Montserrat a sanctuary nearby Barcelona

How to get to Montserrat Monastery near Barcelona? All options + what to pack

Montserrat Monastery in Barcelona is not just a magnificent religious site; it’s also a testament to Catalan culture and history. Nestled in a multi-peaked mountain near Barcelona, the monastery boasts a rich history dating back to the 12th century.

Known as the most significant mountain in Catalonia, Montserrat holds great importance for the Catalan people and attracts visitors for both its spiritual significance and natural beauty.

A day trip to Montserrat is a great way to spend your day out of the city, whether you’re a local or a visitor. It’s worth noting that on some public holidays, Montserrat can get quite busy as it holds special significance for the Catalan people. 

This trip is only one day trip we recommend.

We collected even +32 more day trips from Barcelona.

There are day trips leaving to Montserrat. Find more info with Bcn travel here

And you might wonder…

How do I get to Montserrat from Barcelona?

And what should I bring?

We are here to solve all your doubts, and in case you might have any other (except the weather forecast, we can’t predict that)  you can always leave a comment below – we always reply!

If you look at the rock formations from the distance, the name suddenly makes total sense.

Keep an eye out! Montserrat is totally amazing, and it is also the scenery of one of our 54 romantic things to do in Barcelona.

Understanding the meaning: Mont” means mountain, and “Serrat” means saw, giving Montserrat its name, which translates to “serrated mountain” or “saw-toothed mountain.

In Montserrat you can visit the Sanctuary, kiss “La Moreneta” (the Patron Saint of Catalonia) in the 16th century church of Santa Maria, see the Benedictine Monastery, explore Montserrat Abbey, or just walk around and enjoy nature and the stunning views in this natural park.

There is also a museum with some Picasso and Caravaggio masterpieces.

Here is located one of the oldest and recognized Choir’s school of Europe, so you are lucky, you may be able to hear the boy’s choir during your visit, where they perform their beautiful choral work.

Don’t forget to also explore Santa Cova, a significant religious site located in the mountains.

How to get to Montserrat Monastery from Barcelona

We talked about all the best ways for getting around Barcelona.

But what about getting out of the city?

There are so many possibilities to get to Montserrat Monastery.

We list the different options you can consider.

It includes public transport like trains and buses as well as renting a car.

And there is still a cable car to consider!

The options

The easiest option for getting here is by joining a guided tour. Find more info with

For the independent traveler, here are all the different ways to get here. Just click on the one you’re interested in or simply keep scrolling.

Your options are:

  1. by car
  2. by train
    1. cable car
    2. rack railway
  3. by bus
  4. by foot
  5. Ferrari tour

Enjoy nature in Montserrat Monastery

1. Getting to Montserrat Monastery by Car

There are different roads depending on where are you actually coming but do not worry, Montserrat is very well connected. 

The Montserrat Monastery address is Santa Maria de Montserrat, 08199 Monistrol de Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain.

Once you arrive, you must leave the car on the parking spot.

Consider that the parking gets full quite early, check the parking fees for Montserrat here.

For more indications about how to get to Montserrat by car, check the Montserratby  official website.

2. Getting to Montserrat Monastery by Train and …

The train company which covers Montserrat route is FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat). The train to Montserrat departs from Barcelona – Plaça Espanya Station, and leave frequently.

Look for the line R5. This is the Barcelona – Manresa line. It links up with the Monestir de Montserrat cable car and rack railway stations.

Pay attention once you pay the ticket.

You have to choose if you prefer cable car or rack railway when buying it, and you cannot change it afterward.

2.1 … and Cable car

If you choose to go by train and Cable car, make sure your ticket says BILLET AERI.

It takes approximately one hour to get to the Montserrat train station.

You must get off at the station: Montserrat – Aeri.

The cable car ride is just 5 minutes. Even though you will have to stand, you will be able to enjoy amazing views.

2.2 … and rack railway

If you prefer to go by train and rack railway (called cremallera).

It will take approximately one hour to get to the Montserrat train station.

You must get off at the station Monistrol de Montserrat.

The journey takes approximately 15 minutes. You will be able to seat.

3. Getting to Montserrat Monastery by Bus

You can also take the bus from Barcelona Sants Bus Station (city center). It has only one departure from Barcelona early in the morning.

