Luxury Things to do in Barcelona

18 Luxury Things to do in Barcelona – Champagne Cruise, Villas and 360° views

You are visiting Barcelona and want to experience luxury? You’ve just come to the right place: This luxury Barcelona itinerary offers a range of extravagant experiences that will make your visit to one of the most expensive things to do in Spain unforgettable. We know the city inside-out, including the luxury things to do in Barcelona.

When spending One Week In Barcelona, there is always some time to add some luxury.

In order to visit those, check out our handy guide to see how to get around Barcelona in 9 ways.

Luxury Things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona, a city filled with life and culture, is also a playground for those seeking luxury. If you’re looking to experience the high life, we’ve got the perfect itinerary for you.

From chic accommodations to thrilling adventures and mouthwatering cuisine, we’ve curated the ultimate guide to living it up in Barcelona.

Get ready to discover a side of the city you’ve never seen before, where luxury knows no bounds.

Let us start with the accommodation for a good night rest:

1. Stay in a luxury Hotel

You deserve it!

Stay in a luxury hotel in Barcelona, one that epitomizes luxury travel Barcelona. Here’s a list of handpicked luxury hotels we recommend:

Find all the top boutique hotels in Barcelona here. Also, check out our guide on where to stay in Barcelona. We included here as well maps and descriptions of the neighborhood.

There is unique and first-hand information on what area is best recommended for families, couples, design-lovers and more.

Do you want to stay near the beach? Then read our guide to the best beach hotels in Barcelona. Please keep in mind, some of the beach resorts and hotels are family-friendly, others are adults-only.

Book W Hotel here

Luxury Hotels in barcelona; The W Hotel

2. Airport Pick-Up Service

Get a pick-up service from the Airport. You can get picked up by a limousine or a luxury van.

Check out the Private Airport Transfers.

Now that we’ve covered the accommodation and your most convenient way to get to the city, let us have a look into the luxury experiences.

3. Hop on a Private Sailing Boat

Ohhhh this is one of my absolute favorite ones! When travelling to Barcelona in Summer, you have to rent a private sailing boat with a captain. offer this for tourists and visitors.

Enjoy an amazing private boat trip with your partner, family, or friends.

Appreciate the full skyline of Barcelona from the sea, jump in the water and enjoy snacks, your own music and drinks.

Here’s a video.

How to book?

Contact to prices and available dates.

Prices start from 240€ per group.

Book your Sailing Boat here

4. Private Photo-shooting

Shutter Kings offer private photo shoots, tailored to your needs with beautiful Barcelona as the background and inspiration.

A photo session works as a fantastic gift for a loved one, or to commemorate your relationship (be that spouse, friend or family!) with professional pictures that will stay with you forever.

How to book?

You simply write them an email and let them know which date you’d like to book. They can recommend locations and best time of the day for better lighting.

And yes, they can also help you with proposals. Drop them an email, they usually reply quickly. Check their official website below.

Book your Photoshooting here

5. Helicopter Ride – wow!

We talked about the luxury cars, but how about a private helicopter tour plus a boat ride?

The 360° Sky Walk offers a different angle to Barcelona. Charter a private helicopter ride in Barcelona starting from 79€.

During this 6 minute flight you will explore thousands of details, which you could never see from the ground: the World Trade Center, the Statue of Columbus, Maremagnum, the antique quarter of fishers in Barceloneta, the whole coastline till the Puerto Olimpico, the beach of Marbella and the Forum of the cultures.

Is it worth it? Yes, it really is!

Book your Heli-Ride here

For booking the helicopter ride, we recommend using BCN.Travel, a local travel agency.

They even have an office downtown. Super helpful, reliable and quick in replying.

360º SkyWalk: Land, Sea & Air

6. Champagne Sunset Tour

A classic! Let’s combine champagne, a cruise and a beautiful sunset. The Champagne Sunset Tour is for the glamorous tourists, looking for some unique experience.

Here’s the info in a nutshell.

  • Tour: 2 and a half hour cruise on a double story stunning white catamaran
  • Drinks: a selection of drinks from Cava, Sangria and beer
  • Food: Traditional Spanish Paella, with a side salad
  • Views: Stunning coastal views of Barcelona
  • Style: glamorous crowd with a great vibe
  • After-Party: Free VIP club entry at a top Barcelona beach club

For prices and schedules, check out

Prices start from 65€ for this tour.

Good to know: Tickets are limited and the Boat Tour only takes place few times a week during season. Book your ticket asap!

Book Boat Party here

Champagne Sunset Tour

7. Private Sailing Adventure on the Mediterranean

Do you want a more private sailing experience? No problem!

There are as well private sailing adventures. Some include even tapas, wine and other amenities. Pure luxury and unique!

Costa Brava Day Trip

8. Ride a Ferrari

This is perfect for every luxury-car-lover!

You can ride a real Ferrari or Lamborghini on several tracks. You can take the car for a ride all the way to Montserrat, inside the city and even ride on a Formula 1 track.

You can rent a Ferrari or Lamborghini and cruises.

Idea: This is a perfect surprise for the partner. They also offer gift-cards.

Getting around Barcelona with a Ferrari

9. Have a cocktail at the best rooftop terrace

A rooftop terrace is always something special.

