The Best Paella in Barcelona: 9 Handpicked Restaurants in review and on a map

The Best Paella in Barcelona: 9 Handpicked Restaurants in Review (and a Cooking Class)

Best Paella in BarcelonaWhere can you get the best paella in Barcelona? This is a really common question for visitors coming over to visit this beautiful city.

It’s the one following questions,“What should I see?” and of course, “Where should I stay in Barcelona?

Luckily for you, we’ve already covered those two questions!

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Smart tips to know before eating paella in Barcelona

  1. Spanish people have dinner starting from 9 p.m. and going until as late as midnight. This may be very late for you, but no worries, most restaurants open around 6-7 p.m.
    You won’t starve!
  2. When you pick one of our recommended paella spots, we recommend making a reservation. Just to be safe (and to avoid disappointments and skip waiting in line)
  3. The price for a paella is usually shown per person. The minimum for a good paella is two people.
  4. There are different types of paella
    1. Rabbit and seafood – this is the traditional paella
    2. Seafood paella
    3. Black rice paella
    4. Meat paella
    5. Vegetarian paella

(Note: We haven’t seen any vegan paellas…yet!)

Paella is originally from Valencia. Still, you can find fantastic paellas in Barcelona. That’s why you’re reading this, after all!

Let us prove this to you with our recommended places to enjoy this tasty dish in the Catalan capital.

Interested in the cooking class? Jump straight to it.

9 Restaurants with the Best Paella in Barcelona

Alright, let the show begin!

Here is the list with restaurants for the best paella in Barcelona Spain.

You can jump to a restaurant clicking the name or simply keep scrolling to get all the information about them:

  1. La barca del Salamanca
  2. Xiringuito Escribà
  3. Pez Vela
  4. La Barraca
  5. Restaurant 7 Portes
  6. Can Majó
  7. Arume Barcelona
  8. Can Solé
  9. La Fonda in El Born
  10. Cook your own paella + (Discount)

At the end of the article, we’ve put all the places on a map.

Again, we would recommend making a reservation, just to avoid waiting and to make sure you get to enjoy the paella experience.

1. Restaurante La Barca del Salamanca

Our absolute #1 place for the best and most yummy paella is La Barca del Salamanca.

This big restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Barcelona. It is located in the Olympic harbour. It’s also near many other restaurants, but don’t walk in any of the other places here.

We love to order a great, homemade paella here along with sangria to drink. You can’t go wrong with this combination!

Fun fact: Many football players and celebrities choose this restaurant, too. We’ve met basketball players as well as players from FC Barcelona here.

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Restaurante La Barca del Salamanca - YUMMY for Paella and Sea food

2. Xiringuito Escribà

This is our other #1 recommendation. Okay, that might be confusing.

The Xiringuito Escribà is our top recommendation for eating during the day, as it’s right next to the beach. It has a seafront view!

Restaurante La Barca del Salamanca, on the other hand, is our go-to place for dinner late at night and when it’s cold outside.

On their website, they share the menu in 3 different languages if you want to have a sneak peek on the official website.

This place is also the only great place that we know of that offers paella for 1 person. This, however, depends on their availability.

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Best Paella in Barcelona