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FINALLY: 37 Gift ideas for travelers they will really LOVE (Fresh Ideas 2024)

Alright, so you’ve landed on this page because you’re looking for the best gift ideas for travelers. Are you pondering over what gift ideas when traveling would be most appreciated by your wanderlust friends and family? Never fear, the One Week In team is here.

Welcome to our ultimate gift guides! Trust us when we say: there are so many ideas when it comes to gifts for people who love to travel.

Whether it’s practical items, fun accessories, or unique experiences, this guide is a treasure trove of gifts for someone who travels will adore.

Save time by finding the top gifts right here in this guide.

In this guide, we cover good travel gift ideas, from practical travel gifts to fun travel accessories and traveler gifts ideas.

This includes gifts for people who travel for work, ensuring they have everything they need to make their business trips as smooth and enjoyable as possible. You’ll soon have gift ideas coming out of your ears.

In fact, we’ve gone one step further by sorting everything by price. We get that some of you are on a budget and others can afford to splash out on the luxury and best great travel gifts out there.

Thanks to wonderful websites like Amazon; affordable, fun, and unique travel gifts are never too far away. We’ve included a link to buy for every recommendation in this guide. You’re welcome.

1. Gift ideas for Travelers: Under 10€

Let’s kick start with some presents for travel lovers that don’t cost an absolute fortune. You can still buy cute and small travel gifts at a small price.

These suggestions are ideal for slipping inside a backpack without taking up much space.

Neck Travel Pillow

Sometimes it’s the necessities of travel life that make the best gift ideas for travellers.

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys moving between destinations when it involves hours of sitting down. And trying to sleep whilst sitting up is awkward. So, don’t be a pain in the neck and buy them a memory foam travel pillow (get it?).

Note: We don’t think it’s worth spending a fortune on a fancy pillow. It’s easy to accidentally leave them behind on the plane, and they can be hung on the outside of a backpack so don’t take up too much space.

Buy a Neck Travel Pillow here

Travel pillow

Passport cover

A simple and useful gift. A passport cover will protect the most precious item you have while traveling – your passport!

A beautiful passport holder – with a cool travel theme – will make it easier to find your passport while you travel, as well as keep travel documents together.

Buy a Passport Cover here

passport cover

Portable Luggage Scale

Before you scoff and scroll on by, a portable luggage scale is a useful gift for travellers! Every traveller needs to manage their luggage weight, especially if you’ve paid for a limit of 20kg.

It can soon get seriously expensive if you turn up with a bag that’s 3-4 kg overweight. Some airlines will charge 10€ plus for every extra kg. Do your buddy a favour and buy them this handy portable luggage scale, along with a practical luggage tag, so they can carry and avoid the embarrassment of having to put on an extra 5 layers of clothing to save weight.

Buy a Portable Luggage Scale here

Reusable Cotton Bag

The reusable cotton bag is something that is often overlooked, yet it’s super useful whilst traveling. Firstly, it’s small and can be stuffed into a small corner of a backpack.

Secondly, it comes in useful as a replacement for plastic bags when food shopping (zero waste), days out in the city, and for holding dirty laundry.

Buy a Reusable Cotton Bag here

reusable cotton bag


Traveling with cards is a really good idea! No more boring time at the airport when your flight is delayed, make new friends in your accommodation… UNO cards are simple; you can play with people that don’t speak the same language because it consists of matching colors or numbers.

Plus, throw in a sleep mask to make those long flights more comfortable!

The card game can be simple but you can also make it more complicated adding new rules. A versatile game that takes little space in your suitcase. You can play it at home, too!

Buy UNO Cards here

UNO cards are cool

Travel Tag

Do you have a friend who always gets crazy trying to identify their suitcase in the luggage claim area? Get him/her a travel tag! It is a cheap gift, and useful.

There are as many different travel assortments as tastes. I am sure you will find one your friend loves.

