If you’re looking for a destination that blends culture and nightlife, sightseeing and bar hopping, and generally has great vibes around the clock, then we’ve got just the city in mind – Barcelona!

The nightlife in Barcelona is known worldwide, as well as the culture and the food.
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This city on the shores of the Mediterranean has a well-deserved reputation for having some of the best nightlife in Europe. There’s a little bit of something for everyone here, from grimy dive bars to glossy beachfront clubs (and just about everything in between, too).
Nightlife in Barcelona: Tips, dress code, and where to go
It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that locals can often be found out until dawn on weekend nights, as well as the occasional Monday night.

So, what’s the best place in Barcelona for nightlife? We’ve done the painstaking* research of hunting down the very best when it comes to the party scene in the city.

(*Side effect of big Barcelona nights out: a rather painful next day!)

We’ve also got some tips so you can party like a true local.

Nightlife in Barcelona: Basic tips

Nightlife in Barcelona almost certainly gets started later than you’re used to!

Bars don’t get busy until around midnight on weekends and close around 3 a.m.

Clubs are almost never busy any time before the bars shut, and they’re open until 6 a.m.

That means you might want to have a nap before you head out for the evening!

For getting to and from your nightlife, there are a few different options: the metro, the bus and the night bus, and taxis. The metro runs until midnight during the week, 2 a.m. on Fridays, and all night on Saturdays. Taxis are generally inexpensive, so they’re also a good option.

Check the full information about how to get around Barcelona.

Apart from the late-night schedule, one thing you might be surprised about in Barcelona when it comes to nightlife is the amount of guys on the street offering you beer (and sometimes something more illegal).

It’s illegal, but they do roaring business anyway. Locals often sit outside in the squares and streets, and sometimes the beach, to enjoy a couple of beers with friends.

What’s the dress code for Barcelona nightlife

In general, Barcelona is a pretty laid-back city, both in terms of attitude and how people dress. For lots of places, you don’t need to be super dressed up to get in.

That being said, save your shorts and flip-flops for the beach (as well as your soccer jerseys for the stadium). To be on the safe side, wear dark shoes rather than white ones, and never wear running shoes. Apart from that, just about anything goes most of the time.

The exception to the low-key rule is the beachfront clubs and upscale venues like Sutton or Bling Bling.

There, you will be expected to wear stuff like collared shirts and dress shoes for guys, and chic dresses or club wear for girls. Lots of girls wear heels at these clubs, which is quite unusual for Barcelona.

To make sure you’re sticking to the dress code, just do a quick search before you head out if you’re worried.

Is Barcelona safe at night?

In general, Barcelona is a safe city – although it is home to a lot of pickpockets. Drunken tourists make for a very easy target for them, so be sensible with your stuff when you’re out at night.

Don’t leave your stuff unattended, only take out what you really need, and only use well-lit streets. It’s generally common sense stuff, so there is no reason to be scared. Just be aware!

So, where are the best places for nightlife in Barcelona?

So glad you asked! I’ve got you some of my favorite places. Get on your dancing shoes and get ready for a crazy night out, Barcelona style.

1. Sala Apolo

Apolo hosts one of the best parties in the cityNasty Mondays. Which, yes, is held on a Monday night!

Although Mondays are their best-known night, Sala Apolo is the place to go any day of the week if you like indie and electronic music, and there are often concerts held by artists in town.

Apolo actually started out as a theater, and you can still see touches of the former structure in the upstairs ballroom.

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2. La Terrazza

The hillside park of Montjuïc is filled with gardens and museums – and also this open air club! Their specialty is electronic music, and there’s no cooler place to enjoy the latest in all things electronic than under the stars at La Terrazza club.

Because it’s open air, it’s only open in the warmer months. However, it more than makes up for it with a calendar jam-packed with top-notch artists, both local and international.

3. Famous Razzmatazz

Barcelona’s biggest – and possibly baddest – club, Razzmatazz is spread out over five rooms, each with a different musical theme. It might take you a few visits to get your bearings in this maze-like club!

