.

Orval Barcelona; A super cool hipster coffee place in Barcelona

2. Hipster Things to do in Barcelona

Yep, that is right, we have made it that far. As hang out with friends in Spanish you can imagine, Barcelona has so many different corners. We narrowed it down for you, Mr. Hipster! We all want a great time. This list will help you discover some Barcelona cool places!

2.1 Sail Away with a Private Boat

Oh this one is pure gold, thank me later! When travelling to Barcelona in Summer, you have to rent a private sailing boat with a captain. offer this for tourists and visitors.

Joan runs these tours and he’s a great guy. You can reach him via the link below. Feel free to ask as well for special requests like help with a proposal to your partner..

Enjoy an amazing private boat trip with your partner, family, or friends. Appreciate the full skyline of Barcelona from the sea, jump in the water and enjoy snacks, your own music and drinks.

How to book?

Contact to prices and available dates. Prices start from 310€ per group.

Book your Sailing Boat here

2.2 Steel Donkey Bike Tour

I found the COOLEST bike tour in Barcelona: Steel Donkey Bike Tours! This bike tour takes you to the local, hip spots. Even some of my favorite cafés are part of this tour.

The guide brings you to a local food market and a 2nd hand flea market.

  • Price: 35€ on a normal city bike, 45€ on an ebike
  • Duration: 4-5 hours
  • Regular Departures: Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 10.00am (and flexible)

There are many more bike tours, obviously. They differ in price, group size and genre like street art or sightseeing. Just check them all out in this comparison guide.

Book your Bike Tour here

2.3 Master the Art of Cocktail

Embark on a delightful cocktail workshop with Stoke Travel in Barcelona’s renowned bar district, El Born!

Dive into the fascinating history of cocktails and uncover the secrets behind the perfect mixes. Experience hands-on learning using professional tools and gain the knowledge to serve up classic cocktails with flair (all while savoring the flavors and indulging in the libations). This interactive tour is ideal for those seeking a fun-filled activity, complete with a variety of tantalizing cocktails and beverages.

It’s the perfect way to kickstart an unforgettable evening in the city.

Under the guidance of one of Barcelona’s esteemed cocktail masters, a champion of numerous cocktail-making competitions in the city, Spain, and beyond, you’ll learn the fundamentals of mixology. Delve into the art of crafting cocktails and even try your hand at some advanced techniques, all while enjoying a delightful buzz.

This experience is perfect for solo travelers and groups alike, providing a fantastic opportunity to commence your Barcelona night with a selection of delicious cocktails under your belt.

Check the Cocktail Class here

Cocktail Class

2.4 Vespa Rental

Rent a super cool red vespa – like in the movies! I actually wrote a detailed guide on scooter rental in Barcelona.

You can find all scooter rental with Get Your Guide.

A bit of scooter experience helps, obviously! But as long as you drive slowly, you are good to go. You will need a valid driver license to book this.

Check Get Your Guide with Scooters here

red Vespa along the coast

2.5 Palo Alto Market

A hipster market that happens the first weekend of each month. At Palo Alto Market you can find:

  • fashion
  • accessories
  • jewelry
  • new design
  • vintage
  • crafts
  • books
  • street style
  • records

All this is mixed with workshops, concerts and art exhibitions. You fill find also some street food snacks and drinks.

Find all the information about Palo Alto Market here.

Palo Alto, Barcelona

2.6 Paddle Surf

Yep, still fun! Paddle Surf is a big thing now in Barcelona.

You can actually rent a Paddle Surf Board for as little as 15€.

2.7 Walk into a craft beer bar

Craft Beer is obviously a big thing in Barcelona. Check our my recommendations for bars here or just keep scrolling.

2.8 Open Air Cinema at Montjuic during Summer times

Sala Montjuic is an open air cinema.

It only opens in July each summer. Check out their website for the program and schedule.

Come here early since the best spots are taken quickly.

I love to come here 1.5 hours before the movie starts to listen to the live music and have a picnic with my friends.

Good to know: Your allowed to bring your own drinks and snacks. You can also buy drinks and snacks there directly.

Remember to pack a picnic blanket and pillows; it is more comfy that way.

Open Air Cinema at Montjuic during Summer times

2.9 Take a Photoshoot Tour

How about a professional photographer taking photos of your one and only Barcelona experience?

You can find great deals and cool photographers in Old Town with the Photoshoot Tour.

Book your Photoshoot Tour here

Take a Photoshoot Tour

2.10 Explore the Flea Markets

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Barcelona has many cool flea markets.

