Where to Stay in Amalfi Coast on a Budget

Where to Stay in Amalfi Coast on a Budget 2024? Top Affordable Accommodation Picks

Located in Campania, Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a lovely seaside area stretching along the Tyrrhenian Sea between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno. It is attractive for the terraces dotted with lemon trees, artisan artworks and its position up on the cliffs, overlooking small bays.

Amalfi has a scenery of very important cultural and natural value, not only because there are two world-famous places Amalfi and Positano, but also for the small authentic villages characteristic of the region. This magnificent tourist destination is mainly visited to enjoy the sun and the sea. Despite it’s often presented as a luxury destination, you’ll be thrilled to learn that you can explore the coast for cheap, too. So, the next question is- where to stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget?

And that’s exactly what I’ll discuss in this blog!

Although Amalfi has an image of a trendy location for the jet set, there is no doubt that the blend of the sea, authentic coastal life in Italy and the desire to feel it on the spot is impossible if you are to visit on a budget. Using some helpful tips on how to invest for your travel, you will enjoy exploring the Amalfi Coast on a budget.

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Question: Where to stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget?

Amalfi Coast used to be a part of the Roman Empire, evidence of which are the many patrician villas. It was afterwards Byzantine and is also known as the oldest Maritime Republic of Amalfi. It was later conquered by the Normans and fell into poverty before it was finally named a capital in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and annexed to Italy.

Besides the brief history, I must mention that it is also a UNESCO site. This is thanks to the extraordinarily beautiful landscapes, and most importantly, the characteristic topography and the very respectful relationship between man and nature.

Amalfi Coast is characterised by typical macchia, rocky areas and forests and unique citrus trees, called Sfusato, as well as vineyards. There is plenty to visit and experience as you’re exploring Amalfi on a budget, but the sunny beaches and vibrant nightlife are what give a contour to your stay.

Here is the question: Where to stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget?

The answer is simple: Minori

Minori is a very small and incredibly lovable town on the Amalfi Coast. Although less popular, it’s not less charming and welcoming. The centre of the place has beautiful scenery and the hiking opportunity makes it stand out from the rest. It is a town for enthusiasts who like to explore. The most significant spots are the town centre; a nice promenade along the coast; access to the beautiful path of lemons; a great hiking experience between Minori and Maiori; a beautiful church; a famous patissier Sal de Riso, and so much more.

Some of these areas include:

  • Villa Romana (Roman Villa)
  • Santa Trofimena Church
  • Minori Beach

Why do I recommend these areas?

The small town of Minori spreads between the sea and the mountains. Some streets are open for cars and some are made into pedestrian zones. The houses have natural decorations, such as lemon trees and bougainvillaea. These yards are hidden gems providing fascination from places you’ll least expect it. So, looking for the cheapest places to stay in Amalfi Coast will definitely be worth it!

Villa Romana is very interesting for history lovers. It has a museum within and it is very easy to visit since it isn’t scenic.

The Baroque church Santa Trofimena, with a milky lemon façade, is dedicated to the town patron and has regular services on Sundays.

Minori has a black sand beach, located beside the harbour. There are several beach clubs offering umbrellas and shaded beach patios where you can have lunch.

Please note: those might not be the exact names of the districts, neither its absolute borders. I just tried to simplify this information.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Best for Families:Da Zia Pina
👩‍❤️‍👨 Best for Couples:Sunrise Guest House
🤩 Best Design Hotel:La Casetta Nel Cortile
😎 Best for Groups: Casa Margherita
🦸 Best for Solo-Traveller:Casa Vacanza Raffaella
💃 Best Hotel for Nightlife:Hotel Baia Verde
🤑 Cheapest Place to stay:Casa Vacanza Raffaella

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1. Best areas and handpicked hotels for Amalfi Coast

Below is a list of the best budget places to stay in Amalfi Coast that will work with your preferences!