Buy a Travel Tag here

Travel tag for your bag

2. Gift ideas for Travelers: Under 20€

Looking for the perfect presents for travelling? Moving on now to gifts for someone who likes to travel, at a slightly higher price. This list offers a wide range of ideas, from inspiring travel-related books to handy and necessary gadgets when on the move.

Among these, we also have some special travel gifts for her, ensuring that female travelers have both stylish and practical items for their journeys.

Similarly, we’ve curated a selection of travel gift ideas for him, focusing on items that would particularly appeal to male travelers, combining functionality with style.

Crumpled Map

A really cool gift idea is a crumpled city map for the destination(s) your friend is heading to. These maps are designed to be taken on an adventure – crumple, scrunch, and force them into small spaces; they can withstand a lot of abuse.

You just never know when that phone might die or when the GPS will give up on life. We’d say this is one of the best travel gifts for him. Men are great with directions, right?

Buy a Crumpled Map here

Major cities crumple maps include: Paris, New York, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and many more.

Crumpled map

Traveloge Journal

This is not your ordinary travel journal, oh no. Not only is there plenty of space for logging worldly adventures, but you’ll also find eight unique scratch maps that represent different corners of the world. So as you go, you can scratch off where you’ve been and plan where to go next. It is a great gift for traveling!

Each map includes major cities in each country, too. Consider it a super fun geography lesson. So cool!

Buy your Traveloge Travel Journal here

Universal Travel Adapter and Charger

If you buy someone a universal travel adapter, charger, and power bank as a gift you’re sure to hear an “I never thought of that!” Honestly, you’ll be surprised how many travelers overlook this because they rely on USB charging sockets.

Whilst it’s true that it’s becoming the new standard, not every country – especially Eastern countries – will provide USB sockets. So to be on the safe side, buy your travel enthusiast friend a universal travel adapter.

It can be used anywhere in the world – a wonderful one-time buy.

Buy a Universal Travel Adapter and Charger here

Universal Travel Adapter and Charger

Anywhere Travel Guide

75 Cards for Discovering the Unexpected, Wherever Your Journey Leads. These 75 cards are a fun way of exploring new places and doing things you wouldn’t usually think of doing. It’s a mix of introspective questions and daring challenges that will bring more excitement to someone’s trip.

Know someone that needs to leave their comfort zone? This is a good gift for them!

Buy 75 Cards Anywhere Travel Guide here

Cell Phone Portable Charger

Seriously, no modern-day traveler will get very far without one of these cell phone portable chargers. They’re super useful for long-distance bus and train journeys, especially in countries where offering plug sockets aren’t the norm.

The simple USB socket makes charging smartphones and iPads super easy.

Buy Cell Phone Portable Charger here

cell phone portable charger

1000 places to see before you die

The title of this book says it all. 1000 places to see before you die is one of those ideal birthday gifts for travel lovers. Get their feet itching and their imagination rolling will this awesome book.

It covers the world’s wonders, continent by continent – so much inspiration for future travels including top museums, hidden islands, festivals, and hilltop villages that cannot be missed.

Buy 1000 places to see before you die here

Microfibre Travel Towel

A microfibre travel towel is an absolute must-have in one’s travel gear. Especially if this person will be staying in hostels! Hostels don’t typically include a towel in the room price, charging 1-2 euros for rent. It might not seem a lot, but it soon adds up.

The towel is the perfect gift for the budget backpacker. They roll up super small, dry super quick and last years.

Buy a Microfibre Travel Towel here

Microfiber travel towel

100 Countries, 5,000 Ideas

Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do.

Another great book to consider buying as a gift for travel lovers. Someone who has traveled extensively might start to run out of ideas…maybe! Regardless, here are 5,000 suggestions that will keep your friend away with the fairies for life.

We love the big colorful images, detailed maps, and useful information about the 100 most fascinating countries in the world.

Buy 100 Countries, 5,000 Ideas Book here

Packing Cubes

Packing what? This is quite a modern idea and it’s brilliant!

