3 days in Paris Itinerary

3 Days in Paris 2024 – The Ultimate Itinerary to the City of Light

Just decided you’re going to visit the City of Lights? I’m here to enrich your experience, which is why I’ve prepared a 3 days in Paris itinerary guide for you. These three days promise you enough time to visit many landmarks, artistic treasures and endless enjoyment and discovery of new things.

But first, let’s start with some interesting facts that will further tickle you to pack your suitcase and fly to Paris.

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In this guide we cover:

3 days in Paris

Did you know that the two most visited European locations are right here? (I’ll delve into the details a bit later). If you have ever heard of Paris Syndrome, don’t worry. My advice is to be ready and have this guide at hand, but don’t forget to read more or get interested on the spot for the best experience.

Another interesting fact you probably didn’t know is that Paris has a beach called Paris Plages, right on the banks of the Seine River.

This, along with many more interesting information, is what this guide will give you. So, let this 3 days in Paris itinerary be your passport to Paris adventure. We are starting!

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Day 1: Classic Parisian Landmarks

Eiffel Tower

Start with the most recognisable landmark of Paris. Believe it or not, this tower was not intended for the City of Love but for Barcelona. However, since they didn’t find it attractive, so Paris was the only city that accepted the then-temporary construction that was supposed to stand for 2 years only and serve for radio connections. As we know, this tower is still standing here even after so many years. It represents the tallest man-made structure in the world.

Another fact is that it is made to adapt to the wind, and in summer, due to the heat, it grows by 15 cm. So, instead of 324 m, it reaches its maximum height of 337 meters. It consists of 3 levels; the first 2 of which can be reached by stairs, and the 3rd summit level can only be reached by elevator.

Visit prices vary depending on whether you use the elevator or stairs. If you take the stairs to the 2nd level, it is 11 euros; to the 3rd, 18, and if you take the elevator, then the tickets cost between 21 and 28 euros. At the top, apart from an imposing view, you’ll also see the secret suite of Gustave Eiffel, which once hosted many famous people.

Another exciting piece of information you might find useful for your 3 days in Paris trip is that the park in front of the Eiffel Tower is one of Europe’s most famous places to propose. So, if you’re travelling with your loved one, think about whether this city is the right place to begin your ‘ever after’.

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Budget-Friendly Accommodation in Paris

Seine River Cruise

After seeing the Eiffel Tower, it’s time to relax by the beautiful Seine. This river was very significant for the development of Paris because it was the main trade route. Otherwise, there are several islands in the river itself, the most famous of which is Ile de a Cite. Notre Dame Cathedral and Sante Chapelle are located on the islands, as well as the favourite Shakespeare and Company floating bookstore. Speaking of floating, there is also the beautiful floating market on the Seine- a must-inlude in your Paris 3 day itinerary.

If you are coming here with your partner, don’t forget to “lock” your love by putting a padlock on the Pont des Art. You can book a lunch or dinner tour through Bateaux Parisiens and get your choice here for 75.95 or 115 euros per day. Similar tours are available on Viator and GetYourGuide.

Book River Cruise here

Book your 1-hr River Seine Cruise

Champs-Élysées and Lunch

Next is the tree-lined boulevard, lined with theatres and designer shops, and the Arc de Triomphe is waiting for you at the western end.

This place is not just an avenue but a journey through elegant dimensions. The most expensive real estate in the world is also located here. Another interesting fact is that this quarter is the focal point for the celebration of the national day.

If you plan on having lunch here, as part of your Paris 3 day itinerary, I recommend Brasserie Le Fouquet.

Book Champs-Élysées Tour here

Champs Elysées in Paris

Arc de Triomphe

Now you’ve reached Paris’s most beautiful place for observation and panoramic pictures, which is also a symbol of French pride. Although it is recorded that it was built in 1805, the final works were completed in 1836. When you go up there, you can hear the exciting story that there is a grave of an unknown soldier from the First World War under the arch.

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Arc de Triomphe Tickets

Dinner in Montmartre

The first of your 3 days in Paris slowly ends, but hey, I left the most rewarding activity for this time! It’s dinner in Montmartre, allowing you to enjoy a view of the bohemian oasis for artists.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, some of the most famous artists, such as Picasso and Van Gogh, frequented this district. Here, you will find the famous Moulin Rouge and the imposing architecture of the Basilica du Sacre-Caeur. If you are coming with your partner, you must visit the Wall of Love, where “I love you” is written in 365 languages.