Continue scrolling or pick your group and travel type on the menu:

1.1 Families
1.2 Couples
1.3 Design Traveler
1.4 Groups
1.5 Solo-Traveler
1.6 Nightlife-seeking traveler

1.1 Families

Travelling with your family and staying in Amalfi Coast on a budget can be a great experience. Before I start listing the best places to visit and stay, here is some helpful advice. 

Since you are in a place where you can enjoy the sun and the beaches, try to settle in the free-of-charge part of the beach. You can use public transportation and reach any other village or small town. If there is a kitchen in your accommodation, you can manage cooking for your family and buying fresh products in the grocery stores.

Hiking is a great activity for a family who loves to walk. The other small villages in the area offer historical sites, but there is no need for a guided tour. Moreover, don’t forget to ask for a family discount if there is an entrance fee to pay. 

Smart budgeting for accommodation and additional needs can help you make great memories as you’re trying to figure out where to stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget.


Minori is a small budget-friendly town which can be a great base for your family holiday. It offers a relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals, charming ambience and affordable amenities. The famous Roman Villa is in the centre (which you can visit for free), and the beautiful cathedral of Saint Trofimena, and the famous Lemon Path that connects it to Maiori are nearby. Moreover, there are various hiking options to explore the surroundings.

You can take a day trip to Positano, Amalfi or Capri and enjoy it with your family. Do not miss to enjoy a family visit to the renowned pastry shop Sal De Riso and try the famous invention Delizia di Limone.


Maiori is the “sister” town of Minori and is the bigger one (as their names say according to their Latin origin).

Maiori has a good nightlife, a famous pastry tradition and a few really great restaurants. You can try traditional local dishes at La Pineta, and enjoy dining under lemon trees. The outside sitting area is literally a lemon orchard, providing one of the greatest sights while exploring Amalfi on a budget.

Locals say that Ristorante Nettuno has excellent fresh fish. Maiori also has the longest beach on the Amalfi Coast and a pedestrian shopping street adorned with patisseries, bars and restaurants.

Handpicked accommodations for families

Da Zia Pina, Minori

Da Zia Pina offers family rooms with an equipped kitchen, a private bathroom and a reasonable distance from Sorrento and Salerno, as well as all the other Amalfi Coast towns. It’s located in the centre of Minori which makes it very close to the beach.

Book Da Zia Pina here

Your private room at Da Zia Pina Enjoy your stay at Da Zia Pina

Rental House Angelina, Maiori

Rental House Angelina has a mountain view from your room and a kitchenette inside will make this a great answer to where to stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget. Here, you’ll also enjoy a private bathroom, WiFi and a flat-screen TV. There is private parking as well. Overall, it’s a great base to start exploring the surroundings together with your family.

Book Rental House Angelina here

Have a great time at Rental House Angelina Your personal space at Rental House Angelina

1.2 Couples

There are endless opportunities to visit the Amalfi Coast as a couple and explore every single place including the crowded ones such as Positano and Amalfi, if you just decide to stay in Minori or Maiori as your base. The narrow streets are full of restaurants, souvenir shops and bars.

There are also many unforgettable sights in the house yards where lemon trees and bougainvillaeas grow “at home”. Here, you can take a romantic walk through the Lemon Path or spend a day at the beach enjoying the view of the hills above.


A very convenient location and an ideal base for exploring the entire shores of the Amalfi Coast. At the same time, it will allow you to enjoy its relaxed atmosphere and wide range of services from restaurants to beach clubs, inviting you to settle in and stay awhile.


This place is a perfect base if you’re looking for an accessible town with a large beach that is less expensive than other towns along the coast. Your beloved and you can experience a memorable holiday here and afford day trips to other coastal places while enjoying the cheapest places to stay in Amalfi Coast.

In addition, Maori offers attractions and activities for soaking in the sun, seaside, nature and culture. The authentic Italian cuisine served in the small restaurants by the sea is a special treat you and your beloved will love!