The whole club is open on weekend nights and holidays, though there are smaller parties in the structure during the week (particularly on Wednesdays, when international students love to go).

Because this has so many different types of music, it’s a great place to go for a group with lots of different tastes.

4. EPIC Boat Tours

One of the best parts about Barcelona is that it’s right on the shores of the Mediterranean – so why not take advantage of that and enjoy a boat party in the city?

Stoke Travel organizes boat parties that have earned a legendary reputation, with a mix of great DJs, unbeatable views, and plenty of booze to boot.

They also offer champagne sunset boat parties and cruises with barbecues on board. What more could you want?Sunset boat tour in BarcelonaBoat party Nightlife in Barcelona

5. City Hall (don’t get confused)

You couldn’t ask for a more central location in Barcelona than City Hall.

It is just some steps away from Plaça Catalunya. With different themed nights every day of the week, there’s always something going on at this buzzy club.

They often host themed parties too, like a glow party or flamenco dance performances, as well as hosting local and international DJs.

6. Otto Zutz

Just outside the Gràcia neighborhood, Otto Zutz is housed in what used to be a textile factory. Spread out over two stories plus a terrace, it’s inspired by industrial New York clubs.

They have lots of different styles of music playing in the different rooms, and it’s one of the few clubs in Barcelona that plays hip-hop music.

7. Arena

Gay and gay-friendly club Arena has certainly got a crowd-pleasing playlist of house and electronic music, dance hits, and current pop songs. There’s also a nice dose of retro songs.

Their sister club Aire – Sala Diana is designed for the lesbian community and plays a combination of classic hits and Latin music.

No matter where you go, you’ll end up in a friendly and fun night out where everyone’s welcome (as long as you’re respectful, of course).

8. Marula Café Barcelona

Located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, Marula makes a great stop because of how central it is.

That would be enough to get people through its doors, but they also stand out for their great selection of music. If you’re not into the electronic or house scene, this is a great place!

They often have jazz and soul inspired music with a funky touch. It’s one of the more laid-back Barcelona clubs, so if you’re looking for a relaxed night out, this is the place to go.

9. Sutton

Chic and exclusive, Sutton is definitely one of the fancier clubs in Barcelona.

If you love getting all dressed up and having glamorous nights out, then Sutton is right up your alley with its elegant dance floor and multiple VIP areas.

World-class DJs frequent their stage to treat club-goers to a night of fun for the well-dressed crowds.

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10.Action-packed: Sidecar

If you like listening to rock music, then you’ll probably love Sidecar!

This small but action-packed club beneath Plaça Reial hosts a mix of rock and electronic concerts throughout the week.

It’s open every day, and there’s almost always a good crowd dancing along to the music here.

Don’t forget to check out the program of concerts on their website if you’ve got a particular style of music you’d like to listen to in mind.

11. Beach-front Port Olympic

What was built to host the sailing events for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona is now home to a slew of bars and clubs right on the beachfront.

You won’t find a better location for partying in the city, as you can watch the sun rise over the waves of the Mediterranean as you finish up your night (we did say that Barcelona nightlife goes late!).

There are a handful of good clubs here, including

If you’re looking for something different to do, stop by the Ice Bar, where everything right down to the glasses is made out of… ICE. Do not worries, they can let you some warm clothes in case you need them.

Note: They can lend you some warm clothes in case you need them. Well, you will need an extra jacket here!

Summary: EPIC Nightlife in Barcelona

Here you have it. By now, you should have some ideas for an epic night out. Get your friends and get in the best clubs in Barcelona.

Of course, do not forget to check the events when you know the dates, there might be a special theme party that you will love to attend.

For additional information, check out Barcelona things to do at night. I collected there many other ideas on how to spend a night in Barcelona.

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Now, get out there, and Let’s party!

Nightlife in Barcelona: Tips, dress code, and where to go