Scooter Rental in Barcelona - Safety Tips, Where to rent and Prices

Scooter Rental in Barcelona – Safety Tips, Where to rent and Prices

Scooter Rental in Barcelona - Safety, Where to rent and PricesLooking for renting a scooter in Barcelona? Awesome, yet how does it actually work? What options are there, and what should you know beforehand?

My name is Matt and I live in this beautiful city we will talk about today. This is my complete guide to scooter hire in Barcelona.

I want to walk you through everything you need to know here. I cover the safety issue, prices, companies to rent from and more tips!

Quite frank, I want to scare you a bit for your own good and safety. But at the same time, I want you to get excited about this unique way to explore the city.

Furthermore, at the end of this guide, you will definitely be fired up to hop on and ride off. Because, if anything, this city on two motorized wheels is just amazing. It is simply the best way to get around!

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In a nutshell:

  • Prices start from 20€/2 hours
  • Valid drivers license required (international or European)
  • On Airbnb Experience you can find great deals for Scooter Rentals and Tours
  • It is safe, yet read my safety tips below
  • My best recommendation: rent a scooter for 2 full days

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment below. I unquestionably would love to help you!

I will cover in detail:

  1. Where should you rent?
  2. Prices
  3. Things you have to know BEFORE renting
  4. Is it safe to drive in Barcelona?
  5. Conditions to rent
  6. No experience in riding a scooter? Read this
  7. Scooter Tours
  8. Rental Apps
  9. Buying a scooter in Barcelona
  10. Long term rental in Barcelona
  11. FAQ
  12. Map with all sights

Moreover, I included a big map at the end of this article with all the rental companies and the main sights you have to visit (read here the 24 must do’s in Barcelona).

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Vespa Rental in Barcelona

1. Where should you rent the scooter?

There is a ton of different companies for scooter rentals in Barcelona. But no worries, it is much easier than it seems.

So basically, where to book or rent from?

Here is an overview of different companies for scooter rental in Barcelona. (including prices)

  1. Via Vespa (our favorite!) – from 20€/ 2 hours 40€/ day
  2. Cooltra – from 40€/ day
  3. Vesping – from 20€/ 2 hours
  4. Ride On – from 28€/ day
  5. Get Your Guide

1.1 Via Vespa

Update: Unfortunately, Via Vespa closed. You can find more scooter rentals on Tours directly at Airbnb Experience.

The best rental service for Vespas in Barcelona is no other than Via Vespa! The Vespas are well maintained, high quality, and the staff speaks several languages (Spanish, Catalan, English, German, French).

Moreover, their office is downtown in El Born, perfect to pick it up and bring it back again. This is the address I sent all my friends too! They rent Vespas of 49cc and 125cc in the most beautiful colors: Red, green, blue, pink.

And prices start from 20€/ 2 hours. A whole day costs 40€.

Ask them for their Tapas Recommendations; they have great places on hand!

Book Via Vespa here

Scooter Vespa rental in Barcelona - Via Vespa

1.2 Cooltra – best for Electric Scooters

Cooltra has several offices around town and also has bikes for rent.

Prices start from 40€ per day – yet, the prices depend on availability.

Besides, the scooters are basic and fun, kept in white with a big, blue logo on the side. Personally, I prefer the classic red Vespa.

One super cool thing: They offer electric bikes, too. Generally, it is one of the few places to rent electric scooters in Barcelona from.

Cooltra Electric Scooters in Barcelona for rent

1.3 Vesping

Vesping is the 2nd rental for Vespas. Prices start from 20€ for 2 hours and 40€ for the whole day.

They have the white-orange Vespas, and every single one is equipped with a GPS Satellite Navigator. Hence, you can better plan your trip and visit all the spots you want!

There are 4 pre-programmed itineraries on the GPS. Quite useful!

Their office is located close to Sagrada Familia. However, that may not be ideal. Although you have the blue and purple metro line options from there.

Personally, I prefer to rent my scooter downtown.

Vesping Barcelona near Sagrada Familia

1.4 Ride On

Ride On opened their shop in Poble Sec, near Montjuic. You have the red and green metro line nearby from there.

Interestingly, it is the cheapest scooter rental in Barcelona, starting from 28€ per day.

The scooters, however, are very regular and basic. But if you are looking for the cheapest option, Ride on must be it.

And before I forget, make sure you check if insurance is included in your rental too.

Ride On Motorbike Rental in Barcelona

1.5 Get Your Guide

Number 5 on the list of scooter rental companies is Get Your Guide.

Get Your Guide is basically an online booking service for tours and sightseeing tickets. Therefore, you can book with them your Sagrada Familia Ticket, the Park Güell Ticket and as well as your motorbike.

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Also, they sell Vesping Scooters mentioned above at #3.

Check Get Your Guide Prices here

Get Your Guide Scooters in Barcelona

2. How much is renting a scooter? The Prices

The prices can be as low as 20€ per hour or even 28€ for the whole day.

You can either rent a scooter per hour, per day as well as for a tour.

The longer you rent, the cheaper it is.

Certainly, there are a lot of different companies and agencies. Scroll up again to see my comparison.

An important thing to keep an eye on is the deposit and what is included in the price.

Usually, the gas is not included and at least 1 helmet is always provided. If you are with a companion, you maybe need to rent a second helmet as it may not be included.

Good to know: Avoid an extra free and always ask if the 2nd helmet is included in the price. This always depends on the rental.

Remember, wearing a helmet is mandatory. Without a helmet, the police will stop you in zero time and you are looking at a big fine.

I would not even consider riding without a helmet – for financial reasons and your own safety.

Personally, we have never heard