One Week in Azores

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Have you ever heard of this charming archipelago, comprising one larger and several smaller islands? These volcanic islands are located in the northern part of the Atlantic. If you have heard about the unique charm of Azores, then you have already thought about planning a visit soon.

And what a better way to explore the natural beauty this piece of land offers than planning a one week stay in Azores?

Our full guide covers:

  1. Basic Introduction
  2. Where to stay in Azores
  3. How to get around
  4. What to see in Azores
  5. Things to do in Azores
  6. Tickets you have to buy before – must read
  7. Food and Restaurants
  8. Day Trips from Azores
  9. Itinerary for Azores
  10. Packing List
  11. City Map

Let’s delve into this informative guide and see why the locals wake up so excited about each new day, and why so many visitors are glad for the plenty of exploration opportunities Azores provides!

1. Basic Introduction

We want to start with a simple intro to the things you need to know before coming to Azores.

Currency: EUR (€)

Language Spoken: Portuguese

Population: 245,000

Known for: Stunning Landscapes

Accommodation: Hotels, Guesthouses, Rural Tourism Bed and Breakfasts, Apartments and Vacation Rentals

Find more details in our where to stay in Azores section below.

Public Transport: Buses, Taxis, Car Rentals, Ferries

More under how to get around.

Safety: known for tranquillity, friendly communities, and low crime rates

Electricity: Type F 230V/50Hz (European plug). Remember to pack your travel plug adapter.

2. Where to stay in Azores

2.1 Where to stay in Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada is the largest city on the island of Sao Miguel, best known for its ability to indulge your taste buds in the specialities of the Azorean most popular culinary spots. An interesting landmark is the City Gate or Portas da Cidade, but the maritime fort from the 17th century, Sai Bras Fort, is equally impressive. If you decide to add this destination to your Azores 7 day itinerary, you will be set up for pure enjoyment thanks to the lush greenery, volcanic craters, and scenic landscapes.

Since it is larger than the other islands, you can expect to find several neighbourhoods here. I will first introduce you to Sao Jose, which offers a combination of residential and commercial areas with effortless access. If you’re travelling as a group, it’s best to search for accommodation here.
Next are the districts of Foja de Cima and Foja de Baixo. Stay here if you need peace and relaxation.

Lastly, I couldn’t forget to help plan one week in Azores for those of you who enjoy travelling in style and experiencing luxury. if you belong to this group, I strongly advise you to book your stay in the Sao Roque district, nestled along the coast.

Hotel Alcides, City Center

Hotel Alcides is ideal for couples, mainly because of the intimate atmosphere of the rooms. All attractions are nearby, so you’ll have plenty of good time to spend with your partner. The rooms in the hotel are air-conditioned, with whitewashed walls and vibrant colors. Moreover, the complex also has a restaurant and a terrace for all guests.

Book Hotel Alcides here

Make yourself at home at Hotel Alcides

Quinta São José da Relva, São José

Quinta São José da Relva, located in the São José district, offers relaxation by the outdoor pool. In addition to the BBQ facilities, there is also a patio, a more extensive garden, and a picnic area available only to hotel guests. The apartments are intended for groups and offer 4 bedrooms, suitable for 13 people.

Book Quinta São José da Relva here

Enjoy your visit to Quinta São José da Relva

2.2 Where to stay in Furnas

Planning your one week in Azores takes me to the eastern side of the island of Sao Miguel, where the springs are warm, and the beautiful lake is on a volcanic caldera. In addition to this, you can also witness eruptive geysers. Speaking of these natural wonders, there is also the thermal Terra Nostra Park and Botanical Garden, which you should definitely explore.

All these make this luxurious oasis a treat for the whole family. And if you are a golf fan, there are many good golf courses and a long tradition of playing this sport. And finally, the most exciting part is to try the Cozido das Furnas recipe, prepared in the natural heat of volcanic soil.

