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550 Wise and Powerful Money Quotes 2021

How to make more money? Let’s be honest, money can make anything go-around. And we all know we want it. But money can mean more if we truly understand what it really is.

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? That we are capable of attracting whatever we can think and desire? Well, whether it’s true or not, there is no harm in trying. And besides, who wouldn’t want to attract more money?

Here are 550 wise and powerful money quotes to inspire you and attract more money. We have all kinds of money quotes for you to reflect on. From earning, spending to saving, and investing, we have it all here.

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1. Motivating money quotes

People are so eager to earn money that money itself motivates us. And to keep us more inspired, here are motivating money quotes.

  • Successful people make money. It’s not that people who make money become successful, but successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do.
  • You can make a million excuses or you can make a million dollars
  • Become so financially secure that you forget that it’s payday.
  • “If you don’t get serious about your money you will never have serious money.” – Grant Cardone
  • Mind over matter. Money overall.

“The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your back pocket.” – Will Rogers

The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your back pocket

  • If you were born poor, it’s not your fault. But if you die poor, it’s your choice.
  • Money will not bring you happiness, but I would rather cry in a Mercedes than on a bus.
  • “They way to become rich is to make money, not to save it.” – Kate Chopin
  • Anything is possible with a dollar and a dream.
  • The one who has the most money will be able to own most assets.
  • “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” – Henry David Thoreau
  • Dreams don’t work unless you do.
  • “Making money is art and working is an art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol
  • Do what you love and money will follow.
  • Rich people stay rich by living like they’re broke. Broke people stay broke by living like they’re rich.
  • You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.

“I make myself rich by making my wants few.” – Henry David Thoreau

I make myself rich by making my wants few

  • Money is the opposite of the weather. Nobody talks about it, but everybody does something about it.
  • “Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed.” – George Burns
  • “A penny saved is a penny earned.” – Benjamin Franklin
  • “Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time.” – Margaret Bonnand
  • “Making money isn’t hard in itself. What is hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting your life to.” – Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • “Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have beautifully.” – Scott Alexander
  • “Wealth is not about having a lot of money; it’s about having a lot of options.” – Chris Rock

“When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.” – Oscar Wilde

When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life


  • “Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this.” – Herman Cain
  • You must know how to handle the biggest of all drugs – money. Yes, it is a drug, the lack of it or its overdose can cause serious financial and emotional damage. The only way to properly handle the powerful drug of money and not get addicted is by acquiring sound financial knowledge – the understanding of how money functions.
  • If you want money, you must work to earn it.
  • Hustle until your haters ask if you’re hiring.
  • My body wants more sleep but my pocket wants more money.
  • “The poor and the middle-class work for money. The rich have money work for them.” – Robert Kiyosaki
  • “Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.” – Paul Samuelson
  • “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

“The goal isn’t more money, the goal is living your life on your own terms.” – Chris Brogan

The goal isn't more money, the goal is living your life on your own terms


  • If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it.
  • If you don’t get serious about the money you will never have serious money.
  • “That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.” – Henry David Thoreau
  • “Money is like muck—not good unless it is spread.” – Francis Bacon
  • “It’s not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It’s the customer who pays the wages.” – Henry Ford
  • “Capital as such is not evil; it is its wrong use that is evil. Capital in some form or other will always be needed.” – Gandhi
  • “I pity that man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth shall starve in the process.” – Benjamin Harrison

“Buy when everyone else is selling and hold until everyone else is buying. That’s not just a catchy slogan. It’s the very essence of successful investing.” – J. Paul Getty


Buy when everyone else is selling and hold until everyone else is buying