Things to do in Strasbourg

28 Things to do in Strasbourg, France – a Devil’s Drink and La Petit France to Admire

Strasbourg is one of the hidden gems in Europe, known for its unique things to do in Strasbourg. Strolling around the streets is amazing not only because the Alsace houses are so pretty, but also because there are so many things to do in this city.

And yet again, it is a gorgeous European gem – totally unexpected, tranquil, beautiful, located in the Alsace region! This charm is especially enchanting during the winter season when the famous Strasbourg Christmas markets come to life, adding a touch of magic to the city.

We consider Strasbourg a must-visit when you are planning a One Week In France Vacation.

Actually, it is one of the most beautiful spots in France that we collected on the 35 beautiful cities to visit in France.

With an easy-going flair around the streets and plenty of bars and restaurants, we just wanted to summarize 28 things to do in Strasbourg.

Make sure you check them out before traveling to Strasbourg, we are sure you would like to stay longer once you know all the possibilities this city has to offer.

You can find all the info on spending your time One Week In Strasbourg with us here.

We collected also the most Instagramable spots in Strasbourg, perfect for a day trip. Check out our Strasbourg Top Instagram favorite spots.

Things to do in Strasbourg

Looking for a little “je ne sais quoi” to spice up your European adventure? Well, mon ami, you’ve stumbled upon the treasure trove of charm, culture, and croissants known as Strasbourg! Nestled in the heart of the Alsace region, this French gem is like the whimsical lovechild of France and Germany.

So, what’s the scoop on things to do in Strasbourg? Whether you’re an art aficionado, a foodie in search of the perfect Flammkuchen, or just someone with a penchant for strolling along dreamy canals, Strasbourg has got you covered.

We’ve compiled a delightful list of activities that will make you fall head over baguette for this enchanting city. So, grab your beret, practice your “bonjour,” and let’s dive into the best things to do in Strasbourg – where every cobblestone street is a gateway to adventure!

1. Panoramic view to “La petit France”

If you’re wondering what to do in Strasbourg, exploring La Petite France is a must. La petite France is a pretty, historic quarter of the city of Strasbourg, which forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage site within the Grande Ile.

It is very nice to walk around this old town quarter, as you have traditional Alsace houses, covered bridges or ponts couverts, and a rich history along the river water all around.

To have a good panorama view of this quarter, head to the open terrace of barrage Vauban.

This bridge, which had principally a defensive function during the 17th Century, is now the best place to have a nice view of la Petite France.

petite France Strasbourg

2. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Interested in art? The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is one of the largest of Contemporary and Modern Art in France, making it a must-visit when you visit Strasbourg.. It houses extensive collections of paintings, sculpture, graphic arts, multimedia and design from the period between 1870 and today.

If you are not interested in art, then just have a stroll around this area, it is an impressive colorful glass building, and there are lots of cool kids around playing with the skate board.

Art Museum Strasbourg

3. La petite France

La petite France is a beautiful, historic quarter in the center of the city of Strasbourg.

This neighborhood declared a UNESCO Heritage site since 1988,  splits up into a number of channels that could remember you to the Venice Canals, but with a very different surrounding.

With half-timbered pretty buildings dated from 16th and 17th century,  and surrounded by water, the footbridges connect the narrow streets and give it a very Instagramable background for your photos.

We collected also the  Top 10 places in Strasbourg for your Instagram photos.

4. Spa after a looooooong day

After exploring the top Strasbourg attractions, what’s better than a relaxing spa to unwind and rejuvenate? Let’s explore what to see in Strasbourg for relaxation.

In Hamman et traditions you can find your oasis far from stress and enjoy all the traditional hammam services.

They have different schedules: only women or mixed,  as being naked is mandatory.

5. Cruise the canals

Wanna enjoy a different perspective of the city? Just join one of the cruises around the city.

Batorama offers a one-hour boat tour with an audio guide available in 12 different languages, allowing you to access all the information about the sites you are seeing. Enjoy the ride!

For an active exploration, try guided bike tours. They’re a fantastic way to cover more ground, enjoy fresh air, and soak in Strasbourg’s scenic beauty.

enjoy a cruise in Strasbourg

6. Accept the challenge

A perfect challenge for you and your friends is an Escape room! Use the elements in the room and complete your mission in the time set.

If you don’t wanna join the game, Amaze in Strasbourg has also a nice bar and game zone, where you will be able to spend your time with old video games, pin pong, or just enjoying a drink in a science tube.