This part of the island is not very big, so it is not typically divided into neighbourhoods and districts; here, it is only the central and lake areas. Along the lake, many hotels offer a beautiful view and a romantic atmosphere, ideal for couples.

Hotel Vale Verde, Town Center

Hotel Vale Verde is located in the city center, near a golf course. The rooms have a panoramic view from the beautiful balconies. Inside, they have cable TV, a private bathroom, and a spacious living area. Another great piece of news is that the hotel offers a car rental service at more favorable prices for its guests. In addition, there are double or single rooms, ideal for solo travelers.

Book Hotel Vale Verde here

Have a great stay at Hotel Vale Verde

Casa da Tia Luísa, Near Terra Nostra Garden

Casa da Tia Luísa, the accommodation, is located near the beautiful Terra Nostra Park and is a whole suite designed for 6 people. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a small cute patio, free parking, and a well-equipped kitchen. You also have hammocks in the accommodation for maximum enjoyment by the window or in the yard.

Book Casa da Tia Luísa here

Have fun during your stay at Casa da Tia Luísa

2.3 Where to stay in Madalena

The next destination for your Azores 1 week itinerary is Madalena. For this one, I take you to the foot of the highest mountain in Portugal, Pico Mountain, on the island of the same name.

As a special experience, here, you will be able to indulge in some whale watching, as well as paying a visit to the Whaling Museum. In addition, a visit to the currais (vineyards) is also mandatory. What is interesting about this place is that these vineyards are made up of small, black volcano stones.

Since this island does not occupy a large area, it can be divided only into the central space and the waterfront. Wondering what it offers in terms of accommodation

My Bed in Pico, City Center

My Bed in Pico, located in the center, this hotel is perfect for your one week in Azores stay. Styled with modern and wooden details, it offers a bed and breakfast option and has a restaurant on site. During the spring and summer period, you can rent bicycles here and walk around the area. The location itself is 8 km away from the nearest airport.

Book My Bed in pico here

Have a good time at My Bed in pico

Ocean View Pico, Waterfront Area

Ocean View Pico, as you might have already guessed from the name, the accommodation is on the waterfront, and the amenities include an outdoor pool, free parking, large family rooms, and a possible airport shuttle. The villa can accommodate 9 people, making it suitable if you’re travelling as a group.

Book Ocean View Pico here

Make the most of your time at Ocean View Pico here

2.4 Where to stay in Lajes do Pico

Your next Azores 1 week itinerary destination is, in fact, on the same island, but a bit further south. I take you to Lajes do Pico, a volcanic wonder with beautiful landscapes and wineries. This part of the island is the main population centre, so many cultural hotspots are located here, including the Whaling Museum, Lajes Whaling Museum, and Museum do Vinho. You can also visit the city landmark Church Santa Maria Madalena, which dates from the 18th century.

In addition, you should know that here, you can try the best local Verdelho wine, which you can enjoy while sitting by one of the many natural pools or having a picnic. This, and many other things, make Lajes do Pico an ideal place for relaxation seekers and nature enthusiasts.

35th Atlantic View, City Center

35th Atlantic View, the accommodation consists of several small white houses, a swimming pool, and a beautiful mountain view. The complex has free private parking and a picnic area, so consider this option if you are coming as a family but are also on a budget.

Book 35th Atlantic View here

Enjoy your stay at 35th Atlantic View

Picos House, Waterfront Area

Picos House, the entire home can accommodate 4 people, and pets are allowed. The location of the accommodation is excellent, and yet, you won’t spend a fortune on it. If you want to plan your 1 week in Azores on a budget, this is the place to stay.

Book Picos House here

Enjoy your time at Picos House

2.5 Where to stay in Vila do Corvo

Next, I take you to the main settlement on Corvo Island, the smallest island with the smallest population. But all this has its advantages, i.e. close-knit and quiet ambience. In addition to being the smallest, it is also the most remote and isolated of all the archipelago islands, adding to the unique atmosphere. This island has a lot of greenery that hides many species of different birds. Don’t get so caught up in bird watching that you forget The Caldeirao, a volcanic crater accessible by a hiking trail. Due to the size of the island, you will not find large hotels or complexes. Here, accommodation facilities are limited to guesthouses and small inns, which are adorable.

