Barcelona for Couples: 21 sweet Ideas to surprise your Partner for a Romantic City Break

Barcelona for Couples: 21 sweet Ideas to surprise your Partner for a Romantic City Break

Fairy-tale Barcelona is a romantic gem. Wandering along the old walls of old town Barcelona, eat your way through the nostalgia of world class restaurants There are plenty of activities in Barcelona for Couples.

There are so many romantic things to do in Barcelona for couples, that many couples come all the way just to spend a romantic weekend-getaway.

Therefore, we compiled a list for you on 21 things to do in Barcelona – for couples!

Ideas to surprise your partner during your holidays in Barcelona, and also great ideas for first dates.

This article is a summary of our extended 54 romantic things to do in Barcelona.

Have a look on our full guide to One Week In Barcelona.

We share our insider knowledge on:

Update: I wrote an extended article on romantic beach hotels in Barcelona for couples

We are a creative couple that lived in Barcelona during many years and love to explore the city, the surroundings and collect the best plans.

You will also find information around Europe, as we love to travel.

Romantic Getaway in Barcelona: 21 Sweet Ideas for Couples

This is perfect for couples in Barcelona looking to experience the diverse and romantic side of Barcelona.

From the energetic Flamenco dances to the breathtaking views from Montjuic’s Castle, there’s an array of activities to bring couples closer.

They can participate in a cooking class, meander through the city on a vintage Vespa, and enjoy stunning sunsets. Whether they’re seeking a culinary adventure, a cultural excursion, or a relaxing moment together, this guide offers a range of experiences for every couple, ensuring their Barcelona trip is filled with memorable and loving moments.

So, let’s start the couple activities with something very special…a cooking class!

1. Cooking Class – Paella and Sangria

Now that you know we love to enjoy a homemade paella, we have something for you. Since we want to give you ALL the best options out there, we did a bit of research.

We found the best cooking class in Barcelona to eat homemade paella with your loved one. In fact, you will learn how to cook paella on your own, as well as tapas dishes. You’ll cook while enjoying a homemade sangria. Sounds good, right?

The guys from Stoke Travel offer a paella cooking class and market visit right in the heart of the city.

Prices start from 55€. Bon profit and bon appetit!=)

Fully booked? Check out this cooking class + Boqueria market guided tour.

Check Stoke Travel Cooking here

Cooking Class in Barcelona

2. SPA

Visiting a Spa in Barcelona is a great way to spend the time. Especially on a rainy day! If you need more ideas for a rainy day, just head to our article about things to do in Barcelona when it rains.

Barcelona is full of spas, each one with its own characteristics.

Some are more focused on massages, some others have different swimming pools.

We collected 13 spas around the city.

Aire de Barcelona

3. Marriage Proposal on a Private Sailing Boat

Looking for a creative way to propose to your girlfriend/ boyfriend, especially ideal for Barcelona couples? 

Okay, take it to a new level and read this part – thank me later!

Book a romantic private boat tour with The owner Joan can help you to plan your proposal. Just send him an email and let him know your plans. He will be your marriage-proposal wing-man!

You can also come with a whole group as an “excuse” for your girlfriend, and then still plan your surprise. Have a look at this video. This could be your proposal; just make sure she/he does not fall in the water.

Obviously…I recommend warmer months for this activity!

Contact Sailing Boats here

Barcelona for Couples: 21 sweet Ideas to surprise your Partner for a Romantic City Break

4. Picnic at Bunker del Carmel

Panoramic views of Barcelona combined with sunset in the gothic quarter, how does it sound? Add some local wine and cheese…

Right, your partner will fall in love again with you at that moment. After this, you might consider a day trip to the nearby Costa Brava, where you can explore picturesque coastal towns, and coves, and enjoy the Mediterranean beauty.

Buy some picnic stuff at the grocery store, or some quality wine in one of the Wine shops around Barcelona. Pick some cheese, chips, bread, olives (pica pica stuff)… and get to Bunker del Carmel.

Once on the top of the bunker, simply enjoy the views of the city.