It has also just one departure to come back from Montserrat in the evening.

You can find more information at the bus company website.

4. Getting to Montserrat Monastery by foot

To be clear: Not by foot from Barcelona actually!

Many people like to hike up Montserrat for a different experience.

You can check the different routes and choose if you would like it too.

Consider it is a 1 hour and 40 minutes walk. The trail starts at Monistrol de Montserrat.

5. Ferrari Tour to Montserrat

The company DriveMe offers as well Ferrari tours to Montserrat.

Now, that one is certainly unique.

Update: Since summer 2019, the company does not offer this tour anymore.

Sleeping in the Montserrat Monastery

If you want to sleep in the Montserrat Monastery, there is only one option, Hotel Abat Cisneros.

This simple hotel is mostly used by the family of the choir’s members to visit them. Do not expect anything flashy, it is a basic but clean hotel that gives you the possibility to enjoy the grounds without the crowds.

Note that you will have to carry your suitcases from the car park or funicular which is uphill and 10-15 minutes walk.

Book Hotel Abat here

Personally, I do not think it is very convenient to sleep in Montserrat, as there is nothing to do except visiting the Monastery and hiking the mountains. That being said, this is the beautiful part.

If you want to avoid the crowds, you could simply get there very early or stay until quite late.

keep an eye on the Ferrocaril ( FCG train) schedule.

What to pack for Montserrat Barcelona Monastery?

Montserrat is a quite convenient day-trip, as there are also bars and cafés. In case you forget your food, you will be able to buy the essentials.

Don’t forget to check the Montserrat Monastery entrance fee if you plan to explore the museum or other attractions within.

Nevertheless, if you plan to walk up to the Montserrat mountains, we recommend packing enough water and food, as well as sun cream if it is a sunny day.

You still want to enjoy your Barcelona trip, don’t you?

  • water
  • some snacks
  • sun cream (and maybe a hat)
  • comfy shoes for walking long-distance
  • camera (for beautiful memory shots)

Note also, regarding what kind of clothes you should bring will depend on the season you choose to go.

Bear in mind, in Montserrat there are normally between 3 and 6 degrees less than in Barcelona.

As my friends always say: Obviously, as it is a mountain!

Therefore, I always carry with me a thin wind stopper jacket.


What is Montserrat Monastery and why is it significant?

Montserrat Monastery is a historic monastery located on a multi-peaked mountain near Barcelona, dating back to the 12th century. It is significant for its cultural and spiritual importance to the Catalan people, housing the Benedictine Abbey and the iconic statue of "La Moreneta," the Patron Saint of Catalonia.

How can I get to Montserrat Monastery from Barcelona?

There are several ways to reach Montserrat Monastery from Barcelona, including by car, train, bus, and even hiking. The most convenient option is often to join a guided tour, but you can also take a train from Plaça Espanya Station in Barcelona or drive there. For a unique experience, consider hiking or taking the cable car or rack railway.

What are some activities to do at Montserrat Monastery?

At Montserrat, visitors can explore the Benedictine Monastery, visit the 16th-century church of Santa Maria, see the Montserrat Abbey, and enjoy the stunning natural park. The site also features a museum with artworks, including pieces by Picasso and Caravaggio, and you might hear the renowned boys' choir perform.

Is it possible to stay overnight at Montserrat Monastery?

Yes, you can stay overnight at the Montserrat Monastery. The only accommodation available is Hotel Abat Cisneros, a simple and clean hotel located within the monastery grounds. It's an ideal choice for those looking to experience Montserrat without the daytime crowds.

What should I pack for a day trip to Montserrat Monastery?

For a day trip to Montserrat, it's recommended to bring water, snacks, sun cream, a hat, comfortable shoes for walking, and a camera. Keep in mind the temperature can be cooler than in Barcelona, so bringing a light jacket or wind stopper is advisable. Don't forget to check the entrance fees for any specific attractions you plan to visit within the monastery.

Summary how to get to Montserrat from Barcelona

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways for transportation.

It’s a beautiful day trip to consider, especially for families and couples to spend a day to explore nature and Catalan history.

And again, the easiest option to get here is by joining a Montserrat Barcelona tour.

Book your Montserrat tour here

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