Barcelona for Couples: 21 sweet Ideas to surprise your Partner for a Romantic City Break

Barcelona for Couples: 21 sweet Ideas to surprise your Partner for a Romantic City Break

Barcelona for couplesFairy-tale Barcelona is a romantic gem. Wandering along the old walls of old town Barcelona, eat your way through the nostalgia of world class restaurants There are plenty of activities in Barcelona for Couples

There are so many romantic things to do in Barcelona for couples, that many couples come all the way just to spend a romantic weekend-getaway.

Therefore, we compiled a list for you on 21 things to do in Barcelona – for couples!

Ideas to surprise your partner during your holidays in Barcelona, and also great ideas for first dates.

This article is a summary of our extended 54 romantic things to do in Barcelona.

Have a look on our full guide to One Week In Barcelona.

We share our insider knowledge on:

Update: I wrote an extended article on romantic beach hotels in Barcelona for couples

We are a creative couple that lived in Barcelona during many years and love to explore the city, the surroundings and collect the best plans.

You will also find information around Europe, as we love to travel.

So, let’s start the couple activities with something very special…a cooking class!

1. Cooking Class (Paella, Tapas, or even Vietnamese food!)

Love goes through the stomach, they say.

There is so much truth in that. We were curious as well and visited BCN Kitchen. There is a ton of cool paella cooking classes with Airbnb Experience.

You will learn on how to cook a world class Paella, prepare a Sangria as well as Tapas. We have to say, it was fabulous!

The experience of cooking all the Spanish menu ourselves is good, but eating the food afterwards is even more rewarding. By the way, it is one of the best paellas we have eaten in Town. And now they do offer also Vietnamese cooking classes. These are quite trendy now between the locals. We have to try it, I do love Vietnamese food.

Check all Cooking Classes in Barcelona here

Best Cooking Class in Barcelona: BCN Kitchen

2. SPA

Visiting a Spa in Barcelona is a great way to spend the time. Especially on a rainy day! If you need more ideas for a rainy day, just head to our article about things to do in Barcelona when it rains.

Barcelona is full of spas, each one with its own characteristics.

Some are more focused on massages, some others have different swimming pools.

We collected 13 spas around the city.

Aire de Barcelona

3. Marriage Proposal on a Private Sailing Boat

Looking for a creative way to propose to your girlfriend/ boyfriend?

Okay, take it to a new level and read this part – thank me later!

Book a romantic private boat tour with The owner Joan can help you to plan your proposal. Just send him an email and let him know your plans. He will be your marriage-proposal wing-man!

You can also come with a whole group as an “excuse” for your girlfriend, and then still plan your surprise. Have a look at this video. This could be your proposal; just make sure she/he does not fall in the water.

Obviously…I recommend warmer months for this activity!

Contact Sailing Boats here

Barcelona for Couples: 21 sweet Ideas to surprise your Partner for a Romantic City Break

4. Picnic at Bunker del Carmel

Panoramic views of Barcelona combined with sunset, how does it sound? Add some local wine and cheese…

Right, your partner will fall in love again with you in that moment.

Buy some picnic stuff at the grocery store, or some quality wine in one of the Wine shops around Barcelona. Pick some cheese, chips, bread, olives (pica pica stuff)… and get to Bunker del Carmel.

Once on the top of the bunker, simply enjoy the views of the city.

Best Tip: Go during the week if you can, on the weekend there are more people. It is really not a hidden gem anymore…

Bunker del Carmel sunrise Barcelona

5. Vespa Tour (like in the movies)

Barcelona is quite easy to visit with public transport and walking. But with a Vespa it is much fun (and convenient). You will be able to explore the city with a different perspective, and go to more places than if you use public transport.

Furthermore, Barcelona is full of fee parking spots for your motorbike. And a red vespa around Barcelona… is just a dream came true.

Get your Vespa and explore the city like only a few tourists do.

Read our full guide on scooter rental in Barcelona.

Scooter Rental in Barcelona - Get a great Vespa

6. Montjuic’s Castle

Nice panorama from Barcelona on your feet as well as history around you, that is montjuics castle. Bring some snacks and enjoy the view of the city.

You can go up with a cable car, bus, walking (we would not recommend walking from Plaza Espanya because it can get very hot).

In summer season, they do have an open air cinema.

It is normally in the evening so the best plan is to bring a blanket, some food and drinks, and go early to enjoy the pre-concert and rent nice hammocks. If you forget anything, they do sell drinks and snacks.

Note: They do offer free floor mats, the Spanish word for them is „esterillas“. Go and pick them up at the back of the yard.

Montjuic’s Castle and Cinema in Barcelona - a great thing to do for couples in Barcelona

7. Champagne Sunset Boat

A boat, the Mediterranean sea and some champagne…A great way to end your busy day getting a bit away from the city.

With the Stoke travel Champagne sunset tour you will be able to discover a different panorama

Enjoy some breeze on your face with the combination of a champagne glass on your hand.