One more piece of information you will only believe once you see it with your own eyes: In the middle of this neighbourhood is a vineyard. Try to find this hidden gem, then enjoy dinner in one of the local restaurants.

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Dinner in Montmartre Paris

Day 2: Art and Culture

The second part of your 3 days in Paris is reserved for art and the enrichment of cultural knowledge.

Louvre Museum

Did you know the Louvre was built as a royal palace in the 12th century and was a fortress for kings? Otherwise, it is the largest art museum. It has 380,000 objects, including Liberty Leading the People and the Mona Lisa, which was once stolen from here and returned after 2 years. It is kept in the safest conditions today, with special alarms and unbreakable glass.

In 1989, a pyramidal entrance was made, which is today’s symbol of the museum. You can reach the underground through this entrance, which has a mall and an exhibition hall with a modern and sophisticated spirit.

If you are a European citizen under 25 years old, the entrance to the Louvre is free. Otherwise, it is 17 euros.

Apart from these works, you will also be surprised by the Egyptian Sphinx from the 18th century.

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Louvre Museum in Paris

Tuileries Garden

Built back in 1564 and dedicated to the legendary Medici royal family, this garden has a central location and offers relaxation. When you get tired of the crowd, it’s time to stop here and marvel at the beautiful statues and blossoms.

Book Tuileries Garden Tour here

Tuileries Garden in Paris

Le Marais District

Welcome to the oldest and best-preserved part of Paris- a must-include in your 3 day itinerary in Paris France. The literal translation is “The Marsh”, which proves the dignity of the old Parisians, especially the soldiers. Here is also the City Hall, the Musee Carnevalet (the museum of the city’s history) and many other historically significant places.

The Jewish Quarter is also part of La Marais. There are many modern galleries here. Strolling here will allow you to come across beautiful little hidden gardens throughout the district.

Book Le Marais Tour here

Le Marais District

Centre Pompidou

Next is a modern architectural marvel where exhibitions and many other events are held. There is even a play area for your children, if you plan to bring them along for your three days in Paris. The exterior appearance is particular, and the colourful facade has everything from pipes to labyrinthine structures.

Book Modern Art Museum Tour here

Centre Georges Pompidou Museum, Paris⁠

Dinner in Le Marais

As the day is coming to an end, you must be hungry from walking around so much. In Le Marais, numerous Michelin-starred restaurants combine French cuisine but add either an exotic or international flair. Choose what you like.

Order: Coq au Vin, Escargot, Foie Gras, Duck Confit or Ratatouille. For dessert, leave room for Crepes or Macarons.

Day 3: Historic and Bohemian Paris

Don’t leave without experiencing a bit of Paris’ history and bohemian energy. For the afternoon part of your 3 days in Paris itinerary, I have prepared a dynamic agenda that looks like this:

Sainte-Chapelle and Île de la Cité

Already had a coffee and croissant for breakfast? Well, the last of your 3 days in Paris can begin!

Go straight to one of the islands of the Seine, precisely in front of Sante-Chapelle on the Ile del a Cite. This architectural jewel in the Gothic style dates back to the 13th century. It is irreplaceable and impressive for the skill and care with which the window panes are crafted and engraved. This chapel is divided into two parts: the upper chapel for kings and the lower chapel for palace staff.

Otherwise, this particular chapel is considered the historical heart of Paris.

One of the most visited European attractions is on the same island- Notre Dame Cathedral. This place adds value to the city, as many royal marriages were crowned here. As soon as you enter, look for Point Zero in Notre Dame Cathedral, the true centre of Paris and the point from which all distances are measured. Another interesting fact about this place is that there is a nest of many noble bees. Unfortunately, after the fire in 2019, their number has decreased. Still, the reconstruction after the fire took place quickly, so soon, the doors were once again opened for visitors.

And before we leave the island, just turn your head to the Conciergerie, a former palace and a prison. Another impressive building that adorns the city and which is worth including in your 3 day itinerary in Paris France.