There are many different options to have a drink above the roofs of Barcelona. Here is a selection of the rooftop terraces we recommend:

Book Majestic Hotel in Passeig de Gracia here

Mercer Hotel in Barcelona

10. Yummy Cooking Class

Cooking! You can get a private cooking class. Learn how to cook the famous Paella and Tapas. There are a ton of cool paella cooking classes. There are a lot of different classes; like private ones or group cooking classes. There are also classes with local market tours. Check before what is included.

I recommend cooking classes that include:

  • Sangria
  • Tapas AND Paella Cooking

I also prefer to join a cooking class for dinner time. This way you can enjoy the time, have a glass of Sangria more than you should and can go home afterwards happily and full(-filled).

Bon profit and bon appetit!=)

But…cooking as a group is more fun for you? Then check out the guys from Stoke Travel. They offer a paella cooking class and market visit right in the heart of the city.

Prices start from 55€. Bon profit and bon appetit!=)

Fully booked? Check out this cooking class + Boqueria market tour.

Book Paella Cooking Experience & Boqueria Market Tour

Cooking Class in Barcelona

11. Enjoy the best food

Yes, indeed, Barcelona is a food-paradise. If you fancy a restaurant over cooking your own meal, there are numerous restaurants around the city to enjoy an excellent dinner.

Dine at some of the highlights Barcelona has to offer when it comes to fine dining. Here is our list of recommended restaurants in luxury:

Check our guide to the best paella in Barcelona.

Can Solé in Barcelona

12. Montserrat, Sitges and Torres Wine Tour

Get out of the city!

Join one of the best tours Barcelona has to offer, including a Barcelona English tour, and visit the beautiful Montserrat Mountain, and the beach town of Sitges and learn more about Spanish wine. You can find more info on this tour here.

Also, here we collected 33 more day trips from Barcelona.

Book Day Trip to Montserrat and Sitges Tour here

Montserrat a sanctuary nearby Barcelona

13. Get a Spa Retreat

After a full day exploring the city, a spa is a fantastic way to end the day. There are several spas around, and we collected the best 12 spas in Barcelona here.

Some of them even open for midnight. A perfect romantic retreat!

Romantic things to do in Barcelona spa

14. (Exclusive) Cava and Wine Tasting Tour

Cava and Wine – this is 100% Catalan tradition.

Another luxury thing to do is having an exclusive cava and wine tasting tour from Barcelona.

The tour provider picks you up at your hotel. You learn about the local wine and cava tradition and get to taste several different products.

Here’s a cool guide to cava and wine tastings in Barcelona.

Book your Wine Tour here

(Exclusive) Cava and Wine Tasting Tour

15. FC Barcelona Home Match at Camp Nou Stadium

Is there an upcoming football match during your visit? Well, then this is your chance to an epic experience. Even for the non-football-fan, experiencing the biggest Stadium in Europe and one of the best football teams in the world, is something very special.

Have a look to check if there is any upcoming Barca match for your travel dates:

FC Barcelona Home Match at Camp Nou Stadium

16. Costa Brava Villa

Another luxury day trip from Barcelona?

Visit the coast of Costa Brava. You can Villas and Resorts along the coast, just a few steps away from the beach.

Here are some ideas for Villas and Resorts:

I recommend actually renting a car on your own and hit the road. The Costa Brava is amazing with so many different corners, beaches and hidden spots.

Check out Discover Car Hire here

Villa Costa Brava

17. Have a drink at the W Hotel

The W Hotel is a great luxury Hotel. It comes with a sea view and is located only a few steps away from the beach. Highly recommended. Besides staying at W Hotel you can also come here to have a drink. The setting is gorgeous!

Put on your best suite and dress, and visit the terrace of W Hotel for a drink.

There is also a lounge on the upper floor. Perfect for a luxury night-out.

Book W Hotel here

Nothing beats this view - W Hotel in Barcelona

18. Private Segway Tour

Whilst we are next on the beach, how about a Segway Tour? Segway is fun, ever tried it?

You can get private segway tours and ride along the Barceloneta beach and other areas.

You can find more infos on Segways here.

Book Private Segway Tour here

Private Segway Tour


What are some top recommendations for luxury accommodations in Barcelona?

Some top luxury hotels in Barcelona include the W Hotel, Majestic Hotel , and the Mandarin Oriental. You can also find boutique hotels with unique features.

What's a unique way to explore Barcelona's coastline during the summer?

You can rent a private sailing boat with a captain through services like It's a fantastic way to enjoy the skyline from the sea and relax with your own music and drinks.

Where can I book a private photo-shooting session in Barcelona?

Shutter Kings offers private photo shoots against the backdrop of beautiful Barcelona. You can book a session to capture special moments or commemorate your visit.

Is there a thrilling way to see Barcelona from above?

Yes, you can book a private heli ride starting from 79€ through the 360° Sky Walk. You'll get a unique perspective of Barcelona and its landmarks.

Are there private sailing adventures with additional amenities available in Barcelona?

Yes, you can find private sailing adventures that include tapas, wine, and more. These offer a unique and luxurious experience.

Summary Luxury Things to do in Barcelona

There you have it. BCN is loaded with numerous luxury things to do. For more information and additional insights on Barcelona luxury travel, feel free to explore our Barcelona luxury travel blog for even more tips and recommendations.

There is even more to discover.

Check out the 54 romantic things to do in Barcelona.

For the first-timer visiting, here we have the Must Do Barcelona List, including smart recommendations on the main sights (this includes skipping waiting lines and more). Of course, this also covers where to stay.

Any questions? We would love to help. Drop us a comment or directly an email.

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Luxury Things to do in Barcelona

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