Strasbourg is one of those European gems you can fall instantly in love with. When spending One Week In France, this gorgeous beauty should definitely make it to your bucket list.

But, what is there to see in Strasbourg? We collected 10 gorgeous things to see, including the beautiful district of La Petit France, the majestic cathedral, and more. There is no doubt, you can enjoy One Week In Strasbourg without getting bored.

Here are the 10 best things to see in Strasbourg – according to Instagram.

What to See in Strasbourg? 10 Gorgeous Tips via Instagram

1. La Petit France

Of course, the most precious neighborhood is an absolute must visit. It will give you plenty of opportunities to shoot your own instagram-shot.

Just keep walking, but slowly, Strasbourg is not made for rushing through.

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2. Wander around the Old Town

The old town, including La Petit France also comes with many narrowed streets. With medieval streets, combined with modern architecture, the city gives you a unique flair to enjoy. A beautiful time we love? Spring time! Later in this article you’ll see why!

3. Graffiti Hunting

Although Strasbourg is not famous for its Graffiti scene, there is still some urban art around. Keep your eyes open. We have seen some hilarious ones, some impressive ones.


4. Palais de Justice in Strasbourg

This Palace is a piece of architectural art. Come here, take a photo!

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5. The Vauban-Bridge

Once upon a time, Vauban was a brilliant architect, responsible for many cities around the border of France. This includes cities like Toulouse, Freiburg, and many more.

The Vauban Bridge is free for visiting and you can even go up on the deck. From there you have a wonderful panoramic view of La Petit France. And of course, by night, the bridge itself is a beautiful highlight to see in Strasbourg.

6. Flowers

Spring Time, flower time. We told you, we love Spring in Strasbourg. For a good reason. The whole city is waking up from a cold, strong winter, and flowers start to get their colors back.

7. Admire the old buildings

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8. Get outside the city: Espace Européen Schiltigheim

9. Walk along the river

10. Cherry Blossoms in Spring Time

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 Sum it up

There are many corners to explore in Strasbourg. And Instagram is a fabulous resource as well to find those. Just hop over to Instagram and search for the location “Strasbourg, France” or directly La Petit France.

Other popular hashtags for Instagram are:

  • #visitstrasbourg
  • #alsacetourisme
  • igstrasbourg

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