Here’s a few cool ones:

  • Els Encants Flea Market
  • Mercat Gòtic Barcelona
  • Mercantic Barcelona
  • Mercadillo de la Plaça de Sant Josep
  • Fira de Nautumismo

Here is a detailed guide on flea markets in Barna.

2.11 Take a Helicopter Tour

I have to admit, I am not sure if this hipster….but you know…IT IS AWESOME!

By far the most epic way to see the city is by taking a helicopter.

There is small group helicopter tours you can join. Prices start from 100€.

Book your Helicopter Tour

Take a helicopter

2.12 Yoga and Brunch

Feel your soul in a clean safe space made by a holistic coaching.

Start this yoga experience with a Vinayasa yoga class, moving with the rhytm of your breath. Strengthening your body and mind. (All levels welcome).

After the yoga class, there is a brunch with your class mates!

Join the Yoga and Brunch here

2.13 Make your own Espardilles (shoes)

A unique experience to lear how to design beautiful Espardilles. The Espardilles are a traditional shoes that hipsters know how to mix and match with their clothes.

Wanna join the real Barcelona hipsters? Design your own Espardilles and wear them in the city!

You will choose:

  • color and size of the base
  • threads
  • ribbons
  • type of stitching

Then the team will stitch live your own shoes, following your design instructions.

Once finished, you will learn the different ways to lace them up and use them.

You can do this experience virtually or in the shop.

Join to make your own Espardilles here

Make your own espardilles in Barcelona

2.14 Wander El Raval

El Raval is maybe the roughest part of town, but it also comes with quirky bars, restaurants and more.

We also enjoy the El Raval Flea Market on weekends.

3. Hipster Bars

What to do in Barcelona at night? Well, exploring the vibrant nightlife and the best places to hang out in Barcelona with a beer or drink in hand is always a good idea, right?!

Here is a list of my favorite bars you will love as well:

  • La Bombilla Bar
  • The Apotheke Cocktail Bar (Ocaña)
  • Dr. Stravinsky Bar
  • 33/45 Bar & Gallery
  • Elephanta Gin Bar i Cocteleria
  • Metric Bar barcelona
  • Bar El Born
  • Colibrí Vodka & Gin
  • Antic Teatre
  • Manchester Bar
  • Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona
  • Mikeller
  • The Garage Draft Beer
  • Bar Jai-ca
  • Bar Marsella
  • Sorrita Barcelona

No worries, I added all bars in the map. That makes life easier, right?! There is plenty of great bars in El Born, El Raval, Gothic Quarter.

My favorite part of the town to go for a drink is around Passeig del Born.

Read: Nightlife in Barcelona – things you need to know before going out

Read: the 23 best things to do at night in Barcelona

Again, one of the coolest way to kick-start your night out is this cocktail class.

Check the Cocktail Class here

Cocktail Class

4. Brunch

Brunch? That is another big Thing in Barcelona. Here is a list of cool brunch places:

  • Can Dende (my favorite)
  • Lulu Barcelona
  • Itacate
  • Manglar
  • Molinet Café Antic

Again, I added all brunch places I enjoy to the map.

Brunch at Can Dende

5. Lifestyle

In this section I want to list ideas and stuff you can do and visit.

  • Fresh up your style: Muntada Barber Shop
  • Photo Walking Tour
  • Fet amb Love Souvenir Shop
  • Shop at Naive Studio Store
  • Chandal Polaroid Shop
  • La Nostra Citat
  • Wer-Hauss — A Concept Store in Eixample – Coffee and Art Gallery
  • Bikram Yoga Barcelona- Hot Yoga in the city center
  • To Be Concept Design Store
  • Vintage Bike Rental
  • Vintage Shopping at Flamingos Vintage Kilo Tallers
  • El Raval Market
  • Get a New Hat: Sombreria Mil
  • a swim with a panoramic view in Piscines Picornell

I wrote another guide with my favorite hidden gems in Barcelona.

One Week In Barcelona

6. Where to stay as a Hipster

Of course you want to stay in style. Right?!

Here are the COOLEST places to stay in Barcelona:

Hotel Praktik Vinoteca (for couples)

Praktik Vinoteca is a Hotel dedicated to the wine world.

It is no secret, that Catalonia (the area around Barcelona) is one of the best wine producers in the world. Hence, this is a perfect place to stay.

It is super stylish, especially recommended for couples.

Oh, and the location is perfect, right near Passeig de Gracia in the heart of the center.

Check prices for Praktik Vinoteca here

Praktik Vinoteca

Hotel Praktik Bakery (for small families)

There is a second Praktik Hotel I love.

Featuring a quality bakery within the hotel, Praktik Bakery Hotel is located in the heart of the city. You have the metro line right around the corner.

