Barcelona card review - is it really worth it?

Barcelona Card Review 2021 – is it REALLY worth it?

Barcelona Pass: is it really worth it?Looking if the Barcelona card is worth it? Let’s talk about it. We are going to talk about the pros and cons about the Barcelona card 2021, so you can decide if it is useful for your Barcelona trip.

Barcelona is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for tourists and travelers in Europe, and who can blame them?

It is a city made up of many neighborhoods, which is evident as you will find different atmospheres and diverse barrios around every corner.

You will come across the relaxing beaches of Barceloneta, the labyrinth of romantic streets in the Gothic Quarter, the bustling energy of the city center, and the rolling hills near Tibidabo.

With so much to explore and see, it’s important you make the most out of your experience by looking into the many discounts and offers the city provides.

Here are what awaits you in this article:

  1. Overview of Barcelona Card
  2. Barcelona Card Transport
  3. Alternative Transport
  4. Barcelona Card Free Entry
  5. Alternative Free Entry
  6. Discounted museums included on Barcelona Card
  7. Attractions with discounts
  8. Alternative Museums and Attractions
  9. Extra Features
  10. Alternative Extra Features
  11. Barcelona Card Vs Alternative Cards
  12. Summary

The Barcelona Card can be the perfect hack to saving money and gaining exclusive free entry deals. However, as this is an honest review.

Therefore, I will also give you alternative options to make sure you get the most out of your visit!

Stroll along Barcelona Beach in Barcelona

The top 10 sights in Barcelona are:

  1. Sagrada Familia (get your skip-the-line ticket here)
  2. Casa Batlló
  3. Park Güell – and enter, but you’ve to book before getting there
  4. La Rambla
  5. Camp Nou – Barcelona Stadium
  6. Casa Milà – La Pedrera
  7. Picasso Museum
  8. Montjuïc Castle and Magic Fountain
  9. Barceloneta Beach
  10. Gothic Quarter

The major sights in Barcelona are dotted all around the city. It is almost impossible to visit all these sights just by walking.

Would you need a Barcelona card? You don’t need it, but it might be interesting.

That will depend on how many days and how many attractions do you plan to visit.

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1. Barcelona Card Overview

The Barcelona Card was introduced as a great way to save money on transport, various attractions, and tourist sites. The card is perfect for those savvy travelers and tourists who want to fit as much into their holiday as possible!

Although, if you’re the type of person who likes to spend their time relaxing on the beach, this card may not be for you. Here is a quick overview of what to expect from the Barcelona card.

What is the Barcelona Card?

In summary, the Barcelona card aims to help you save money on both transport and tourist attractions. You will get unlimited transport around the city with many discounts and free entry to various museums, restaurants, and tours of Barcelona.

The card is a dream for those who like to completely immerse themselves in everything the city has to offer.

Buy your Barcelona Card here

Prices of Barcelona Card

This card is ideal for families as you are able to purchase both an adult and a child card (4-12 years). You can also save 10% by booking online.

Adult prices:

  • 72 hours = 46€
  • 96 hours = 56€
  • 120 hours = 61€

Child prices:

  • 72 hours = 22€
  • 96 hours = 28€
  • 120 hours = 33€

Where to purchase it?

The card can be conveniently purchased online at different websites:

Wanna buy it in person? You are also able to buy your cards at the Tourist Information Offices which are located right in Barcelona city center.

It should be easy to find – you just might have to wait a bit though.

Is it worth it?

This question entirely depends on what type of traveler you are and what type of things you want to see and do in Barcelona.

To make your decision easier, we have put together a detailed review of all the fantastic benefits but also some honest alternatives so you are fully informed!

Barcelona Cathedral

2. Barcelona Card Transport

Barcelona has a fantastic public transport system with the most preferred method of travel being the metro (underground). If you want to explore all corners of the city, this is the perfect way to do it as the metro lines cover most areas of Barcelona.

Luckily, the Barcelona card ensures that you get completely unlimited and free travel across the whole metro system in Zone 1. No worries, that this is limited to one zone as this area easily covers all the main tourist attractions, museums, beaches and nightlife that the city provides!

Insider tip: Download the Barcelona Metro app on your phone to make exploring the city super simple.

If the metro isn’t your thing, the Barcelona Card also allows you free access to:

  • buses,
  • trams,
  • and the trains

Having all these options are all really convenient and easy ways to roam around the city.

Another benefit of the card is that it makes your airport experience quick and stress-free as the airport train and metro are both included within the price, as well as some buses departing from the airport.

So, if you’re keen to see all corners of the city without getting sore feet, you should definitely take advantage of the unlimited free trips!

It will also save you from having to constantly buy new tickets, something that can be a hassle and also make you a possible victim to common pick-pocketing!

Eixample in Barcelona

3. Alternative Transport

If you’re the type of traveler who enjoys taking things at a more leisurely pace, you may not have the desire to travel around as much.

There are many alternatives to the Barcelona Card which can give you access to the city on a more limited scale.

A favorite for tourists was the T-10 card which was giving 10 journeys across all metro lines, buses, trains, and trams. This was a fantastic deal as it only costed 10.20€ within Zone 1, a perfect fit for those who to spend less time and money traveling about.

Update: since January 2020, T-10 Card is no longer available. Nowadays T-10 has been replaced with T-Casual (we explain the T-Casual below).

Of course, much of the city can easily be explored on foot! Barcelona pales in comparison to big cities such as London and New York, so if you don’t mind walking then you probably don’t need to take advantage of the transport offers included in the Barcelona Card.

To give you an idea, you can walk from the popular Barcelona Cathedral to Arc de Triomf to Parc Cuitadella in about an hour, so consider this before splashing out on transport costs!

It’s also worth noting that the Barcelona card does not include taxi fares. This shouldn’t be a problem during the day, however, during the week the metro closes at 12 am and 2 am on Friday.

So if you’re a fan of taxis of if you’re keen on partying into the night, you might want
to skip on the Barcelona Card.

Remember that the Barcelona Card only covers Zone 1, so if you’re looking to take day trips outside of the city, such as to Sitges or Girona, the card will not cover this.

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Local transport: how do locals move around?

Until December 2019 most locals were using the T-10 card. It was also perfect for tourist, as you could share that card, which contained 10 rides. The valid time for this card is unlimited (not really unlimited, but one year long).

From January 2020, T-10 has been replaced with T-Casual. It is also a card with 10 rides. The main difference is that this a one-person card, it cannot be shared.

The T-Casual costs11,35€

A single ride with the metro/ bus costs 2,40€

Therefore, it is only useful to buy the local T-Casual if you plan to take the bus/metro/tramR