Book Sainte-Chapelle Tour here

Sainte-Chapelle in Paris

Latin Quarter

You must have wondered how this neighbourhood has gotten its name. The name actually comes from the Latin history and development of the language. The oldest university in Europe, the Sorbonne, is located here, the beginnings of which date back to 1259. In this quarter, you will also find the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, the Historic Café de Sorbonne and the Institut du Monde Arabe. It’s worth a stroll through this neighbourhood, as it offers vibrant, youthful energy.

Latin Quarter in Paris


Here is also the neoclassical Pantheon, a former church and now the mausoleum of the ashes of many scientists and essential people from other fields, such as Marie Curie, Emile Zola and Victor Hugo. Until recently, it was also the largest dome in Paris. If you are interested in physics, you can see the Foucault Pendulum here, which explains the rotation of the Earth. This is an invention of the famous physicist Leon Fuco.

Book Pantheon Tour here

Pantheon in Paris

Luxembourg Gardens

It’s rest time, ideal for a picnic or a classic lunch in these gardens, which were made in honour of the Medici family. In the 17th century, the palace of the same name was built here, which serves as the home of the French Senate today.

In addition to a place for a picnic, there is also a place for an open-air exhibition, playgrounds for children, and a special section with a beautiful Orangerie.

Luxembourg Gardens in Paris

Montmartre and Sacré-Cœur

On the last day of your 3 days in Paris, I advise that you return to Montmartre and enjoy the Sacre Coeur. The Sacré-Cœur Basilica, located atop Montmartre in Paris, is an iconic symbol of the city. Completed in 1914, its stunning white facade is made of Château-Landon stones that self-clean with rain. Architect Paul Abadie designed the basilica in a Romano-Byzantine style, inspired by the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. The interior boasts beautiful mosaics, including one of the largest mosaics in the world.

The view from the dome offers a panoramic spectacle of Paris. Interestingly, the basilica’s construction was initiated as a penance for the perceived moral decline in France after the Franco-

Prussian War. Its name translates to “Sacred Heart” in English.

Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris

Dinner and Nightlife

Finish the day with a good party or a relaxed romantic dinner. Fortunately, there are many food festivals or night markets in Paris.

If you enjoy high-class restaurants, visit Le Jules Verne, L’Amioriose. Find the best bistros in Montmartre and Le Marais. If you want to get closer to the bohemian vibe, locate the best boho bars in the Latin Quarter. And if you want to see the city from a different perspective, I recommend you check out Mama Shelter’s rooftop.

Now, let’s not forget the nightlife. And where to go first, if not the Moulin Rouge or the Lido Cabaret? If you’re more into a classic electric nightclub, visit the Rex Club.

I hope you liked the 3 days in Paris itinerary guide and enjoy every corner of Paris. It’s always exciting here. And to take your experience to a higher level, I have prepared some more helpful information for you. Find out how to manage transportation, where to find accommodation, but also when is the best time to visit Paris and enjoy the Paris 3 day itinerary to the maximum!

The Best things to do in Paris

Although we started some of the locations in the previous part, I still want to emphasize the most beautiful places in Paris that you must attend during your 3 days in Paris stay. Paris will tell you tales of romance and history, from the two most visited attractions (Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral) to hidden gems. Take the time to check off all the places on this list:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Louvre Museum
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • Montmartre and Sacré-Cœur
  • Seine River Cruise
  • Musée d’Orsay
  • Sainte-Chapelle
  • Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe
  • Luxembourg Gardens
  • Musée Rodin

Best time to visit Paris

Wondering when is the best time to plan your 3 days in Paris trip? The period from April to June offers a pleasant temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius, and blooming flowers greet you everywhere. The great number of events happening during this time will make Paris stick in your heart. Depending on your interests, check out the following:

  • April Paris Marathon
  • Fête de la Musique – street festival of professional and amateur singers
  • Feast of St. John
  • many open-air exhibitions
  • Nights of the Museum in May- where almost all museums, including the Louvre, open their doors to visitors at night and organise a show
  • Easter Celebration- the time when the city features its best festive and lively atmosphere.

July and August offer slightly warmer temperatures but fewer crowds because Parisians have a custom of going on their summer vacations in August. Because of that, some bars may be closed, but don’t worry, the most important attractions are always open. Enjoy the Parisian “canicule” – hot summer, and visit the following events:

  • Summer festivals: Jazz Festival and Rock Music Festival
  • Fnal of the Tour de France
  • Open-air Cinema
  • 14th July- Bastille Day- France National Day

During your Paris 3 day itinerary, don’t forget to enjoy extended daylight, cherry blossoms, and the illuminating Eiffel Tower by night.

