33 EPIC Day Trips from Barcelona (by car, bike and public transport)

33 EPIC Day Trips from Barcelona – including Cliff Jumping, Waterfalls and beaches

Day Trips from BarcelonaBarcelona as a city has everything to offer. It’s no surprise that there are as well numerous options for day trips from Barcelona.

From great food, ground breaking architecture to snowboarding in winter and beach volleyball in summer.

I was born in Barcelona and I know this Mediterranean pearl like no other city.

Me and my friends love to jump in the car to spend a weekend out of the city.

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Don’t wanna go by car? I also cover many day trips by train and bike.

I have spent summers and winters snowboarding in the Pyrenees, jumping from cliffs into the sea, lakes and rivers, and much more.

One Week In Barcelona is the perfect amount of time to get to know the city AND surroundings.

You will find many articles such as:

With the Costa Brava in the North and cool things to do in the south, there are so many opportunities for day excursions.

Also, here is a big list of 18 luxury things to do in Barcelona and the one and only Lonely Planet Barcelona – up to date!

Therefore, I dedicated this full article only to cool day trips you can take from Barcelona.

And if you wanna have a blast in Barcelona, here is a full list of fun things to do in Barcelona.

33 great day trips from Barcelona

So, let us have a close look on these tours to enjoy a weekend or a few days away for the hustle and bustle.

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Pack your beach towel, put on your best travel shoes and hit the road.

Wanna enjoy these day trips a bit longer? You can stay in an Airbnb and extend your stay in the area. There are always plenty of things to do.

Turn on the music (check out our travel songs compilation), and…

Enjoy your trip!

1. Montserrat Mountain and Monastery

The Montserrat Mountain is a multi-peaked mountain, only a 1-hour train ride away.

This is a perfect activity for a day outside the city for every hiker and nature lover. The monastery at Montserrat Mountain is also worth it to visit.

There is a black Madonna you can visit – impressive stuff.

You can either take the cable car for going up the mountain or hike up.

There are day trips leaving from Barcelona to Montserrat – we recommend booking with BCN Travel, our trusted tour agency we always chose in Barcelona.

How to get here?

Easiest is a day tour! Check out the our full article on how to get to the Montserrat Monastery here.

The train leaves from Plaza Espanya, and your final train stop is Manresa.

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Montserrat a sanctuary nearby Barcelona

2. Sitges (Beach and Restaurants)

Another great day trip is going to Sitges. The village is a popular, small beach destination in the south. Sitges is especially known for its carnival and is popular in the LGTB community.

There is a few nude beaches. In general, Sitges is great for beaches and nightlife.

You can come here by train.

There are different events happening in Sitges such as the Sitges Film Festival in October and the Sitges Carnival in February.

Check out the schedule for the Train to Sitges.

You can also come here by car and scooter/ motorbike. Here’s my guide on how to hire a scooter rental in Barcelona.

red Vespa along the coast

3. Tarragona (Colosseum and Old Town)

Even more south, you find Tarragona.

Back in the days of the Roman empire, Tarragona was more important than Barna. Today, you can visit a well-preserved Colosseum, a lovely, smallish town with own beaches.

Those beaches are also worth it to pay a visit.

Even better if you plan your visit in Tarragona during the Tarraco Viva festival. Then you will experience yourself how the Roman life was.

Reaching Tarragona is very simple, you just need to take a train from Estacio de Sants.

Check out how to get around Barcelona, arrive at the train station, and enjoy the ride!

Cathedral and Cloister of Tarragona Devils Bridge in Tarragona; the Aquaduct near Tarragona The Amphitheatre in Tarragona; just a weekend trip away from Barcelona

4. Waikiki Beach next to Tarragona (Cala Fonda)

Talking about beaches next to Tarragona, there is the magical Waikiki Beach. For me, this is the most beautiful beach in the area of Barcelona.

The official name of Waikiki Beach is Cala Fonda.

However, the locals call it Waikiki Beach.

It requires some hiking to get here. There are no shops or beach bars nearby. And since it is a bit of a hassle to get here, you won’t find a super crowded beach.

Make sure you bring enough water and an umbrella.

How to get to Waikiki Beach in Tarragona?

We wrote an article about how