Hotel Comodoro, Town Center

Hotel Comodoro, located in the very center, offers a delicious continental breakfast without spending much money. The accommodation has a shared lounge, spacious rooms, and separate private bathrooms.

Book Hotel Comodoro here

Make yourself at home at Hotel Comodoro

Joe & Vera’s Vintage, Near the Harbor

Joe & Vera’s Vintage, this accommodation is located close to the harbor and is excellent for 2 people. It is decorated in blue tones, and the terrace overlooks a small quiet street. The hotel has a patio with outdoor furniture. If you were looking for accommodation closer to the airport, this is the best one you will find.

Book Joe & Vera’s Vintage here

Make yourself at home at Joe & Vera's Vintage

2.6 Where to stay in Horta

And finally, I bring you to Horta, on the island of Faial. This island is a gathering place for fishermen and sailors, making it a popular stopover. These lively and cheerful people often know how to decorate the surrounding walls with murals or colourful paintings. While you’re here, don’t miss the famous Marina and Peter’s Sport Cafe, which has existed since the 20th century and offers a pleasant and exciting atmosphere.

At the end of your stay during your one week in Azores, visit the baroque architecture of Nossa Senhora das Angústias and the volcanic Caldeira.

Casa da Baía – Guest House, City Center

Casa da Baía – Guest House is ideal for solo travelers. Adjacent to the complex is a shared kitchen, seating area, shops, and bike hire for those who want to explore more. Single rooms or rooms for two are available.

Book Casa da Baía – Guest House here

Enjoy your visit to Casa da Baía-Guest House

Monte da Guia, Monte da Guia

Monte da Guia, decorated in a minimalist style, has received the best marks for cleanliness and kindness of the staff. All rooms are large and bright, with lovely balconies. I recommend the hotel as a choice for couples.

Book Monte da Guia here

Have a great stay at Monte da Guia

3. How to get around

When planning your Azores 7 day itinerary, It’s best to be flexible. To ensure it, I strongly advise you to consider the following transportation options.

Renting a Car– This option has many advantages, but given that the streets are narrow, renting a car with a security deposit is probably your best choice.

Public Transport– This transport is less frequent, but more on the budget. If you are on one of the smaller islands, remember that public transportation is limited and is primarily suitable for intra-island travelling.

If you are considering inter-island travelling, choose a flight between these or some other islands, Porto and Lisbon.

Taxis– A taxi is a much more expensive option, especially for longer distances. Also, keep in mind that it does not operate in rural areas.

Walking and Biking– If the weather is on your side, rent a bike or cover shorter distances on foot. Many of the hotels offer you walking tours or bike rental options.

Rental Scooters and Bikes– If you think you’ll have trouble finding a parking space, rent a scooter, instead, but make sure to book it in advance- don’t leave this for on-site.

4. What to see in Azores – The Must-Do’s

Discover the ethereal beauty of the Azores archipelago and enjoy your one week in Azores. There are some ideas on how to spend your time.

The Must Do’s are:

More great sights to see in the Azores are:

5. Things to do in Azores

Enrich your one week in Azores experience with a few more exciting ideas:

Whale Watching

Embark on an unforgettable marine odyssey with whale watching in the Azores. You will become mesmerised as you watch them continuously go in and out of the water. They are having fun, and you will be, too.

Hiking in Sete Cidades

The lush landscapes of Sete Cidades await you. This volcanic wonderland reveals incredible views of twin lakes and beautiful wildlife.

Visit Furnas Hot Springs

Here, the geothermal pools offer soothing relaxation. Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of mineral-rich waters.