Handpicked accommodations for couples

La Conchiglia, Minori

La Conchiglia is located near Minori Beach and 1.1 km away from Maiori Beach. This 1 bedroom holiday home offers a living room, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom. There is an inner courtyard that makes your stay more comfortable.

Couples adore this accommodation mostly because of its location, making it a good answer to where to stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget.

Book La Conchiglia here

Enjoy your stay at La conchiglia

Sunrise Guest House, Maiori

Located only 350 metres from Maiori’s sandy beach, Sunrise Guest House offers air-conditioned rooms with a private terrace overlooking the beautiful Amalfi. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the property. Rooms have a wrought-iron bed, tiled floors and a private bathroom. Each unit also has a coffee and tea maker.

The property is close to Maiori Port, so you can use the boat links to Capri Island and spend some amazing time with your beloved.

Book Sunrise Guest House here

Relax and unwind at Sunrise Guest House Your own bedroom at Sunrise Guest House

1.3 Design-lovers

Amalfi’s renowned beauty can seem unreal: a lovely blend of blue tones, merging the sea, sky, and mountains, all into one. This is the way a design traveller will experience the coastal line. Yes, it is possible to be here on a budget and still be addicted to art and design. Every piece of land is a piece of natural art combined with the authenticity of the coastal villages and towns. So, hurry up and discover how to immerse in the Amalfi Coast on a budget!


Being the place with the largest beach on the Amalfi Coast, Maiori is a lively and popular destination. The symbol of this town is the Norman Tower looming over the beach which can be seen both from the coastal road and the sea.

Grotta di Pandora and Grotta Sulfurea are very special and attractive caves in the area of Maiori. Castle di San Nicola de Thoro-Plano and the Santa Maria Church are architectural masterpieces in Maiori. This is how you, as a design traveller can enjoy the Amalfi Coast. Smaller, but also cheaper, Maiori is a perfect low-budget coastal place.

Vietri Sul Mare

Less picturesque than Positano and Amalfi, this place is a strategic point near Salerno. People call it a Ceramic Capital on the Coast for its colourful majolica artworks. A great place to visit there is the Museum of Ceramics set inside Villa Guariglia.

Moreover, this is also a place of great beach sites. La Baia beach is close to Salerno port and thus not as clear water beach as the others on the coast and La Crespella beach, set on the base of a watchtower is the most impressive in this small village. This is one more interesting place for a designer traveller wishing a holiday on a budget.

Handpicked accommodations for the design lover

La Casetta Nel Cortile, Maiori

Wondering where to stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget? La Casetta Nel Cortile offers a nice inner garden view, only 600 m from Maiori Beach and close to the port. It offers private check-in and check-out.

In addition, this bed and breakfast accommodation has a fully equipped kitchen and a private bathroom. For your commodity, there is a minimarket within the property.

Book La Casetta Nel Cortile here

Have a pleasant stay at La casetta nel cortile Single bedroom at La casetta nel cortile

Lady Ida B&B, Vietri Sul Mare

Offering great sea views from the terrace, Lady Ida B&B is very near to Due Fratelli, the two small offshore rock formations that are known as “Faraglioni of Vietri Sul Mare”. The units provide you with a balcony, a private bathroom and a seating and dining area.

There is free WiFi and private parking. Nice and cosy accommodation to enjoy the Amalfi Coast holiday with a budget planned in advance.

Book Lady Ida B&B here

Enjoy your time at Lady Ida B&B Make yourself at home at Lady Ida B&B

1.4 For Groups

Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly a perfect destination to visit with a group, especially if you are trying to find places to stay on a budget. There are many small villages along the shore as well as some of the cheapest places to stay in the Amalfi Coast. Moreover, this is a great beach and hiking area which makes it perfect for a group trip.