Best Tip: Go during the week if you can, on the weekend there are more people. It is really not a hidden gem anymore…

Bunker del Carmel sunrise Barcelona

5. Vespa Tour (like in the movies)

Barcelona is quite easy to visit with public transport and walking. But with a Vespa it is much fun (and convenient). You will be able to explore the city with a different perspective, and go to more places than if you use public transport.

Furthermore, Barcelona is full of fee parking spots for your motorbike. And a red vespa around Barcelona… is just a dream came true.

Get your Vespa and explore the city like only a few tourists do. Don’t forget to ride up to Mount Tibidabo, where you can enjoy not only the thrill of riding a Vespa but also a spectacular view of the city.

Read our full guide on scooter rental in Barcelona.

Scooter Rental in Barcelona - Get a great Vespa

6. Montjuic’s Castle 

Nice panorama from Barcelona on your feet as well as history around you, that is montjuics castle. Bring some snacks and enjoy the view of the city.

As the sun sets, the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc offers a mesmerizing display of water, light, and music, adding magic to your evening in Barcelona.

You can go up with a cable car, bus, walking (we would not recommend walking from Plaza Espanya because it can get very hot).

In summer season, they do have an open air cinema.

It is normally in the evening so the best plan is to bring a blanket, some food and drinks, and go early to enjoy the pre-concert and rent nice hammocks. If you forget anything, they do sell drinks and snacks.

Note: They do offer free floor mats, the Spanish word for them is „esterillas“. Go and pick them up at the back of the yard.

Montjuic’s Castle and Cinema in Barcelona - a great thing to do for couples in Barcelona

7. Champagne Sunset Boat

What could be more romantic than a sunset boat ride? As we continue our list of the most romantic things to do in Barcelona, let’s set sail on a Champagne Sunset Boat, where the golden hues of the setting sun create the perfect backdrop for an evening of romance. Imagine this:

A boat, the Mediterranean sea and some champagne…A great way to end your busy day getting a bit away from the city.

With the Stoke travel Champagne sunset tour you will be able to discover a different panorama of romantic places.

Enjoy some breeze on your face with the combination of a champagne glass on your hand.


Sunset boat tour in Barcelona

8. Tapas Tour

Many people come to Barcelona thinking about tapas, right? Even though Tapas were not born in Barcelona, the city is full of places where you can get tapas. From cheap tapas, to up-scaled new fusion tastes. The offer is quite wide.

Did you know the international cook Ferran Adria has a specialized tapas restaurants in the city?

It is called “Tickets“.

If you want to eat there, you have to book in advance.

9. Day Trip to Montserrat

Montserrat is a picked mountain near Barcelona. It is famous around Barcelonins (people from Barcelona), as well as for many pilgrims around the world.

Also, it is a perfect day trip to get out the busy city.

The mountain itself is very impressive, and it is very easy to get there.

Read our full post about how to get to Montserrat or, even easier, book a day tour to Montserrat.

And if you need more ideas for getting out of the city, check out our epic 33 day trips from Barcelona here.

Montserrat a sanctuary nearby Barcelona

10. Ferrari Ride

We talked about spas, but imagine combining it with a Ferrari ride.

Fancy, right? Possible too!

Drive Me Barcelona offers Ferrari rental from just 99€, so you can drive the red Ferrari around the city. An amazing experience not only for Ferrari lover!

Getting around Barcelona with a Ferrari

11. Flamenco Dance

Flamenco is a passionate dance, which has been declared Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO.

It is a Spanish Art form made up of guitar playing, song, and dance.

Barcelona´s Flamenco show is booming, with many performances in bars, tablaos, restaurants, dance schools and even events.

Just to give you some options:

One of the most authentic table in town. Los Juanele seems an Andalusian fair. It is also a nice place to delight some tapas and rebujito (a tasty Spanish drink made with wine).

A venue in a “Spanish Village”, Poble Espanyol.

El table de Carmen offers performances with great dancers.

Rumor says the new „Joaquin Cortes“ is dancing in this place right now…

Officially a bar with Andalusian tavern flair. They do offer rumba and flamenco concerts on Thursday nights. A Raval classic which embrace also some neighbors.