The best way to get around in Paris

You can easily move around the city thanks to the efficient transport. My recommendation is to take advantage of the metro during your 3 days in Paris. Almost all central locations are well covered by this type of transport, so you shouldn’t experience trouble getting to your desired location.

You can find maps for all types of transport on the Ratp website and check for timetables and timetable changes. It is most cost-effective for you to use the Paris Visit Pass for one-day and three-day passes. One-day ticket is 6.75 euros.

  • Metro – You have 16 lines to choose from which cover almost every corner of the city. The metros are frequent, and you have metro stations driving to all important locations. You can purchase a ticket on the RATP website, at the kiosks or from a machine. A single ticket costs 2.1 euros.
  • Bus – Bus rides offer a scenic experience, especially those open-top or double-decker. You can buy the tickets on board.
  • RER – This is a good option for reaching beyond the city centre and attractions, as it connects you to suburban locations, as well.

If you are coming for your three days in Paris from the airport, use the B line to get to the centre.

Where to stay in Paris?

Paris and its charming neighbourhoods hide many hotels and amenities made to suit a variety of tastes. Check out what I have lined up for you:

Hôtel Fougère, Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Located in an artistic and sophisticated part of the city, this hotel is ideal for couples. It offers an intimate atmosphere, and the interior looks like one of the impressive Parisian galleries. It is located in a historic building that dates back to the 18th century. Each floor has its own unique theme, and each room has a private marble bathroom. For couples on their 3 day itinerary in Paris, France, I recommend booking the King Suite.

The breakfast is yet another great feature, as it’s always made from fresh ingredients. It looks just like the one from the French movies, with a croissant, quality coffee, baguette and a rich selection of cheese.

Book Hôtel Fougère here

Book your stay at Hôtel Fougère

Latin Quarter with Balcony – CityApartmentStay, Latin Quarter 

The apartment is located in the vibrant Latin Quarter and can accommodate up to 4 people. I sincerely recommend it for solo travellers looking to get the most out of their 3 days in Paris. The apartment is equipped with a kitchen and has a private balcony. Bohemian spirit is felt in every meter of this cosy spot. Let yourself go and soak up this lively atmosphere and enjoy!

Book Latin Quarter here

Latin Quarter with Balcony Bedroom

Champagne, Le Marais

Dive into the trendy and eclectic ambience of La Marais and book into this chic and modern retreat. Ideal for 3 friends or a business trip, this is the perfect place for those looking for accommodation in the dynamic part of the city. Apart from getting an entire apartment, you’ll also be only 1.5 km from the Louvre.

Book Champagne here

Champagne, Le Marais Common Area

O’Lord, 4 Etoiles, Residence de Luxe Champs-Elysees

If you are looking for a luxury stay in Paris, your search ends here. The apartment can accommodate up to five people and is especially suitable for those looking for luxury. Each room of this 4-star hotel has a private bathroom. Some of the best upscale shopping stores are also nearby.

Book O’Lord here

O'Lord, 4 Etoiles, Residence de Luxe Champs-Elysees


Can I find affordable accommodation during peak tourist seasons?

Yes, it's possible. Booking in advance, exploring alternative options like hostels, and considering different neighborhoods can help.

What safety tips should I keep in mind while booking budget accommodation?

Before booking budget accommodation, check reviews, verify the neighborhood's safety, and use reputable platforms to ensure a secure and satisfying stay.

What neighborhoods are recommended for stays?

Consider budget-friendly neighborhoods like Belleville, Montmartre, and the 11th or 12th arrondissements for more affordable accommodation options in Paris.

Map + All Sights


The exciting stories do not end there. Find out why Paris has so many catacombs or in which alley the smallest house in the world is hidden.
I hope you have already booked your ticket and accommodation, allowing you to fully enjoy your 3 days in Paris. Be creative and add a location or attraction to your liking and immerse in the city’s vibrant atmosphere

I’m looking forward to hearing about your impressions. Until then, read about more exciting destinations on the blog!Log Out

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