Climb Mount Pico

Pico Mountain, Portugal’s highest peak. As a reward, at the end, you get a breathtaking panoramic view, ideal for adventurers and nature lovers.

Explore Angra do Heroísmo

This UNESCO World Heritage Site calls you to wander the cobbled streets, soaking up the rich tapestry of Azorean history and culture.

Angra do Heroísmo in Azores Portugal

6. Tickets you have to buy before (Must Read)

  • Inter-Island Flights – it’s essential to plan ahead and book your tickets in advance
  • Whale Watching Tours– Unique Wildlife Encounter
  • Special Events or Festivals– Attending special events or festivals in the Azores is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local culture

7. Food & Restaurants

Azorean cuisine is a feast for the senses, making it a must-try during your 1 week in Azores. Make sure to explore the many excellent local restaurants, guided by the recommendations I’ve listed below:


  • Cozido das Furnas
  • Queijadas da Graciosa
  • Lapas
  • Bolo Lêvedo
  • Caldo de Peixe
  • Cavacas


Cozido das Furnas - Experience local cuisine at Azores Portugal

8. Day Trips from Azores

How to do the day trips? There are 3 options:

During your one week in Azores, here are a few short trips you can consider taking:

  • Ponta Delgada
  • Madalena: Pico Mountain
  • Horta
  • Lajes do Pico
  • Furnas

9. Itinerary for 7 days

Welcome to the capital of Sao Miguel. To begin your one week in Azores, you will probably arrive at João Paulo II airport from Lisbon, Porto, or on an interisland flight.

Day 1: Arrival-Ponta Delgada

Looking for a suggestion on what to visit here? See the Carlos Madiado Museum, and take a walk along the promenade in the evening. Go to bed early and get ready for the day ahead.

Day 2: Sete Cidades

This place is a perfect natural wonder; a combination of volcanic crater and twin lakes. Since this location is on the same island as the previous one, it will take 1 and a half hours by car to reach it. Public transport up to here is limited, which is something you should bear in mind.

Day 3: Lagoa do Fogo and Furnas

Head to the pristine centre by driving the EN1-1A, which will take an hour and a half. In the afternoon, leave for Furnas, and it’s an hour-and-a-half drive along the EN2-2A.

Day 4: Nordeste

On the fourth day of your Azores 1 week itinerary, the real adventure begins. Drive another 1 hour to Nordeste and visit one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the island of Ponta do Sossego, where you can enjoy the amazing views.

Day 5: Ribeira Grande and Tea Plantations

Plan the next day for Ribeira, a charming town that hides Santa Barbara Beach selfishly. Even if you are not a natural, tea or botanical enthusiast, you will still like visiting the most famous tea plantation in this region. It is about Gorreana, which dates back to 1883. It was founded by Ermeilda Gago da Camara and is still run by the same family.

Day 6: Coastal Exploration

Have you started packing without doing a coastal exploration? Well, don’t forget to stop by some of the most amazing Azorean gems and reserve the penultimate day for this adventure. Start from Ponta da Ferraria and go to Masteiros. In the evening, treat yourself to specialities with freshly prepared seafood.

Day 7: Departure-Ponta Delgada

Spend the last moments of one week in Azores in Ponta Delgada, where you will prepare for departure. The airport is 4 km away, so rush is unnecessary.

10. Packing List

When packing for your 1 week in Azores, it’s essential to consider the diverse weather conditions, outdoor activities, and the unique landscapes of the islands. Here are five key items to include in your packing list:

There are a few things we recommend for your packing list Azores.

As your one week in the Azores comes to an end, all the moments spent here are etched in the most profound memory. Until the next opportunity arises to return to the archipelago, the magic of this place will drive you.

For ideas for new adventures, visit my blog.


Packing List Europe

11. Printed Guides & Map

These guides are best for the ones looking for a printed version.

Once you come to Azores, you will also receive a paper map of the city.

Here is again our map of Azores with the recommended hotels and neighborhoods.

There’s more

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