Minori is a compact small village in Campania, Italy on the Coast of Amalfi. Here, you can immerse in the aroma of the lemons, between the blue sky and the sea. The promenade is perfect for a group walk and will take you to the Basilica Trofimena, the most beautiful of almost 30 churches in the village.

Staying here, you can also join the Roman Villa guided tour, known as the City of Taste.


Such a perfect place for a group holiday! Visit the beaches, the caves, as well as the most significant attraction, one of which is The Norman Tower. The Castle of San Nicola de Thoro-Plano is at the top of the hill and seems to be the beginning of the story about Maiori, which as a group, you can enjoy.

Handpicked accommodations for groups

Casa Margherita, Minori

Being one of the best answers to where to stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget, Casa Margherita offers a sea view from the terrace and 2 bedrooms. This beachfront property with a patio is very close to Minori Beach and not far from Maiori Beach.

You can use the equipped kitchen, the bathroom and the living room at your disposal. The minimarket within the property gives you extra comfort, although there is also a supermarket in the neighbourhood. You can use the car rental service to explore the coastal line, which only adds to the convenience.

Book Casa Margherita here

Experience comfort at Casa Margherita Have a wonderful stay at Casa Margherita

Casa Del Conte, Maiori

It is a spacious apartment with a balcony, 2 bedrooms, a living room, an equipped kitchen and a bathroom. Casa Del Conte is simply made to make you feel relaxed. Starting with a minimarket within the property and up to private parking and free WiFi, the accommodation is super convenient. The location is also favourable, only 1.4 km from the Maiori harbour.

Book Casa Del Conte here

Enjoy your stay at Casa Del Conte Your private room at Casa Del Conte

1.5  Solo-travelers

Being a solo traveller won’t stop you from exploring the Amalfi Coast on a budget. You definitely can find a place to stay for cheap and join a group for some cultural visits.

Besides, travelling on your own allows you to get around at your own pace. Immerse in the untouched nature and sunny spots and the great mixed architecture and lemon aroma that the Amalfi Coast smells of.


Agerola, also known as “little Switzerland”, has a beautiful mountain landscape, cool air, alpine-like streets and cleanliness. This quaint village lets you spend your vacation in Amalfi on a budget in a relaxing mountain-like setting.

When there, try not to miss visiting the park “Colonia Montana” and Grotta del Biscotto Cave. If you happen to get there around Easter, attend the procession.


Experience a memorable holiday and afford day trips to other coastal places. Maori offers attractions and activities for soaking in the sun, seaside, nature and culture.

The authentic Italian cuisine served in the small restaurants by the sea is a special treat. Your question of where to stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget has just been answered!

Handpicked accommodations for a solo traveler

Casa Vacanza Raffaella, Agerola

Set 16 km from Amalfi Cathedral, Casa Vacanza Raffaella offers free WiFi and free private parking. The apartment has 1 bedroom, a flat-screen TV with streaming services, and a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. If you’re looking for some privacy, there’s a private entrance you can use.

Book Casa Vacanza Raffaella here

Have a great time at Casa Vacanza Raffaella Your personal space at Casa Vacanza Raffaella

Hotel Baia Verde, Maiori

Located in the picturesque village centre of Maiori, Hotel Baia Verde offers a sea view terrace and a regional restaurant. The property’s 14 rooms are air-conditioned and have free Wi-Fi and minibar. The rooms also include an en suite bathroom and the superior rooms boast a balcony with stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Book Hotel Baia Verde here

Single bedroom at Hotel Baia Verde Relax and unwind at Hotel Baia Verde

1.6 Nightlife Traveler

Without a doubt, there are two exclusive places which won’t let you down if you are a nightlife seeker looking for the cheapest places to stay in Amalfi Coast. If you ask me, Positano and Amalfi are the right destinations for you. Even the beaches in these places are trendy and exclusive.

Although being modest in spending your money here might be a problem, I will try my best to provide you with the best budget-friendly accommodation solutions!