The idea is to pack clothes and smaller items in the cubes to save overall space in a backpack or suitcase. The packing cubes help to keep things organized, un-wrinkled, and, in theory, make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Say goodbye to emptying the entire bag in frustration when you can’t find your toothbrush. Also, consider adding compression socks to this travel gear to ensure your traveler has comfortable and well-supported legs during their journeys.

Also: This is one of those gifts for business travelers. Packing cubes help keep shirts less crinkled!

Buy Packing Cubes here

Collapsible Silicone Travel Cup

Eco-friendly travelers will love this collapsible silicone travel cup, there is no doubt. When you’re on the move and in transit, you need coffee, right?

Help your friend save on waste, and even save money. Yep! Many coffee shops offer a small discount when you bring your own cup. Score. This Stojo on the Go Coffee Cup is a handy 355ml in size.

Buy Collapsible Silicone Travel Cup here

collapsible travel mug

Travel Clothing

Over at Madly Addictive you can browse some gorgeous travel-related t-shirts for men and women. Fun captions include “passport gangster”, “nomad” and “adventure junkie” and are sure to be winning gifts.

They also sell cute little passport wraps and wide brim hats which are ideal for keeping the sun off in style.

Buy Travel Clothing here

T-Shirt Madly Addictive


Coffee lovers who want to explore remote places, let me tell you a secret. In some places, you will have to bring your coffee with you – and something to make your perfect blend!

The AeroPress is not only a good coffee press that makes smooth, delicious coffee. It is also compact, portable, and durable! The AeroPress kit comes with paper filters, but I do recommend you investing also in a mesh reusable filter, much easier to travel with and a better solution for our planet.

Enjoy coffee everywhere in the world.

Buy AeroPress here

aeropress coffee press

How to be an explorer of the world

It is more of a kid’s book, but this book will give you tips on how to observe the world around you as if you’re seeing it for the first time.

The best part? You don’t have to go far or even anywhere at all to learn something new.

Buy How to be an explorer of the world Book here

How to be an explorer of the world

Phone/Tablet Holder

There’s nothing worse than going on a long flight and holding your phone for hours on end to watch your favourite show. So, let’s change that!

The Flight Flap phone and tablet holder is one of the best gift ideas for travellers! This gadget is highly flexible and will keep devices secure, even when experiencing turbulence. With this gift, your travelling buddy can enjoy snacks and watch shows with no strain at all!

Buy Phone/Tablet Holder here

3. Gift ideas for traveling abroad: Under 50€

Let’s up the ante slightly and take a sneak peek at some of the gift ideas for traveling couples and gift ideas for travelers the best under $50.

World Scratch Map

Looking for unique gifts for travel lovers? A huge world scratch map is certainly one of them. It is definitely one of the best presents for travellers.

Now avid travelers can keep track of where they’ve been by literally scratching countries off the map. From South America to Greenland – every part of the world is included!

Warning: this gift might prevent your friend from ever quitting travel.

Buy a World Scratch Map here

scratch map

Collapsible Water Bottle

We can almost hear you gasping, ‘Who buys someone a water bottle for their travels? No need for a bag with a water bottle pocket!’

But hang on a minute, this water bottle is collapsible! Mmm-hmm. Besides, every traveler needs one, and when someone has spare cash to spend on their packing list, they’d probably much rather spend it on booking their favorite hostel.

So do them a favor and buy that all-important (slightly less exciting) gift. They’ll thank you for it.

Buy a Collapsible Water Bottle here

collapsible water bottle

Handmade Globe Necklace

Over at Etsy there are literally thousands of beautiful hand-crafted globe necklaces. Some can be personalized, some are made of gold, others boast a colored pendant.

This is a lovely gift for ladies that love to travel and wear jewelry! No matter where they go, they’ll have the world in the palm of their hand. Wait no… around their neck. Ah, you get the idea.

Buy a Handmade Globe Necklace here

Handmade Globe Necklace

Travel Hammock

We know, we know; this is such a cool idea. A prime example of gifts for someone who loves to travel AND who knows how to relax.