7. Have dinner at a river’s terrace

On Sundays, you can enjoy a leisurely dinner at one of the river’s terraces, making it one of the perfect things to do in Strasbourg on Sunday evenings.

Enjoy the rivers view while having dinner is easy in Strasbourg, as there are plenty of options.

Walk around the terraces and choose the one you like most.

Bon Appetit!

8. Do not bring love locks

In Strasbourg, also the love locks padlocks fever arrived. You will find love locks in the Jewish Bridge, called “Passerelle des Juifs”, near the “Place de la Republique“.

This act of locking the love has been famous after the movie 3 meters above the sky.

Even though it might look cool, please think twice before doing it.

In Rome, the bridge rail already collapsed twice due to the padlocks weight.

Here is an article on those love locks.

padlocks Strasbourg

9. Lights on, please! Time for some water reflection-shots

During the nighttime, the city changes, and there are many stunning things to see in Strasbourg because it is all illuminated with different light colors.

It is time to see the differences and take some nice night shots with your camera.

You will be amazed how stunning Strasbourg is when the lights are on.

Bridge in Strasbourg

10. Wander below the trees

Along the river side in Strasbourg, you can find these cute trees where you can “hide”.

Spending your time under the tree is fabulous during spring and summer time, as you will get some shadow and fresh air while enjoying your time with your friends or partner. It is also a romantic thing to do in case you have a date.

We have a whole post about romantic things to do in Barcelona which could inspire you.

Under the tree Strasbourg

11. Cheese tastings

Cheese lovers, you may have found paradise! There are many places around Strasbourg where you can delight different cheese varieties.

We went to “La Clòche a Fromage” and could not decide which we wanted to buy so, we bought a variety of them and did a cheese tasting!

Tartine fromage Strasbourg

12. Wine tastings and Day Wine Tour

Also typical of the Alsace area is the wine. Have you ever tried it?

It has a special taste and perfume, so if you are in Strasbourg, just join one of the wine tasting tours around.

You will not only get good wine but also great information about the secrets of the Alsace wine.

For a more extensive wine experience, consider a day wine tour along the Alsace Wine Route.

Book Wine Tasting Day Trip here

wine tasting

13. Picnic on the river side

Now that you know that cheese and wine are easy to find in Strasbourg, as well as lovely scenery around the city, why not delight a self-made picnic?

Just go buy some cheese and wine, and find a spot on the river side in la Petite France quarter. Cheers!

14. Meet the Lady of Strasbourg

One of the most emblematic monuments of the city is the Strasbourg Cathedral aka the Cathedral of our Lady of Strasbourg.

Important writers as Victor Hugo, Goethe, were amazed by it. Just go by and you will discover why, especially during December when it’s one of the top things to do in Strasbourg in December.

If you want to explore the rich history and architectural marvels of Notre Dame, it is better to book a guided tour around the Cathedral.

Get your Cathedral tour here

15. Maybe the most boring clock in Europe

The Strasbourg Astronomical clock is located inside the Strasbourg Cathedral.

This clock is a calendar and displays the real position of the Sun and the Moon, solar and lunar eclipses…

In the stroke of every full hour, the clock performances a show.

We personally think is one of the most boring things to wait for, so invest your time doing some other things meanwhile, and if you happen to be there by o’clock, watch it and let us know your thoughts.

 admiring Strasbourg astronomical clock

16. Shopping at Rivetoille (huge shopping mall)

Shop till you drop at Rivetoille, a huge shopping mall in the city center with more than 85 shops.

It is also a great place to go if it is raining, as you will be covered.

17. Order a devil’s drink with chlorophyll

L’epicerie is a nice restaurant in the city center of Strasbourg where you can enjoy tasty tartines (open-faced sandwiches popular in France).

They do also have lemonade soda, and you can add tastes to that lemonade. We ordered the lemonade with chlorophyll named Devil’s drink on their menu and were amazed when they brought it. It tastes much better than it looks like!

Vintage drinks Strasbourg

19. 3D cinema (and yet old school)

In the city center you can find VOX Cinema.

VOX Cinema is an old vintage building which offers:

  • 3D cinema,
  • opera,
  • ballet, and
  • even a café with happy hour!

Old cinema Strasbourg

19. Galleries Lafayette

Galleries Lafayette is not only in Paris, but all around France.