Flamenco and Tapas

12. Slow down with a coffee

Love for your partner, love for Coffee… A coffee place is great not only for a walking break, but also for their products.

We collected a list of our 13 favorite coffee shops around the city.

In these places, you will find good coffee, tasty food, and great ambiance.

It is one of my favorite hidden gems in Barcelona.

Best coffee shops Barcelona Espai Joliu

13. Eat and Repeat

The food scene in Barcelona is quite wide, so we are sure you will find many Barcelona romantic restaurants. So many, that it can be difficult to choose.

Check our favorite 13 restaurants in Barcelona and places to eat like a king. In the list we have food courts, paella restaurants, Italian cuisine…

Taste an authentic Paella

14. Kick-Back at the Beach

It is said, Barcelona has it all. Even beach! And what is better that stroll around the beach with your partner?

You can sit on a chiringuito and have a drink, or just sit on the sand with some drinks from the supermarket.

Please remember Barcelona does not allow to drink alcohol on the streets (even though everybody does it)

One of the best romantic spots in Barcelona to see the sun going down, is between La Barceloneta and Bogatell.

Just a quick reminder: do not leave your good unattended, the beach is a hot spot for pickpockets.

Check all our safety tips in our guide to the perfect Barcelona itinerary.


15. Park Güell (wait, there is more to it than you think!)

Park Güell or Park Guell is a modernist gem in the city and also a very one of the most romantic places in Barcelona. You can notice how much love Gaudi had for the architecture. The park has also great views over the city.

Among the many romantic places in Barcelona to propose, Park Güell stands out, providing an unforgettable backdrop for a truly special moment. We met many couples who proposed in Park Güell. 

With the excuse of a photo shooting around the park, the proposed to their actually wife.

The moment could have not been better, and now the have nice photos to remember it.

Don’t forget to explore the iconic Sagrada Familia, a symbol of Barcelona and an architectural marvel by Antoni Gaudí. It’s a must-visit with its intricate interior and stunning tower views. 

Also, don’t miss Casa Mila, another masterpiece by Gaudí, which offers a glimpse into his architectural genius.

Important: If you want to enter the main area, you need to pre-book your tickets online! Entrances are limited and you cannot just show up!

Book your Park Güell Ticket here

Park Güell in Barcelona

16. Hop on the coolest Bike and Walking Tours

Barcelona is a bike and pedestrian-friendly city.

With many bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly areas, it’s easy to explore the city on foot or by bike. Consider joining a guided bike or walking tour to discover hidden gems and interesting facts about the city. 

If you want to ride along the city and get all the interesting facts and explanations, then join a bike tour like this bike tour from Steal Donkey.

Here you can find all bike tours in Barcelona.

Book Steel Donkey Bike Tour here

Best Bike Tours in Barcelona

17. Wine Tasting

Catalunya, the region around Barcelona, is one of the most important wine producers in Spain.

So if you are a wine lover, you are in the right city. Go to a wine bar and delight one of the region wines.

Even better: Do a wine tasting course and learn about the qualities and flavors of different winds.

We are sure you will find all the tricks to be able to decide the best wine for your dinners.

Wine tasting Barcelona

18. Keep balance: Paddle Surf

Have you ever tried paddle surf?

It is all about balance, like a relationship.

Paddle surf is a great water activity, and it is quite easy.

In the Barceloneta area (that’s a district), you will find many paddle surf rentals. You can rent your Paddle Surf here.

The best part? The surroundings!

Be aware of the sun and wear sun-cream, even on a cloudy day. After paddling, reward yourself in The Surf House.

This hipster restaurant has great food and smoothies. Perfect to recover and relax after some exercise.

Rent your Paddle Board here

Paddle Surf in Barcelona

19. Cruise around Segway-style

Barcelona with 2 wheels, and we are not talking about a bicycle. If you never tried Segway, it is a great moment.

Barcelona is quite flat and easy to ride, and there are plenty of companies offering you to rent a Segway.

We do recommend a Segway tour, as you will be explained facts from the city as well as discover nice hidden spots, including iconic locations like Camp Nou.

