One Week In Bangkok 2019

One Week In Bangkok is quite a solid time frame to get a solid idea of this unique city, don’t you think?

Welcome to the handy city guide to spend One Week In Bangkok. We will give you handy information and useful links to let you find answers for what to do in Bangkok.

Starting from the first-timer to the ultimate Bangkok expert.
On the menu:

Bangkok 101
Getting around
Things to do in Bangkok
Where to stay
Food and Restaurants in Bangkok

1. Bangkok 101
First time in Bangkok? There are several things you need to know beforehand. We love to start with the basic facts of Bangkok city:

capital and most populous city of Thailand

Population: 8.280.925

Denonyms: Bangkokian

Official language: Thai

Currency: Thai Baht (exchange rate check here)

Climate: tropical

After that, it can be handy to get a first idea of all the different districts of Bangkok and its distribution. Check out the district guide of WikiTravel.

You got an idea of all the different neighborhoods and districts, now these 5 Bangkok tips for beginners are super useful.

Alana from Papers Plane Blog is a design-conscious travel blog with this little bit of extra we enjoy. She also wrote up a powerful post to get your Bangkok trip started.
2. Getting around Bangkok
Bangkok is huge, you already know that. Question is, how to get from A to B? Surprisingly it is quite easy and cheap to get around. The basic option for transport in Bangkok are:


The official tourism board summed up all the options of getting around in Bangkok the easy way. For the city center, we recommend the BTS Skytrain and the MRT Subway: fast, cheap and well-connected!
3. 63 Things to do in Bangkok
Bangkok is entertaining as well. We had a look and found 20 Fun Things to do in Bangkok – outside the tourist box!

The best things to do? The popular TimeOut Magazine collected the top attractions in Bangkok.

Read 20 Things to do in Bangkok
4. Where to stay in Bangkok
No surprise, Bangkok offers every possible type of accommodation. So where to stay in Bangkok?
5. Food & Restaurants
Hungry? Here is a comprehensive list of food and restaurants in Bangkok to check out.

Wanna eat out?

Give this list a read: 10 great local restaurants in Bangkok to fall in love with. If you are wondering what dishes you can choose, The Happy Nomad found 8 must-eats when in Bangkok.

Happy Cow is a handy website to find vegan and vegetarian restaurants all over the world. You can find all their vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Bangkok here.

Bangkok and Thailand in general is known for its street food culture. But what to try and what should better be skipped?

Here is an introduction to the 18 best street food you should try.

But most of all, if you are an absolute foodie, you HAVE to watch the videos of Mark Wien. We included one of his videos below, and you can find even more on his website
6. Nightlife in Bangkok
Party people, listen up! Obviously Bangkok is known for its nightlife.

C’mon, there are numerous big movies about just that. So?

A great website for nightlife events in Bangkok is Bangkok

Just choose keywords, date and category and get inspired.

Another useful resource it this Telegraph article by Bangkok Expert Tom Vater. Tom goes into details (e.g. government curfew at 1am), and he introduces you to wine, Italian restaurants, and blues bar and skyscrapers for the nightlife.

A guide to Bangkok Nightlife by Telegraph.

Below we included a 16 minute video showing you around Bangkok after dark. Super interesting to watch!
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8. All our articles on Bangkok
Last but not least, here are all our articles about the Thai capital.