There is one shopping mall in Strasbourg also, which is open every day (except Sunday).

20. Language exchange in a cozy Café

In case you want to improve your French or meet local people, we found a nice and cozy Café with a weekly program of language exchange.

Les savons d’Helene is a cozy place which also offers drinks and tasty snacks.

Language exchange Strasbourg

21. Eat a delicious cake at “what the cake”

What the cake is one of the trendiest places to brunch in Strasbourg.

Known as one of the best places to have a cake, it will not be easy to choose between the many varieties they do offer.

22. Visit the train station

Modern from the outside, classical from the inside, and beautiful.

Not only french and german gastronomy get along with each other in Strasbourg, but also classical and modern art.

Not sure about it? Visit the train station, Palais Rohan, and see it yourself.

Strasbourg train station

23. Have breakfast or brunch at “La Graffateria”

La Graffateria is an amazing café which offers different events as Iranian brunches, art expositions…

It is located inside the hotel Graffalgar, but it is open to the public.

Check their events and go by, it is not only cozy but also interesting.

The Hotel Graffalgar is a great option to stay in Strasbourg.

Hotel Graffalgar Strasbourg

24. Wander along the river side

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Already convinced why you should wander along the river?

Strasbourg Alsace traditional houses

25. Try some sweets at Pastissier Naegel

Along the old city, you will find many patisseries, which are shops that offer cakes, sweet things, including those influenced by the delicious Alsace Strasbourg cuisine.

We tried some of the Pastissier Naegel and we can just say:

You will LOVE them!

Strasbourg cake selection

26. Eat a “Flammkuchen”

French and german influences combine in Strasbourg, that is why you can also find the Alsatian-Mosellan and South German dish “Flammkuchen“.

It is a tasty is abakedacked in the flames which may look like pizza. Give it a try!

27. Visit the European Parliament

Did you know that you can visit the European Parliament?

The European Parliament is based in Strasbourg, Luxembourg, and Brussels.

In Strasbourg, is where most of the plenary sessions ar held.

28. Street art hunting

Classic city combining new tendencies, along the streets of Strasbourg you can also find beautiful street art. Had a close look, and you will find plenty of them around the old city.

Do you have your camera ready?

Street art around Strasbourg

Map of Strasbourg with all Activities and Sights

Personally, I love maps. They help me to plan my trip in a much easier way.

Since I thought, maybe a map would help you as well, I took the time to create a map for you as well. I included all my favorite bars, day trips, accommodations, neighborhoods and things to do.

You can activate and deactivate the different layers in the left sidebar.


When is the best time to visit Strasbourg?

Strasbourg is a year-round delight, but if you're a fan of Christmas magic, the winter season during the Strasbourg Christmas markets is simply enchanting. Spring and summer bring lovely weather for outdoor activities, while fall offers a more serene atmosphere with fewer tourists.

Is Strasbourg expensive to visit?

Strasbourg can be affordable if you plan wisely. Dining at local brasseries, enjoying picnics, and taking advantage of free attractions like wandering the charming streets won't break the bank. However, upscale dining and shopping can be pricier.

What's the best way to get around Strasbourg?

Strasbourg is a walkable city, and many attractions are within easy reach on foot. You can also explore by bike, tram, or boat, with efficient public transportation options. Taxis and rideshares are readily available if needed.

Do I need to speak French to visit Strasbourg?

While French is the official language, many Strasbourg residents also speak German and English, especially in tourist areas. Learning a few basic French phrases can be helpful and appreciated by locals.

What's the local cuisine like in Strasbourg?

Strasbourg is known for its delightful Alsatian cuisine, which includes dishes like Flammkuchen (similar to pizza), Choucroute (sauerkraut with sausages), and Tarte à l'oignon (onion tart). Don't forget to try the local wines and pastries too!

Are there any special events or festivals in Strasbourg?

Strasbourg hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, including the famous Strasbourg Christmas markets in December. Other notable events include the Strasbourg Music Festival and the European Fantastic Film Festival.

Wrap it up: Things to do in Strasbourg France

Visiting Strasbourg is a true hidden gem in Europe, and this is why we especially love this city. It is chill, beautiful, and easy to wander and get lost.

Whether you have a week to explore, just one day in Strasbourg, or you’re looking for things to do in Strasbourg at night, there are plenty of activities to make your visit memorable.

We hope this big list of things to do in Strasbourg helps you to discover different corners of the city.

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