20. Laundry may not be romantic, but …

Unless it turns out to be a nice restaurant.

Go to Tintoreria Dontell with the excuse to pick your laundry and surprise your partner going through a washing machine door to one of the most exquisite restaurants on the city.

You need to book in advance, and an excuse to pick up your laundry, of course.

21. Tapas hoping in Carrer Blai

Tapas is one of the reasons many travelers come back to Barcelona… They are great, you can try many different tapas, and in Carrer Blai they are also very cheap!

Located near parallel metro station, in Carrer Blai you will find many tapas bar with wide offer.

Hop on the bars, tasting the different tapas. Each one has a different selection and their special tapa.

22. Cinema

A traditional movie night with your beloved on your side is also possible in Barcelona.

There are many cinemas offering movies in English (with Spanish subtitles).

We collect here a list so you can have a look at the movie listings and go directly to the cinema you decide:

23. Drink on a Roof Top Terrace

A sunset with a cocktail on your hand…could you ask for anything else?

Of course, add some nice views, great ambiance, and even live music..

Then it is a perfect moment.

We can suggest you different rooftop terraces around Barcelona. ON our favs:

H10 Marina - with Roof Top Swimming Pool

24. Speakeasy

Go to a hidden bar in Placa Reial and surprise your partner. On the left corner of Placa Reial, you will find Pipa Club.

Ring on the bell, walk up the stairs, and enjoy their mixology recipes.

25. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Experience the magic of Barcelona from the sky with a romantic hot air balloon ride. Glide over the stunning landscapes surrounding the city, enjoying breathtaking views and a unique perspective.

It’s a serene and unforgettable way to experience the beauty of the region, perfect for a memorable date or a special occasion.

Soar above the city and countryside, and toast to your love with a glass of champagne as you take in the panoramic views.

Book Air Balloon Ride here


What are the top romantic activities in Barcelona for couples?

Some top romantic activities include taking a cooking class for Paella and Sangria, enjoying a SPA day, proposing on a private sailing boat, having a picnic at Bunker del Carmel, exploring the city on a Vespa tour, visiting Montjuic’s Castle, and experiencing a Champagne Sunset Boat tour.

Are there any recommended spots for a marriage proposal in Barcelona?

A highly recommended spot for a marriage proposal is a private sailing boat tour with views of the Barcelona coastline. Another romantic location is the panoramic Bunker del Carmel, especially at sunset.

What unique dining experiences can couples enjoy in Barcelona?

Couples can enjoy a variety of unique dining experiences, such as tapas tours, wine tastings, and romantic meals at rooftop terraces. Also, participating in a cooking class to learn how to make authentic Paella is a memorable experience.

Can you suggest any day trips for couples from Barcelona?

A popular day trip for couples is to Montserrat, a stunning mountain range near Barcelona, known for its monastery and breathtaking natural scenery. Another option is a trip to the picturesque coastal towns of Costa Brava.

What are some relaxing activities for couples in Barcelona?

For relaxation, couples can visit various spas, enjoy the beaches, or have a slow-paced day with coffee at one of the city's cozy cafés. Paddle surfing in Barceloneta can also be a fun and relaxing activity.

Summary: Best Things to do in Barcelona for couples

Uuuuupps… I added more ideas than only 21.

There are plenty of romances which started in Barcelona, and there is no doubt why. Even thought Barcelona is not known as a romantic city, the possibilities for spending a nice day with your couple are endless.

Restaurants, cafes, architecture, culture,…even plenty of Barcelona activities for couples! For recently couples or long relationships, this city can offer you a perfect day.

If you need more ideas to surprise your partner, I also wrote 54 romantic things to do in Barcelona.

Also, I have plenty of information about Barcelona, find my full guide to One Week In Barcelona here.

There, I do include where to stay in Barcelona (romantic hotels included!), my favorite restaurants and all the information you need for your Barcelona trip.

Barcelona for couples - Best Romantic things to do in Barcelona
Barcelona for couples - Best Romantic things to do in Barcelona
Barcelona for couples

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