The Praktik Bakery is perfect for small families, traveling in style.

Check prices for Praktik Vinoteca here

Hotel Praktik Bakery (for small families)

Casa Bonay

Casa Bonay is one of the most stylish places. Their roof top terrace is my personal highlight. It is one of the best boutique hotels Barcelona has to offer.

More special highlights are their big design lounge, the in-house restaurant and the own great coffee shop. In case you don’t go for the big breakfast, have at least a coffee in the SATANs coffee shop. What’s great is it is 12-minute drive to La Sagrada Familia.

I mentioned Satans coffee already in the coffee shops above.

Check prices for Casa Bonay here

The room at Casa Bonay

Hipster on a budget? Casa Gracia

This is the BEST hostel in Barcelona for Hipster, Casa Gracia.

It is my recommendation for staying on style and budget; at the same time.

They offer dorms with single beds as well as apartments and private rooms. If you are a hipster traveling on your own, you might consider this place to mingle with other fellow travelers. Casa Gracia is not the kind of hostel to stay with young kids; you will find more adults at this place.

Book Casa Gracia here

Read: Where to stay in Barcelona

In this guide you find our HUGE guide on where to stay plus all neighborhoods in Barcelona.

7. Events

I am listing here a few of my favorite events in Barcelona, taking place around the year.

Unfortunately I could not find a cool website listing all the cool stuff. So please have a look at the event and the date in Google.

Eat Festival Barelona

8. Food and Restaurants

There are plenty of fun places to eat in Barcelona where you can fill your stomach with delicious food surrounded by cool design.

These eateries not only offer great meals but also an enjoyable atmosphere, making them perfect for those looking for both culinary delights and a vibrant setting.

My favorites:

  • Bacoa Kiosko Born
  • Granja Petitbo
  • Mercat Princesa
  • Parking Pizza
  • Surf House
  • Organic Food at Santa Caterina Market and
  • Mercat del Ninot
  • Pizza Del Born
  • Hana Ramen Place
  • Flex & Kale
  • Bubar
  • Caravelle
  • Teresa Carles

Read: 23 Best places to eat in Barcelona

Mercat princesa Barcelona

9. Hipster Districts in Barcelona

Wanna know the most hipster Barcelona neighborhood? Here you have them, including the best area in Barcelona for bars and restaurants.

  • Gracia – the bohemian artist quarter
  • Sant Antoni – the new hipster area, in the city center of the city!
  • El Born – the oldest part of the town and the place for the best designer shops
  • Poble Nou – beach vibes with modern architecture
  • El Raval – alternative neighborhood with lots of history

Read: District guide to Where to stay in Barcelona – include coolest places in Barcelona

10. FAQs

What are some of the most hipster coffee shops in Barcelona?

Some of the most hipster coffee shops in Barcelona include Bicioci Bike Café, Satans Café, Espai Joliu, Federal Café Gothic, Bendita Helena, Nomad Coffee, Casa Gispert, Lukumas, Skye Coffee Co., Orval Barcelona.

What is a recommended activity for visitors to Barcelona in the summer?

Renting a private sailing boat with a captain from is recommended for visitors to Barcelona in the summer.

What are some recommended brunch places in Barcelona?

Some recommended brunch places in Barcelona include Can Dende, Lulu Barcelona, Itacate, Manglar, Molinet Café Antic.

What are some recommended places to stay in Barcelona for hipsters?

Recommended places to stay in Barcelona for hipsters include Hotel Praktik Vinoteca, Hotel Praktik Bakery, Casa Bonay, Casa Gracia.

What are some of the hipster neighborhoods in Barcelona?

Some of the hipster neighborhoods in Barcelona include Gracia, Sant Antoni, El Born, Poble Nou, El Raval.

11. Map of your Hipster Guide

I know how it’s like not to know a city and then get thrown district names at me that I literally have NO idea of.

Therefore, I created this map for you. It is handmade.

It tried to put all coffee shops and restaurants, events, and well, everything on this list here.

Wrap it up

Barcelona is a hipsters paradise. So, hippie hang out! But you know, the cool one.

It goes along with Berlin, London and Copenhagen. You will find everything from food, accommodation, bars, events, and hipster things to do.

Whether you are a local or just a visitor, you will never get bored.

Make sure you read my handwritten guide to Barcelona in 7 days too. Here I cover more in detail the itinerary, how to get around and more.

We hope this list helps you to discover the coolest things to do in Barcelona.

Planning your next trips? Here are more of our handwritten travel guides and travel tips such as:

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The Hipster Barcelona Guide - Cool Lifestyle Places and the Hipster Things to Do (+ Map)

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