You’ll be blown away by the colourful, cliffside villas overlooking the sunny Amalfi Coast. The sound of waves crashing against the pebbled shores is heaven for beach lovers. Positano is a town with a lively nightlife. It is very diverse, from dining places to night cocktail bars, so expect to have a good time in this nightlife retreat.


Amalfi is the perfect holiday retreat, known not only for its sensational views from the coast or food delicacies but also for its vibrant nightlife. This list is a mixture of both casual and sophisticated nightouts. Among many, the iconic symbol of Amalfi is the Cathedral.

Handpicked accommodations for nightlife

Apartment A’Scalinatella by Interhome, Positano

Looking for where to stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget? Apartment A’Scalinatella by Interhome with a terrace and sea views has 2 bedrooms, a living room, a flat-screen TV, an equipped kitchen and 1 bathroom.

For added privacy, the accommodation features a private entrance. It is set in Positano near Fornillo Beach, La Porta Beach and Fiumicello Beach.

Book Apartment A’Scalinatella here

Enjoy your time at Apartment A'Scalinatella Make yourself at home at Apartment A'Scalinatella

Hotel Fontana, Amalfi

The guest rooms are spacious and comfortable with a sea or square view of the impressive cathedral. Hotel Fontana offers friendly service and an inviting atmosphere. Your day will begin with a delicious buffet breakfast, which can be enjoyed in your room on request.

Book Hotel Fontana here

Have a wonderful stay at Hotel Fontana Experience comfort at Hotel Fontana

2. Best Neighborhood to Stay in Amalfi Coast

You may have problems when deciding where to stay in Amalfi Coast on a place as trendy and popular as Amalfi Coast on a budget. I quite understand, but following the suggested places above, you won’t make a mistake, since those are affordable, nice and safe places to stay. Public transportation in the coastal area is perfect, so everything is nearby.

So, take into consideration:

  • Maiori
  • Minori
  • Vietri Sul Mare
  • Amalfi

I truly hope that these tips on where to stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget will be helpful. For more travel inspiration and advice, don’t forget to check out my blog page.


What is the best neighborhood to stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget?

The recommended neighborhoods for budget-friendly stays in Amalfi Coast are Maiori, Minori, Vietri Sul Mare, and Amalfi. These areas offer affordable accommodations, beautiful scenery, and convenient access to explore the stunning coastline.

Where should you not stay in Amalfi Coast on a budget?

While there isn't a specific area to avoid, some of the more upscale and touristy towns like Positano may be pricier. For budget-conscious travelers, focusing on the suggested areas like Maiori and Minori is advisable.

What should I avoid in Amalfi Coast on a budget?

To make the most of your budget in Amalfi Coast, consider avoiding high-end resorts and luxury accommodations. Additionally, be cautious about dining in exclusive restaurants; instead, explore local markets and affordable eateries. Public transportation is a budget-friendly option compared to private tours.

Where should I stay in Amalfi Coast for the first time?

For first-time visitors, the towns of Maiori and Minori are excellent choices. These areas provide a more relaxed atmosphere, budget-friendly accommodations, and easy access to explore the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Additionally, both towns offer a range of activities and attractions suitable for newcomers to the region.

Map + All Sights

Discover budget-friendly stays in Amalfi Coast! Use our map to find all the top sights and the perfect affordable accommodation for your stay.

Summary: Where to stay in Amalfi Coast

Explore the captivating Amalfi Coast in Italy, renowned for its lemon-dotted terraces and coastal allure. Despite its upscale reputation, my guide shows you how to navigate this UNESCO site on a budget, unveiling affordable and rewarding options.

The guide addresses the key question of where to stay economically, spotlighting the delightful town of Minori. Tailored suggestions for families, couples, design enthusiasts, groups, solo travelers, and nightlife seekers are paired with carefully selected budget-friendly accommodations.

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In fact, your questions help me to make this article better. So I help you to help me.

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