Since hammocks become an ‘in thing’, there are so many different ones on the market these days. This link gives you many options with a varying price range.  Some even come with a mosquito net!

Buy a Travel Hammock here

Polaroid Camera

Sure, smartphones are great for taking photos, but how many of us snap away like crazy and never look at the pictures again?

A Polaroid camera is a great gift for encouraging your traveling buddy to slow down and choose their captures carefully. An instant view photos or Polaroid camera and a convenient phone holder mean instant gifts for new hostel friends, too! They also make for wonderful scrapbook inserts.

A polaroid camera is a great gift for encouraging your traveling buddy to slow down and choose their captures carefully. Instant photos mean instant gifts for new hostel friends, too! They also make for wonderful scrapbook inserts.

Buy a Polaroid Camera here

Polaroid Camera

Solar Charger

Do you know someone that loves adventure travel? Perhaps they’re about to head off on a 5-month hike or round-the-world cycle tour. Awesome! In that case, they’ll greatly appreciate having a USB solar panel charger.

Obviously charging becomes difficult if you’re camping or spending days at a time out in the wilderness. But not with this handy device! As long as there is the sun, your traveler friend can continue to keep you informed of their whereabouts.

Buy a Solar Charger here

Amazon eGift Card

Are you finding it difficult to settle on something? That’s where gift cards come in handy!

Amazon is full of awesome travel products that are both practical and fun. So if you don’t know the person very well or can’t be bothered to search high and low, opt for an Amazon Gift Card of $25-100.

Sometimes it’s better to pick out that certain something you love, rather than receive something that you like.

Buy an Amazon eGift Card here

Taste the world in a tea set

Camomille, lemongrass, black pepper… There are (almost) too many different tea varieties that you can try from around the world. Some people say they do not like tea, but most of them just haven’t tried enough.

This is a gift to explore different flavors of the world from the comfort of your own home.

Buy Taste The World Tea Set here

Tea set travel the world

Rail Europe Gift Card

Buying your loved ones a Rail Europe Gift Card is so much easier than trying to gift wrap the European continent.

Interrailing is popular and a fantastic way to see the different landscapes of Europe. This gift card can be bought for between $25 and $500 and has no expiration date. They can also be used on 1st and 2nd class products. So if your friend is um-ing and ahh-ing about where to go, send them interrailing!

Buy Rail Europe Gift Card here

4. Gift ideas for Travelers: >50€

Keen to check what gifts are possible for that little bit extra? Perhaps you’d like to treat your other half for their birthday, or your son or daughter for their graduation.

No doubt some of these could make great Christmas gift ideas for travelers, too.

Let’s dive in and see what possibilities await!

World Map Duvet

For those who daydream about traveling, what about letting them also dream at night with a world map as inspiration?

World Map Duvet is a travel gift that mums love because bed linen is not a thing we want to buy, but we do actually need. A great excuse to renew your bed linen for travel lovers.

Book World Map Duvet here

World map duvet

Atlas Coffee Club (Gift card)

Quite obviously, this one is for the serious coffee lovers out there! Atlas Coffee Club specializes in the best coffee from 50+ countries around the world.

Each bag of coffee has a unique design that matches the local landscapes and textiles. Many beans can only be enjoyed via a subscription!

For an extra touch, consider pairing this coffee gift card with a beautiful coffee table book that explores the cultures and landscapes of coffee-producing countries.

You could treat your friend to a 3, 6, or 12-month gift subscription, all at different prices for different perks. Each month also includes a postcard from the country of origin. Cute!

Buy Atlas Coffee Club Gift Card here

Coffee lovers experience


This a perfect and unique gift ideas for travelers who love to read. It is true some people love the physical book, but as a book lover myself I have to admit that a kindle is really useful if you are traveling around the world – or on a holiday trip. It is a nice holiday gift guide.

