Waikiki Beach Tarragona - How to get here and to enjoy!

Waikiki Beach in Tarragona – How to get here for a day trip (and what to pack)

Have you heard of Waikiki Beach Tarragona? It is a gorgeous beach south of Barcelona, next to Tarragona. The official name of this beach is “Cala Fonda”, but locals call it Waikiki Beach. It is a real paradise near Barcelona.

When spending One Week In in Barcelona, a nice day trip to Waikiki Beach is a wonderful idea.

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Waikiki Beach Tarragona, a hidden paradise

The beaches in Barcelona itself are always packed with endless people.

In Waikiki Beach are usually fewer people. You can really chill and slow down. Therefore, a short city break at the beach is a wonderful idea.

Hidden beach near Barcelona

How to get to Waikiki Beach Tarragona from Barcelona

There are different ways on how to get to Waikiki Beach. We actually recommend coming here by car. This it is more convenient.

But let us go through all the possibilities:

  1. by car
  2. by train
  3. by bus

Either way, you will need to walk 15-20 minutes to get to Waikiki Beach in Tarragona from the starting point we mention below.

Unless you stay at Camping Torre de la Mora, then you will have the shortest walk. I created a small map below. Please have a closer look so you can find the way easily.

Waikiki Beach, a paradise near Barcelona

1. By Car

Going by car to Waikiki Beach is the easiest and most comfortable way.

Coming from Barcelona, you will have to drive to La Mora in Tamarit, Tarragona. This is the closest place you can park your car. From there, you will have to walk.

Check with Mr. Google bout the best way to reach Tamarit. He will give you all the indications.

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2. By Train

Coming from Barcelona, you can take a train from Barcelona Sants to Altafulla – Tamarit. Check the train schedules here.

Once there, the best option might be a taxi or cab, as a car ride is just 15 minutes.

What about walking?

If you were thinking about walking from there, bear in mind it will be around one hour just to reach La Mora Beach. Then you must add the walking time from that beach to Waikiki Beach. That will take you around 20 minutes.

3. By Bus

Another option will be to take the bus from Tarragona. The bus leaves quite frequently.

You can find the bus schedule for Tarragona public bus here. You will have to take the bus to Tamarit. From there you will have to walk.

Even though transports are good, I do not personally recommend to take this option. It takes quite a long time and it is better to spend that time on the beach, right?

Walk to Waikiki Beach

Once you reach the beach in La Mora, it is a 15-20 min hike to Waikiki Beach.

Here is a map we created; that should help for planning.

The path is not hard, but it can be hot. Fortunately, there are some tree shadows along the way where you can stop with the excuse of taking some photos.

Once in La Mora beach, look at your right side facing the beach. You will see the cliffs and a camping site.

Tip: In case you need to buy water or food, this is the moment!

You will need to cross the camping, called Camping Torre de la Mora, (no worries at all about crossing the camping, you are allowed to do that).

Afterward, you just need to continue walking along the coastline.

Firstly, you will find a beach called Platja Roca Plana which looks like this. That is not your final destination.

Keep walking (or make a stop here and enjoy this beach before reaching Waikiki).

On the way to Waikiki BeachJust keep walking until you reach Waikiki Beach.

The sand on Waikiki beach is gold-ish and thin. You will simply love it there!

Arriving at Waikiki Beach Tarragona

What to bring to Waikiki Beach

There is no so-called chiringuito (beach bar) at the beach. That means – seriously – no beach bar.

Therefore, there is not anything you could buy water or food.

For this reason, pack enough water and food so you can spend the day without being interrupted by hunger.

In case you need to buy food and drinks, the nearest point is on La Mora Beach.

Obviously, you should bring also sun cream. There is basically no shadow at Waikiki Beach. An umbrella might be also a very clever idea to bring!

Cool idea: Put a 1.5liter bottle in the freezer the night before. Bring it with you to the beach. Since the water is froz