You can keep so many different books in it, adjust the font, and set preferences… as well as keep notes, check definitions, highlight quotes…

Buy Kindle here

kindle, all the books you want in a single device

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an interesting topic. Is it worth it, isn’t it? It depends on many things, of course.

Say for instance, if someone is from and traveling to a western country, it’s likely that healthcare will be covered. Yet it’s a different story in Southeast Asia and places like China!

Bottom line: Having a good insurance cover will save your butt from spending a fortune should you break a leg or come down with malaria.

Travel insurance poses as one of those great gifts for adventure travelers. You know, the ones that love adrenaline sports and such. Worried parents, we’re looking at you!

Read more about travel insurance here.

Worldpackers Annual Subscription

Want to discover one of the best adventure birthday gifts out there? Certainly a year subscription for Worldpackers.

When it comes to adventure-themed gifts, this ticks all the boxes. Worldpackers open a doorway to volunteering, skills acquiring, and community building opportunities. In over 170 countries in the world!

From homestays and permaculture projects to learning all there is to know about travel and courses that will open your mind to endless possibilities. It’s one of those gifts for someone traveling abroad that will win you serious cool-human points.

Bluetooth headphones

Go wireless on your earbuds! Really, these Bluetooth headphones, like the Twelve South AirFly, give you much more freedom than you think. No cables is already a good reason, but they offer much more.

Allow yourself to immerse in the music without the tangle-hassle!

Book Bluetooth Headphones here

bluetooth headphones

GoPro Hero 11

Got a travelling buddy with a crazy thirst for adventure? A GoPro just might be the perfect gift for them!

Adrenaline junkies fell in love with the GoPro ever since it first arrived on the market, and this love has been burning ever since! Shooting in 5.3k, just imagine the videos your friend will capture!

Best of all? The GoPro Hero 11 comes with a live streaming feature so it will almost be like you’re on an adventure with them!

Buy GoPro Hero 11 here

Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter

While most of us are the biggest flans of flying, there’s one thing we can all agree about – plane headphones suck! Even if your favourite movie is playing on the built-in plane entertainment system, watching it is unbearable with them.

Well, save your friend the trouble and purchase a Bluetooth wireless audio transmitter! This useful gift for travellers is really convenient and tiny, so it fits in pockets with ease.

All your friend has to do is plug this device in the audio jack, connect their headphones to it (the good ones!), and sit back and enjoy!

Buy a Bluetooth wireless audio transmitter here


By now we hope you have plenty of gift ideas for travel lovers.

Of course, there are endless possibilities when it comes to buying that perfect gift for your friend, spouse, sibling, or child.

Yet, as travelers ourselves, we reckon you’re in for big smiles and tight hugs if you decide to invest in something from this list:

  1. Neck Travel Pillow
  2. Passport cover
  3. Portable Luggage Scale
  4. Reusable Cotton Bag
  6. Travel Tag
  7. Crumpled Map
  8. Traveloge Journal
  9. Universal Travel Adapter and Charger
  10. Anywhere Travel Guide
  11. Cell Phone Portable Charger
  12. 1000 places to see before you die
  13. Microfibre Travel Towel
  14. 100 Countries, 5,000 Ideas
  15. Packing Cubes
  16. Collapsible Silicone Travel Cup
  17. Travel Clothing
  18. AeroPress
  19. How to be an explorer of the world
  20. Phone/Tablet Holder
  21. World Scratch Map
  22. Collapsible Water Bottle
  23. Handmade Globe Necklace
  24. Travel Hammock
  25. Polaroid Camera
  26. Solar Charger
  27. Amazon eGift Card
  28. Taste the world in a tea set
  29. Rail Europe Gift Card
  30. World Map Duvet
  31. Atlas Coffee Club (Gift card)
  32. Kindle
  33. Travel Insurance
  34. Worldpackers Annual Subscription
  35. Bluetooth Headphones
  36. GoPro Hero 11
  37. Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter


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26 Gift ideas for travel lovers



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